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USS Okinawa (LPH 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Okinawa (LPH 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1190 crew members registered for the USS Okinawa (LPH 3).

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Welling, DougUSMC E-31972 – 1972ANGLICO Liaison - BLT 1/4I was on board for what Admiral Zumwalt called the longest deployment of it's kind. You Navy types were great. Awesome chow, good company, and thanks for letting me in on your two card guts game - it paid part of my tuition. Subic, Hong Kong - RV
Calhoun, DavePH31972 – 1974AiropsGlad to hear she was sunk. Westpac Cruise, Eagle Pull, took pictures of the cruise for the "yearbook". Alan Hastings, PH1 Dick, the guys in the print shop, what a time. Stashed gin in the copy camera for cocktail hours in the photo lab
Wolfley, DennisStorekeeper 3rd Class1972 – 1973S-1Didn't know then how much I loved it.
Martinez, DavidABH31972 – Jul 4, 1975V-1I remember it like it was yesterday. Had alot of great times and a few bad, however it's all part of life. Menendez, I am still looking for my shirt.
Bailey, RobertEnsign1972 – 1975FOXGreat crew. Great division. Interesting WESTPAC
Robertson, Jim profile iconLieutenant1972 – 1974SupplyIt will be good to hear from other shipmates.
Bob, AltomQM 3Jan 1972 – Sep 1973NavigationWest Pac cruse to Viet Nam
Peters, JoeMM3Jan 1972 – Nov 28, 1975A divisionLooking Drop a line to any of my old buddies.
Derby, JohnQM3Jan 1, 1972 – Dec 25, 1972NavigationLooking for CDR McDavitt, Navigator at that time. He gave me a break, believed in me and I turned out alright, retiring in 1992 as an MUCS. Would like to thank him
Hoskinson, Cecil (Cc)E-3;E-4Feb 1972 – Nov 19723rd MarI had some great times on the Oki. Just wanted to talk to anyone rembering empting the Helo's of people off the coast of Nam during "72" I just wish I could rember more of the friends I made on that ship??
Richardson, Freddy ("short-round")LCPLFeb 1972 – Aug 1972Grunt
Goldsburg, JohnCPL E-4Feb 1, 1972 –Fox 2/9 MarinesI am looking for any sailors or Marines that remmber what we did in the waters of Vietnam. I know we went to Hong Kong but can't remmber what our mission was in vietnam waters or where we were in the vietnam area. Does anyone know about operation
Wheelhouse, BobHT 3Feb 2, 1972 – Sep 9, 1975R-DivLooking for Richard (Hawk Eye) Roberts also: Lane Morris
Martino, ThomasQM3Mar 1972 – Nov 8, 1975Navigation3 WestPacs; left ship 11/75. Anybody who knows email or contact info for QM3 John (Mumbles) Niedzwiedz, QM3 Kevin (Fat Freddie) McCullough or QM3 Randy Hughes, please let me know.
Charles, ClarkeAE2Mar 1972 – Feb 1975AIMD
Smith, RonRM 2Mar 1, 1972 – May 1, 1974CRGreat time on 2 WestPac Cruises. Remember Baker, Wermanger, Macgregor, Hargrove and many more. Hope everyone is doing great.
Don, McMahon profile iconos3Mar 12, 1972 – Nov 29, 1975oione hell of a time when we were ordered back to nam for the evac....tooooooooooooooooo many missed ships movement..did u play with my fillipina
Cleve, Bill VanAT3Apr 1972 – Aug 1972AIMD
Starck, ThomasSEAMANApr 1972 –Enginemanwent one tour to nam loaded for return from phil. did not go sent states met good friends marines tooo
Cook, RonCPL/E4/USMCApr 1972 – Sep 1972Ships Company Oil Analysis LabCame aboard in April 72 to set up the new Oil Analysis Lab. Originally CH46 mech/flt crew. CPL Greg Armour was other Marine in the Lab. We both also flew on the Oki 3 46. SAR Missions Quang Tri, Olangapo, good memories then sent to MCAS Iwakuni Japan
O'Dell, MikeABH AirmanApr 21, 1972 – Apr 25, 1975V-1 and V-3 DIVsWorked with great sailors and marines. Had good and bad times in many places. We saved more tnan we lost. LOVED Subic Bay. Transferred to NAS Whidbey Island Air Terminal for 2 yrs. Now disabled in Sultan, WA.
Foster, ArlanGMG2May 1972 – Feb 6, 1976OI, FOX and GAlive and well in TEXAS
McQuade, EdwarfdE-2May 23, 1972 – Oct 15, 1972F Co. 2/9 3rd MarineI was facinated by the day to day operations of the ship. I remember the Air conditioning was out in the berths and some of us slept on deck. The crew was great and the food was good.
Powell, BillADJ2Jun 1972 – May 1975AMD (Aviation MaintenanceServed as helicopter crewman for the "oki 3"), the ships helicopter. Served during Quangtre operation in 1972 and the Phnom Penh and Saigon evacuations. One Vietnam refuge gave me a 500 piastre note with a tiger on the face. I still have it tod
Kinghorn, ScottE3Jun 17, 1972 – Sep 27, 1974
Stricklin, PhillipAG3 (PASSED AG2)Jul 1972 – Aug 12, 1974OASome of my fondest memories & friends were on that ship. She was a good ship and died a honorable death. Much better to see her sunk as a training exercise, than scrapped out like the Ticonderoga was in Long Beach.
Rice, Bobbylt.Jul 23, 1972 – Mar 17, 19751st div. and signals officerneed someone that can verify the date flew to danang to pick up myself and other sailors who had missed ships' movement and were being flown back to reunite with the ship. The date was july 23, 1972. I desperately need .
Rankin, GregRM3Aug 1972 – Aug 1975CommunicationsFine bunch of guys in the Radio Shack. Still have my 1975 Frequent Wind and Eagle Pull cig box. The 3 years on the Oky boat were memorable.
Theune, PhilippMM3Aug 4, 1972 – Jan 1, 1974"M"Left Nuke power school to join the fossil fleet. Off to "nam and the P.I. What a time. Looking for Monty, Musser & Rocky Pietz.
Mateski, RobertE-2Sep 1972 – Dec 19732ndShe had her problems like any other ship,but she had class. We always were treated well in Olangapo but really well in Okinawa:>)2 westpacs and the storm that blew one of our boilers, so the storm could catch up to us.
McCullough, Kevin G. (Fat Freddy)Qm3Sep 15, 1972 – Jan 8, 1976Navigation Two and a half cruises flew over and sailed back.once. Floated over the other two times. Great ports great times good friends.
Watkins, JoeE-4Oct 1972 – Jan 1973Anyone remember the Christmas bombings? HMM 164? B52 that was shot down and we picked up 1 crewmember in Gulf of Tonkin, badly wounded!
Blosser, DavidMM3Oct 1972 – Aug 1975AWould like to hear from any fellow crew members serving during the same period.
Peters, GaryAC2Oct 1972 – Dec 1975OCHey, we missed ship's movement!!! Olongopo, Subic City, San Miguel, Olongopo. What a time. I can't go to jail on my last night in Olongopo. Crap!! Hair still stands on back of nick when I think of passing Pearl Habor
Schmidt, RayCORPORALOct 3, 1972 – May 3, 1973HMM - 164worked in avionics shop supporting ch - 46's
Hurrell, Pat-gabbye-3Nov 1972 – Jun 17, 1974BHey blosser its gabby saw your name on the ships crew list thought i'd say hi. ever talk to boline? i talked to curtis about 8yrs still in oh anymore? we had great times on wespac. never forget subic.
Kenyon, SteveSADec 1972 – May 1974Deck Force
Yadon, JohnMR2Dec 1972 – May 21, 1976A
Hardy, Dmd, StephenSNDec 1972 – Jun 1975DentalIt would be great to hear from anyone from the dental division (med too) that was stationed between 12/72 - 6/75.
Baker, KennethRM2Dec 17, 1972 – Sep 16, 1975CRGreat times on Westpac's (Bldg #3 in SUBIC BAY) with fellow RM's Bob Grimes, Greg Rankin, George Barnes and rest of gang. The important OPS I remember were Eagle Pull, Frequent Wind, and SAR off of Hanoi. Many great memories and experiences.
Weinland, GregE-3Dec 29, 1972 – Jun 15, 1975Ships ServicemanLooking for Wop or anybody from supply or E3

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