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USNS Bridge (T-AOE 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USNS Bridge (T-AOE 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 134 crew members registered for the USNS Bridge (T-AOE 10).

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Goan, DarrenGsm32002 – 2004EngineeringWould have been a great experience if I didn't date a backstabbing bitch who cheated on me with half the ship and lied about it the two years we were together!
Coy, AndrewBMJan 2002 – Jun 2004Deck
Garrett, MarquitaSH3Jan 11, 2002 – Dec 7, 2002S-3I hate that my stay on the Bridge was not longer. I enjoyed the experience, the job, and the people! I miss you all. Many Blessings -Garrett
Owens, ShawnIT1 (SW)Feb 8, 2002 – Jul 1, 2005OCJust trying to stay in contact with old shipmates.
Funk, JasonBM2Feb 8, 2002 – Jun 10, 2004Deck / 2ndA Great ship and fun times!
Maher, BrandenGM1Feb 28, 2002 – Sep 1, 2003s 6out of the 1 1/2 i was on there, we were deployed for 10 months of it but i made alot of friends on there i won't forget
Cook, MichaelE-5/OS2(SW/AW)Mar 6, 2002 – Apr 14, 20041st/ OIO1What can I say.. I learned alot from both deck and OI division. Alot of time at sea but memories that will last forever. hit me up if in the norfolk area
Delaura, RonnieE3Apr 1, 2002 – Apr 1, 2003MPI made great friends on this ship and it was intregal to me growing up at ages 18 and 19 then. I am glad I got to meet all of you and hope to run into you again.
Johnson, RonOS2(SW)May 20, 2002 – Jun 1, 2004OIWell what can I say. I had a great time on the Bridge. Even though it was not my 1st ship but I will have even more memories of the crew and friends. Thanks Bridge for the fun.
Ruthart, JessicaEM3May 29, 2002 – Mar 22, 2004EI had to edit this a bit, because a lot of things have changed. Partying is what I did a lot of onboard, but I also met a lot of awesome people. A lot of crazy times, but a lot of hard lessons learned as well.
Coop, EricLTJun 10, 2002 – Jun 29, 2004RASE/2NDMy two divisions seem to have the better representation on this forum. My ship took some fuel from BRIDGE in Jan. A tad sentimental. I will post some photos when they're developed. I hope all is going well at your current assignments. GO SWO!
Delgado, FabrienneET2Jun 20, 2002 – Jun 29, 2004OPs/OE//
Sparks, JeremyE-3 SEAMANJun 21, 2002 – Jun 22, 2004RaseI had a great time on the bridge I miss the people I worked with real crazy but true. I will always remember the good times i had on it. I love you all write me
Murray, AdasaGSM3Aug 2002 – Mar 2003MPI'm moving to Germany to live with Crystal Bennett and Jesse Martin. If anyone wants to get a hold of me before I move in June email me.
Rodriguez, RichardLIEUTENANTOct 3, 2002 – Apr 6, 2004OperationsI was the Operations Officer. There is also a group on Facebook!
Totten, Tara "Tt"EN3Nov 2002 – Jun 2004Athis was by far the best command that i was attatched to while in the navy. i will never forget (most of) the friends i made or (most of) the experiences i had.
Anderson, AndyIT2Nov 23, 2002 – Jun 27, 2004OC 01whats up. great times and fond memories.
Davis, JoshCTT2 (SW)Nov 24, 2002 – Jun 24, 2004OI02Hit up the e-mail if you want. Hope everything is good with ya'!
Valdez, CarlosSNFeb 5, 2003 – Jan 3, 2004RASEI'll never forget RASEdiv. and Deck in general. I miss the whole crew form RASE div. I have memories for the rest of my life.
Alfonso, HollyBMSNJul 2003 – 20042nd deckThis was my second command! This is where I started to really learn my rate and realized I was meant to be a BM!
Kirby, ThomasHM3Oct 28, 2003 – Jun 29, 2004MedicalEnjoyed serving aboard this girl, even though for a short period, she was my first ship. I wish the crew good luck and hope to see some of you shipmates in the future.
Singh, ChrisSK3Dec 27, 2003 – Jan 9, 20041stI had the best time on the Bridge. I was lucky to be apart of this great crew. Thanks to my boys in 1st Division. I learned alot from you all. West Pac was good times. If anyone is in San Diego, shoot an email. Peace! Singh Singh
Smith, JayIT1(SW)May 12, 2005 – May 12, 2006N31Hey I'm coming to the Bridge and need some contact info.
Faddis, MichaelOS2(SW)Mar 1, 2006 –N7Im coming to the Bridge in March and need some contact info. Can anyone help me out?
Cardon, ShaneITC(SW)/E7Jul 1, 2006 –I have orders to USNS Bridge, would like to see if anyone has any contact info.
Harton, AnterrioIT2(SW)Oct 6, 2006 –I will be joining the USNS Bridge in OCT after "C" school.

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