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USS Okinawa (LPH 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Okinawa (LPH 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1190 crew members registered for the USS Okinawa (LPH 3).

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Gert, MichaelLCPL USMC1990 – 1991HMM-164LPH-3 SLUG of the SEA Bag Lady of the Pacific 10 1/2 Months 2 tours in Saudi Always too hot or too cold in berthing or showers. Ferdo, Steve, Dad, uncle are you
Franks Mm2, BrianMM21990 – Dec 17, 1993A GANGAssigned to ships Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration Shop. Part of Decomissioning crew. Bob rose and I made the A/c's work so much better....LOL paris and Lperga ran crazy around the place and scott ran the steam and heat
Sloan, KennyBM1990 – 19922nd DivisionLooking back it was a wonderful adventure serving on the Okinawa. It was great serving with all of my fellow crew members. BM1 Morrison, BM Grier are you out there? Would love to hear from you again! Home 417-864-0805
Robbins, BrianCPL1990 – 19911St Marines/ Combat CargoDesert shield and Desert Strom, the cruise we never thought would End. Wish i could remember the names of the yellow/Red/and purple shirts. we used to party with in the P.I. and Singapore new years eve.
Beer, Jeffrey profile iconHT11990 – 1991RepairThe ship that made me decide to get out of the Navy! I'll never forget the good times, and the good people. For some reasons, memories of the Philippines fill my mind. That, and being stuck in the North Arabian Sea!
Anderson, Andyabh 31990 – 1993air
Giebler, MikeASC1990 –AIMD
Payan, AlfonsoABHJan 1990 – Jun 1992V-3WHATS UP SHIPMATES.
Wirtz, AdronABF3Jan 1990 – Jun 1992V4I have a lot of memories from my time on the Proud Lady. If anyone wants to catch up on where we are today feel free to contact me.
Bennett, MatthewDCFNJan 1, 1990 – Mar 1, 1992dc/r
Gamble, JeffEWSNJan 3, 1990 – May 1, 1992EW / OPSGreat ship, excellent friends.. I'd do it all over again! Duty free down under... great cruise.
Hiler, BillHm2 (SW/AW)Jan 7, 1990 – Dec 15, 1992MedicalDid the last two cruises on this Proud Lady and was one of the last sailors ever to walk her Decks. Great guys in Medical and a Great experience.
Fontanares, FonziEMCJan 8, 1990 – Jul 7, 1992Okinawa, the best ship I've been on. I'm currently in USS Curts.
Dalton, RogerE-3Jan 14, 1990 – Sep 25, 1993i forgot when the decomisioning was some time in 93 but i was there until then the gulf both times and again what fun
Winfrey, ScottE-4Jan 20, 1990 – Sep 15, 1992V-4Looking to catch up with some friends.
Cruz-rodriguez, Juan "cruzer"HM3 (SW/SS)Mar 1990 – Dec 1992MedicalI felt like a DC man more than a HM. I was the Damage Control PO for medical, 3M Work Center Sup. and the Flight Deck Corpsman.
McNulty, Jerome J.AGC(AW)Mar 1, 1990 – Dec 18, 1992OAhad a great tour and 2 deployments aboard the proud lady. The AG's were the best and the CPO Mess the best ever
Manwell, ThomasBT1 (SW)Mar 1, 1990 – Mar 1, 1990B DivDoes any one know what happened to BT1 Barr or BT2 Dunkle
Moore, WellingtonAirmenMar 1, 1990 – Aug 16, 1992V-3 Hangar BayABHAN
Lynch, RlHM2Mar 3, 1990 – Aug 21, 1992MedicalService on a proud ship, Service with Good People. Senior Chief Hayes, Chief Mancuso, Chief Coke, you did what was necessary. BZ
Paisley, RichardAT1 (AW/SW)Mar 9, 1990 – Aug 1992AIMD2nd tour aboard the OKIE boat. Didn't regret it at all even with the long Desert Shield/Storm cuise thrown in. Still miss Subic City and Olongapo. Nothing like it for sailors these days.
Travieso, JuanABH3Apr 5, 1990 – Dec 3, 1992V3/V1First ship, two deployments. Now onboard the Enterprise CVN 65. Had a great time in V1 and still keep in touch with other shipmates.
Roepe, BradABF2May 1990 – Oct 1993V-4Great times!!!!
Roepe, BradABF2May 1990 – Oct 1992V-4
Earwood, MikeMASTER SERGEANTMay 1990 – Apr 19911st MarinesSemper Fidelis
Vlaovich, Jeff " V-man"ABH 3May 1990 – Dec 1992What up Shipmates
Posey, StevenMSgtMay 1, 1990 – Apr 30, 1991HMM-164They say history repeats itself. In my case it was sooner than later. The first time I served on this ship I was 18, attached to HMM-164, but then we were off the coast of Vietnam running our Ops. Roll the clock forward 20 years and now we were off the
Nelson, AnthonyRMSNMay 2, 1990 – May 8, 1992FACCONWas deployed with RMC Bauman and RM1 Smith during Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield.
Lewis, JohnBT3May 20, 1990 – Dec 1992
Joshlin, Jay "The Joshman"CORPORALJun 1990 – Apr 16, 1991HMM 164Wow... It has been a while. I was on the ship during the extended West-Pac/Desert Storm of 1990. (Thanks to Iraq). And I hated it!!! But I was sad to hear they sank the ship....
Brownridge, RayRM/SNJun 1990 – Dec 1992CommunicationsThis was a great time in my life. Was my 2nd ship DDG was the previous what a difference in size! Happy to have known many of you in the comm shack. Would love to hear how things going with you.
Fasone, VinceSGT/E5Jun 1990 – Apr 15, 1991CommunicationsI was with the 13th MEU Commend Element Comm Platoon but worked with the ships message center. Looking for Butchko, Pat Hill (Squirrel Monkey).
Jeansonne, BuzzcorporalJun 1990 – May 1991comm platoonjust found this site. saw a few names i remembered.
Wollam, CurtisSHSNJun 1990 – Dec 1992S-3Sad to see the Ol' girl sunk!! But, what it took to sink her makes me feel safer about being on her.
Pierce, CraigCPLJun 1, 1990 – Apr 16, 1991HMM-164 assigned to S-6 Aviation SupplyMiss all those I ran with, too bad we got cut short to go and play in the sandbox. Sad to hear about the old lady being sunk.
Roos, RoosterCPL./E-4Jun 1, 1990 – Apr 16, 1991AIMD-4I was one of the 40 Marines that were part of the ship's crew. I really matured after I got out of active duty. I got back in the Marine Corps Res. in 1997. I can't believe they sank her! They should have made her a floating museum in S.D
Pickering, Jim "pick"ABH3Jun 1, 1990 – Dec 17, 1992AirI was known as the Air Yeoman because I spent most of my time in the Air Office and Primary Flight Control. I served the Air Boss and other Air Officers. It was the only ship I was ever stationed to, and I helped decommission her.
Delapena, ChrisBT3Jun 15, 1990 – Jul 1992BoilerI had so much fun and excitement on this ship, I've met people from different walks of life and made friends with them. The crossing of the equator, oh my gush, so much care old shipmates.
Laskowski, MichaelAC3Jun 17, 1990 – Apr 20, 1991TACRON 12was on the ship when we had the extended WestPac....Desert Shield/Storm.....Thanksgiving and Xmas in the Phillipines, my 21st bday there, New Years in Hong Kong, Malaysia......but then losing 8 crewmembers on a helo miss
Halliday, DavidSGTJun 20, 1990 – Apr 15, 1991HMM-164UH-1N AH-1W Hydraulics Mech that was a hell of a 4th of july we had on the old girl.
Castillo, TedCPL E-4Jun 20, 1990 – Apr 12, 1991HMM 164Currently writing a book about our time on the ship during the west pac that never ended. Would love to hear some personal stories from other people that served during this time. 401-533-3652
Morse, JoeET2Jul 1990 – Dec 1992OPSemail me at
Vega, Eric VanceE3/AIRMANJul 10, 1990 – May 5, 1992Air
Lockridge, CoryTM3Jul 28, 1990 – Dec 1, 1991MReported as an FN and made Torpedoman 3rd class. Went on to "A" school and Sub School. On LPH3 during Desert Shield and Storm. Had a great time standing throttles. Let's not forget our falling shipmate Chuck. Died in SanDiego. Godspeed Char
Rose, RobertMM2(SW)Aug 1990 – Dec 17, 1992EngineeringAssigned to ships Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration Shop. Part of Decomissioning crew.
Hammond, RandyMM2Aug 1990 – Dec 21, 1992A-Gang / Hydraulic & Boat ShopGulf War, Decommissioning.
Cranford, DavidSN/RMAug 20, 1990 – May 17, 1994RadioWow, I can't believe I found this site. This is great. Ray Brownridge - I would love to hear from you. My email is
White (Now Davison), JonathanMM3Aug 23, 1990 – Mar 1, 1992EngineeringI can't believe all that time spent working in the engine room would pay off!
Stapleton, MikeBM2Sep 1990 – 1992DECKWhats up boyz??!! The main Clover is HERE!! Miss the days. Give me a holler!
Denson II, JamesOS2Sep 1, 1990 – Dec 31, 1992OIWhat up guys? I'm still Las Vegas. Thanks for all the pirate memories. Be on the look out for the rising of the OKINAWA. Yo ho ho and a pitcher of MOJO. Peace.
Perry, ScottUSS OKINAWASep 9, 1990 – Sep 9, 1992COMMUNICATIONSserved 2 westpacs with her,great times. PI ,Thailand Africa great trip.looking for Jeff Schieferstein from ops.currently serving in the US Army been playing in the sand now 2times.anyone remember me please email
Fraire, CarlosBM2(SW)Sep 11, 1990 – Dec 1, 1992DECKThe Uss Okinawa was my first Ship. I was in Deck Dept and later eventually became a Boatwain's Mate. I met a alot of people who I still remember. Like GMG2 Garcia and Detmann, Hunt, and my old drinking partner SN Valdez.I am now in the Coast Gu
Crnojevich, AlexAT 3Sep 15, 1990 – Dec 17, 1992aimdThe best part of my time in the navy was spent on boared the okinawa. I met some great people during that time.
Southers, KentMM1(SW)Oct 1990 – Dec 1992Okinawa was my last ship ... we worked hard, we played hard. We took her to Iraq & back (twice). We stayed in Subic Bay, waiting for orders to Iraq. We saw Subic Bay turn into a ghost town on the last cruise, the end of an era for both.
Tucker, AnthonyET3Oct 1, 1990 – Nov 27, 1992OPS ET
Schell, Timothy Aka..schellshock profile iconANOct 15, 1990 – Dec 17, 1992AirJust want to say hello to all you guys I have worked with . Reach out to me on here or on Facebook.
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Carter, RyanRMSNOct 29, 1990 – Dec 16, 1992COMMLive in Ramona CA, Father of 2 Girls, e-mail Me OKI 3 Rocks
Russell, Charles C. Jr.BMC(SW)Nov 19, 1990 – Dec 18, 19922nd (Deck) - Safety CPOI did enjoyed my service aboard this fine ship. She had a proud and wonderful history. I do hope that they will commission another ship with this fine name.
Woods, Bradley S.MM3Dec 1990 – Dec 1992MGulf War, Decommissioning. Hope all those I served with are doing well. I'll always remember my time on the Proud Lady of the Pacific.
Giebler, MichaelASCDec 20, 1990 – Jan 31, 1992AIMD

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