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USS New Orleans (LPH 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS New Orleans (LPH 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 868 crew members registered for the USS New Orleans (LPH 11).

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Terzick, KenHT31969 – 1972RI am interested in hearing from anyone who may remember me. Would be great to attend a reunion and catch up.
Rand, SheridanMM21969 – 1972MHi, good to see some of us are still around. Also good to see some of the names I know from M Div. Hi to all of you. Butch Rand
Sage, EmmettFM21969 –Boiler roomAlso known sugar bear.
Darby, PaulABF/31969 – Oct 1970V-4Would like to reconnect with J.R.Wheeler. I am now a retired airline pilot, enjoying the good life
Girard, Shirley profile iconADJ21969 – 1970USS New OrleansHello, I'm looking for anyone that served on the USS New Orleans and would know Randy (GIZZ) Girard. Division v6 between 1969 and 1970.
Linneman, Glenn profile iconE-31969 – 1970V-1 Flight DeckBest duty I had while in the Navy.
Tennyson, MichaelABH31969 – 1971V1
Johnson, JohnnieE31969 – Dec 5, 1970Deck 2nd Division
Preston, RonaldE-3Jan 1969 – Dec 1971engineering/ combat "K"
Ferrante, JoeAMS3Jan 1969 – Nov 1970v3 and combat cargomade her first west pac worked for capt lee
Slaughter, BobbyABH-2Jan 1969 – Nov 7, 1970V-1Went to Philly as NO was being built and will never forget how cold it was. We got to take our personal vehicle with us aboard ship on our way to SanDiego. Loved the tranist of the Panama Canal. Our first WesPac Cruise was a blast.
Mahaffey, JimmyABH3Jan 15, 1969 – Nov 19, 1969V3
Wright, RobertAK1Feb 1969 – May 1970S6Looking for shipmates
Slaughter, BobbyABH-2Feb 1, 1969 – Nov 10, 1970V-1
Ellis, CecilAG2Feb 28, 1969 – Dec 15, 1970OAEnjoyed time spent onboard! Especially WESTPAC!
Obrien, Earl (Bruce)E-4Mar 1, 1969 – Aug 1, 1970V-3HAD A GREAT TIME ON THE LPH-11
Evans, DonaldAE3Mar 15, 1969 – Oct 15, 1970V-6Air crew on the Cajun(CH-46).Worked nights in the AE shop.
Edmond, GaryE-1Apr 29, 1969 – Apr 30, 1970163 RadiomanI was a watchman on the fantail at night and i seen a lot of parties there.Especially when we dock at olongopo,phillipines and okinawa.Remember the the times well. I remember "jet"and a lot of good freinds i lost contact , Anyone remember
Wolfsen, BobABF-3May 1969 – Mar 1970V-4Flight Deck Fuels PO, had a great group of guys in the fuels teams.
Eberwein, NeilPC3May 1969 – 1971Post OfficePost office
Paquet, TedSNMay 1, 1969 – Sep 2, 19701st"pack rat"
Paquet, TheodoreSNMay 18, 1969 – Aug 19701ST
Tabbi, ChuckE3Jun 28, 1969 – Mar 4, 1971Remember China Beach, Danang,Olongapol City here I come.Clayton Stickles 1st Marines. Oh yea round eyes in Hong Kong. Shaft alley parties.
Ashley, DaleANJul 1969 – Dec 1970Hanger/Flight Deck
Vitek, MichaelIC 2Jul 1969 – Aug 1973E3 Wespac cruises, Apollo 14. Hey sailor, throw me coin....
Ruppert, DonaldHM3Jul 1969 – Dec 1969HExcellent medical staff, I remember HM3 Boaz and how we worked long hours on medical records. After 5 months my time was up on active. I never thought I would make a career out of the Navy. I retired as an HM1.
Rundgren, RussellADJ3Jul 1969 – Sep 1970V-3
Horvath, JoeATN-2Jul 1969 – Sep 1970V-6I enjoyed working with the men in the avionics shop and remember many good times on & off the ship. I appreciate their helps and their friendships. God bless you all!
Nathan, ArnieE-3Jul 1, 1969 – Mar 28, 1970Comphibron OneI look back and remember the good and the bad. Glad to have served with you guys.
Chapman, DavidATN-3Jul 15, 1969 – Nov 22, 1970V-6Airedale Served with Rosinger, Horvath, Glover in the AT shop.Never forgot the job we did cleaning the forward trunds for the Vietnam Visitors.
Childress, RandyABHANJul 16, 1969 – May 10, 1972V-3, Capt Lee's Combat Cargo, MAAI was assigned to V-3 and was one of Capt Buff Lee's Combat Cargo group. Left the NO in 1972 and went to Shore Duty in FLA. Have been to SD to see the NO several times. Last time was with my daughter who was born in SD when I was on the NO.
Byrd, Jr., BillyASM3 (AC)Jul 29, 1969 – Nov 5, 1970ground supportPrior to ship assignment, served as air crewman on C54 and C117 type aircraft flying out of Pensacola Naval Air Station, Florida.
Finney, WayneE3Aug 1969 – Apr 10, 1970SecondAssigned to USS New Orleans prior to commissioning and a plank owner.
Humphries, LeeABH-2Aug 1969 – Dec 1, 1970V-3 & MAAMy one and only wet-pac but there are a lot of good memories. hangar deck safety crew, yellow shirt, con-flag watches. that little room with the one porthole, that always had wind whistling thru a loose bolt.
Alexander, Kenneth profile iconRMAug 1969 – Feb 1973CRStarted in CR division in Aug 1969, mad westpac cruise, went to RM "A"school got transfered to USS Fox but got back on New Orleans for rest of Apollo 14 and Two Westpac tours! Discharged in Feb 1973 and flew to states.
Boaz, GregoryHM 3Aug 12, 1969 – Mar 26, 1971MedicalFirst rate medical/dental services facilities, incl. 3 major surgical suites, x-ray lab, complete pharmacy & physical therapy sections.
Cathey, RonYN2Sep 14, 1969 – Feb 9, 1971AdminI was legal yeoman and helped edit the "Picayune" newspaper while aboard for Apollo 14. I also was in the Color Guard for the recovery ceremony. Would like to contact the two Marines who were in the color guard with me and Dave Robinson
Meadows, RonABHANOct 1969 – Apr 19, 1971V-3 Hanger DeckLonnie Sellers was enlisted head of V3. Ive only been in contact with Dave Mason, Eng. a couple of times some i knew mike schmaltz mike keefe, mahaffey, gold, childress
Joe, BittickBM3Oct 1969 – Jun 26, 1973DeckI served 4 years on the New Orleans. Played in the ship country band and was on the rodeo team. Took care of the Captains gig and had a good four years with some good shipmates.
Howell, RonCYN3Oct 27, 1969 – May 1, 1971CRHad a ball. Wish I would have accepted the orders to NCS Holt
Powers, NickSN, COMMINUICATIONSNov 1969 – Jul 1973CRThree Westpacs and Appollo 14. Did the minesweeping in North Vietnam. Had some great times. I served with some of the best. Of course I remember the Dwaves club, Hong Kong and Singapore. Had some great times and friends in the Radio room!!

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