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USS La Salle (AGF 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS La Salle (AGF 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1290 crew members registered for the USS La Salle (AGF 3).

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Tyndall, BobEM21978 – 1979E
Medlin, Steve1978 – 1979We evaquated people from Iran and also was there in the Iran hostage crises. Met a great group of guys that I will never forget.If you served on her, she will always be in your mind.
Sherrod, RandyRM31978 – 1979OC
Boyer, Mike profile iconFA1978 – 1979B-Divisionhad good times on that ship. I worked both fire rooms as a messenger and burner man.
White, RobertBM31978 – 19791stThe hottest place on earth. Not just a job it is an adventure.
Gottardi, CurtOS21978 – 1979OILong year. But I had to get back to Pearl Harbor somehow.
Williams, Mark/blueBTFNJan 1978 – Jan 1979dc then bmy first ship i was only 17 picked her upin naples with a hole in her side we looked like a checker board when we left w/ all the stikesthe italians had anyone have a copy of the snipes layament
Hunt, JosephE-2Jan 1978 – Jan 1979Deck?Bahrain, the wine, the women, the tobacco! Sailing of Somalia @ 2 knots forever, French rescue from gunboats, Lou Mondelli & Bill McGuire. That ensign that shafted me out of my drill team. Almost ramming a Pakastani Fuel pier. Ah, memories
Dewald, KevinHM#Jan 1978 – Dec 1978MedicalGreat ship. Great shipmates (Barry, Bill, Dr.C )
Semenske, DavidRMSNJan 1978 – Jan 1979opsWas on board during the Ethiopian Somalian war, The Iranian Revolution (just prior we visited Bandar Abbas), and visited the Seychelles. Sad to see her go.
Leake, Clarence 'Bill'MM1Jan 5, 1978 – Dec 19, 1978M Division Ports of call- Naples, Italy; Port Said, Egypt; Djibouti, Djibouti; Muscat, Oman; Dubai; Manama, Bahrain; Mombasa, Kenya; Victoria, Seychelles. Barge(s) Hercules and Wilhelm Persian Gulf. and Jiddah. Also Basrah, Iran
Williams, TomEN2Jan 18, 1978 – Nov 3, 1978ABest ship I was on
Tree, JohnYN2Jan 28, 1978 – Jan 22, 1979StaffI served on the Staff of Commander Middle East Force onboard the LASALLE. Great ship. Great people. Would like to hear from other Staff members who served during the same time period.
Dulong, MichaelRM-3Feb 19, 1978 – Jun 30, 1979CRCrew members and fellow watchstanders were some of the best people that I have worked with. Port visits to Seychelles, Mombasa, Karachi, Muscat, Djibouti, Bandar Abbas, Doha and many more. Great experience!
Kreidinger, ChuckENSMar 1978 – May 1979MPA & Asst Nav under Capts Fetterman, Buzzard, Karn. CHENG = Lt Jay Lose. Got there (Naples) with broken leg & thought I'd go home-HA!). Enjoyed Mombasa 2x, Seychelles, Mauritius & the garden spots of the Gulf & Horn. Still use lesson
Lang, RobertLTMar 1978 – Apr 1979CICReported aboard Naples, Italy, as CIC Officer and to finish RAV. Then through the Suez canal, Red Sea, countless transits of the Straits of Hormuz (I spent a lot of time on the bridge as OOD), Seychelles. Mombasa...
Kelly, JamesRM1Mar 2, 1978 – Jan 28, 1979CROnboard during interesting times ... Last port visit to Iran September 1978 Bandar Abbas
Keszler, Johnbt3Mar 13, 1978 – Apr 10, 1979b divisionremember hairbear moose vesik
Ford, GeorgehtfnMar 28, 1978 – Mar 8, 1979Rlooking for mrfn james hare '78 /'79
Poccia, BenBM3Apr 1978 – Apr 19792nd
Brewer, ScottGMGSNApr 1978 – Apr 19793rdAll in all had a blast. Partied much and loved firing the guns.What ever happened to Pat Carroll and Ryker.We evacuated american citizens out of Iran and during that time the sprinkler system went off in the well deck.
Mitchell, Randy G.SNApr 1978 – Apr 19792ND TRANSFERRED TO V
Hesselbach, DanBT2Apr 1, 1978 – Mar 3, 1979BNot really sure of the dates, but I worked in the forward fireroom. Like shipmate Bob Kroohs, came from the Forrestal (which was a dump). I still think of my time on the LaSalle as one of the best years of early adulthood.
White, FrankPNCApr 1, 1978 – Apr 16, 1979X DivisionGreat Ship, great feeder and great crew, officer and enlisted.
Gottardi, CurtOS2May 1978 – May 1979OI
McMahan, DennisE-4May 2, 1978 – May 1, 1980SUPPLY/ENGINEERINGHAD A LOT OF GOOD TIMES
Turpin, MikeMM2May 26, 1978 – May 28, 1979MI worked in #1 E.R. Got out in 85. Worked at Nuke Plant, then worked Fed. Govt. during the 1st Gulf War, then went to work for the State watching persons. Now still around. I miss the ship from time to time.
Innes, DaveMM2Jun 1978 – Jun 1979AAt the time it was Hell, now it seems like the greatest time I ever had.
Olsen, JimBT3Jun 1978 – Jun 1979EngineeringNo booze, no women in the Gulf, but R&R twice in Mombasa Kenya was fantastic. Worked in the Aft Boiler Room under BT1 Vesic. He was a good man.
Creed, Richard profile iconEMFNJun 1978 – Jun 1979E
Halfaker, ThomasYNCS(AW) RETIREDJul 1978 – Jul 1979AdminGreat ship with a great crew and had fun with the HC-1 Det onboard. Remembered trips down to the Kenya, Seychelles, and Maritus
Young, KimIM1Jul 1978 – Jul 1979Admin/3M
Klasing, StephenHT2Jul 1978 – Jul 1979RMade some damn good friends while there!!
Brookins, RockyGMG3Jul 1978 – Oct 19803rdIt was a great time to be at sea, Those that may remember me it would be good to hear from you.
Petrie, TimQM3Jul 1, 1978 – Sep 1, 1979NavigationIt was so much fun to be on board (maybe too much). Great port visits and great friends in the Navigation Dept. along with the Signalman.
Collins, TimothyMSSNAug 1978 – Aug 1979Staff- Commander Middle East ForceWhat a time. Met some great people and visited 18 different countries on 3 continents. A great experience for a small town kid from Washington State. I still think about those days and the friends I made then.
Presley, GaryBTFNAug 1978 – Mar 1979bworked in both firerooms with bt1 shimack, bt2 hasselbach, bt2 smith which where all nice guys all ports for liberty where fun shellback days where fun as well to all u pollywogs to bad it had to end.
Knapp, TimBM3Aug 20, 1978 – Aug 20, 19816th fleetgreat times
Garcia, EddieMSSNSep 1978 – Sep 1979SUPPLY
Brookins, RockyGMG-3Sep 1978 – Aug 19803rdIt was a Great ship, and I would not trade the experience for anything. Long live the Ghost
Espinar, TonySNSHSep 1978 – Sep 1979SupplyFirst Ship at 19yrs old, went to just about every country in the Persian Gulf, when all was still calm and Peaceful (Karachi, Muscat, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Maritius, Mambasa, Djaboti, Crete, Naples, Dubai, ...LOT OF FUN
Erwin, William (Bill)RMCSep 15, 1978 – Sep 30, 1979CommunicationsI was leading chief in radio. I also ran the MARS station and manned it nightly so the crew could make phone calls home. I improved MARS with new equipment and antenna and the call rate increased about 10 fold.
Wojciechowicz, Charles /wojoABF3Sep 24, 1978 – Mar 21, 1980airgreatest ship i have ever served aboard. Loved the 18 months i served her. Alot of great shipmates and still think of them.
Fisher, Earl/jayOS1Oct 1978 – Nov 1979OISorry to see her gone. At least she fought to stay afloat. I miss Naples, was permanent shore patrol with QMC Tramell. What happened to OS 1 Shropshire, he was on there forever.
Brown, SteveFNOct 1978 – Oct 1979Started in BT ended up in Machine ShopGreat crew. Went to some really cool liberty places. Took our peolpe out of Iran and they were very thankful. We worked hard and played hard. I still get a laugh out of our Shellback day. Great experience.
Hartzell, Arthur (Wayne) HartSK3Nov 1978 – Dec 19791stLooking back what an experience which really shaped my values that I adhere today. Iran crisis 79, seemed like we were forever at GQ! Too all my former shipmates God Bless you all especially Carl Lacny and Lt JG Jeff Lang.
Schilling, PaulMS-2Nov 1978 – Nov 1979S2The summer in Naples Italy. Capri, Rome, Sorrento and Pompeii. Baker, Jack of the Dust (Best Job in the Navy). Ward Room Cook. Got out 3 days before Hostages in Iran siezed thanks to the Yeoman from NavFac Cape Hatteras
Cohen, RandyET-2Nov 1978 – Oct 1979OETime on the GREAT WHITE GHOST was un-like anyother in my 20 years. Worked with a lot of great people and learned more. Sorry to see another piece of history is gone. People I worked with Denny Settle, Hank Fisher, Louie LaRock to name a few
Anderson, Ed (Andy)SK1Nov 1978 – Nov 4, 1979S-1I'm proud to have been a member of the GREAT WHITE GHOST. We were involved with evacuating over 200 men, women, and children from Bandar Abbas. I left the ship the day the U.S. Embassy was taken over 11/4/79.
Recupero, JohnFireman recruit FNNov 20, 1978 – Dec 3, 1979B divisionThanks to all my shipmates who took care of me at a young age. I'm older and wiser and enjoyed my service time
Leinhauser, MarkMM3Dec 1978 – Dec 1979M DIv Aft Eng roomThe greatest experience of my life. Talk about seeing the world. Middle East, Africa, Mediterranean and Naples. And a great bunch of guys. Thanks!

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