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USS New Orleans (LPH 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS New Orleans (LPH 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 868 crew members registered for the USS New Orleans (LPH 11).

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Zeller, DaveSA1971 – 1971Mess HallWas TAD from USS Frederick for the Apollo 14 Mission, had a great time.
Azevedo, Jim/azzy1971 – 1973
Couling, DavidASM/E3Jan 1971 – Jun 1971AIMD GSEDid recovery for Apollo 14. Retired 1994 as E6.
Steward, Williamsm3Jan 19, 1971 – Mar 24, 1974cs
Portlock, JamesRD2 (EW)Mar 1, 1971 – Dec 15, 1973Operations Great ship and exceptional crew. Enjoyed Skylab and Apollo missions, but the cruises were what made the lady a great ship. do hope they can get into L.A.
Hurd, RonE3Mar 1, 1971 – Feb 1, 1973DeckHad a good two year run. Two WESTPAC tours-Gulf of Tonkin twice. Looking for Dennis Irkey, James Cavanaugh, Jon VanMannen. Where are you now??
Taylor, Ray (Willy)BT2Mar 20, 1971 – Aug 15, 1973BThe lady is gone and so are the BT. But my job still allows me to visit her from time to time. She is resting at MARAD in Suisun Bay Calif.
Fuchs, DennisABH3Apr 1971 – Dec 1974V1
Borello, OscarABFRApr 1, 1971 – Oct 12, 1974V4How in the H....l are you all? I have not had any contact since I left the Navy, so if you remember me, drop a line and I will respond. In October 2007 I went back to Viet Nam, I have a lot of stories to tell.
Montano, Fernando profile iconE-4Apr 14, 1971 – May 5, 1971III MAFgreat cruise , and food,
Fruhwirth, FredSK3May 1971 – Nov 1972Supply S1Would like to see or hear from some of the people I served with. I had to leave the ship on a moments notice and didn't get to say good bye to anyone. Make two West Pacs.
Price, MikeSAOct 8, 1971 – Mar 30, 1973CS_3000 COOKLooking to renew old friends, ( also would like to locate a friend ( Pace ) not sure of first name but would like to reach him ,but please send message if you were on ship, would like to talk.
Price, MikeE-2Oct 8, 1971 – Mar 30, 1973CS-3000 Chef- CookWould like to contact ship matesI served with like Pace ,Curtis ,,,ect,
Elkerton, Blyth "chuck"HT3Nov 1, 1971 – Jun 1, 1973REPAIRJust looking for other shipmates. Please contact me anytime!
Caliboso, PatricioSANov 5, 1971 – Oct 27, 1976Deck
Germain, PaulABF3Nov 22, 1971 – May 8, 1974V4Like to hear from some of the others in the air dept.
Runyon, Stephen "Gov"BM3Nov 28, 1971 – Jan 16, 1973DeckI am looking for shipmates who can verify on Jan 16 1973 I was flown off the ship by helicopter to DaNang Air Base in route to Subic Bay NAVSTA R.P. to proceed to CONUS for discharge. Thanks for the help.
Halverson, MichaelHT-31972 – Nov 10, 1975RTask Force 78 (Haiphong Harbor Sweep Detail) Skylab II, SkylabIII, Apollo/Soyuz...and three Westpacs
Johnston, BillSH21972 – 1976Supply S-3Ship's Laundry, Uniform Shop, Small Store (soda, candy, smokes), Sea Store Smokes, , Gulf of Tonkin, Task Force 78, Haiphong Harbor End Sweep Detail, Skylab 2 & 3, Apollo/Soyez., Shellbacked on board, Numerous WestPacs
Stilwill, LyleBT21972 – 1976"B"I always remember my time aboard ship, as one of the best of my career. It made me sad when I learned of what happened to her.
Baker, PaulMR3Jan 1972 – Sep 1974A
Nickus, EdDT3Jan 2, 1972 – Feb 12, 1973DentalI would do this agaion if they'd let me...and someone else had to sweep the stairwells. Is there still access to the "voids"?
Oounts, KenQM3Jan 8, 1972 – May 30, 1973Navigation
Williams, Robert / WillieOS3Feb 1972 – Jun 13, 1975OII would do it again if they would let me. Great memories, great friends who i'm still in touch with like my best friends Doug Althaus, Mup, Steve, Harry. 2 Westpacs, 2 Skylab recoverys.
Van Camp, WallaceETR 2Feb 1972 – Aug 10, 1976OPS/OELooking back it was a wonderfull time. Geo Rees, What a ham! Dave Gates, Jim Portlock. and the other wonderful guys I had the honor of serving with. Skylab, liberty in Ologapo, Who can forget!
Baxley, Chadmm1Mar 1972 – May 1972engine roomI was on board during the overhaul in Long Beach between A-school and nuclear power school. Even though I was there only a short period it was THE best experience I had in the Navy. The gang was the best!
Althaus, DougAG3Mar 1972 – Jun 13, 1975OAThe best people and the best years on The New Orleans.Two West Pacs Two Skylabs.Our time on the line.Buddies: Willie,Jim Garro,Frag, Mup, Rad.Enjoyed the smokers and knocking that Marine out.
Henderson, RaeABHCApr 1972 – Jul 1976V-1Would love to hear from any of the Men I served with.
Kelly, Dennis profile iconJO3Apr 1972 – Dec 1974admin x divisionGreat times on NO. Went on 2 westpacs, minesweep, and skylab recovery. I worked in the print shop and sent tdy to journalist school. Ran the tv and radio stations.
Robbins, Jim RobbieE3Apr 13, 1972 – Apr 14, 1975deck secondwhats up its been 35 years wher is every body at
Kelly, DennisJO3Apr 17, 1972 – Dec 10, 1974xfirst journalist assigned to NO ran the tv and radio stations
Robbins, Jim { Robbie}E2 DeckApr 17, 1972 – Jun 13, 1975Decki was on the NewOrleans from 1972 1975 I was in Deck dep Looking for Smitty from deck. Also James Nickelson from deck This is ROBBIE God Rest My Brother GARY EDWARDS with died aboard the ship in port
Credit, WillE4Apr 27, 1972 – Apr 27, 1975v1P-CHECK to everybody like to hear from anybody from 1972 to 1975. went on 2 west-pac also cross the equator 2 times.looking for cheif on flight deck cannot remeber his name.enjoy every thing hit me up anybody
Seyfer, MikeFTG3May 1972 – May 1975FoxHaiphong Harbor Sweep Detail, SkyLabs 2 and 3 recovery missions....
Peck, RobertLT JGMay 1972 – Mar 1973Supply
Goldman, Dwight D "Butch"LCPLMay 15, 1972 – Oct 15, 1972H&S 2d BN 4th Marines
Gouse, WaltHM3May 15, 1972 – Nov 1972H&S BAS 2/4 Medical team
Neel, SkipABH1Jun 1972 – Oct 1973V-1Shared V-1 Div. LPO Duties with Bob Henderson.
Henderson, RaeABHCJun 3, 1972 – Aug 25, 1976V-1
Chase, DavidFAJun 8, 1972 – Aug 18, 1972hull techi was on for a short time but met some good and bad people but thats life. when we got to olangopo city i stayed in " the JUNGLE " too too does anybody remember the Twins, Preacher...hey, anybody who hung out in the JUNGLE hit
Robbins, Jim RobbieE3Jun 9, 1972 – Apr 17, 1975second hey smitty its robbie long time bro. that goes to you to tim layser don,t have eather one of your e.mail address sure would like to here from ya all mine is drop me a line so we can bull ####.
Robbins, Jim RobbieBOATS SEAMEMJun 13, 1972 – Apr 9, 1975deak secondwhats up its been 34 years so whates been going on sky lab 2 and 3
Smither, DannyICFNJul 1972 – Jul 1973E
Lane, JohnEN 3Jul 1972 – Nov 1973AWould like to talk to a few of the guys from A, E, and M divisions Baker, Kritzinger, Spencer, Zaler, Sanchez, MMC Ward, Zettelmier. or anyone on the helo crew that flew me and Zaler in to Danang Sept 72 any help welcome.
Smith, Weed AL/CPLJul 1972 – Feb 1973blt3/4 usmcgreat bunch of men on that ship, had the time of my life crossing the eq. it was a privilege to serve with all the men on the new orleans usmc/navy
Leis, John profile iconEMJul 7, 1972 – Jan 3, 1974ELots of great experience working in the power shop and the lighting ship
Barnes, Bob (Barney)E-3Jul 16, 1972 – May 25, 1974Combat CargoI remember Pete George Robert Flemming and Sarge. Man Overboard!
Columbia, RobertLT.Aug 1972 – Jan 1973Surgical TeamNot crew member but TAD's with a surgical team. Based out of Subic and made syre to get our time in the war zone each month for that extra pay. Still wearing my tags. Most memorable time of my life!
Costa, Jr., William (Bill)AMS-3Aug 1972 – Apr 1975AIMDPicked up 2 skylabs, did 2 westpacs, 2 equator crossings, Played tenor saxaphone in the ships band, got my sailor tattoo in Hawaii in 1973. Right out of boot camp (not drafted) and flown overseas to meet the ship. D.O. was Lt. Ellis.
Munger, Scottabf4Aug 1, 1972 – Aug 1, 1973abflike to hear from any of my old friends.some of you might remember me from my 73 white also on facebook.
Campbell, WilliamABH3Aug 14, 1972 – Mar 15, 1975V-1Known as BC Close shipmates were Stan Caulkins and Rob Glomb.
Costa, William (Bill)AMS-3Sep 1972 – Feb 1975AIMDWorked in Airframes AIMD.
Davis, MichaelMM E-3Sep 1972 – Aug 1975MI was 17 when I came on board and this is where I grew up. Great friends and great crew. I will never forget
Johnson, GaryBTFNSep 1, 1972 – Aug 1, 1977BLong hours working in "the hole/pit"; standing overflow watch during refueling in port; causality control team drills; working in mess for 90 days; standing in line on paydays; mid-rats/mess call/banana ice cream
Long, RvABH2Sep 19, 1972 – Jun 6, 1975V12 Westpac's. Skylab 2&3. Operation EndSweep TF78. My Pa rode the ship back with me from Pearl to San Diego and said that trip was the highlight of his life. Re-enlisted w/ the Navy reserve, 1997. MN1(SCWS) NRMOMAU9 MOMAU8 DET1 GUAM
Parma, DarylETR3Oct 1972 – May 1974OPS/OEAll the campaign commotion got me thinking. Thought I would try to contact any ET's (Payne, Rees, etc.) or Doug Althaus or Jimmy Garro.
Winfree, MikeHM2Oct 1972 –BAS 3/4Looking for those that served with BAS 3/4
Carthell, EdSGTOct 1972 – Jul 1973AIR GROUPHI TO ALL
Marshall, VincentE-2Oct 1, 1972 – Nov 9, 1972In TransitI left USNTC Great Lakes for leave after boot camp. I was assigned to USS Mauna Kea (AE-22). I rode the New Orleans, in transit, bunking with the Marine units until we made a rendezvous. The Marines are a tough bunch.
Leventhal, StanLT(JG)Oct 11, 1972 – May 30, 1975DeckWe had two Westpacs and Skylab recoveries. It didn't seem like it at the time but it was a great time looking back.
Kicker, RogerCPLOct 15, 1972 – Apr 15, 1973"I"co 3/4 marinesI loved that old boat, that took me every where in the west pac !!! I was really surpised that the squids and jarheads got along so good!! My most fondest moment... going from a pollywog to a SHELLBACK. I only wish I could board her once more!!
Artero, AlanFAOct 15, 1972 – Jul 15, 1973R Good experience. Carpenter shop- Ted Shy, Mac. Shipfitters shop-Chattam BT-3 Clay Marotto Can't remember all the names but an18 yr. old kid learned a lot from you guys. Thanks
Gomez, Jose L.CPLOct 28, 1972 – Mar 30, 1973I co. 3/4 3rd marit was an honor to have served with a group of great guys. all served honarablie.
Heffron, RichardSGTNov 1972 – Apr 1973HMM165 Flight EquipGot aboard in time to hit Hong Kong, crossed the equator in Jan.; crossdecked to the Tripoli to do Op Endsweep. Haiphong harbor was so beautiful! NOT!!
Watts, BobE-2/ BTNov 20, 1972 – Nov 27, 1974Eng.
Voit, Michael J VoitBT 2Nov 20, 1972 – Jun 15, 1976B
Layser, TimE3Dec 1972 – Aug 1974Deck
Blanz, ThomasE-2Dec 1972 –HMM165
Smith, Wayne , Cubb , SmittyE3Dec 20, 1972 – Nov 10, 1975bossenmatelooking to find some old friends
McManamay, JimBTCDec 29, 1972 – Dec 14, 1974BI made CPO on board, had a great 2 years
Bledsoe, WilliamCTOSNDec 30, 1972 – May 10, 1973Was not ships company. TAD with PHIBRON 3 then CTF78. Little did I know that some day I would look back on this period and be proud. I recall the fire room guys mooning a sub as we entered Subic Bay. Crossed to LPH10 to train replacements.

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