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USS Okinawa (LPH 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Okinawa (LPH 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1190 crew members registered for the USS Okinawa (LPH 3).

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Gillis, JoeRM-31976 – 1979CRSee Roy Kinsey,Jim Morris on regular basis. Made 2 Westpacs
Collins, ButchRM31976 – 1978CR
Westergren (Shopes), JonFN1976 – 1979"E" DivHad some good times and not so good time's on board the Old Girl made a few friend's in fact still talk with a couple of them on regular basis would like to communicate with a few more if your out there
Ottinger, James/ Rm41976 – 1980CRRecognize a few guys here would like to find out about "Rocky" Perez and say hello to a couple on this list.. did 2 West pacs..dry dock in long beach. .
Busby, JackJan 1976 – Mar 1977Served with Tony Lirocchi, The Fireman, Gandolf
Engelbrecht, LarryMM2Jan 1976 – Oct 1979First A, then M as part of the Engelbrecht / Gomley Exilee Exchange ProgramEnjoyed working with many great folks, too many to list. Great times: F&F Schrader, "Look here!" Ski, Gomley (proxies do NOT count), Murillo's cucumber, even coin-stackin'-bottom rackin' Spody. SheeBleeMoFlee!
Wells, Urban TomRMSNJan 13, 1976 – Feb 15, 1978CommunicationPlayed Saxiphone crossing the equator during shell-back cerimony.
Baker, GarlandCPLlFeb 1, 1976 – Feb 1, 1977HMM-165GREAT TIMES IN THE CORP ABOARD THAT SHIP
Descoteaux, Michael DescoteauxHT5Feb 11, 1976 – Jul 1, 1979RSome of the best & worst days of my life aboard the Okie. 2 Westpacs and the priveledge of partying and working with my R div. buds. Spcl. Thanx to HT1 Roque, Vann, HT2 Lanford. Barnett, OB and so many more, my best regards to you all....
Rushing, VanceAC3Mar 1976 – Mar 1979OCShellback 1st cruise. Returned as AC1 to serve Nov. 1984 - Nov. 1987.
Dorr, RobertE3Mar 1, 1976 – Dec 10, 1978EnginerringLooking for old shipmates. Robert Deblock
Chaves, Luis "Lou"BM3Mar 3, 1976 – Oct 29, 19792nd
Palmer, BillLCDR (at that time)Apr 1, 1976 – Jun 15, 1978NavigationThe most enjoyable tour of my 22 year career as a naval officer. A terrific WesPac (altho very long) , that included Australia, Singapore, Manila, among others, and a "crossing the line" ceremony.
Braam, PatrickOS2Apr 14, 1976 – Jun 20, 1979OIIt's weird to hate an inanimate object, but I hated this damn ship. Now it's with fond memories that I look back on those days, days when "Sailors have more fun" was the Navy's recruiting slogan. I feel lucky to have been part of
Anderson, Wayne / AndyPH-3May 1976 – Sep 1978OALots of good times and lots of good friends I got to see and do a lot of things that I never would have imagined. I actually miss the old "Okie-Boat"
Hoyt, DuaneAG2May 1976 – Aug 1979OAWeatherman on board. We ruled the back of the ship. I remember all the good times with the rest of the Ops department. Lot's of places seen, lot's of good friends. If you know me, and want to make contact,
Moore, ChuckJO3May 1976 – May 1977PAO/CCTV - OPSWorked in the PAO shop which included CCTV and birthed in OPS. WESTPAC 77' was a great cruise that only cost a couple of OPS excercises but was filled with great ports to boot. Will never forget the stowaway in SYDNEY!
Gojkov, Dean/KojakMM2Jun 1976 – May 1978MDid Westpac with alot good friends. Was my last duty station, got out to the real world that included sunshine.
Caswell, GregSK2Jun 1976 – Dec 1979S-1Like alot of you guys, I was sad to hear that they sunk it. They should have asked us to participate. It was a great time and I think alot of us grew up during our time aboard the Oki Boat. It is good to see so many of us still alive.
Burdick, BillCPL PCJun 1976 – May 1979HMA-169Numerous Det's outta 32nd Street with the V-1 crew, especially remember Dana Muelot, went to visit Dave Zuechels engine shop out in Van Nuys. Had a lot of fun on all 3 Gator Freighters.
Heuker, DavidEM3Jun 1976 – Sep 1979EA good time was had by all.
Parker, Bill profile iconAT3Jun 1976 – Sep 1977AIMDWould love to speak with others that were on the USS Okinawa LPH3 from June76-Sept 77. Looking for friends Doug Warner and Rollie Rollins...If you are in Mexico look me up
Gomley, JeffMM2Jun 2, 1976 – Sep 16, 1980M and AOMG what a fantastic tour onboard the Oki!! From running the Engineroom to the AC/R shop, the memories are the fondest! From Korea to Australia, 3 crossings of the Line, to final duty off the coast of Iran, She was a sturdy ship! RIP
Worley, MikeMM3Jun 24, 1976 – Jun 24, 1980MLook forward to hearing from engineering division personnel.
Anderson, Russ/andyICJul 1976 – Jun 1979EWanta send a shout out to all the snipes I served with Be great to hear from you Andy
Webb, JohnYN3Jul 1, 1976 – Dec 31, 1979Weps, Ops, XMade two West Pacs. Made the rounds in San Diego, Long Beach, Subic, Honolulu, Yokusaka, Pusan, and Sydney. We were young then. Best of luck to all who served aboard Okinawa.
Zietak, ZekeAK3Aug 1976 – May 1981Deck/S-6/AIMDLoved my time aboard LPH-3 & LPH-10. Fun that can't be had anymore in todays Navy. Thanks to all of you that were part of making my Navy service the best time of my life. Did PI really happen?
Friedman, JimSH3Aug 1, 1976 – Jun 19, 1980S-3
Wilson, BobQM3Aug 27, 1976 – Aug 26, 1980Navigation & 2nd
Wilson, BobQM3Aug 27, 1976 – Aug 26, 1980Navigation & 2NDhas anyone seen QM3 Odie Gordon or QM3 Rick Battaglia
Zotalis, TomMSep 20, 1976 – Apr 8, 1978MAustralia was the best.Chow(changed email address so had to repost)Hello to M Division,Hey Engelbret,are you still a pain in the butt?HA!
Zotalis, TomE-3Sep 26, 1976 – Apr 8, 1978mJust found out about the "Oki Boat"being sunk.Nothing lasts forever.This was a important experience for me,continuing on to become an auto mech after trade school,then a maintenance mechanic in a water plant.Hello to all us "Auzzie's&q
Warner, DouglasAO E-2Oct 1976 –AIMD
Peel, HowardET3Oct 1, 1976 – Sep 1, 1977OECrazy Westpac
McCurdy, SteveEM2Oct 1, 1976 – Oct 1, 1980E DivisionProud to have served on the USS Okinawa from 1977-1980. I'd love to hear from any Snipes out there. Shellbacks Rule!
Zotalis, TomE-3Oct 5, 1976 –M
Welch, Robert(Squelchy)E-3Oct 20, 1976 – Oct 20, 1980M Div.Whats up fellow shipmates! Good to see some people here that I recognize,like Larry,Gomley,Charlie,and all the other intellectuals that I vagely remember.Fun days.Worked Surgery Dept.PLS contact PH#563-552-6129Cool days.
Watkins, CharlieOS2Nov 1976 – May 1979I often tell my kids about my time in the Navy. Boy, I wish I could slide down the old hand rails again or Muster on the flight deck in Subic. Two Westpacs, Subic Bay, Pusan, Hong Kong, Singapore.
Bears, Alfred "Jack" profile iconOS1Nov 1976 – May 1978oiwould like to hear from some of the shipmates i served with . Shout out to Randy Pickett last heard was back to working the mines in s. dakota, and Doug Nies who couldnt stay out of trouble!
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Bernard, BillBT3Nov 1976 – Jul 3, 1980BSpent my whole enlistment in the hole (fire room) on the oki-boat. Went form messenger to Top Watch. Great group of guys. We worked hard and we partied hard ashore. Did the four west-pac's from 1976 to 1980.
Booza, BrianRMSANov 1976 – May 1977CRDoes anyone remember the ship running aground in Seal Beach 1977 or was it a bad dream?
Provance, FredMM3Nov 10, 1976 – May 5, 1980Ahello to all, worked in the hydraulic shop while i was onboard, great times and great people for me at that time. any a-gangers or snipes that remember me drop me a line when you can
Peterson, Donald....chumleyBMSNNov 13, 1976 – Jun 13, 1979First DeckIt made me sick when I read the old Oki Boat was decommed and sunk! I had alot of good times on that ship and miss alot of you guys.I hope everyone is doing well.If you remember me e mail me Id like to hear from you...Take care Don
Paul, RickABHANNov 24, 1976 – Aug 17, 1979V1Flight Deck Crew team from 76 to 79 my best to all of you, if anyone wants to reach out my cell is 209-897-0110, I still live in California and retired in 2019... Fritz, Gordon/PUD, Moncrief/ Red, Ray, many more ...
Clattenburg, GeorgeAD 3Dec 1976 – Aug 29, 1979V-4 and AIMDCaught the ship with my brother right after bootcamp in Taiwan. Made two westpacs. Gawd, lot of memories and good people. Still have both of my guitars from back then. Sad to hear that the Oki boat has been sunk.
Gagne, MauriceAMS3Dec 16, 1976 – Aug 30, 1980AIMDHad some Great times aboard the Ol' Oki Boat
Butler, CraigOS3Dec 24, 1976 – May 1979OIHad a wonderful time till the Helicopter smashed my leg!
Treiber, Lonniepn2Dec 29, 1976 – Aug 1979Xwhat a trip. i am surprised to find you guys. i cant believe that we are old enough to have our duty station sunk. am i the only one that got old and fat? if you remember:

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