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USS La Salle (AGF 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS La Salle (AGF 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1290 crew members registered for the USS La Salle (AGF 3).

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Caballero, Rafael "Cabby"FC31996 – 2000Deck WeaponsI have lots of good times aboard that hunk of sh**,but I would gladly go back.
Brown, RonaldMM11996 – 2000M
Carter, MichaelOS2Jan 1996 – Jun 1999OIThe Old Fighting "L". Some of the best times of my life... Hope life is treating you all well... If any of you ever find yourself in Western New York, look me up...
Swift, Scott SwiftyMS3Jan 16, 1996 – Dec 16, 1998S-2
Knight, JasonMSFeb 1996 – Feb 2000Had a blast!! Got out and got a college degree, married and have 2 kids
Corrick, WilliamEM2Feb 1996 – Mar 1998I just came across this site while doing an online search. It was fun visiting the various ports while aboard the LaSalle and staying in Italy for 5 years total (3 in Naples, 2 in Gaeta).
Johnson, R. ScottIT2Feb 14, 1996 – Nov 15, 1999CRNeverever thought that after all of that endless cleaning, that I would miss the Ship, Crew and Gaeta. Where else could you be cleaning the head one day and climbing one of the pyramids in Cairo the next. Navy linguist now. I miss sunlight
Gannon, Dave (Thumper)GM3Feb 16, 1996 – Oct 16, 1998WeaponsLoved the hunk of SH_T!! Had friends on there I will never forget. Good luck to you all!! Contact me @
Ready, JeffOSApr 1996 – Aug 1997oiwhat a blast. fun ship to be on. maybe to fun thats why i wasnt there any longer. would love to hear from anybody that remembers.
Richards, Jennifer / JennBT3Apr 1996 – Feb 2001B - P1 / P2Spent a long time onboard and made some really good friends. Some hard times and some really great memories. I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Gallant, GeorgeFIREMANApr 10, 1996 – Oct 15, 1997E
Greco, JimRM2May 1996 – Jul 1999ADPI spent some of the best years of my life aboard the LaSalle. I count the friends I made in Gaeta as some of the best friends I have ever had. If you were onboard at the same time, drop me a line.
Bolger, TimothyMM3May 1996 – Apr 1999A-Gang
Brown, RonaldMM1 SWMay 19, 1996 – May 26, 2000M TeamGreat duty sorry to see Her gone.
Small, JesseE3Jul 1996 – Feb 1997I loved the ship eventhough it was old! Had a great time in Geata. A lot of memories! Wished I could have stayed longer, but due to injury, my time was cut short. I loved the Navy!
Sloan, Mark (Zipper)MM3Jul 1996 – Dec 2000P-2What an awesome experience! So many unforgetable places... and met so many really cool people. Good Memories!!!!
Giambrone, JoeET2Jul 1996 – Jun 1999CEI was stationed on the La Salle from July '96 to June '99, but I was also the last La Salle sailor to walk thru the ship a few days before she was sunk in 2007. I was stationed on the Tug that towed her out to sea.
Burton, KyleOSCSJul 1, 1996 – Jul 22, 1999OI
Mayeur, BrianET2Aug 1996 – Dec 2000CE
Ahmed, RaphaelPN2Aug 1, 1996 – Aug 1, 1999X DivisionOne of the best tour I had in the Navy.
Garber, PaulBTFNAug 3, 1996 – Apr 5, 1999PropulsionGaeta Italy was the best time of my life, made a lot of friends ,twelve different countries. Never forget all those GQ drills while underway, and 25 foot swells on my first cruise to Toulon France. Hi Jenn Richards and my engineering buds
Maffet, PaulRM 3Aug 10, 1996 – Apr 10, 1999Communications / DeckThe best duty station ever. Ask anyone that has rode this boat at the samt time and to the same places I did.
Ellerbe, Jason El ElboogieMM3Sep 1996 – Feb 2000A - GangWow the Command was a blast. I miss everyone that served with me. Truly at the time everyone worked together.
Waterous, DustinHNOct 1996 – Oct 1998MedicalI was apart of the Medical Deck Department. haha! Seems all we ever did after sickcall was shine the 3 sections of pway outside of medical. I ever was part of the paint team who painted over that awesome Medical green. Great times in Gaeta.
Saldana, RobertMS3Oct 1996 – Jan 2000what up people,great times abord the lasalle GQ fuckin GQ.Will never forget my time in gaeta and all my travels.being in the navy changed my life,with that said im glad to be out. currently a private process server.
Muldoon-rice, DanielleYN2(AW)Oct 4, 1996 – Nov 22, 1999Repair/AdminBest command and people that I ever served with. Wish I could go back!
Muldoon, DanielleYN2Nov 4, 1996 – Nov 22, 1999This was the best ship ever. Awesome crew!!! I married DC2 Rice. We have a beautiful daughter. I am at the Pentagon now.
Jones, BrianEM3Nov 18, 1996 – Nov 11, 1999ElectricalI had a great time and the crew was awesome.
Peters, EricCS1Dec 1996 – Dec 1999S-2Living in Florida, married, one kid. On my third ship (Roosevelt), it is nothing like the Fightin'-L. Long live the Bibby Dive Team!
Engstrom, CoreyEW2(SW)Dec 10, 1996 – Dec 10, 1998CICI remember my time in Gaeta fondly! Thanks to my shipmates for making that the time of my life. Loved the softball games!!
Sarriera, Charlie/gunnerGM2 (SW)1997 – 2000WeaponsMiss all of you people. I had some of the best times of my life, with the best people on that boat and most definitely in the ports... HARBOR QUALS!
Rachowicx, NicholasE-6/LN1Feb 1997 – Jul 2001OI
Ziegler(johnson), Dejah (Ziggy)DS3/ET3Mar 1997 – Jan 1998ADPHiya. Hmm what to say. Loved ADP, Loved A gang- It rocked...
Richmond, Jacqui profile iconE-1 to E-5 / OSMar 1997 –OIThere are a LOT of memories here. Some good, most indescribable.
Parra, JorgeYN2Mar 5, 1997 – Nov 1, 1999EngineeringGreat ship..Many wonderful memories.
Gross, BryanFC3Mar 15, 1997 – Apr 11, 2001Deck WeaponsWhat a crazy experience. I havent a clue where else we would have seen so much. Served an additional 1 year ending as FC2. Got out and joined the NYPD. I would do it all over again if I could...
Skipper, Shannon And Cilfton (Skipdog)PC3/OS3Mar 26, 1997 – Mar 6, 2000Deck/Supply/Operations I loved it but my hubby Skipdog (as known to others) not to fond of it. We still remember are friends though. We are both sad to see the ship Decom. Please if you remember us and want to please connect us.
Barry, BrianABH3May 1997 – Jun 2000AIRGood memories, good friends and good times. I wish I could do it all over again. When I look at my photos I know that I, and I am sure the rest of my buddies, will never forget (or admit) what we did. TUMBA LA CASA FOREVER!!!!
Melton, Eugene Aka GenoIT2(SW)Jun 1997 – Apr 2000
Cruz, JaimeABF3Jun 1, 1997 – Jun 1, 2000AIRAwesome duty, the best in the Navy, the best time of my life, I will die to go back and live the times with lived on board the rust bucket. Tumba la casa Mami !
Sanchez, SergioMMFNJun 8, 1997 – Jan 4, 2001P1
Gardner, PhilipENFNJul 2, 1997 – Sep 1, 1999A-GangWas the best duty station I had out of 4. I liked A-Gang boat shop was chill.
Kindt, HarryGM3Jul 31, 1997 – Jul 31, 20001st/3rdLiked my time in Gaeta so much I came back for more, currently a GM1 for the mighty Mount Whitney. Congrats to everyone who got out and is doing well. If you're still in, stay strong.
Lawson, Lawdog Or PossumE-4/MMAug 1997 – Sep 2001P-2
Joe, JonasYN1(SW)Aug 1, 1997 – Oct 3, 2000
Riley, JoannEM3 (SW)Oct 1997 – Aug 2000ElectricialI had the best time over in Italy. The crew was great and I have a lot of memories that I will always treasure. :) I'm not sure on the dates but they should be close... Keep it real! :)
Golden, JohnnyMM2Oct 30, 1997 – Dec 21, 2000PEGood times
Hayes, MarkMR1(SW)Nov 17, 1997 – Dec 30, 2000R-Machine ShopI really loved the La Salle and most of all the crew. Had a blast onboard and in all the great ports. Reading all your names brings back so many good memories.
Salazar, SteveEM2(SW)Nov 17, 1997 – Jan 4, 2002ElectricalTo have had the opportunity to serve on this ship was extraordinary. The travel, the people and the experiences will never be forgotten.
Bratt, GuyMMFR-MM2Dec 27, 1997 – Jan 21, 2001P-1A lot of hard work, a lot of great memories. Best of luck to all who have served on the Fighting "L".

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