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USS La Salle (AGF 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS La Salle (AGF 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1290 crew members registered for the USS La Salle (AGF 3).

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Masters, MatthewBT11989 – 1990BoilerI was LPO in MMR2 Had a good time in the yards in Japan.
Hall, Kenna HallEN31989 – 1990a
Scheuer, JohnYN31989 – 1990Ship's Office
Stelmach, RichardMineman but unrated SA/SN duringCJTFME tour1989 – 1990J-5 CJTFME Stinger DetMost fun tour ever! Great TAD's out from LaSalle to everything in the gulf.. GMC Bruce, best Chief a young squid could ask for. Loved that ship, grew up so much from that experience!
Mateen, RushE-31989 – 1990DeckI missed my time on the USS LaSalle. Great times. If anyone has pictures, let me know.
Buchanan, Timothyrecruit1989 – 1989boiler tech
Written, MichaelHM1(FMF)1989 – 1990MedicalMy "specialty" was Preventive Medicine Tech. I was responsible for checking all food and water coming on-board. We were moored to the pier in Bahrain when Kuwait was invaded. Instead of a 12 month tour, it became a 14
Gates, SteveBT21989 – 1990B
Salomon, DavidNCC1989 – 1990Admin
Kinard, AllenSn1989 – 1990DeckFirst duty station. I remember one time fuel got dumped in the Gulf. After clean up I was storing the water blaster while going down ramp it ran over me and knocked me out. I also learned how to live with strangers.
Oliver, DickRMCJan 3, 1989 – Jan 4, 1990OC/STAFFBahrain was a great duty station. I loved going out to the Gold Suk and buying gold. I loved serving on the Great White Ghost and was proud to serve on her. I retired as an RMCM with 28 years in and currently living in Norfolk, Va.
Catcott, FredHMCS(SW)Jan 15, 1989 – Jan 15, 1990N/XGreat ol ship. Will always remember crossing the line on her and even beer on the pier and great sweet rolls from the night baker. The little things made life good. One of the best Chief's Messes.................... Have a great Navy Day
Bryant, DavidE3Mar 1989 – Mar 1990Deck 1st1st duty station out of boot. Went to Air Control A school afterward. May be remember as -- the guy who weaseled his way into a air conditioned job, typing memos for the LPO of 1st divsion. Now a buyer for wholesale car company in TN.
Hoyt, DonovanE-3Mar 1, 1989 – May 10, 1990airdaleGreat memories from a fine crew.... I remember every time I had to strip and repaint the flight line, learned a lot...!!! VIVA BOLIVIA..........!!!!!!!!
Turner, DavidEM2Mar 1, 1989 – Mar 1, 1990
Mettlet, RobertSHSN E-3Mar 7, 1989 – Mar 8, 1990S-3I ran the Ships Store and barber shop.SH2 Patterson was my LPO. I spent alot of my off time at the Abu Nawas lounge with Ike McDaniels SN Gray, FN Graeter OSSN Douglas and GMG2 Kicklighter. I live in Delaware, OH now.
Franklin, DavidRM3Mar 18, 1989 – Mar 18, 1990OPS/CommThis was my first tour and it was an incredible experience working 7 days a week/12hr shifts and double backs once a month. I learned the most and owe my career to the LaSalle the the fellow RM's who showed me the way in the Gulf!
Gagnon, JayRMSNApr 1989 – Apr 1990CRThe Great White Ghost! lotta laughs! I now work for a sw company in WNC raising a family.
Swanson, PaulE-6/MM1Apr 1, 1989 – Apr 10, 1990MPLeading Petty Officer for The aft hole.
Holbert, CurtisE-3Apr 15, 1989 – Apr 16, 19902nd Division-Port Aft TroopServed on the Side Crew as well as the Master Helmsman during General Quarters and while Underway..I earned those strips...where are you BM2 Strong, SA Haynes, SA Stokes, SA Jackson, BM2 Porter, BM3 Bostic, BM3 Childress
Schweisthal, Carl (Swice)ETMay 1989 – May 1991OE02 ElectronicsWorst and Best time of my life. I would love to connect with my old shipmates. In Columbus, OH working at Ohio State. Give me a call 614 571 3320
Miller, Randolph/randyBT3May 1989 – May 1990EngineeringSevered onboard 1989 to 1990. Was a great ship and brings back lots of memories.. Worked in the Boiler room #1
Ash, VernFC-1May 1, 1989 – Jun 1, 1990WeaponsI enjoyed my tour onboard the LaSalle. Especially the hash runs and the mid east softball tourney in the UAE. Looking for FC-3 Wooters
Stanton, MichaelEMCS (SW)Jul 1989 – Jul 1990ESecond tour onboard Had fun lots of good memories
Paquette, JeffE-3 AirmanJul 12, 1989 – Aug 20, 1991Air DepartmentThis was my first command and we had alot of great times on The Great White Ghost of the Arabian Coast !!! It was a wonderful experience to assist in clearing the way to bring supplies into Kuwait after Desert Storm.
Galligan, KevinBM3Aug 1989 – Aug 19912ndcool white ship, kinda hot, in bahrain but met alot of cool shipmates.
Long, Thomasdk2Aug 1989 – Aug 2, 1990disbursingbest year of my navy life !!!!!!!
Muscarello, VinceCDRAug 1989 – Aug 1990Engineering DeptLoved it. BEST Engineers I EVER SERVED with. Turned it around from dead at pier to full power run from Muscat, Oman to Manama, beat Admiral back, he flew, we Sailed.
Hollenbeck, ChrisE-2Aug 15, 1989 – Aug 5, 1990Deck Crew First duty out of boot. I was remembered for getting dropped from bow to a steel barge when on paint crew in a harness malfunction. Didn't get banged up to bad. Went on to be a corpsman and I now work in a hospital in the Northwest.
Woodruff, PaulMSAug 25, 1989 – Aug 25, 1990XO's kitchenships homeport Philadelphia and it hadn't been there in 11 yrs. Arabs stealing your laundry on the pier. "wait for a bus or you could be shot!" 2 dinar cabs. what a long but awesome short year
Spears, Floyd Aka L.y.RM2Sep 1989 – Jan 1990J6
Lorenz, JayRMSSep 1, 1989 – Sep 1, 1990CRWhat an experience. Great Radio Shack. All the RM's were awesome. Was on La Salle again, 6th Fleet staff 1995-1997. Currently a CWO4, Retire August 1st, 2006 after 30 years... hard to believe... It's been a great ride...
Pittman, JefferyE-5/HM2Sep 1, 1989 – Sep 1, 1990MedicalI enjoyed my time on the LaSalle as a corpsman. My specialty was as an x-ray technologist, but I shot about 5 x-rays per week. My main job was performing the damage control maintenance for the Medical Department.
Pittman, JefferyHM2(SW)Sep 1, 1989 – Sep 24, 1990MedicalEnjoyed my time on the LaSalle. It was my first time overseas and being in the Middle East. Also, my first command in the Navy.
Wisdom, Steven "Wiz"RM3Sep 5, 1989 – Sep 19, 1990CRFirst ship off shore duty. Great group of guys. Learned lots! Retired in 2006 as a ITC(SW/AW/FMF)
Wood, MikeYN3Sep 14, 1989 – Sep 15, 1992X-DIVISIONI served two years on the USS LASALLE when she was stationed in Manama, Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. I am looking for buddies that served with me at that time and who remember me. I lived in OE berthing on her.
Aleshire, KoryFireman ApprenticeSep 28, 1989 – Sep 22, 1990A GangWho is my best friend
Fowler, ChristopherSep 30, 1989 –deckcame on board after boot. served with some great guys
Hernandez, Joel (Fatcat)EN1Oct 10, 1989 – Oct 10, 1990ENGINEERING
Hodge, Jamese3Oct 10, 1989 – Nov 11, 1990Second division
Hall, ScottyE-3Oct 30, 1989 – Oct 30, 1990AIRBest Crew I ever served with! It has been way to long. I miss everyone on the flight crew! We had some crazy times! Grimes, Hoyte, Russle... e-mail me. Hope you are all well.
Bishop, Stephen (Steve)LTNov 1989 – Jan 1991DECK
Edington, RogerFC3Nov 1989 – Dec 1990ThirdI manned the 25mm guns and sometimes worked on the Close-in-Weapons-System (CIWS). I was there when Suddam invaded Kuwait (Operation Desert Storm). I remember chipping up the deck and putting new non-skid on it.
Markham, CaryMMFNDec 1989 – Feb 1990EngineeringServer in the main engine room MMR1, I always hoped i could revisit the ship again, but that will never happen since they sank the ship on April 11 2007.
Wise, TimE2Dec 1, 1989 – Dec 5, 19902nd Division Deck Hand
Simmons, Parrish (Simdawg)ENFNDec 15, 1989 – Dec 16, 1990a divVery hot no women until the uss arcida pulled in. Then it was on,A div was the best place to work every one was cool.

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