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USS La Salle (AGF 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS La Salle (AGF 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1290 crew members registered for the USS La Salle (AGF 3).

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Sieracki, JimHT 31974 – 1975Im trying to find Daniel Hess of PA
Nevarez, RudolphCWO31974 –supply
Gerard, RobertBTFN1974 – 1975 BGot on the LaSalle while it was in drydock in the Philippines. After drydock went to Singapore then all over the Middle East. While in Baharain steamed port and starboard duty due to shore power generator down all the time.
Petry, RandallENFN1974 – 1975A-GANG
Butler, MikeHT31974 – 1975R
Collins, RobertSK31974 – 1975Supply
Grieci, AlE-3 BM1974 – 19752NDBill Hebert and I were on board on the buddy system. Cashman was our BM1. Steven Barnes was a great buddy. Seyshells ships party was great.South Africa, and the Sues Canal was hairy. Shell Back week was hell but worth it
Maddox, LarryMM2 E-51974 – 1975MM AC/R POICUpon arrival on board, the ship was very hot and I was the only AC/ R tech on board. AC was fine but boundry doors were not being observed. Once I controlled those, ship was cool. I rem Ken Rowan, worked for me.
Anchondo, JorgeE-4 Machinist Mate A GangFeb 1974 – Feb 1975A DivisionGood duty ship: Lots of interesting ports of call and good friends. Tattooed in Singapore with buddies. Karachi, Maldives, Seychelles, Subic Bay, Red Sea, Mombasa, lots of wonderful memories.
Lippard, KevinE-3Apr 1974 – Apr 1975Engineering
Peck, EdSH3Apr 1974 – Apr 1975SupplyThe Middle East Sucked but the company was good.
Stroud, DonMR3Apr 1974 – May 1975AAll the ports we went to made this duty station nice;Bahrain of course, Dubai; Abu Dhabi;Singapore twice; Columbo,Sri Lanka; Bandar Abbas;Leave in Tehran; Karachi twice; 6 weeks in Subic Bay, unforgetable;good friends
Goodwin, Kenneth LGMG1Apr 10, 1974 – Jul 10, 1975gunnery LPO
Whitfield, JamesOS1May 1974 – May 1976OPSFloating drug store, enough said .
Riley, BrianYN3May 1974 – May 1975X Legal OfficeMan, what great times! Subic Bay, Olongopo!! Great crewmates. Seen some very interesting sights! Most of my tour was spent in a "fog" - Would love to return to those days!!!
Pund, Michael PundmanFNMay 12, 1974 – May 5, 1975A-GANGI made good friends and had a good time. Would like to see the gang again. I used to drive the goose from the ship to the club to downtown and back again. anyone remember that.
Thomas, JeffLTMay 22, 1974 – Sep 25, 1976CommLots of memories while serving onboard "The Great White Ghost of the Arabian Coast" Lots of fantastic ports of call. Having the privelege of serving with many dedicated sailors. Learned a lot while there!
Hess, Charles (Daniel)HT3Jun 1974 – Jul 1975EngineeringGreat overseas duty. Met some good people and visited great exotic ports. Remembered the trip to Subic and Singapore the best. Enjoyed the Maldives and The Seychelles. God bless all servicemen.
Waller, RobertHT3Jun 1974 – Mar 1975RLOOKING FOR DOC
Fasig, KennethLTJGJul 1974 – Jul 1975Ship's Secretary/Personnel OfficerFrankly, I didn't enjoy my year on the LaSalle and looked forward to returning to the US. Convinced me to quit as a line officer. I went to dental school and back into the Navy as a dentist, retired from the Reserves last year as a CDR.
Petry, RandallENFNJul 1974 – Jul 1975A-Gang
Weaver, EdFNJul 1, 1974 – Jul 5, 1975#2 Engine RoomDoes anyone remember the scalding incident around October of 1974? Are there any corpsmen from that era?
McCann, MichaelHTFNAug 1974 – Aug 1975RAnybody know the whereabouts of Alberto Chavez or Manny Rodriguez? My most memorable moment was getting laid out by the elephant in Sri Lanka and I"ll never forget crossing the equater and becoming a shellback.
Seburn, StevebtfnAug 10, 1974 – Dec 23, 1975B div #2fireroomfirst time away from home went to a sh%$# load of neet places jodan ,sir lanka,india,seshells,crossed the equator,singapore.P.I. made a lot of money some of you still owe me and i still have my book
Rendon, RichardBM3Aug 20, 1974 – Jul 4, 19751stBest year to be onboard. Best crew to work with and to go on liberty.
James, JosephsaAug 22, 1974 – Jun 17, 19752nddeckdivisionWithin 10 months aboard,olonapo,singapore,sri lanka,bahrain,abu dhabi,dubai,pakistan,iran,seychelles,and africa.Life has been,and continues to be great,but to date,nothing can compare to that incredible adventure.Thanks
Bredeson, RogerRM1Sep 1974 – Oct 1975Communications
Bredeson, RogerSep 6, 1974 – Oct 6, 1975Communications
Benjamin, RayDT-3Oct 1974 – Sep 1975Medical/Dental
Talley, MarkSNOct 1, 1974 – Feb 15, 1976Deck/PersonnelIt was the best/worst of times. Loved steaming right thru the Soviet fleet anchored off Somalia, flying into Shiraz, Iran, thanks Shah, Capt. Troutman - you rock, Robert Earl Harvey, Sri Lanka, Mombassa, Karachi, Aquaba, Oman, yeah . . .
Curtis, John (Jack Or Curt)MM2Nov 1974 – Dec 1975mWorked in aft engineroom from November 1974 to December 1975.
Ken, RowanEN3Nov 4, 1974 – Apr 5, 1976Engineman AC&R shopWhat an experience. Still stay in contact PC John Peasley. Got some great pictures from the time on board. The reunions are great thanks to Arnet and his staff's hard work. A ship like no other. What a different time.
Mathias, Mikee-2Nov 10, 1974 – Dec 10, 1975to long ago to remember/ I think it was 2nd divisionCashman was the senior bosn mate
Williamson, James/willieENFNDec 1974 – Dec 1975One hell of a experience. I would not take anything for it.
Brankin, PaulOS31975 – 1976OIEnjoyed my tour. Visited some very exotic locals. Still remember my first crossing of the equator!
Cook, JerrySN1975 – 1977Deck
Stump, Harrysignalmansecondclass1975 – 1977staffs lenny,call me 9124288557
McIntosh, SteveIC 31975 – 1976EI just found this site Dang I miss you men and Terry Queen You were a great boss
Smith, John W - SmittyBMSA1975 – 19761st Division - DeckGREAT TIMES In 1st Division. Returned for second tour 1979-80. Made BM2, then converted to DP2, DPC in 91 and retired 1995 with 20 yrs. Young, Bruno, Hoffman, Blankenship, Cantor, Cherokee where are you today??
Horowitz, EdSH3Jan 1975 – Jan 30, 1976Ship servicemanI remember Teddy Lackey, Jerry Wooten, Peck, Goodrich. Toured the Middle East and Africa, The Seychelles. It was an interesting part of the world to get to understand the craziness that is the Middle east.
Slaikeu, Kevin (Sly)SNMar 6, 1975 – Oct 16, 1976DeckMy friends called me SLY i think of all of you each day of my life and miss you all. I remember Alot from my year there in Bahrain. the trips to the porchegees fort and starting a band on board, trips to karachi and the Philippines. SLY-Q
Savage, DavidE4Mar 9, 1975 – Mar 15, 1978ET
Graham, SteveCTO2Apr 1975 – Mar 1977COMIDEASTFOR SPINTCOMhighlights included son being born in local bahrain mission hospital, partying at the ncso club, exploring many interesting ports, and being re-enlisted on a camel by RADM Crowe who went on to be Chairman of Joint Chiefs later in his career.
Beebe, JamesGMGSNApr 1975 – May 19763rd
Bautista, LcSM1Apr 4, 1975 – Jun 1977cswould like to communicate with anyone who knew me. Dennis brian, Harry Stump, CWO Naverra, Pete Stevns and too many others to list here.
Gard, DavidCTO3Apr 21, 1975 – Apr 21, 1976COMIDEASTFOR StaffLive in San Diego, married since 1984. This was some of the best times and i didn't even know it at the time. A shout out to my ex shipmates !!
Sell, JohnSMSNMay 1975 – Jun 1976OpsHad great times on the white ghost. Bautista & Stump watched out for me & kept me out of trouble!!
Schutt, PatSHSNJun 1975 – Jun 1976SupplyMan......What a Culture Shock !! We spent allot of time in Subic Bay. Although, it was hot, we always had fun. Remember what AGF-3 Stands for "Always Getting F***ed 3 times a day". Wouldn't trade it for the world!!
Stubbs, KeithGMG3Jun 1975 – Jun 19763rd Come to a reunion if you can. Next one is planned for 2016 in Branson Mo.
Queen, TerryIC1Jun 19, 1975 – May 7, 1977EIt was a great adventure a lot of great friends I try to keep in touch with them. I live in TN now
Paul A Glaser, PaulSa2Jul 28, 1975 – Aug 1, 19762nd
Wood, GeorgeHT2Aug 1975 – Jul 1976Metal Shop / Carpenter ShopGood ship and crew. Did alot of good steaming and visited some very interesting places. Looking forward to the June 2004 reunion.
Walker, DavidEM1Sep 1975 – Oct 1976E1
Jensen, CliffordEWCSep 5, 1975 – Sep 1, 1977OIIf you liked traveling then this was the ideal tour. During my 2 year tour, we spent less than 150 days in port, Bahrain. It was an experience of a lifetime and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Caldwell, MarkBTFNSep 15, 1975 – Sep 15, 1976#2 Boiler roomCame on board in Bahrain, 120 deg out. The officer of the deck ask me what I wanted to be, MM or BT, before I could answer I was a BT. Are you out there: Ski, Gentile, Mac,"Rosie", Zinzer, Hendrickson or Zachery Floyd? GOOD TIMES!
Caldwell, Mark profile iconBTFNSep 15, 1975 – Sep 15, 1976BCame on board in Bahrain, 120 deg out. The officer of the deck ask me what I wanted to be, MM or BT, before I could answer I was a BT. Are you out there: Ski, Gentile, Mac,"Rosie", Zinzer, Hendrickson or Zachery Floyd? GOOD TIMES!
Hoffman, BrianBM3Sep 15, 1975 – Sep 14, 1976DeckGreat times on the "Great White Ghost",its on experience I'll never forget.From Iran,Sri Lanka,the time the King of Jordan came to tour the ship in Jordan.Yeman,Sudan,Philippines,Thailand..Pakistan.A million stories!!!
Justin, ChrisBTFNOct 17, 1975 – Nov 20, 1976BI remember arrivng at the LaSalle that night.The boilers were down due to contaminated feedwater.It was very hot that night.Everyone was sleeping on deck.My first shipboard breakfast was cold beans and water.Overall,I liked the LaSalle.
Harston, AlbertMMCMOct 25, 1975 – Oct 25, 1977MInteresting tour. Wonder what happened to LT Peyton. Made Adm. Crowe a Shellback. He was a real gentleman and a good sport. Capt Troutman was an excellent CO. Elsie said life on the Island was an experience and we were still the dart champs.
Cromer, LloydCTM2Oct 25, 1975 – Nov 29, 1976StaffThe LaSalle was my first ship, and had some great memories. Going to Subic was the highlight, as I met my future wife, and have been together ever since. I worked with some great sailors and made many friends.
Gilbreath, HalDTSNNov 1975 – Dec 1976Dental/MedAmazing experience. we had a great crew, lots of good people. Remember our trip to the Seychelles? Awesome; Thanks to all of you for your comraderie for this hayseed from Arizona!!
Heaton, Arthurradioman third classNov 1, 1975 – Aug 11, 1976RadiomanIf anyone wants to communicate First duty ship, went to Subic Bay for ship yard repair, Bahrain was very different for home port.
Cartagena, BillEN-2Dec 28, 1975 – Dec 30, 1976THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!
Trent, LarryFNDec 29, 1975 – Jan 4, 1976M

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