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USS Okinawa (LPH 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Okinawa (LPH 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1190 crew members registered for the USS Okinawa (LPH 3).

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Collins, Daniel CollinsPN21974 – 1977PersonnelA really great ship and crew. I will never forget Operations Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind. Too many good times - a life well lived.
Viets, MarkHT-31974 – 1977R/BSome of the best of times. West-Pacs and Shell-Back initiations good people and parties.Viet-Nam, Subic, Japan, Australia,Sigapore,Korea etc...I was happy to hear she was hard to put down. Will miss her
Todd, NormMM31974 – 1977EngineeringMany good times two West Pacs shell back initiation. I didnt know it at the time but the time aboard the Oki boat was a big part of my life. Being a hole snipe taught me a lot.
Russell, RickMM2Jan 1, 1974 – Jul 29, 1977MLiving in Dallas TX now. I worked down in the engine room. Would like to hear from some old friends again.
Collins, DanielPN2Jan 15, 1974 – Jun 15, 1976PersonnelI served aboard for Operations Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind, the U.S. Withdrawal from Vietnam and Cambodia. Best time of my life. I even use our running club name, Galloping Gators for my e-mail address. Love to hear from my shipmates.
Cox, Stephen D.SK2Feb 3, 1974 – Oct 20, 1977Supply
Fults, LeonardYNMar 1974 – Jan 1976OIServed and partied with Guy Wallace, Gary Burt, Floyd (Pee Wee) Neupert, Gil Pearson, Jim Huffman,Gary (Pete) Peters, Al Denoto, Bill (Remo) Klobucar, Dave Bonner and many others. It wasn't just a job, IT WAS AN ADVENTURE!!!
Cowell, RayRM2Mar 20, 1974 – Jul 1, 1977CRthey sunk the Proud Lady, strange feeling felt upon finding out ... Mr. Morgan and Butch "Thanks" ...
Cox, Stephen profile iconE4Apr 1974 – Oct 23, 1977Supply S-1 GSK
Driscoll, JimCPLApr 29, 1974 – Apr 29, 1980Recall Operation Frequent Wind and Eagle Pull. Also Great Liberty calls in PI. Watched em push the choppers off the ship. Chasing some away because they was all trying to land at same time. Assisted people onto choppers from embassy grounds
Morris, Jim........razRMMay 1974 – Sep 1977CRGood Times, some really great people....still see a few of the guys from the old days....Joe Gillis, Roy Kinsey..even heard from Chuck Boyce....livin in NJ these days Retiried from the Jersey City Fire Dept 2010...RAZ
Meyer, DaveCORPORAL 0331Jun 1974 – Sep 1974Westpac 1974, think I became a Shellback on the flightdeck near Singapore while with Alpha Company BLT 1/4, rode two LPH "Gator boats" that cruse, LPH 3 & LPH 11
Mardis, JimAKAA-AK2Jul 1, 1974 – Dec 30, 1977S-6Retired as CWO3, SC,USN in 1996
Akers, John (Bob)CDR SCAug 1974 – Aug 1975SUPPLY DEPARTMENT1975 "the Year of the Okinawa" Frequent Wind, Eagle Pull & MAYAGUEZ rescue assist, and the Awardng of the SUPPLY BLUE E.
Merritt, GeorgeLPH-3Aug 10, 1974 – Mar 24, 1978V-4
Meador, DaveABF-3Aug 15, 1974 – Jun 24, 1976Aviation FuelsServed with pride and had the best time. Great guys we grapes were. We were the best. That gold "E" looked perfect above the purple shirt locker.
Schaefer, BruceFTGSep 1974 – Mar 22, 1977WeaponsGreat time as young man .Terrific experience
Jennings, CarlSN / LI3 NAVY AMBASSADOROct 1974 – Jun 1, 19772nd , XGreat ship,was w/ the fall of Cam. and Saigon in 75" Got recalled for D.Storm in 90" seen her in Subic Bay. And again befor they sunk her in 2001 off of Calif. Very Sad. Carl Jennings owner Peony Park 402-391-6253
Ramirez, JosephDT3Nov 1, 1974 – Sep 30, 1977DentalWould like to contact anyone from Dental or Medical during the Evac of 75
Whitham, MikeEN/FNNov 22, 1974 – Sep 17, 1976A Boat ShopAnyone out there? Would love to hear from you
Whitham, MikeEN/FNNov 22, 1974 – Sep 6, 1976A Boat ShopAnyone out there? Would to hear from you
Simmons, Young L.a. Or EliE-3Nov 22, 1974 – Aug 22, 1975decki used to hang out Roy aka rooster Bee Bee& Brooks
Smith, Mark / MaddogHT2Dec 1974 – Feb 1979R
Plasek, Raymond (Boot)PNSNDec 10, 1974 – Sep 23, 1976PersonnelWas on the Okie with Leonard Fults and the rest who did Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind. All of that was a memory to remember. Did anyone make it to the Arch in St. Louis? .......get in touch
Lovecchio, DonAA - ABF21975 – 1977V-4
Cotton, PatrickPFC1975 – 1975USMCServed under Capt Betta USMC in S-4 during BLT 2/4 out of Okinawa. Participated in Eagle Pull, Frequent Wind, and I think Mayaquez (Don't really remember that one though, maybe I wasn't there). Let me know.
McGrew, Randy-arkeyen 31975 – 1976A- boat shop
Dobson, Michael, Mango Lo PooHT 31975 – 1979R division
Allen, LinnLPH-3Jan 1975 – Jun 1977EI grew up alot. Very nostalgic periiod of my life - still.
Ross, Dave, Aka "shorty"HTFN3Jan 1975 – May 1978RGreat to see the names of some of the great guys I served with. Sorry to see the ol' "Oki Boat" go the way she did but glad to read it took a lot to sink her.
Stanley, Robert/bob/stanE-4 / AMH-3Jan 5, 1975 – Sep 5, 1975V-1/ ABM flightdeckRemember Frequent wind, Eagle pull,72 hours in the tower, and being run over by oki-3 just before going into Cambodia.The P.I., Singapore, and working with the refugees in Subic. A ship and crew i will never forget. We need a reunion.
Stanley, Robert/bob/stanAMH-3Jan 5, 1975 – Sep 5, 1975Air TowerHave a many good memories with this crew. Most I will remember being run over by the ch46 Oki-3
Penrod, Derke3Jan 20, 1975 – Jul 20, 1978machinist mateRemember Bradley, Barto, Frenchy, Conitzer, Russell, Lloyd, Had a good time in the PI and Australia "shell back". Used to visit in the BT's uptakes!, and above the evaporators and shaft alley! Hope you guys will contact
Jones, SteveE-3Feb 1975 – Sep 1976Hanger DeckWorked for Chief Grizzle
Cochrane, Kenneth "Doc" profile iconHM-3Feb 1975 – Feb 1977medicalJust looking for any photos from the E-Vacs operations of '75 Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind. I served as a Corpsman on the USS Okinawa during the events ( too busy sewing people up to take pictures )
Baker, Cpl GarlandcplFeb 10, 1975 – Feb 10, 1976usmchad a great time 1976
Schuetz, LarrySK2Feb 15, 1975 – Jun 6, 1976SupplyParticipated in Operations Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind.
Jennings, MarkPCSNFeb 18, 1975 – Jul 10, 1976The Okinawa was my first assignment. I remember operations Eagle Pull & Frequent Wind Vividly.
Woerner, DavidLTJGApr 1975 – Jul 1975Staff of Commander, Task Group 76.4 for evacuation of South Viet-Nam
Greenly, Richard GASH2Apr 1975 – Nov 1976aimd
Rance, Garyms3Apr 2, 1975 – 1977supplysome days I wish I had it to do again
Hudson, KennethRM2Apr 14, 1975 – Oct 23, 1977Communication / Radio RoomHave a GREAT time in the PI
Clees, CarlOS3Apr 14, 1975 – Sep 1, 1977OIJust to say hello to all the guys and hope everyone is doing well
Jamerson, TerrySGT./E5May 15, 1975 – Jul 15, 1975HMH-462, CH53 Crew Chief, USMC
Caldwell, Jack Hammer profile iconABH-3Jun 30, 1975 – Jul 31, 1977V-1 T.A.D. Orders:U.S. Navy Boxing TeamSorry to hear the Oki's at the bottom. Great memories with her! Operation Kangaroo II, Kings Cross, Snorkeling off Philippines, Shit River Bridge, Drinking Absinthe in Japan, Shellback Intiations, riding in Cobra Gunship
Ulm, MarkRM2Jul 1975 – Jun 22, 1979Communications/RadiomanWent on two Western Pacific cruises and had some good buddies. Did alot of site seeing and bar hopping. When the Captain came across the One MC and informed us of the restricted areas that's were the party would be. I
Lethcoe, GregABF3Jul 24, 1975 – Jun 26, 1979V-4Them were the times, I made some life long freinds. and wish to hear from them again.
Gelinas, Gerard (Jerry)HMCAug 1975 – Sep 1978Medical
Greiff, EdwardSN/LI3Aug 1975 – Aug 1978ADMINhad some good times and good friends made. On board for Eagle Pull & Frequent Wind ops, Austrailia, loved going to Subic, Hong Kong, . . Westpac. Feel free to contact me, happy to hear from anyone.
McMahon, Tim 'Mac'ABF3Aug 15, 1975 – Jun 22, 1979V-4Proudly served aboard the 'Proud Lady' of the Pacific as a purple shirted 'Airdale'. Our deoderant of choice was JP-5..though we were told. Would relish the opportunity to link-up with any and all shipmates that desire to exchange an o
McMahon, Tim 'Mac'ABF2Aug 15, 1975 – Jun 15, 1979V-4Most memorable 4 yrs. aboard the Oki. Proud to have been a 'grape' fueling-up those 46's, 53's, Cobras and a few fellow crew-members. That JP-5 was the best thing since least the pilots thought so. Go Purple
Thurston, BobHT2Sep 1975 – Mar 1980RGreat memories....Wish I could see some of my shipmates one more time!. I had the chance to onboard not long before she was sunk. Made some good friends, Jon Cooper, OB, Disco, and many others
Coker, RandyBM3Sep 1975 – May 1978SA - BM3
Caingcoy, FrankABH-2Sep 17, 1975 – Sep 17, 1979V-1/Crash CrewIt was the best four years of my life. Meeting new friends and seeing the world. It also made me realize how wonderful and fortunate we are to me an American. Sad to hear the Oki was sunk.
Mairose, MichaelMS3Oct 1975 – Oct 6, 1977S2
Organ, MichaelAMS-3Oct 7, 1975 – Jun 21, 1979AMID
Clark, CurtisCPL E4Oct 20, 1975 – Dec 24, 1976
Hickland, MarkSM3Oct 22, 1975 – May 14, 1979Signal GangMade 2 Wespacs That ship gave me fits,but I look back with fond memories,and have never experienced anything quite it like since...sure miss steamin in Subic Any body heard from Kevin Lister
Penrod, DerkMMNov 1, 1975 – Jun 6, 1977Engine Room
Stephens, Richard/ RickABH-2Nov 15, 1975 – Nov 15, 1979V-1I would like to get up with some of you,Bob Stanly, the Hammer, and the Nail, and Chris Fessler, a member of my crew, rember when the 46 fliped, and the port chains kept the blades from striking the deck?
Rodriguez, AscencionAK3Nov 18, 1975 – Feb 1979S6
Muelot, DanaDec 1975 – Apr 1978V-1What grand times we had. From the Astra Hotel in Sydney to Ernie's third eye in Olongapo. Would do it again with you all tomorrow.
O'brien, Juta.......obHT3Dec 1975 – Aug 1978RA lot of hard drinking and laughs and good friends/Disco....Mule.....Mango......Roque......Coop....Dave Hendry....Mike Langsford.....The whole damn shipfitter shop.....Firecracker Team....3 good years... memories of Subic...last a lifetime.
Arciniega, RonE-4Dec 1, 1975 – May 21, 1977V3Was a wonderful experience, made great friends, saw the fall of a country, and visited places that I only read about.
Woolston, James "Jim" WoolstonQMSNDec 10, 1975 – Sep 8, 1977Quatermaster
Brewster, Brent profile iconHT3Dec 25, 1975 – Nov 19, 1977RCaptain Frank M. Suzan, XO and former POW Captain Collins H. Haines. Kangaroo II, Shellback, Growing and learning about life. Thanks for the memories. John Myrtle,Greg Trotter,Tony Lirocchi,Mark Smith,Joe Nelms,E. Roque,Mark Lanford,Ron Lee.
West, DonYN2Dec 27, 1975 – Jun 27, 1977XWas the Legal Yeoman and served with LT Kerry Norton and YN3 John Brindley. Memories included breaking down in Singapore in Jan of 77, going to Sydney in Nov of 76, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Navy while at sea, & a fire in 76.

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