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USNS Concord (T-AFS 5) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USNS Concord (T-AFS 5). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 242 crew members registered for the USNS Concord (T-AFS 5).

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Thompson, JosephHT2/HT11972 – 1975R-Div.Well I guess the Grey Grape was never a USS type ship. On board in the mid-70's and worked in the carpenter shop with HT1 Samples and company, great times fond memories, made HT1 and went back to the TIN CAN Navy.
Darrell Pauley, Darrell PauleySM-3Jan 1972 – Jul 1975OC DivisionHave a lot of good memories and good times on the Concord.
Harrison, RobertDP-3Mar 23, 1972 – Feb 19, 1974Supply
Pauley, DarrellSM3Mar 24, 1972 – Jul 20, 1975OCLooking for old shipmates during that time
Ferguson, RickGMG3Jun 26, 1972 – Jun 25, 1975D-3Best time ever! Some great guys...Toof, Muldowney, Gamba, Fox to mention a few.
Carley, Mark RE-3Sep 1972 – Jun 1974D-2
Huff, DannyET 1Oct 1972 – Jul 1976OpsThis time frame only stayed in Norfolk little over 3months Haze Grey and UnderWay was very true. Met many fine people and the experience has served me well. Retired USNR.
Toof, BobYN3Oct 20, 1972 – Jun 26, 1975Personnel Officeone of the best experiences of my life, made great friends, Dave Muldowney,Buck Slater, Jim Gallagher, Chief Creech, Jim Hinson, Paul Morris, Dan & Jim Jones,Steve Bata, Bob Texiera, Rick Ferguson, Tom Fox, Larry Parkhurst
Daesch, Kurt V.SK2Nov 1972 – Jun 27, 1975S-2Was Hold Captain of 1 and 3 at various times. Was Tabacco King on one of my 3 Med cruises. Was on the aborted bi-centennial cruise. Won't forget the one-month "reefer" run that turned into 4 1/2 months. Remember Dog, Ski, Smitty, Press,
Parkhurst, LarryYN3Nov 1972 – Jul 1975Personnel Office
Slater, BuckYN3Dec 1972 – Jul 18, 1975Ships OfficeDid Separations, Reenlistments and Discharges in 1974 and 1975. Worked with Bob Toof, Jim Gallager, Chief Creech, Steve Beta, Chief Howard and others. AFS-5 (Always F---ing Steaming)
Roush, MartySK3Dec 27, 1972 – Aug 15, 1975S-2Assigned to cargo hold 4. Also some time in Hold 2. Those were the good old days with many ports with good friends. Remember Fred D, Bill V, Kurt, Tom C., Bob Colbert and many others. So sad to see the great lady go.
Texiere, Robert / Texsk31973 – 1975s2made alot of great friends, hope to hear from you.
McGowan, Donald / MacKDP31973 – 1977SupplyWorked in the Supply department, ran UREP on old computer system. Did Med cruise.
Sikes, LutherOS 3Jun 12, 1973 – Aug 15, 1976operations intelligencewould like a reunion
Regina, JohnOSSN-OS3Nov 17, 1973 – Jan 15, 1975OI /OPSFirst Ship and beggining of 31 year career. Retiering on 1 Oct 2003 and now a Merchant Marine 2nd Officer. Not the happiest of my navy career but i learned alot.
Booher, ThomasBM11974 – 19791STLooking for Bill (Billy Boot) Barnes was div officer.Does anyone remember the fire in Palma
Bonner, MerleHT1Aug 1974 – Jul 1976R-DivWorked in Shipfitter and Capenter Shops. Enjoyed my time aboard.
Lania, JoeSEAMANSep 12, 1974 – Jul 7, 1977Deck - canvas shop (sidecleaners)Great experience, great people onboard. Loved the med trips and the USN paid for my college. Only good memories of this ship and my time there.
Rose, Franke-3 [seaman ]Oct 13, 1974 – Feb 14, 1975deckforce wish i had those years back,went to gitmo,& to port everglades.for our open ship,in 11-74 then back to norfolk,va to get ready for our 75 med cruise.
Soilis, Frank (Greek)SNOct 23, 1974 – Dec 7, 1975deck - life boatsBest tour of duty, made great friends, .Joe Lania where are you.
Jemmings, Ed profile iconFTG31975 – 1977WeaponsDuty on this ship sucked. Went on to the McCloy FF1038 then instructor duty where FT's didn't spend their life on a helo fire party or driving a fork truck. Best day of my life was getting transferred off this POS.
Stanton, EugeneDP1Jan 1975 – Jan 1978S-1Never forget the trip to Concord Mass for the bi-cententennial celebration but ran into heavy seas and sustained damage forcing us back to Norfolk for repairs. Teddy Gaskill commanding. Lotta seasick folks on that trip.
Chinofsky, Art A.k.a. ChinoMM3Oct 1975 – Jun 1979A-GANGi am living in Cottonwood,Arizona
Boykin, LarryOS3Dec 2, 1975 – Sep 15, 1976OPS and DeckSon Just got out of Navy Boot. Made me stop and think about my time in the Navy. Didn't know this website existed, but glad it does. Still working for the government (Air Force Civ service).
Munson, DavidSK2Mar 1976 – Jul 1976S-1
Deck, Bill profile iconPN2Mar 1976 – Dec 1978Personnel OfficeUpdated enlisted personnel records. Captains phone talker during replenishments and getting underway. Assisted JO during CCTV and Captains call. Tough life. Good memories. Smoking camel chips on the French Riviera HAHA
Reese, BarryMM3Jun 1976 – Dec 1978A-Div then J-Div
Grycuk, JoeBT 3Jun 19, 1976 – Jun 26, 1978A Divison Boat Shop
Zuckerman, Nick (Z)BTFNJul 19, 1976 – Jul 7, 1978Engineering
Vincent, Marc (Rudy)E21977 – 1978SupplyIs anyone still around who was there..
Duggar, JamesE-31977 – 1979WOW. I am so glad I found this page. I remember the Capt. Otto Wells. I wa there helping to fight the fire, someone stole money and also was there when someone damaged the cargo reefers 3 days out of Rota Spain.
Lindgren, WillE21977 – 1978D1Didn't spend long aboard, too young and problems with authority and discipline. Had a life changing experience in Capri. I've often wondered what happened to those I served with. Hope life has been good to all.
Beindorf, JimE-5/EMJul 2, 1977 – Mar 24, 1979E-divisionShe was a great ship and hindsight it was great duty!
Brittingham, RobertLT.Aug 1977 – Oct 1980Ships Ist. LT.Really enjoyed this ship. Had a great Deck Department.
Stokes, DuaneET2Oct 1977 – Jan 1981OPS3 Med Cruises, 1 rebuild at the Philly Yards (but I was on the Soap team in Portsmouth) and 1 REFTRA at Gitmo. Even got the privelage of fighting the Palma fire. Have lots of photos too. Haze gray and underway! Cheers to everyone who served on her!
Goomishian, Greg//goomiSNOct 2, 1977 – May 15, 1979d1
Jacobson, RobertEM1978 – Jun 17, 1981E/STREAMWas a great way to see the Med I was the one that went down hold two elevator.
Whorley, JoeHT31978 – 1980RepairWorked with Bernie H., Tony V., Andy C., Joe I., in the Repair Div. greatest days of my life and was too young to appreciate it. Duane Stokes I remember you and all of those pictures you use to take.
Galcatcher, MikeOS31978 – 1981OPSWhat great memories.The christain fellowship changed my life.Hope to hear from any old crew member.
Galcatcher, MikeOS31978 – 1981OPSHope to hear from the fellowship that was onboard Concord.
Powell, DonGMGSN1978 – 1980Hello all, I see a few names here I still remember!!
Roach, ThomasGMG3Jan 5, 1978 – Sep 5, 1981
Kilpela, DaleEM3Aug 1, 1978 – Oct 1, 1981StreamI really had some great memories of the Concord. Two great med cruises.
Roach, ThomasGMG3Sep 9, 1978 – Sep 9, 1981Weapons
Schunke, Mike, P.c.PC3Nov 25, 1978 – Jun 7, 1980XNHey ya'll...Anybody hear anything David Beagle, Bert Bosley or "Buster Cherry", still remember the cherry grams on the med stuff!! Still married to my girl from Malaga, Spain and living in Florida..

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