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USS La Salle (AGF 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS La Salle (AGF 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1290 crew members registered for the USS La Salle (AGF 3).

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Aitken, KellyMRFN1976 – 1977RepairLaSalle was my first ship. Joined the crew in Subic Bay. Became a shellback on the way back to Bahrain.
Graziosa, Frankie G From Nycseaman1976 – 19771st Hello, To Redsuits, Robert Francis ,And Tony Buffington
Rudolph, GaryOSC1976 – 1978OI
Mistric, DavidHT/ FN1976 – 1977R-DivisionMyself and a buddy scott wolfe came straight out of A school to the LaSalle caught the ship in the philippines, and then went to alot of countries and had a blast. Im a truck driver now in south La if u remember me please contact me.
Fillion, Dennissn1976 – 19773rdthe lasalle may be at the bottom now but her memories will always be on the top
Flowers, WalterHTFN1976 – 1977damage control
Zastocki, RonEN21976 – Jun 1977"A" GangAwesome ship and crew. 3 months in Subic, caught the typhoon, off to Singapore, and home port Bahrain. Shell back, learned a lot. Visited most ME countries less Iran. Mombasa Africa was cool.
McFadden, CharlesEMJan 1, 1976 – Jan 1, 1977Electrician
Wood, Ron (Woody)RM2Jan 6, 1976 – Jan 5, 1977OCThe great white ghost of the arabian coast. Great experience, great friends. I remember the XO having the SM's sweeping water off the sig bridge during a typhoon. Retired in 91 as RMC, Retired from work 2011.
Buchmann, RayE-2Feb 1976 – Nov 19761stI had a lot of great times on the LaSalle while I was there, those who remember me know. Landing in Bahrain was interesting, 120 degrees. Dry Heat. India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines, Seychelles, Mauritious.
Bishop, RichEM1Mar 7, 1976 – Mar 10, 1977ESome moments I thought this was Hell-on-Earth. But memories fade with time and I only remember the good times. I do remember great guys in E-Division. They sure helped keep me out of trouble. I remember going on shorepower, what a trip!
Bishop, RichEM1Mar 7, 1976 – Mar 15, 1977E DivisionStrangest tour of my career. Served with a lot of good people. Wish them all the best.
Mayles, Jim (James) TexSNMar 15, 1976 – Mar 15, 1977DeckKarachi- Sri Lanka-With Andy Brizak Thailand- Subic Bay-Best Damn Chow Hall in the Navy Singapor-
Davis, Rodney J profile iconRM3Mar 17, 1976 – Jun 10, 1977Radio CommunicationsShellback Initiation October 1976, visited Karachi, Seychelles, Maritius, Ceylon, Singapore, Thailand, India, Kenya, Yemen, Philippines, First vessel to have SATCOM link, Drydock Subic Bay, Led music in church services
Albright, HookAECApr 1976 – Nov 1979Aircrew
Gerringer, CharlieGMG3Apr 1976 – May 19773rdAbsolutely a great time! Made friends that I still hear from. Got out, went to VaTech and Flight school. First ship assigned to as a pilot?..The LaSalle! Landed on her again during the Gulf War. Retired after 32 years.
Coffey, Pat CoffeyEM2Apr 16, 1976 – Jul 24, 1977ERemember all the good times with the guys of the Mid East Angels.
Mulvey, JimE-3Jun 1976 – Aug 19772nd1st ship of 3. Came on in P.I. the home-port in Bahrain. Great times in Singapore, Kenya, Jordan, Pakistan and a lot more. One of the best times of my life,
Millar, JohnmMMCSJun 7, 1976 – Jun 11, 1977MHad a great crew MM1 Pollard and others, would like to hear from anyone that knows me and hear how they are doing after 33 years.
Williams, BillyBt3Jun 8, 1976 – Jul 6, 1977BI came aboard in 1976 while in the yard in the Philippines as a Boiler tech E2.
Francis, RobertSNJun 27, 1976 – Jun 1977x divisionBeen along time, met the ship in the Philippines, what an experience. 26 yrs later I retired.....
Deslauriers, EugeneQM3Jul 1976 – 1978OPS-NAVFirst time aboard a ship and first time seeing the ocean. We had great times,always looked for a new adventure which we always managed to find. Crew was great and quite diverse. Some i still keep in touch with. Go Navy
Bell, GeorgeENCSJul 13, 1976 – Jul 10, 1977AA division LCPO. From Subic Bay to Bahrain, Mombasa, Busheir, Iran, Karachi. Very interesting tour with lots of great shipmates. Very memorable time.
Contreras, FranciscoPNCJul 21, 1976 – Jun 13, 1977XProbably one of my most interesting tours of duty, fascinating port visits. Great crew, from the CO down to the lowest SA.
Richardson, JoeSKSNAug 1976 – Sep 1977S-1 (GSK)Got aboard in Subic Bay just as refit was finishing. Great crew and great ship. Quite a culture shock to a kid from Alabama but boy do you grow up fast!
Witthans, GaryE-1 - E2Sep 1976 – Sep 1977Engineering - The HoleVery interesting part of my life, will never forget it. Lots of interesting memories and neat places to travel. Hated my job assignment, mis classified me and stuck me in the engine room for my tour but the places we traveled made up for it
Townsend, TerryEN FNSep 1976 – Sep 1977A DIVLa Salle was my first ship, I caught her in Subic and Left her in Naples. I met and had some great times while onboard.
Wolfe, ScottFiremanSep 7, 1976 – Sep 9, 1977EngineeringI came on board in the Phillipines and Commander Clarke learned my name from that moment on for failure to salute the Ensign. I spent the next year working on the Ballast system. Would love to hear from you guys!
Jones, DavidMM2Nov 1976 – Nov 1977ALa Salle was my third ship and the best of the lot. Visited a dozen countries in the year I was aboard. Made some good friends. Would like to find a few of those guys.
Jensen, PatrickSNNov 1976 – Dec 19771st and EStarted out in 1st Div then went to strike for IC in E Div. Finally ended up a Corpsman and served mostly with the Marines. I am now a retired HMC. I have many fond memories of the LaSalle, and some not so memorable....HA!
Davis, WarrensnNov 1976 – Sep 19771stI was the helsman for special sea and anchor detail.
Stafford, HensonMM3Nov 1976 – Nov 1977MLearned a lot of valuable lessons while working in forward engine room.
Stafford, HensonMM3Nov 1, 1976 – Nov 1, 1977MAssigned forward engine room. Good ship and good crew
Tarkington, BrooksSHSNNov 11, 1976 – Nov 11, 1976S-3Cut my first haircut on AGF3 I've been a Barber my whole life on an airbase. Unbelievable view of the world on La Salle. Just wish I'd had the money to enjoy it
Wilbern, JE2Dec 9, 1976 – Nov 7, 1977SHwould like to hear fromany ships servicemen from la salle
Gillis, RobertE-2Dec 15, 1976 – Dec 1, 1977Repair Division/Remain DivisionI worked with Mystric, in R Div, welding shop, Mystric Bobby Gillis lost your Phone #, Call Bobby G, 617-269-6219.
Robinson, LelandRMSN1977 – 1978OCNaples Italy, Suez Canal (5 Times), Djibouti, Houditi, Bahrain, Karachi Pakistan, Mombasa Kenya, Crossed Equator Twice (Shellback). 1Yr tour-2Yrs Sea Credit.
Jackson, JeffMM31977 – 1978Egine room aftJumping off the mosque in the spring fed pool _ Adari Pools in Bahrain - eating cheese and tomatoe sandwiches at the peir in bahrain - climbing down a rope through a sea injection in drydock in Naples while on restriction and peroni beer
Swinton, Dennisfireman E21977 – 1978#1 engine room machinist mate
Gandarillas, RichYN31977 – May 1979COMMIDEASTFOR StaffWhat an experience! Made great friends, saw a many fantastic places, and learned much that still helps me today. Proud of my time as a sailor and a member of the LaSalle and COMMIDEASTFOR teams.
Booker, DarrylSN1977 – 19781st DivisonMy first ship, the white whale. Rest easy.
Mosley, ClarkBTFN1977 – 1978Boiler RoomAny of you old BT'still around? This is Clark, how about "Big Bird" or Swortout? I'm living in Oregon now and working in the towing business. I have a copy of my cruise book as the original is at a Veteran's museum here.
Miller, Williammm21977 – 1978MGreat ship, lots of good people and times, Karachi, Seychelles, Iran, Djibouti, never forget becoming a shellback and then a golden shellback!!
Deyorio, JosephRmsn1977 – 1978Cr
Kroohs, BobMM2Jan 1977 – Jan 1978M - 2 MMRTransferred to LaSalle to get out of Airlant (USS Forrestal) LaSalle was only long term overseas duty I had - also the best food, thanks to CMDR MEF
Snyder, TomOS3Jan 1977 – Jan 1978OIIt was an experience I will never forget.
Allen, BrianET3Jan 1977 – Jan 1978OE Does any one know Were ET 1 Micky Bowles is. He was a great LPO .
Chapple, Kevine4Jan 1, 1977 – Feb 1, 19781st
Vrieze, GeorgeHT1Jan 1, 1977 – Jan 30, 1978R DIVGreat times and memories. Contact me, I would love to connect either here or as i travel around.
Swansen, Jeffrey Swannie profile iconETN 3Jan 3, 1977 – Jan 1978OPS/OEWhat a Ship. "The Great White Whale". Home port, Bahrain.
Moviel, JimETR3Jan 10, 1977 – Jan 17, 1978OE
Hamm, FrankieSH3Jan 15, 1977 – Jan 15, 1978 Looking for any shipmates. Lasalle justed returned from Philpi ship over haul . S. martin, Hobson,
Hickey, Jim profile iconETN2Jan 15, 1977 – Mar 16, 1978OESaw Jeff Swansons name. Bonfire on the beach. Fun times. Anyone know anything of Tom Champine?
Cambron, Jamie Or JimSNFeb 1977 – Feb 1978Admin /Best Damn Ship That I Ever Served On! First PN to every earn his AW/SW in the Navy! PN1(SW/AW) Jamie Cambron U. S. Navy (Ret)
Mercer, SteveMM/FNMar 1977 – Mar 1978M-AFTIncredible experience, wouldnt trade it for anything, got to make good friends with a lot of good people, and visited so many great places, that would not have been possible, had not been for the Navy. I boarded ship in Bahrain,left- Naples
Mahoney, Kenneth profile iconQM3Mar 1977 – Mar 1978NavigationLots of strange and interesting ports and crossing the line twice. Running soft aground in Mombasa.
Bender, Barry RHM1Mar 1977 – Apr 1978H Had a great tour with Dewald, Grothe, Myers, Yates (Payday), Solley and all the HM's and DT's along with all the help the BT's and MM's provided me and the division. Dr. Chronodolsky and CDR Aiello were great, Thanks!
Windham, Malcolmmm3Apr 1977 – Apr 1978aft eng#2 engine best i was in. Coral Sea was worst. But at least i retired mm1 and outlasted it. I best lke being waterking and setting on the pier while Abdul and Kassum pumped the water onboard and i read a book.
Austin, EdGMGSNMay 1977 – May 19783rdMy first ship and a lot of great memories. Does anyone know how to contact NC1 Goodner?
Grubbs, GaryMS3Jun 1977 – Jun 1978SupplyOne of my most interesting tours of duty. Enjoyed Naples when the ship was in dry dock after loosing a boiler. Lots of interesting ports and a fun ships picnic on a little desert island with no trees, it was a hot one. Came face to face wit
Perry, Huey (Eddie)EM3Jun 1977 – Jun 1978EngineeringI came aboard in Naples, Italy when it went into the shipyard and finished up in Bahrain. Went to Victoria, Seychells where I became a Shellback during transit. We had a first class all I remember him by was Catterson.
Hall, HalEM3Jun 9, 1977 – Jun 23, 1978EngineeringFirst shipboard duty station. What an experience. Baharain, Suez Canal Naples, Iran Saudi Arabia. learned a lot played a lot worked a lot
Seitz, Davidem3Jun 14, 1977 – Mar 17, 1978e divisionrewind shop,crossing the equator,battery locker,italy,holy cow,what hell we raised,miss you guys.
Feeney, JoeRMSNJun 21, 1977 – Jun 19, 1978operation i think radio manlong time ago hated it when i was there but what an experience it was....
Myers, DaleDT1Jul 1, 1977 – Aug 8, 1978DentalLots of good folks on LaSalle back then. Good liberty ports. The most exotic duty I had in 22 years service. I think often of Dr Reavis, Terry Soloman, Hm1 Binder, Hm3 Dewald, and others whose name I forget.
Hasch, FrankBT2Aug 1977 – Sep 1978B-DivGreat memories and experiences not really enjoyed until years later.
Wagenheim, Fred profile iconHTFAAug 1977 – Aug 1978RMy first ship. It was an eye opener.
Hagen, ArnetIS1Sep 1977 – Sep 1978CMEFSEC/TRES USS LA ASSN, Please contact me re next reunion OCT 09 2008 in Mystic, CT
Schaefer, RichCTM2Sep 1977 – Oct 1978staff of the commander of the middle east forces WOw!I .there were some good times. Bahrain, Mombasa, Naples, Karachi. I was in the ships band during and would love to hear from any of the band,Tom,Randy or others in the commideastfor group, Arney and Lou.
Corrie, Dwight BradleyThird Class Petty OfficerSep 1, 1977 – Sep 1, 1978Engine Room #2 M Division FN
Eccleston, TerryGMG2Sep 15, 1977 – Sep 18, 19783rd DivShellback, Suez Canal 3 times, Naples, Oman, Greece, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Bahrain, Pakistan, Africa, Yemen, Jordan
Long, MikeETR3Oct 1977 – Nov 1978OE
Gleason, Dennis Patrick 'Zyzz'ET3Oct 1977 – Sep 1978OE
Smith, RussellSeaman E3Oct 18, 1977 – Oct 18, 1978SECOND DIVISION Good times and bad always remember what people stand for fighting the good fight for peace standing extra watch made me stronger playing B-Ball for ship looking for that good party to have fun staying out of trouble hard
Kemp, NeilMMFNNov 1977 – Nov 1978engineeringalthough i had some good times, i couldn't wait to get back to the states.
Leeper, MarkSeaman ApprenticeNov 1, 1977 –Deck Div-1Enjoyed my time there - lots of good memories
Jordan, MichaelRM1 RETIREDDec 1977 – Dec 1978OCMombasa Kenya, Victoria Seychelles, Djibuti, Bahrain, Oman, Iran, Karachi Pakistan

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