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USS La Salle (AGF 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS La Salle (AGF 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1290 crew members registered for the USS La Salle (AGF 3).

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Johnson, RoyRM2 Petty Officer 2nd Class1967 – 1970CommunicationsSome good memories
Strow, DennisET1May 15, 1967 – Sep 15, 1967Electronics
Stein, CarlENS/LT(JG)Jun 1967 – Feb 28, 19692nd, 3rd2nd Division then Weapons Division Officer. Detached in Med to serve as NGLO, 10th Marines, 2nd MARDIV. Retired CAPT, MSC, USN in September 2001.
Young, Richard "Lucky"E-3/SNNov 29, 1967 – May 28, 1971FirstWorked in Sail Locker; made Sally Gal Rough & Ready Flag; Macnamara Lace for Quarterdeck.
Correll, BillyETN2Dec 20, 1967 – Sep 27, 1969I enjoyed my tour on the LaSalle. She was LPD 3 while I was aboard. I remember the Med Cruise of 1968 very well.
Correll, BillyETN2Dec 30, 1967 – Sep 27, 1969OEI experienced Med Cruise, North Atlantic Cruise, and Carribean Cruise while aboard the LaSalle. Enjoied my service time on the LaSalle!
Baker, Doc (Dental)DT21968 – 1969FMF Med cruise, attached to jarheads.first dental tech aboard, helped w/ construction of the dental operatory, cleaned a bunch of teeth. Worked w/ Doc Adams. my only time aboard ship in 7/8/23 years service. Outstanding Duty, Thanks.
Finney, BillMM31968 – 1971englobal I spent 3 yrs.9 mts 11 days onboard LPD 3 in #1 engine rm, Loved it all. Whatever happened to the veMass brothers, Jim Holden Kevin Russel??? I would love to here from them.
Cole, Ernestsm21968 – Apr 12, 1969operationsI was on board for a med cruise,made first class but got out before sewing n "crow" would liuke to know if Ratliffe sm1 and weathington sm1 are still alive
Lewandowski, Jerry ...emfn1968 – Jun 1, 1970E
Burkett, KennethSeamanFeb 15, 1968 – Feb 15, 19682ndLooking for shipmate Matthew LeBarron USS LASALLE LPD-3 2nd Div around years 67 to 70
Gossett, MichaelPC3Jun 1968 – Jan 1970PersonnelMed. 68-69 Med. 69-7- Mid-shipman to England - Germany 69
Cooksey, Jr., James E.RM3Jun 1, 1968 – Aug 10, 1969Commications
Powell, JimmyfnAug 1968 – May 1972BT
Rhoades, DustyCS-3Aug 8, 1968 – May 8, 1971commisarywas in first division for a year then became a cook i knew just about everyone on the ship. i have contacted 180 crew from 68 to 71 please contact me foe names most likely i have them.
Helfter, Michael/mikeSF-3Oct 25, 1968 – Jan 10, 1972R (Shipfitter Shop )Spent nearly 3 1/2 Years on this Ship
Martin, JimE-41969 – 1970Shipfitter shop
Longnecker, WillardYN1969 – 1972AdministrationI served onboard in the Admin office, Personnel, Legal, and lithographer. I also operated the TV camer in the studio onboard ship. Loved the ship and enjoy the cruises in the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East.
Klemm, BillEnsign-LTjg1969 – 1972E, A, M, B Divs in that orderJoined ship in Malta during Med 69-71. Made Carrib deployment, MPA for Overhaul in Philly. Transf to Norfolk Naval Shpyd as Ship Supt and Docking Off for her conversion to 5th Fleet Flagship.
Jenkins, ArtEM3Mar 8, 1969 – Nov 10, 1970Electrical
Parker, AllenBM3Mar 10, 1969 – Jun 8, 1972firstmy greatest memory is bm1 garris.he drove everyone nuts; but he was the best bm in the navy.i often wonder what happened tohim
Forbes, KeithEN2Mar 15, 1969 – Jun 15, 1972AGood crew, the ship wass a LPD-3 at the time. Remember Bm1 Garrison playing his banjo below deck. Enjoyed the time there.
Hamby, Bobby D.MM3Apr 1969 – Jan 1972M
Jenkins, ArtFIREMANMay 1969 – Nov 1970ELECTRICAL
Stedman, SamEM2Aug 1, 1969 – Dec 3, 1970Electrical
Smith, WilliamENS/LTJGNov 19, 1969 – May 5, 1971VMed cruise, Caribbean cruises, great times. Served under Captains Hanson and Maynard. Tons of memories, but above all others, I remember the men I served with -- some of the greatest guys in the world.
Christiano, Bill (Tater)RD3/OS31970 – 1973OII served with a great bunch of guys. The Philly drydock. Sailing to Bahrain. Emerald Shellback ceremony, port and starboard duty. Captain's mass; extended mess cooking. Kenya safari; Seychelles; Singapore; Diego Garcia
Hicks, Glenn (Grit)RM21970 – May 1972Communications Would like to hear from shipmates during his time. Anybody remember dropping the crew's VW van off deck steaming into Chesapeake Bay after cruise ? Celebrities Ginger Rogers & strong man Paul Anderson visiting us ?
Whitaker, Roosevelt "Candyman"SH-31970 – Dec 1972SupplyMy second ship after the U.S.S. Muliphen but by far my best memories of my time in the navy. Came aboard after making SH3 & worked the ships stores & the laundry. Great times that I will always remember with a smile.
Wilson, Rickie / Slick-rickE-3 ABFJan 1970 – Jun 1972V (Avation Fuels)Had some great times on the Sall
Howard, MikeSNFeb 1, 1970 – Sep 30, 1970Command StaffI was part of COMPHIBRON 8, CO was Capt. J.G. Now. We made a Caribbean cruise and participated in some amphib exercises with the Dutch navy. Had a great time.
Moss, PhilE5/ETApr 1970 – Mar 1972OperationsI arrived on the LaSalle after her last Med cruise and made 2 or 3 Caribbean cruses. I worked in the electronics group and was in charge of the transmitters. I met many good folks. I now live in Alabama.
Powers, Terence (Terry)GMG3Jun 1970 – Oct 21, 19713rd
Smith, William T profile iconMM2Jun 12, 1970 – Sep 30, 1973M DivisionWorked in No.2 Engine room
Daley, JohnETR3Sep 1970 – Aug 1972OperationsLasalle was first ship after 2 yrs in Great Lakes. Worked on SPS-40 radar. The food was great compared to the rest of the Navy. Spent 2 cruises in Caribian. Was part of the first all white painting in Portsmouth. Working in NAVSEA in DC.
Peterson, PerrinMM2Oct 1970 – Apr 1972EngineeringGator Fleet, 'Nam era, Shakedown cruise, Lifers, Gitmo, misery, Philly dry dock, Veagus Island, no civvies, Haitian Revolution, Me in Main Control, my twin in the after engineroom, a helocopter pilot and a radioman all from Caribou, Maine!
Turner, CharlesSM 4Dec 24, 1970 – Oct 20, 1972signalmanI made the Carribean Cruise with a great bunch of sigs. I made E-4 on paper right out of the reserves to active duty but had a heck of a time with flashing light, semaphore and flag hoist; E-3 Rich Houser should have been my boss!
Nally, TomABH21971 – 1972V
Frees, LarryEN31971 – 1972AProud member of A division. Hey, it wasn't our fault we lost the motor launch in the worst seas I've ever seen! It was found by a frighter several weeks later.
Jewell, GregYN31971 – 1974OIThe more years that go by the better the memories from the OKI Boat. Great to hear from shipmates.
Aponte, Merq ChicoE-3 BM1971 – 19722nd DivisionI CAME ON BOARD IN Philadelphia, i met ( candyman,from Hunts Point) I'm also looking to hear from freddy- moo moo, skip harris, nick crowder, sweatback turner , cowboy , shorty hodges, joe sambito, Duffy,
Lucas, ScottETR3Jan 2, 1971 – Jun 15, 1973OEAboard for the LPD3 to AGF3 conversion. The trip around Africa to Bahrain was the memory of a lifetime! Loved all the exotic places and adventures. Left LaSalle for the USS Raleigh LPD-1. Discharged 1975. Now an electrical engineer for the FAA in NH.
Kauffman, Donald E. Jr.E-4 YEOMAN THIRD CLASSJan 4, 1971 – Mar 20, 1972Personal office/ Information and education office Went on 2 shake down cruises to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and on one South American cruise. Worked with alot of nice guys, my boss was Ens Harry Marten (Happy). Really enjoyed my time onboard and have lots of memories and had good times.
Kauffman, DonYEOMAN SECOND CLASSJan 4, 1971 – May 29, 1972personnel
Tomaio, JohnMM3Jun 1971 – Oct 1972M (deep hole snipe)I was a 'founding member' of that Greenfields Band (drums). Terrific time and saw the world but the engine room ain't much fun! Let's do the re-union in October of '08, eh? The band will be playing! ...after all, it&#039
Lease, BarryBMCJun 2, 1971 – Aug 24, 19721stWent aboard when she was an Haze Gray LPD and left her in the Persian Gulf as a white AGF,BM1 to BMC this tour
Hill, DennisSA/PN strikerSep 1971 – Jun 1972administrationThough I was only there for a year I met people I will never forget. Longnecker, you gave me a start. PC Goose what a blast and PC Lester a good friend. Remember GITMO. I moved on to the America CVA66. Always a gator
Caulfield, JohnFNOct 22, 1971 – Nov 6, 1972E DivI went aboard Lasalle as LPD 3 and brought her to the Persian Gulf in '72 as AGF-3 . Cruised to Muscat, Karachi, Iran,Seychelles and Maritius before heading home.
Lucas, RussellHNSNNov 1, 1971 – Jan 1, 1973Deck and Hospital decksI wondere whatever happened to my friend Mike Aaron
Hower, DennisQM3Nov 19, 1971 – Aug 1973NavigationWent through shipyard turning her into the Great White Ghost of the Arabian Coast. Also rode her from Norfolk to Bahrain when no one had ever even heard of Bahrain. An experience I'll never forget. A great bunch of guys
Bibby, DavidSADec 1971 – Nov 19722nd Division
Lucas, RussellHNSNDec 1, 1971 – May 1, 1973Deck and Hospital Corps
Dunne, JohnE-3Dec 1, 1971 – Mar 15, 19732nd & X DivWorked in 2nd Div most of my tour the in the Post Office
Lemieux, Wilfred (Frenchie)FIREMANDec 24, 1971 – Mar 18, 1973M

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