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USS Okinawa (LPH 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Okinawa (LPH 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1190 crew members registered for the USS Okinawa (LPH 3).

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Rizzo, Robert R.ADAN/E-31987 – 1990AIMDHello shipmates. Portland overhaul for 10 months. Great time thanks Crew. Thanks Del and the Aircrew of the Oki-3
Ray, BrianLANCE CORPORAL1987 – 1988Charlie Company, 1/5 (Comm attachment)My memories of the Okinawa are becoming a bit fuzzy. I was one of the comm guys attached to C 1/5.
Penarivas, CarlosCPL1987 – 1988C 1/5 2nd PlatoonGreat memories. Boring at sea though. I was in Lt Luciano's Platoon C 1/5. For those who knew me my name is CPL Penarivas from NYC and now I live in Texas.
Hopwood, HoppySM21987 – updated 01-08-11 Had some great times on the Oki boat with some characters that will forever be remembered...Thompson, Creager, Woodington, Brown, Leath, Holt, Wheeler, Wilkins, Perry, Miller, Opshal
Ingle, DavidMM21987 – 1993A division
Suptic, MikeMS21987 – Aug 8, 1989Supply
Wehrli, JimMM31987 – 1989MPortland Apartment was a blast! Best parties of my life!! Been in touch with a few of you! Need to get a get together Kev, Donnie, and crew!
Sakaida, NormanPC11987 – 1991XRetired in 91 as PC1. Letter Carrier, San Diego, 26 years.. Retired in 2016, moved to Philippines.. Enjoying the laidback lifestyle. I toast all Okie sailors & Marines with a ice cold Red Horse.. Mabuhay!
Hall, ScottHT3Jan 1987 – Aug 1989RMany fond memories of my time spent on the OKI.Portland to PI,San Diego to Saudi Arabia and all ports between.Hanging out with Wags,Weaver,Herlihy and others.
Hussie, Kevin "ike"DC2Jan 1, 1987 – Jan 29, 1993RHT1 Cutler; DC3 Albertson; BMC Henneman. How about Subic Bay boys? My main man, BM2 Reyes (I think about you everyday- SORRY MAN). i HOPE YOUR DOING WELL. E-mail me. RIP "Proud Lady of the Pacific" and the good times I had aboard you.
Stapleton, MikeLTJan 1, 1987 – May 1989Air DeptOne of my best tours in the Navy. Air Dept was a great place to be; Hangar and Fuel Divn's were full of good, young people! Ah to be that young again. Still connected to several Oki crew.
Smith, RussellFC3Feb 1987 – Feb 1989FoxIn 2 years on board I did a WESTPAC, a world cruise (including Operation EARNEST WILL in the Persian Gulf) and finished my Naval service in Portland, OR while she was dry docked. I joined the Navy to see the world, and the OKI didn't let me down.
Sanders, JamesFN-EN2Feb 1, 1987 – Jun 1, 1991B and A GangErnie or any of the a gang send my an email at
Snelling, RonE-3Feb 9, 1987 – Feb 9, 1990Blue/Yellow/Red shirtI don't regret my time on the OKI at all. I had a great time with all my friends durring my three years. The cruise around the world, and in Portland OR. in the shipyards stand out the most. Hope everyone is doing well.
Oswald, Jerome R.L/CPLApr 1987 – May 19873rd Battalion 9th Marines WPNS Co 81'sServed in her for 25 day with BLT 3/9, WPNS Co 81mm Motors for "Team Spirit 87" Korea. Battalion CMDR Lt Col. Jones, former CMC General Jones.
Smothers, KevinMM3 e4Apr 1987 – 1989MdivDoes anyone remember QM Urban? Really been missing my shipmate lately. Never a dull moment around this cat lol We tragically lost him 1989 Portland Oregon. Need someone to talk to.... 573 778 6849
Gavin, MitchellPR2May 7, 1987 – Jul 10, 1989AIMD
Sib, NorthripAO1May 19, 1987 – Dec 31, 1989Guns/WepsJust wanted to see if there was any of the crew from the Okie trying to keep in contact. It's been a long time since I was on the Okie. She was my last ship and my last command.
Paul, ScottANMay 29, 1987 – Feb 8, 1989Air V-1Hope lifes treating you guys well. Been a long time. My best to those I remember and those I don't. We had some good times.
Prange, StephenYNSNJun 1987 – Feb 1991AdminI was a YN assigned to the Capts Office and WPC as well as TAD to other divisions. Some of my friends were OS3 Laird, BM3 Backulla, hope i spelled it right. QM3 Schiwart, I knew QM3 Bollata, YNSN Appleby. Email is
Elgin, DaveE-3Jun 1987 – Feb 22, 1989V-3Had a lot of great times and cool memories; shout out to Ronnie Snelling, Scott Paul, Scott Fisher and more!
Thieme, Clayton "cee-tee"ABF-3Jun 1, 1987 – Feb 24, 1991V-4 Air
Allen, BobbySM3Jun 20, 1987 – Dec 26, 1990comm/cv01I wouldn't trade my time on the Okinawa for nothing . Had the time of my life those 3 1/2 years. made some great friends. sorry to see her sunk. Sigs Vicious in the house
Saladin, KevinSSgtJul 14, 1987 – Sep 22, 20021st Bn 6th Marines
Villanueva, JorgeAD3Jul 16, 1987 – Apr 15, 1989AIMDIran - Iraq War and around the world cruise
Bell, TroyE3/LCPLAug 1987 – Feb 1988Charlie Co 1/5I hated it back then, but I am sure glad I was able to experience being out to sea. Still Active duty Marine! Semper Fi!!
Morrow, Jeff profile iconLcpl Aug 5, 1987 – Feb 6, 19883rd LAAD bn Bob Hope's show ,lost a stinger missile oops!had a blast up on the weather deck...loved the NBC binoculars at night forgotten the names not the faces
Slone, Gentry "Sly"L-CPL/M-60 GUNNERSep 1987 – May 19881Bn/5th Marines det."Persian Excursion", Longest & Most Boring trip around the world, I ever had. But "SHE" saw us home safe! & I'm glad I got to go. Loved the Suez cannel.
Kaesemeyer, Scott A.HNOct 1987 – Apr 1988MedicalStationed aboar the Okinawa during opertaion Ernest Will with C co. 1/5 Marines. Great memories of our deployment to the Persian Gulf and Spain.
Langevin, MartinHM2 (AW)Oct 1987 – Apr 1988Embarked Troop (airwing)
Haughey, DaveHM2Oct 1987 – Apr 19881stBn, 5thMar, (LPO)I remember those days...
Dent, ShawnCPLOct 1987 – Apr 1988Marine DetachmentServed aboard during Operation Ernest Will. Work barge security for 1LT Luciano. Hated being on ship at the time, too young and dumb to know how much the experience would help shape my life.
Akers, DuaneHM2Oct 1987 – Apr 1988Weapons Co, 1st BN 5th Mar (Medical)First deployment to the Gulf, did not realize that 10 years later I would be back for more dust and camels (1998-2008) with Military Sealift Command. Interesting time aboard...retired since 1997
Provencher, TonyE-4 CorporalOct 1987 – Feb 1988Charlie Co. Marine Ground Forces MAGTF 1-88I was a team leader in Lt. Luciano's Plt. I ended up being flown home in Feb of 88 because my father was dying of cancer. I never did get my copy of the "Cruise Yearbook" we all ordered. Anyone know how I can get one?
Crull, JamesCPL E-4Oct 1987 – Apr 1988Charlie Co 1/5Served with Charlie Co. 1/5
Richmond, TimothyABH3Oct 1, 1987 – Apr 1, 1991Airi served aboard the oki 87-91 had a great time just trying to find some friends from the ship
Polson, EricPN2Oct 1, 1987 – Sep 18, 1988X2
Bollotta, ChristopherQM3Oct 5, 1987 – Jun 30, 1991NAVMiss you guys YN3 Appleby, BM3 Bakkala, YNSN Guidry, 'BUS-HEAD' You guys were the best!! QM1 Roberts, QM2 Hedrick, QMC Connell, WO2 Dirflinger, LCDR Howe... Still remember the great times! Sorry she's a reef!
Hubbard, JamesCorporalOct 7, 1987 – Apr 4, 1988Marine with Operation Earnest WillWhat was the name of the sailor who worked down in emergency steering. I'm thinking his nickname was Hargie.
Larios, DavidE-4Oct 10, 1987 – Apr 1988Charlie Co 1/5 Amphibious Raid ForceWorld Cruise - MAGTF 1-88
Commander, PeteHM2(AW)Nov 1987 – Dec 1987Medical/ Surgical Team OneThis was my second tour aboard. I was glad to see some shipmates from before still aboard.
Sherrill, Emerson (Lee)MR3Nov 1987 – Jun 1990A-GangHad a great time on board my 1st ship. Learned a lot and met some good people along the way.
Polson, EricPN2Nov 1, 1987 – Aug 10, 1988Personnel
Appleby, DouglasYN3Nov 9, 1987 – Nov 5, 1991XI have served with C. Bakkula, QM3 Bollotta, QM2 Shiwart, YN3 Prange and YNSN Guidry, how is everyone doing and hope you are having a great life after the military.
Beltran, LeonardEM2Dec 14, 1987 – Apr 27, 1991E DivisionEach day was a challenge in the ship. But each day a great memory was being built. I forgot everything, except only the great experiences I had with all whom I worked with. Best wishes to everyone.
Bradshaw, Stephen A.k.a. "Chainsaw"AMEAN/ABHANDec 19, 1987 – Sep 19, 1989V-1There's still a gangload of "Okie's" here in portland! where you all hiding?
Childers, JohnABH-3Dec 21, 1987 – Dec 21, 1990V-3, V-1I'm looking for a few buddies. Mike Taber, Mike lauricella, Tim Spiese, Steve Gregonis, John Gilligan, John Peterson, John Vallesillo, Aaron Bean(lol), Man we had some fun times! whew! the P.I. was off the hook.e-mail me if you know these guys.
Costen, StewartBT3Dec 23, 1987 – Jun 19, 1990BServed onboard from 87-90. Played on oki basketball team.Looking for anyone who were onboard during our time in the gulf,Spain and Portland shipyards.

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