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USS Okinawa (LPH 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Okinawa (LPH 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1190 crew members registered for the USS Okinawa (LPH 3).

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Parr, DougETN31967 – 1968OE
McElravy, JamesLPH 31967 – Apr 1970
Ahlborn, DonaldE 31967 – 1968Started out as Mess Cook ended up in Dry Docks at Long Beach.
Leflore, Arthur "art"HM 31967 –H
Davis, BobCWO1967 – 1970XServed as Personnel Officer and X Division Officer. Transferred in summer of 1970 to NAS Kingsville, TraRon 21 and served a Personnel Officer until re- tirement in Sep 1970.
Dinsmore, JoeGM31967 – 1968foxfirst trip to nam capt.alexsander good old man
Hatfield, DavidPC31967 – 1968XFond memories of my time in Vietnam and WestPac.
Nolen, DennisAG2Jan 1967 – Dec 1968OA-WeatherGreat Experience! Met a lot of really decent sailors. Great Chief PO!(Carl Newgent)
Watts, JohnE4Jan 1967 – Dec 1967A DivIf any one remembers I am the black guy that did karate on the hanger deck. If yoy do remember get back to me. I now live in Willow Grove PA that is about 30 mile outside Philadelphia.
Long, TomBM3Jan 1967 – Jan 19681st Division
Brown, JohnRD 3Jan 1967 – Feb 22, 1968OITransferred to the OKI when she was leaving the east coast going to San Diego then on to Vietnam.
Holbert, CharlesMR 3Jan 1967 – Jul 10, 1969A GANGlooking for old shipmate
Garner, John A. GarnerPH-2Jan 19, 1967 – Mar 6, 1970OANow live in Milwaukee area Wisconsin, semi retired, love to travel, camp, fish (but don't always catch) have hunted down a few of the old gang, weatherguessers and Aviation boatswainmates mostly. Am pretty active with the V.A in Milwaukee
Bunch, JohnnieE3Jan 20, 1967 – Jul 25, 1968M
Blackwell, RobertABHAN E3Jan 20, 1967 – Mar 6, 1970V1
Lanski, Denis/skiE3Feb 1967 – Aug 22, 1969V'1Had a reuion with BLOOM- EASLEY -HANSEN-JW STICE in 2009. Im on here today to let everbody know JW passed away Nov 7 2010
Garner, JohnPH-2Mar 16, 1967 – Mar 6, 1970OAPanama Canal, Two Vietnam Cruises. Photolab
Rodriguez, John RobertYN2May 1967 –COMPHIBRON 9I was a member of COMPHIBRON 9. Served aboard during Operation Beaver Cage and a few more operations off of the Coast of Vietnam. It's to bad that this fine ship ending had to be a target.
Blanton, Jim BlantonRM2May 1, 1967 – Oct 31, 1968COMPHIBRON FIVE STAFFGreat bunch of communicators. We pushed a ton of traffic with only 1 non-D during a very hectic period.
Blanton, JimRM2May 20, 1967 – Oct 1, 1968PHIBRON FIVE STAFFReported aboard while she was "on-station" as flagship for TG 76.4 off the Cua Viet River. I will always remember that morning we landed on the flightdeck. My entire life changed that day. I was very proud to serve with my shipmates.
Pendergraft, RichardE3May 26, 1967 – Jun 2, 1970V-3Was on the Okie for 3 and a half years. Trying to find someone who knows the date we had the ship party on the beach. This is very very importent to me.
Delgado, GilbertSK-2Jun 1, 1967 – Jul 31, 1968S-1Storekeeper in supply department. Served and served my third tour in Nam on this ship (First two onboard U.S.S. Paul Revere (APA-248)
Kendrick, Thomas (Tom)GYSGTJun 14, 1967 – Oct 28, 1969COMBAT CARGO
Lisk, JRDSNJul 1967 – Feb 1969OIHaving difficulty with Agent Orange claim. Anyone with information about reporting in on ship's log please send.
McElravy, Jim "Mac"AK1Aug 1967 – Jul 1969S-6Relieved Bill Oliver as Division Petty Officer. Trying to find CWO Tom Turbin, Capt. Joe Konopik, and Bill Oliver, Jim Anderson, Rich CunninghamRetired 1975
Maxwell, EdgarLT.Aug 1967 – Nov 1969Administration
Maxwell, EdgarLT.JGAug 1967 – Nov 1969 adminboarded in Vietnam; served as Ship's Sec / Legal Off./ Admin / PAO; editor of west pac cruise book 1968-69; great memories of terrific friends on the OKIBOAT. Served with a super group of guys. now retired in So. Carolina; (hospital admin
Horton, MikeAug 1, 1967 – Oct 6, 1968
Miller, Ronaldradio man e 4Aug 4, 1967 – Oct 1, 1968radio man comphibron 5Was with Comphibron 5 and am looking for ship mates that were in with me at same time. contact me at
Holt, RichardAG3Sep 1967 – Sep 1969OAi have often wondered what happen to friends I met all them years ago. If any of you find me here send me an note.
Proue, DaveAC3Sep 1967 – Nov 1968OIThe AC's & the RD's-great guys.RDC Smith, crazy,runt,Harrison the round,RD2 Van Zandt,(the model for The Fonze).Bourque,Meier & LeRoy Wall. Maj D Allen-great guy. we watched Ens Maxwell get sea sick as the last line came off the pier
Konkel, BobABF3Oct 2, 1967 – Oct 2, 1971V 4Just checking in to see if any old mates might be communacating on this site
Watson, KennethABH-3Nov 1967 – Nov 1969
Mostoller, EarlDK3Nov 1967 – Dec 1969S-4Good time in Hawaii for Apollo Capsule, made West Pac cruise, in yards at Long Beach. Transferred to shore duty Jacksonville, Fl. Worked most of life in Minnesota, retired in Florida.
Hovious, RobLTJGNov 1967 – Jun 1969Fox Division
Fulkes, DuaneLTNov 14, 1967 – Jul 31, 1968SupplyServed as Food Service Officer during operations off of VietNam in 1967 and during Apollo recovery operation in 1968.
Frescura, DennisCYN3Dec 1967 – Oct 1968communications
Duchene, John (Bag)YN31968 – 1969Admin
Proctor, TomE31968 – 1970
Abston, Ralph (Stone) HaroldABH AN1968 –V3Would love to contact anyone that was aboard the Okinawa and attended the beach party. Did anyone do milk runs into DaNang?
Rowland, GuyDP11968 – 1969S7Good memories of time aboard. Sad to know she's on the bottom off southern California. But still serving the sea service as a reef for sea life.
Gurney, StephenDP-3Jan 1968 – Sep 1970OperationsFound the Oki boat to be a good duty station. Served with the weatherman and photo group and really enjoyed working and going on liberty with them.
Landau, IkeGMG3Jan 2, 1968 – Jan 22, 1969Weapons (guns)Worked on the Port 3"50 and small arms.
Snelbaker, Gerald J.PC3Jan 10, 1968 – Mar 16, 1969XServed aboard the OKI for 15 mo. Made West-Pac cruise starting Oct.68 until I left in Mar.69. As I remember a good group of shipmates from the entire ships company especially X and S-2 Div.
Snelbaker, Gerald / JerryPC-3Jan 10, 1968 – Mar 16, 1969I remember the good days aboard the Oki and being assigned to X-Div. Where is Colletti PN-3, Anderman YN-3,PCSN Garza. Remember Mr.Davis WO-2 and of course CPO Littman (CHINFO). Hope to here from someone soon.
Sperling, SamLtjgJan 28, 1968 – May 15, 1970DisbursingAlthough I had not yet my future wife, the time on USS Okinawa was among the best years of my life. Officers and Enlisted pulled together through the War, the fire, the typhoon off New Zealand and the packing seal leak.
Hodge, PatrickE-3Feb 1968 – Dec 1970V-4Looking for mates that took the 1969 west pac cruse aboard the USS Okinawa, This was a great time in life. espcially the trip down to New Zealand, (One heck of a Storm,)
Sleeper, BradLPH 3Feb 18, 1968 – Mar 27, 1970Weapons OfficerAbsolutely the worst duty assignment in my Naval career, The ship was very poorly run from the Commanding Officer on down. A typical example of the "Zumwalt Era " navy.
Lawson, GaryDP2Mar 1968 – May 1970S-7S-7 computer room
Rulli, Ron "rules"E-4Apr 2, 1968 – Jan 5, 1970Ships ServicesI did a West pac Trip on the "OKI", right after a West Pac tour on the USS Davidson DE-1045. I worked in Ships Services, Enjoyed West Pac liberty, with a good Crew. Retired after 30 years with the UAW! live in Mn. Summers in Alaska!
Bengtson, Devarold "Beng"ph3Apr 11, 1968 – Aug 16, 1971OperationsI served as a photographer for almost 31/2 years aboard this ship, mostly good years. I boarded on it's return from Apollo 6 and got off on the return of Apollo 15. Served with a lot of great men, shared great times .
Robinson, WesleyANApr 30, 1968 – Oct 25, 1969V6Made a Viet Nam deployment. First ship. I retired 1988
Rosquist, Dale Aka RoseyE3 ABH AirmanMay 1968 – Jul 1970V3I was wondering if anyone can pinpoint the exact date the ships crew went on the beach party in DeNang? (China Beach? May/June '69?) Would like to know the damage done during the typhoon outside New Zealand/Reunite w/old buddies.
Silverman, RichardRD2May 1968 – May 1971OIIf you were aboard the ship in January , 1969 and went to the China Beach party, you may have a claim for agent orange exposure if you have related health issues. Please contact me for further information and help.
Klein, FrederickABH-3Jun 1, 1968 – May 15, 1969V-1Spent almost a year on the Wespac cruise. Call sign Gallant Man. Worked in Primary Flight Control until I made ABH-3, then became a yellow shirt on the flight deck. The Marine squadron was HMM-362.
Kemp, Larrybmsn 3rd classJun 18, 1968 – May 18, 1970BMSN
Gurney, Stephen S. GurneyDP 2Jul 1968 – Jul 1971The everyone else the Oki boat was my home for a couple of years. Seeing some of the names of crew members brings back some great members.
Brown, Robert Glenn "Chaplain"ChaplainJul 1968 – 1970NavyAnyone remember "Doc" a Marine medic attached to BLT 2/26, SLF Alpha. Boarded Oki-3 in March 1969. Southern accent. 5'9" 150 lb. Died in direct hit by Vietcong insurgents while tending wounds. PLEASE CONTACT ME.
Silverman, RichRD2Jul 1, 1968 – May 9, 1971OIGREAT SHIPMATES!!!!!
Nidbella, Larryrd2Jul 10, 1968 – 1971oi
Hatchell, Thomas Randy "Hatch"an/ac3Aug 1968 – Jun 26, 1969operations "OI DIV" in CICWas striking for Air-Controller. Had many good friends and a very good experience while aboard. We had Marines squadron HMM-362 ( YL's -UH-34 helos.)aboard. I have lost my cruise book and am looking for cruise book?
Chesley, Edwin (Ed)ABH3Sep 1968 – Jul 1969
McPeters, MacANSep 1, 1968 – Jun 1, 1969V-3Just curious about any of the guys in this div. during this time.
Yates, Robert (Spanky)qm3Sep 12, 1968 – Sep 12, 1972navigationfound 5 shipmates, looking for all
Bojarski, SkiHM3Sep 16, 1968 – Dec 13, 1969hospital corpsmandoc How are you sorry to hear about Als. Son I served with your dad in Viet nam aboard lph3 .We worked in sick bay primarly on grunts wounded on assults from helos attacks in country.We hit quite a few ports and had one hell of a time
Burda, Gary/"doc"USN HOSPITAL CORPSMANSep 20, 1968 – Oct 17, 1969USNHCThis is my dad. Not to sure of the exact periods. My dad has ALS and is unable to recall time lines and memories. His doctors think this may be attributed to exposure to Agent Orange. If u know this "DOC" please reply
Flaherty, JamesEM3Sep 28, 1968 – Jun 15, 1969E-
O'Brien, Tom / ObieHM3, OR TECH. (8483)Oct 1968 – Feb 1970HOperation Bold Mariner, Jan. / Feb. '69
Sailor, CliffRD2Oct 1968 – Dec 21, 1971
Cottrell, KensnOct 1968 – Oct 1969firstdeck ape. Bacon and Sleeper the two worst "leaders" ever. What happened to Paisley, Dog, Souza, O'Meara, etc.?
Bengry, MarkAGANOct 10, 1968 – Jun 3, 1969Air OperationsServed as an airman in Meteorology (Aerographers Mate) under Chief Bardon. Also with Richard Holt, Frank Panich, Bob Emmet, Richard Groves, Ken Graff, Bill Boyd, Bengsten, Garner, Dan Gurney,
Matney, JimE-4Oct 15, 1968 – Apr 3, 1972V-1 AIR & DECK
Tegeler, RichardAMS-3Oct 25, 1968 – Dec 15, 1970V-6
Peters, Steve (Pete)AC3Oct 26, 1968 – Dec 10, 1970OIRemember a whole lot of storms we steamed through-especially the one we had going in to NZ. We had some great times in most of the ports we visited, but some we visited way too much! (Olongapo) played on the ships softball team-we were good
Stewart, BillMM2Nov 1968 – Jan 1972Engineering - AGood times, good crew, loved New Zealand
Russ, JohnE-3Nov 1968 – May 19691st MAWJust attempting to find any of my buds who served with me.
Valdez, Flavio (Chico)YN2Nov 1968 – Feb 1971X - CAPTAIN'S OFFICEHad some great times overseas. HONG KONG was always a great stop. Great friends from those years still visit PN3 GREEN, G.POMPETTI, B. SEVILLE Super guys after almost 40 years.
Maresh, JoeASH-2Nov 1968 – Dec 1971AIMDAnyone around from AIMD or OKI 3 Crew ??
Robinette, Thomas (Robbie)3rd class petty officerNov 1968 – Jan 1972navigation Nickname Robbie, Three tours in Vietnam. Remember the terrible storm just before we got to New Zealand and then the shellback initiation afterwards, the fire onboard outside San Diego and we picked up Apollo 15
Jones, EllisRD3Nov 16, 1968 – Apr 28, 1971OI

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