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USS New Orleans (LPH 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS New Orleans (LPH 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 868 crew members registered for the USS New Orleans (LPH 11).

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Taylor, KyleMM11967 –PRECOM UNTIL 1973.
Mulaire, RonSF31968 – Mar 1970RPlank Owner, remember Philly, Norfolk, San Diego, mardi-gra in Panama, great massages at Oki, bars at Subic Bay, 10 day leave in Hong Kong and getting kicked out of Taiwan. Good Times!!
Hildreth, AlbertBT3/PLANKOWNER1968 – Apr 17, 1972BNice see so many name and to read about the good time we all remember. Who remember the refuels when damaged the #2 elvators or the time we lose to feed pump in the boilerroom and damn near lose the old girl. I remember all the ports of call those 4.
Johnstone, BruceSN1968 – 1972FOXPlank Owner Picked up Apollo 14
Hadley, LarryLPH-111968 – 1970Pre Commissioning - Shake Downs - First Wes-Pac Enjoyed the trip thru the Canal and will never forget the Typhoon on the way to Manilla
Camp, TerryRM3/Plank Owner/Apollo-141968 – 1969Comm/OpsPlank Owner. Pre-com in Norfolk/Philly. Road the boat to SanDiego then was transfered to Vancouver LPD-2 when they formed comphibron-1. Came back for the Apollo-14. Shellback and many wespac cruises aboard LPD-2 with LPH-11.
Severance, JoelENS1968 – 1969SupplyPlank Owner, Food Service Officer
Miller, Randyfireman1968 – 1970B
/edwards, JerryMM21968 – 1970M and APlankowner. Balance Crew in Norfolk then M Division. First Throttleman when we went on Sea Trials out of Philly. Transfered from M Division to A Division AC&R during the first WestPac Cruise.
Roberts, RonDC31968 – May 12, 1970R DivisionI am a plank owner and was part of the first crew. Will always remember Chief Wheelus, Curtin, Thomas, Mitchell, Walker, Sully, Bitterling & Cassano. Also 2 marines. I will never forget my experiences..both good & bad.
Howard, MiltGMG31968 – Apr 10, 1970FoxAnybody know the whereabouts of Chief Farrell? Been attending the reunions. Original plank owner and member of Flying Squad. Anyone interested in attending reunions contact me.
Darrow, GarySM21968 – 1971CommunicationsPlank owner and stayed aboard until discharge. As time goes by I think about the men I served with and hope they have had a good life.
Chirozzi, CharlesPO2Jan 1, 1968 – Nov 1, 1971EngineeringLooking for CDR Rice Chief Engineer
Dorman, EarleSFM2Feb 1968 – Dec 1971R
Sicari, FrankSN3Feb 1968 – May 1969Xlibrarain, played the organ, Ron Mulaire tried to teach me how to box. Panatano striker.
Dawkins, Richard RickABH2Feb 1968 – Feb 1970V1plank owner went to ship in pa to sandiegoand first wes pac back to sandiego and then nas camrahn bay rvn harbor patrol
Felix, Richard3066f@gmail.comseamanMar 1968 – Feb 1970v4Any of the crew living in Phoenix
Romeiser, DougEM3Mar 1, 1968 – Aug 1, 1970ElectricalPre-Comm crew Norfolk & Phili. Sang national anthem Eagles/Saints game 12/8/68. Member of ships band. Panama canal, San Diego, first WestPac and Nam service. Recall Subic Bay?? Transferred to Kitty Hawk after WestPac.
Peterson, Tom / PeteE-3Apr 10, 1968 – Apr 18, 1970Capts. GigLooking for old shipmates
Luka, JosephABH-2May 1968 – May 8, 1972V-1Would like to hear from anyone from air department who served during these years. Also anyone from engineering dept, who remembers me. I knew Maurice Sevigny and others from engineering dept. Good luck to all of you.
Baraby, JohnEm3May 10, 1968 – Oct 29, 1971ElectricalPlank owner,Shell Back,Apollo 14,Da nang Harbor ,sec tour Vietnam coastal Waters.
Kent, John M.EM-3Jun 1968 – Apr 1970I am a Plank Owner. I was on the pre-commissioning detail in Norfolk and Philly. Went through Panama, underway trained out of Long Beach and made her first West-Pac cruise.
Hankins, James W.GMG3Jun 1968 – Apr 1970FOXPlank Owner, Mount Captain Mount 31
Reinmiller, Carl ( Heimy )MM3Jun 1968 – Apr 1970MWould love to have a reunion, plank owners.. Still looking for the boys from engineering.. Rosko, Kenny,Huges. Lance, any help email me. We were the BEST!!!
Daniel, PatHM2Jun 1968 – Dec 1968HPrecom Detail in Norfolk, First West Pac cruise. We never made it to New Orleans. Where are all my Corpsman buddies? Stewie, Nick, John, and even Dennis the Dental Dilly?
Nevergall, DennisLT.Jun 1968 – Jan 1970Supply (Disbursing Officer)Plank Owner. Pre-commissioning crew. I remember the good times and ...
Darby, PaulABF-3Jun 1968 – Nov 1969V-4
Filbert, ClancyRM3Jun 1968 – Nov 1971Radio ShackI am a Plank Owner. I was on the pre-commissioning detail in Norfolk and Philly. Went through Panama, underway trained out of Long Beach and made three West Pacs along with the Apollo 14 Recovery.
Edwards, JerryMM2, PLANKOWNERJun 1968 – Aug 1970M and AGood to see the web site. Saw a photo of NO being towed out of San Francisco to be used as a target. Didn't like it, but better than razor blades. Sorry the Museum deal didn't work out. Heimy and Allers, good to see you listed.
Clisbee, Charles W. (Charlie)IC-2Jun 1968 – Sep 1971ELoved Philadelphia. Great crew and good buddies. Lots of crazy memories of those guys and some of the things we did.
Hawes Jr, G.w.RM2Jun 1968 – Mar 1971RadioPlank owner Start in Norfolk Va went tad trainig uss sagamore 30 days went to Phil nov 1968. ended up in san diego ca made one westpac and apollo 14 and support president in mexico
Acero, DavidBT2Jun 1968 – Nov 1970B Division
Schmaltz, Mikeabh-3Jun 1968 – Aug 1971v-3
Stephens, GaryDP2Jun 1968 – Apr 1970S-7 Data Processing
Raney, LarryLtjgJun 1968 – Oct 1969Engineering DeptI was the MPA in the department and part of the nucleus crew The ship had a great officer staff and wonderful crew. My crew was top notch and I will never forget their dedicated service. Thanks guys!
Pitcher, Laurence (Bear)AIRMANJun 1, 1968 – Oct 27, 1970V-3 Combat CargoServed under Capt. Buff Lee (A real Officer and Friend). NCO in chage was Staff Sgt. Willett. Also Served with several good men.
Carne, RickCWOJun 4, 1968 – May 2, 1970S6Plank Owner, swim call off Cuba, 1st WestPac, Kaoshung, Keelung (Goooooood times!!)
Acero, DavidBT2Jun 8, 1968 – Jul 10, 1970BPlank Owner,Philadelphia ,worked in fire room,oil shack,1st West Pac
Young, CarlHMJun 14, 1968 – Aug 12, 1970HI am a Plank Owner. I was on the pre-commissioning detail in Norfolk and Philly. Went through Panama
Smith, JeffreyQM3 (Plankowner)Jun 18, 1968 – Dec 2, 1971NAVIGATIONLike to hear from anyone who might remember me. Does anyone know of the whereabouts of any Quartermasters from this period? (Connolly, Nastasi, Devaney)
Sukel, RobertAE3Jul 1968 – Feb 1972V-6Plank owner.
Shea, TimANJul 1968 – Aug 1969OI/Helicopter Direction ControlPart of the Pre-Con detail in Norfolk and survived the bus ride to Philly. That was one cold winter while they closed up the ship around us. Left the ship in Long Beach with orders to AC"A" School. Served with Ch. Zarzour & AC2 Whisnant.
Higerd, DennisDT2Jul 15, 1968 – Jul 30, 1970"D"Plank owner. Pre-com NORVA, Philly, Commissionin & thru the Amer. Canal to S.D. Shake down, ORI. and one WESTPAC cruise to the NAM. 40 days in a circle off Marble Mtn. FANTASTIC TIME WITH A HELL OF A BUNCH OF GOOD SHIPMATES.
Smith, JeffQM3Jul 18, 1968 – Dec 2, 1971NavigationI am getting ready to build a scale model of the New Orleans and could sure use as many pictures of the exterior of the ship as any of you could send from precom through Dec, 1971. Would also like to hear from QMs
Voycik, JohnAG2Aug 1968 – May 1970Operations/Weather OfficeOriginal Ship's Crew and Plank Owner Anyone remember the incident in Taiwan ?
Brillhart, DaveAE-1Aug 1968 – Jun 1969V-6Plank Owner, set up Avaiation Electrical Shop. Sailed thru Panama Canal to Long Beach to add morgue before going to Viet Nam. I left before they went. Great time great people.
Hunter, ChuckAC2Aug 1968 – Jun 1970Operations HDCPlank owner went to Norfolk after ACA school then to Philly for commissioning ceramony, Played in the Norfolk vs. Philly touch football game which ended in 6-6 tie.
Allers, RogerMM2Aug 1, 1968 – Oct 1968MJust trying to locate a few of my shipmates between 1968 until 1971. Like to contact Bill Sacco, Nick Robano, Bill Aston, Larry Ware, E. Lance, Jim Diamond, Joe Goyette, Larry Vonwerder, Mintmier, Bill Kirby, or Sevigne.
Keeffe, MikeSNAug 10, 1968 – Apr 10, 19702nd DivisionGreat times in Phillie, Olongopo and all the other ports. Remember good friends like Joe Silva, Ron Meadows and BM1 Jett.
Luka, JosephABH-2Aug 12, 1968 – Feb 4, 1972V-1Plankowner, flight deck crash and salvage P.O., flight deck landing signalman.
Curtin, JohnDC2Aug 15, 1968 – Apr 13, 1971RI remember all the experiences but mostly the people chiefs mac and wheelus lcdr niefert roberts sully thompson dorman r officer cruiseses sims ap14 hope to see you all at the next reunion allyou guys from precom on glad ididn't mistheexpe
Weiss, MichaelSNAug 18, 1968 – May 15, 1970SupplySpent time in Norfolk/Dam Neck pre commission, Time in Philly outfitting ship. Worked in S3 with some great guys. Some great times from shakedown to end of my tour. Love to hear from other plankowners, and guys from my division.
Robano, Dominick NickMM 3Sep 1968 – Jun 1970Mwhere are we now?
Hale, VernonANSep 1, 1968 – Jul 1, 1969V1I remember those 72 hour passes in New York City. Was pre commission and commission remember those ten cent pack of camels we would buy on the shake downs out of Philly. Probably the reason I have copd now.
Williamson, JimRD1Sep 15, 1968 – Apr 1971OISecond ship commissioned. Good ship fine steamer
Bivens, SamEN2Oct 1, 1968 – Jun 1, 1969A Boat shopPlank owner.
Allers, Roger "Bulldog Joe"MM2Oct 1, 1968 – Nov 8, 1971MCan't believe I found this site. Heimy, let's go for a reunion. Tried to see the ship in '84, but couldn't get on the base. Many cherished memories of WestPac, Apollo 14, and, of course, you guys in engineering department.
Verticelli, FrankGMG2Oct 10, 1968 – Jul 10, 1970FOX
Darby, Thomas "Ted"LCDRNov 1968 – Mar 1971NavagatorRetired in 1977
Chaisson, AlexanderEN2Nov 6, 1968 – May 2, 1969captains gig enginemanplank owner
Von Dietsch, CharlesFN - EN2Nov 6, 1968 – Feb 4, 1972'A'Memebr Pre-Comm Crew, then Commissioning Crew.
Macarthur, Frederic HANNov 10, 1968 – Sep 8, 1969ABFServed on precommisoning detail, aboard during commision, plank owner, flight deck, refuler
Robichaud, AllenGMG-2Nov 16, 1968 – Nov 17, 1970FoxPlank Owner, MT 32 Mount Captain, ship's armorer,
Healy, John V HealySANov 16, 1968 – Feb 5, 1970
Carson, WorthyBM-E3Nov 19, 1968 – Oct 3, 1969i remember the best fight i ever had was in the paint locker,and 1st class b.m. jett ,maybe some of you remember him (real tough guy lol)had a graet time in the phillapines ,okinawa,and then to danang harbor.when i left took a chopper in.
Healy, JohnSeaman apprenticeNov 19, 1968 – Feb 9, 1970ships laundryremember the great times in Subic Bay; was proud to serve and would do it again; plankowner

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