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USS La Salle (AGF 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS La Salle (AGF 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1290 crew members registered for the USS La Salle (AGF 3).

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Adair, DuaneCTM21984 – 1985Cryptology
Nelson, GaryFN31984 – 1985MDoing 6 and 6 I didn't think it would end. pakastan we must have stoped there 10 times. you could smell it. where are you guys from m-div.
Ferrente, Angelohtfn1984 – 1985R-1great time seeing most of the Middle East. Loved the ship
Buxton, Kevin profile iconMS31984 – 1986Supply S2Outstanding experience. Great Port calls.
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Schnelle, ToddSM1984 – 1986OCDid 18 months in the Gulf... Good times and not so good times. live in Wa state now. Love to go to Bahrain sometime... for a day!
Trunzo, PeteFC21984 – 1986weaponsLots of great times and great people. Great experience for my first command. I remember Joey Wilkins, Ricky Rondeux, Bob King, Brian Pearson Monty Cox, Vern Beemer, Demp Harper and many other great shipmates.
Eddington, Carlstinger gunner1984 – 1985StaffThose were the days. I had a chance to experience things that made who I am today.
Kowalski, Norm(Ski)HT31984 – 1985R-DIVISION
Barker, JodyFN/HT1984 – 1985R Division Good to see some familiar names on this list. I hope everyone is well. I saw places onboard the La Salle I will never see again. Great Command, ship, and shipmates...
Leggett, DavidE5/EW21984 – 1985OWIt was HOT on the Great White Ghost of the Arabian Coast. I remember arriving on that oil slick Desert Duck. That helo was in need of a serious overhaul as my shoes were even in a puddle of oil.
Logan, DavidEW31984 – 1985OW
Brichetto, KevinJan 1984 – Mar 1985AirHad some great times on the old gale when I was on her. I loved it so much that I went back to the Gulf and spent 2 more years at ASU. I was there for the USS Stark and to those that lost there lives my they be remember as those from the USS Cole
Hyatt, JohnOS 2Jan 1984 – Mar 1985OIA great ship & crew. Lots of fond memories and great experiences in the Gulf, the Red Sea, and Indian Ocean. Thanks to you all for being a part of that adventure.
Kerr, RobE4/FC3Jan 4, 1984 – Jan 15, 1985WeaponsFirst ship I was deployed on. The ship and crew were great, the location sucked. Can't belive the sunk her.
Yannacci, JohnCWO2Mar 1984 – Jun 1985RServed my first tour of duty as DCA on the LaSalle. Catching fire pierside in Norfolk was my initiation. The LaSalle was a good ship with a good crew, but if Bahrain were to sink in the Persian Gulf, I don't think I'd care.
Whalen, CurtisENSMar 25, 1984 – Mar 29, 1985A-GangMy first ship and yet gave me the privilege of working with the best bunch of people in the Navy. The LaSalle was like no other ship that I served on. Best time? "Don't worry, if they fire we'll open fire!" Strange doings off Pe
Griffin, KentLTApr 1984 – Jul 1985CommComm Officer
Popper, ToddOS3Apr 1984 – Apr 1986OIThe LaSalle was definately an adventure while I was on board. There is nothing like going over the equator, right Harrison? Also, not to foget everybodies friend LT. Slattery.
Nadler, ThomasStinger Missile GunnerApr 1984 – Mar 1985Staff...but worked with the GMG'S and FT'sI remember my days on the Great White Ghost like they happened yesterday. I am proud and fortunate to be part of her history.
Maiella, TonyENFNApr 2, 1984 – Apr 3, 1985Great ship started off in MP then AC/R then made it to the boat shop.
Gibson, BobSN BMSNApr 10, 1984 – Apr 15, 19852ndright out of boot camp first command had some great times on there.
Grifffin, KentLieutenantApr 10, 1984 – Jul 10, 1985CommunicationsComm Officer for ship.
Ridley, CraigNEC 9540Apr 20, 1984 – 1985COMIDEASTFORGreat bunch of guys. Capt Franklin Julian, and Adm. John Adams were great mentors. Bahrain, Karachi, Diego Garcia, Djibouti, Jedda, Aqaba, Mombasa, The Seychelles. The start of a great hitch. Thanks for the memories.
Fisher, GarryMM3May 1984 – Jun 1985EM01Worked my first 6 months onboard 6 & 6 & Turn-to. Got to where I didn't know if it was day or night, and didn't care. Learned alot about life and became a shellback. Memories of Mombassa. Anyone remember Tuskers? Bobby Long, where ya at
Pollard, Joe Mr2MR3May 1984 – Jun 1985A GangI picked this duty off a list from the chalk board at MR A School. Hung with Dallas Cook some. goldengloves Kansas(?). Best duty and food in USN.I MR2 Underwood Thanks for your patience. Good times LEARNED ALOT.
Fillalan, FranciscoSKC (SW)May 7, 1984 – May 12, 1985Stores (S-1)One of the best tour that I ever had experienced with, being home ported in Manama, Bahrain and in the Gulf where temperature is always extremely hot. Proud to served with the navy's top professionals.
Dressel, LeoET3Jun 1984 – Jun 1985OEI miss the old girl. At the time, I couldn't wait to get off of that ship, but after I left and saw what some of the other commands were like, I was kicking myself in the ass the rest of my days in the Navy.
McLaurin, PatrickMS3Jun 1984 – May 1985WardroomThe Great White Ghost of the Arabian Coast. What an experience sailing the Persian Gulf and Pacific Ocean. Shellback's rule.
Mahoney, John (Jaybird)SNJul 1, 1984 – Feb 20, 19861st DECK
Walker, John RossOS1Aug 1984 – Oct 1984HM-14 Det II Operation Intense LookLead OS of HM-14 control team and only qualified controller. Handled lead through of America BG into Red Sea without incident. My team should have received NAMs for their accomplishments. Nothing.
Wright, Christopher WrightRM3Aug 1, 1984 – Aug 16, 1985OII sell pharmaceuticals now and own several companies.
Varsel, BillEM2Aug 1, 1984 – Aug 1, 1985E
Gaines, HarrisonOSSNSep 1984 – Sep 1985OIWhat a what a way to start a career. And it was HOT!
Fox, BurtonFN-3Sep 1984 – Sep 1985B-Div
Devries, ScottSNSep 1984 – Aug 19852ndCan look back being a young 17 yr old, and visiting all the places in the Middle East, learning how great our country truly is. 20 yrs later, looking back, we had font row seats of what we sensed could happen and did!
Shapley, AlanBT3Sep 1984 – Sep 1985B-Division
Swick, TimMM1 AWOct 1984 – Oct 1985MIt was a wild hot ride !! I concur with John, Bahrain can rot in hell. I got out in 92 stampede. The training was great and helped me find my way to that "Black Gold, Texas Tea " Givem Hell & Give me a Yell !!
Dieterich, ChuckMM1Oct 1984 – Mar 1985MMRNot much to remember, accept basketball in the upper V. MM1 Blankenship was our DO, and MMCS "Rosey" was our Chief engineer. Sure was HOT !! La Salle breakfast was the hit of the day!!
Hoyt, ThomasE-5/LI2Oct 1984 – Nov 1985X-Division
Dailey, GregE-3Oct 5, 1984 – Oct 4, 1985deck Had a lot of fun on the ole " GREAT WHITE GOHST" Met some good guys. Good times and bad, didn't care much for the middle east! We made the best of it though The Brew Crew! Miss them guys!!
Campillo, FredLTDec 1984 – Dec 1985NavigationSand storms at sea, Gulf Air stewardesses, and plenty of Sea Snakes! I missed the Red Sea at both ends, but my year included Pakistan, the Africa/IO southern swing, and most of the Arabian Gulf coast!

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