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USS Okinawa (LPH 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Okinawa (LPH 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1190 crew members registered for the USS Okinawa (LPH 3).

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McKnight, ThomasRD31965 – 1966OERadar operations Bridge/CIC communicator for GQ. Had bird's eye view of all flight operations -- Great duty station
Tallant, BobMM31965 – 1968m
Cross, HarryHN1965 – 1966MedicalIt was a terrific ship with fantastic men on her. One such guy I want to mention as he fell over the side near Gitmo & died, Since he can't add his name as a part of ship's company. Herbert Ashley Monroe.
Thompson, AlBT21965 – 1967B DivisionI am looking for people that remember our first real GQ. My memory is around midnite on May 16th . We were on the Dmz for Uncle Ho;s birthday and two torpedo boats from the North came down but were dealt with quickly.
Goodman, WayneAG31965 – 1965Ops
Bische, JohnELECTRICIAN EM E5Apr 1965 – Aug 1968EngineeringI would like to get in touch or hear from Navy Mates. Like to hear from anyone that would like to share storeis.
Tallant, BobMM3Apr 1965 – Aug 28, 1968m
Tallant, BobMM3Apr 1965 – Aug 28, 1968m
Howland, EdSNMay 1965 – May 1967RM
Chime, LarryLT(jg)May 15, 1965 – Jan 5, 1968OperationsI recall with great affection my time aboard the Okinawa. I still today see a number of shipmates on a regular basis.
Smith, BrianLT jgJun 1965 – May 1968Engineering (m
Dale, MartinRM2Jun 1, 1965 – Jan 1, 1967CommunicationsMade a couple of Carib cruises, refit in Phila Shipyard (SW Philly Rocked then!), Miami PR event. Sorry I ever left her for USS Pocono, Comphiblant flagship. Missed CMAA's not-so-subtle reminders to get a haircut.
McColley, Jerry 'Mac"YN-3Jul 3, 1965 – Dec 12, 1966x
Zareski, Stephen E. (Skip)ABHANAug 1965 – Oct 24, 1966V-3At anchor off Veaques a helicopter crashed into the starboard side just aft the elevator. Three Marines lost.
Croley, JohnADR3Sep 1965 – Jan 18, 1966Engine Build up shopCaught ship in San Juan, Cruised back to Norfolk and then to Philly for refitting. Spent my "extension" time there as last Navy experience.
Whitmire, WilliamLTSep 1965 – Jul 1968WeaponsGun Boss, Sea Detail OOD,General Quarters OOD Returned to Florida And retired from Lockeed Martin in 1992
Audet, RichardLI3Nov 1965 – Mar 1967
Panik, Dennis /dennyE3 SKNov 1965 – Jun 11, 1966Supplywas a storekeeper worked general store to remenber the guys i worked with.worked under Chief Gray, Marty Lafevre SK2
Lee, LarrySNNov 9, 1965 – Aug 19691st. DivisionMade a lot of great friends on the Great Okinawa, would sure be nice to know where they are today. I'm retired and loving it.We covered a lot of Ocean and went through the Panama Canal! God Bless America!
Urban, Richardqm3Nov 11, 1965 – Feb 1967navigation
Easley, LarryABF3Dec 1965 – Nov 1968V4 fuelsCame to the Okie via duty swap from U.S.S. Guadalcanal. Went thru the ditch to the Pacific fleet and on to Viet Nam. Married. 10 Children. All between 11-40. Presently hold four World Land Speed records at Bonneville Salt Flats.
Kirk, Jim/rockymm3Dec 1965 – Oct 30, 1968m
Hoover, DonATCDec 15, 1965 – Feb 15, 1967Hangar Deck V-6At anchor off Veaques a helicopter crashed into the starboard side just aft the elevator. Three Marines lost. tied up at the Army piers in Old SanJuan and liberty at The Antillies bar.
Brittt, Andrewrd3Dec 17, 1965 – Oct 7, 1967OIdid lot of radar nav off coast of nam, left ship in nam and flew back to states from Danang all records lost having trouble proving i was on the ground in nam for agent orange claim
Alvers, KenSHIPFITTER 2ND CLASSDec 24, 1965 – Oct 18, 1969Below DecksI missed a lot between 18-21 back home, but I miss my shipmates even more. Great Memories. Would like to hear from you. Keep On Steaming.
Welch, EarlE51966 – 1967v1 division
Dennis, Young1966 –I am leaving my Dad's name on here in his memory. He was a proud navy man and a good hell raiser! If anyone remembers my dad please drop a line.
Seymour, WilliamAMS-31966 – Aug 24, 1968V-6I worked on Naval & Marine Helicopters that was serving in combat in the years 1967 & 68. The Marine Corp put me in for a meritious award which I received from the Navy. Marine Squadron #265. Great men.
Owens, KennethRD21966 – 1970OpGreat experience aboard the Oki boat. Times and friends I will never forget.
Keenan, JimLTJGJan 1966 – May 1967SupplyServed as Asst. Supply Officer, Disbursing, Crew's Mess and Officer's Mess during '66 winter Philly Shipyard overhaul, Gtmo trials, Carribean deployment, Panama Canal Transit, WestPac deployment for compbat through May 1967 then NSA DaNang
Ryan, GaryGMG3Jan 1966 – Oct 1967Fox
Sanchelli, MikePN2Jan 10, 1966 – Sep 16, 1968XSpent 66 on the East coast, went thru the canal and did the entire westpac cruise along with the Apollo pickup in early 68, missed seeing all of my shipmates at the reunion a few years ago in Kansas City
Pentecost, BillHM2Feb 17, 1966 – Feb 3, 1968HHow to describe two of the most intense years of your life? First ship, great record, great crew. Caught her out of Philly yds, gitmo, thru ditch to Pac. Viet Nam..casualites my job. At Decommissioning. Sad. Sunk? Better than razor blades;
Watson, KennethPO3Mar 1966 – Oct 1, 1969V-3Looking for Al Wilkins
Parish, Stan/turboMM 3Apr 9, 1966 – Oct 6, 1969engineering mSure miss shipmates excluding officers Man what a way to grow up 17 to 30 in 30 seconds mag 16 Danang real trip all ports call we drank it all have San Magoo on me ! rem. me holler back i`ll do same
Labelle, AlPN3Apr 11, 1966 – Dec 15, 1967XThey sunk the ship. Are they crazy? I learned more during the time spent on the Okinawa than I ever did in school. I got to see the world for free. If it was not for the field days and inspections, the Navy may have been a career.
Ellis, CecilAG3May 1966 – Mar 1967OAA real learning experience for a new AG!
Duchene, Bob Duke)QM3Jun 1966 – Nov 1969navigationloved everything about my time on the OKI boat but gitmo
Riley, RobertEM3Jun 20, 1966 – Dec 19, 1967EGreat times seeing so many interesting places in such a short time. So many great friends along the way.
Parish, Stanley W (Turbo)E4Jul 1, 1966 – Oct 9, 1969MReally miss shipmates both Navy and Marines. I was not too fond of Officers. Would love to hear from anyone from that time that made it home. (by the way Charles, you instigated Dockery's butt whipping)
Doyle, Grady profile iconATN-2Jul 3, 1966 – May 24, 1968V-6Okinawa conducted amphibious combat operations in Vietnan (Apr 28-Oct 31,1967). A good ship, good sailors & marines!
Teal, DonLT (MC)Jul 23, 1966 – Jun 29, 1968HOne of the most challenging two years of my life. A great ship and great shipmates and great corpsmen! Lot's of both fond recollections and painful memories of the marines serving with us.
Dallmann, Ewald (Ed)YN2Aug 20, 1966 – Apr 7, 1969COMPHIBRON 5I was on the staff during WESTPAC in 67 and Fall of 68 to Spring of 69 when I flew back to San Diego to spend 3 months working for a finance company as part of project transition my last 3 mo. in Navy. Never forget it:).
McClellan, JimFNSep 1966 – Sep 1968BHad a great time aboard. She was a great lady.
Murphy, FrankFNSep 1966 – Feb 1969EWhat a time in my life,so young( if only I knew what I know now.) Great memories and great shipmates. I'd do over again. Vietnam tours,Subic Bay etc:
Tucker, Larrye1Sep 1966 – Jun 28, 1967deck division 1&2anybody did Wes Pack in 1967 aboard Okinawa please contact me, Larry Tucker. 760-746-8502
Watt, DarrylPC3Sep 1966 – Sep 1968Admin (X Div)I was assigned to Communications (CR Div) when I came onboard, then was "volunteered" for the signal bridge. Changed rates on the WESTPAC cruise, went to X Div. & the Post Office. Lot of Great Friends & Good Times
Merimonde, JoeRM2Sep 3, 1966 – Oct 4, 1967CRWhat a lady, had a great time on board. I miss the guys and wish I could find some and have a reunion. Many great times on board.
Gerke, RichardGMG3Sep 20, 1966 – Apr 28, 1968FoxFirst sea duty tour, many good memories. Went back to Viet Nam for two more tours in the mobile riverine forces. I am retired now, and live in the mountains of western North Carolina. Wish everyone well.
Wall, Roy (Bulkhead)RD 3Oct 1966 – Sep 1968OICan't believe they sunk such a "gallant" lady.Left Nrflk my b-day 66/Thru ditch;Nam 67/KOs Icecream on midwtch/Capt.Alex walking in on us (and helping himself) Ron Roy's gedunk drawer/Cotton in DRT gears during MANOVERBRD/Runt/CrzyCaza
Davenport, ChuckFTG3Oct 1966 – Feb 1968foxLooking for proof of the beach party the crew and marines had with the other ships in our squadron during the summer of 67. Any one who was there please provide name and email, thanks. I believe it was on Aug 3rd and 4
Springvloed, RogerSNOct 2, 1966 – Oct 2, 19681stI met a lot of great people and have fond memories of that time.I would love to here from anybody from the proud lady of the pacific.
Jancik, Gary P.MM3Oct 18, 1966 – Sep 15, 1968EngineeringIt was 2 years of my life I'll always remember. The best bunch of guys you'd every want to meet. I'd like to Thank all of guys on the Okinawa for being a part of my life.Specially "M"Division!
Berkowitz, LowellLI3Nov 1966 – Aug 16, 1968X Was great going through the Panama Canal and R& R in Hawaii. Plus making a lot of good friends.
Ortega, Ramon (Ray)E3Nov 1966 – May 1968A DivisionMr Watts, how r u?. I,m one of your old buddies. I remember the karate classes. I used to hang out a lot with Garder and Duncan. 3115 Eads, El Paso Tx 79935 (915-591-7701) Miss the good old times
Hale, AlfredPN3Dec 1966 – Dec 1967X
Hale, AlfredPN3Dec 1966 – Dec 18, 1967X

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