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USNS Supply (T-AOE 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USNS Supply (T-AOE 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 243 crew members registered for the USNS Supply (T-AOE 6).

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Feledy, Joan/boiler BettyGSM2/E5Jan 1997 – Apr 2002MP - plankownerLooking for anyone from the crew who remembers me -- loved the supply had an awesome time in that ship and with the crew -- so many people I'd like to contact or hear from
London (Chase-hill), ElisaE3-E5 (LS)Feb 1997 – Aug 1999Supply/S11st cmd and the best of my career! Part of the first 30 females onboard back in '97. That was a trip. Learned had to be a REAL SK. Met & married the love of my life & the best BM in the fleet, now BM1(SW) Toney London!
Debill, BrianPC3/E4Apr 1, 1997 – May 1, 2001Post OfficeAt times I still miss being out on the open sea watching the stars on the Fantail.
Ruffino, Anthony profile iconht 3Jul 1997 – Dec 2000R div/
Riggs, AndrewLTAug 1997 – Feb 2000ChaplainGreetings from CH Riggs. I have a lot of good memories being on Supply. We had a great crew and ship. I miss the times onboard. I was also an Army chap 2001-07. Now am a pastor of 2 churches in Ohio.
Batz, RaymondLCDRAug 12, 1997 – Aug 31, 1999MEDICAL "H"My first ship, my first deployment... a great opportunity to learn from some great people.
Evancho, BarryOS2Aug 15, 1997 – Jul 16, 2000OIStill in currently in CENTCOM mcdill airforce base, Thanks for everything OI Div you are the best
Falcon, VincentGSM1Sep 8, 1997 – Sep 8, 1999MPWas a fireman when i reported there. Hi to Gerry, Raffy, Jimbee, Chris, Dennis, Lipo, Puno, Herold, Jimmy and Pete!!!
Sias, AdamHM1Oct 5, 1997 – Jul 12, 2001MEDICAL "H"Great tour aboard a great ship!
Pace, DavidGSM2Oct 16, 1997 – Jun 20, 1999MPStill the best ship I have ever served on in 22 years
Jensen, ScottMRCNov 1997 – Jul 2001RGreat tour.
Wheeler, NathanBM3Nov 15, 1997 – Jan 15, 20011st, 2ndNOPE
Perreras, RizaSK3Dec 10, 1997 – Dec 20, 19992NDIt was da best yrs of my life...looking back it juz gives me a smile on my FIRST on everything.i hope i cld get in touch with u a PHARMACIST now here n california...holla at me...213.344.6359
London, T-loAOE-6POPPIN\'Dec 24, 1997 – May 24, 20011st and Rase (Replenishment - at - sea - Experts)...was my first and most memorable command. learned alot from "Real Boatswain's Mates". Thank you Simon and Vacc. Met and married the most beautiful woman SK2(SW/AW)Elisa London. Currently a BM2(SW) stationed in N'folk.
Smith, RobEM31998 – 2001
Gray, DerstinSHSNJan 2, 1998 – Dec 13, 1998S-3I miss being on the old IKE.......some of the best times I had were on the MED CRUISE of 98
St.clair, JohnnyOS2(SW)Apr 1998 – Oct 1999OI
Rebecca, BrownGM3Apr 2, 1998 – Dec 2, 2000GUNNERS MATEBEST TIME IN MY LIFE. I MISS ALL OF YOU!!!!
Pace (Gmiterek)(fyfe), LaylaEN3 / EN2 (SW)May 28, 1998 – Aug 16, 2001A Gang
Persaud, JoeENC (SW)/ENCS (SW)Jun 6, 1998 – Jan 1, 2001RASE?DECK LCPOGreetings Shipmates.
Miffin, RichEn3 (SW)Jul 1, 1998 – May 4, 2001A GangMemories. I remembered we had to clean the oil out of the 3608 Caterpillar Diesel Engine Enclosure and it was a hot mess about a whole tractor trailer load of diesel oil that just spilled out of the engine because a pump
Mosch, MarkE-7 / HTCJul 11, 1998 – Jan 16, 2001Cargo FuelsIt was a great tour!
Fisher, StephenDT3Aug 17, 1998 – Mar 8, 2000DENTALHad a great tour on the Supply. I got out of the Navy in Jul 05 and now work as a Federal Employee at the National Naval Medical Center.
Allen III, William, Bill, Woody.DCFNOct 28, 1998 – Jul 20, 2001ENGINEERINGThanks for the good times. Our Crew was the best. You are the most Beautiful Women in the world. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. PEACE
Burnett, Obadiah0-2Nov 21, 1998 – Apr 17, 2001ExecutiveDoes anyone remember when the USS-SUPPLY was (dead in the water (DIW) in the water around Yemen around the same time the USS-Cole was blasted?
Brine, Matthew - Cornbread Or SaltyFC31999 – 2000OperationsI got seasick ALOT but I loved the job. I miss the job. I loved the people.
Cephus, ShannaSNJan 15, 1999 – May 13, 20012ND
Brown (Cooksey), JillET1Apr 1999 – Feb 2003OE
Reece, KevinDCCS (RET)Jul 1, 1999 – Jun 1, 2001R DivThe ship I retired from. Good times and a good Mess. Currently working at the VA Hospital Iowa City, Iowa as a Boiler Plant Operator
Garcia, FelipeBM2Oct 10, 1999 – 20012ND DIVWhat a great ship ! This what the type of ship you learned your rate! Awsome ship to serve on. send me a email if you remember me .I retired in 1010 as a BMCS. I hope to hear from you.
Bueno, Mirella/mickeySMSNNov 1999 – Feb 2001OperationsNothing compares to the rough sea winds and the RED FALLING MOON. Miss the crew.Ask me and I would tour again.
Steinbach, FrankLCDRNov 1, 1999 – Jun 1, 2001OPSOFavorite tour in the Navy. Gassen em up and sendin them on their way! You guys gave it up everyday and kept the fleet (GWBG) going!
Mills, TyrenE-2Nov 18, 1999 – Apr 18, 2001RASE
Vergara, VernonJan 10, 2000 – Jun 13, 2001ChaplainGreetings from your "Rappin" Chaps. Supply and her crew is still close to my heart.
Stewart, DevonneE-2Feb 2000 –3
Duncan, Leron profile iconSm3Feb 16, 2000 – Jun 2001Operation Good memories. Fun times
Colbert, Corwin/ KcoriSNMar 4, 2000 – Mar 22, 20011stBest ship I have been on. I am a JO3 now. There are militaryy personnel onboard how did they get orders on a USNS Ship.
Amanhyia, AlexanderPS2/E5Mar 15, 2000 – Jun 10, 20012ndThe best ever tour I have had so far. I will always remember the experience I had onboard.
Tate, ThomasBM1(SW/AW)Apr 2000 – Feb 20011stIts a shame that BM are losing part of our hertiage. Finally made LDO, NOV 2003
White II, JesseE-3 Apr 4, 2000 – May 15, 2003RASEMiss these days
Pickard, "Larry" LawrenceSMC(SW)Apr 10, 2000 – Jul 15, 2001OCMEDCRUIS JUN 00 TO DEC 00. Last ship I ever served on! I retired in July 2001 and she was decommissioned. By far one of the Best CO and XO combinations I ever served with and a great Chief's Mess. Ahh nothing like Earle in the Winter!
Urioste, AlET2(SW/AW)Jul 23, 2000 – Jan 13, 2003OperationsBest experience in my entire enlistment! People I'll never forget, and places I'll always remember. ET's rule!
Hopkins-harrington, Natacha (Tasha)EW3Sep 10, 2000 – Jun 1, 2001Operations

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