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USNS Concord (T-AFS 5) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USNS Concord (T-AFS 5). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 242 crew members registered for the USNS Concord (T-AFS 5).

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Yoho, FrankieMM20000 – Jul 16, 1988streamlots of fun and a lot of good memoies sure miss the old stream team
Morgan, BillSK31968 –Supply
Raskin, RichardSHB31968 – 1970S3I am a plank owner. I served as the ship's barber from 1968 to 1970
Parmenter, RichardEN31968 – 1970A-GANG--RefrigerationPlank Owner,commissioning crew-1st cruise to Med
Cook, MikeMM1968 – 1970 APlank owner
Mahoney, Joemm21968 – 1970AReefers
Hale, AllanSHB31968 – 1969S3Plank owner and one of the ships Barbers 68 to 69 transferred to The USS Annapolis AGMR1
Niekro, TonySk 31968 – 1971SupplyPlank owner, advance supply team. Worked in hold 4. Was mess decks records keeper at time of separation. Lots of great memories. Med cruises and gitmo. Would love to hear from old shipmates.
Ryan, Ralph DeanSK-2Jan 1968 – Sep 4, 1971Worked Out Of Hold 5 My Entire Time On Board
Bozek, MichaelBM2Jun 6, 1968 – Dec 30, 19681ST DIVISION DECKOrginal Plank owner. Attended school for new fast high tension rigs. I was one who directed the first helo from Sylvania to land on flight deck of Concord. I was on USS Slyvania AFS2 for 2 years and was on flight deck during replenishmen
Lendman, John2ND CLASS POJun 12, 1968 – Mar 12, 1970SupplyI worked in the Computer Department. I ran the Univac 1004. We were delployed to the Med. for 7 months. I also am a Plank owner, as I was one of the first crews of the Concord. I was at the christen in Longbeach Ca. We also sailed the ship around NF.
Hillesland, GordonGMG3Jul 1968 – Jun 12, 19703rdThe ship received the award for the best chow in the fleet. We marched in the Patriot's Day Parade at Concord, Mass., experienced ORI at GITMO and did 6 months in the Med.
Larsen, StevenDP2Jul 1968 – Feb 1970S2I am a plank owner was part of the commissioning crew in 1968 and served to 1970. Worked in the computer department. Christened the ship in Long Beach and brought her to Norfolk. Was on the first med cruse.
Dekeris, VincentBM2Jul 20, 1968 – May 15, 1971I was part of precommissioning crew and ran a forward replenishing station. .I boarded the ship in California and was part of the crew bringing it to the east coast at Norfork ,Virginia.This ship was a 24hr work horse for many of the crew.
Terrasi, SalEM 2Jul 29, 1968 – Dec 22, 1970EAm a plankowner. Reported at San Diego shipyard. Commissioned at Long Bch, Cal. Passed thru Panama Canal to report to homeport at Norfolk, Va. Shakedown at Guantanamo, then reported on detail to Naples, Italy.
Heberle, JohnYN2Aug 22, 1968 – May 28, 1969Was a seaman at the time and was part of the commissioning crew at Long Beach.
Larsen, N. StevenDP2Sep 1968 – Feb 1970
Moore, MarkPC3Sep 3, 1968 – Apr 20, 1970administrationI am a plank owner. I was part of the commissioning crew in 1968 and served to 1970. Enjoyed seeing the Med during my travel. I was a postal clerk on the ship
Gammell, RonSk3Sep 3, 1968 – Jul 3, 1970Supply division 2I was a plank owner aboard the uss concord AFS 5. worked in hold 3 For the 20 months I was aboard. Discharged from active duty July 1970.
Nicolli, RonBM2Sep 15, 1968 – Sep 10, 1970D2I was on the pre-commissioning crew in Long Beach and San Diego, Took the ship to Norfolk, Va and then on to Cuba and the Med.
Haeussler, DaveMM2Oct 1968 – Aug 1971MI am a plank owner and was one of the throttel men when we went through the Panama Canal. I was on the commissioning crew in San Diago and stayed with the ship until my tour was up. Worked in the engin room.
Music, JerryMM5Oct 1968 – Jan 4, 1972A
Lampp, StevenSK-3Dec 1968 – Jul 8, 1972S-2Worked in cargo office. Also in Hole #2. 3 Med, 2 Gitmo's and Scotland.
Datoc, ClydeTADec 1968 – Dec 1972S-3My first ship out of bootcamp. Plank owner.
Britt, Straud S. "steve" E5 BOILERMANJan 1, 1969 – Jan 1, 1970 BI am a plank owner and was on the ships first seatrials and cruise to the med. I would enjoy hearing from anyone that was sailing with me on that cruise. I would also like info. on a ships reunion and info about visiting the ship.
Williams, VicDC3Jun 1969 – Jun 1971ELoved the travel and the good friends.Nearly 200,000 nauticle miles in 2 years. This ship loved to steam.Any old friends who may see this please drop me a line.
Pappanastasiou, Anastasios Tom profile iconRM2CJun 1, 1969 – Aug 8, 1972OperationsBoarded just before departure first med Cruise. Radio Room crew remember Mirkes, Supernault, JJ Devlin.
Buchanan, Barry ( Buck)AM2Sep 14, 1969 – Mar 17, 1970HC-6I was Aircrew, attached to the Helicopter Squadron HC-6. I transferred from the Sylvania to the Concord in the Med when the Concord made its first deployment to replace the Sylvania. A great vacation with some casual work and a few moments
Marr, GaryRM31970 – 1973OperationsI served three and a half years on USS Concord. Met a lot of good guys and had many good times with them. Made several deployments to the Med to replenish the 6th fleet.
Medeiros, Earl LDC-21970 – 1972R- DivBest times and friends on the Concord.
Mull, TerryE-2Feb 1970 – Sep 1971D-1
Mitchell, Billy profile iconSK2May 1970 – Dec 1970Supply
John, SchuchterSK3May 15, 1970 – Mar 15, 1972S1Two Med cruises in less than two years, but was a great experience. Would like to hear from other crew members.
Wisniewski, AlanGMG2Jun 1970 – Sep 19733rd3 MED cruises, 2 GTMO, 1 Scotland. Great ship made alot of friends.
Graf, Leroy E.GMG3Jun 1970 – Feb 19723rdTwo Med cruises, Scotland, Gitmo, and lot of establishments with adult entertainment. IS IT SOUP YET?
Novakoski, MikeSK2 /E5Aug 1970 – Nov 1971S3Ship store operator when it was converted from window to walk in store
Orr, JimDP2Nov 1970 – Jul 1972S1Helped install the u1500 computer, Data Processing staff - Chief Bennet, DP1 Jim Ernsberger, DP2 Meeks, DP3 Dave Chilton, DP3 Foley, DP E3 Steve Cockran, DP E3 Kenny Smith, DS2 Dan Moore. Server on one full Med. Cruise. Sept - April of 72.
Redline, JimSK3Nov 12, 1970 – Aug 21, 1972S-1Looking back, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Great ship, division and buddies. From Malaga and Torremolinos to Glasgow, Palma, Gitmo and an adventure in Rome.
Martin, RobertEM2Dec 1970 – Sep 1971EI served during the Zumwalt era; the transition from the "old Navy" to the "new Navy". It was an unsettling time. I enjoyed the cruise to Scotland; it was one of the highlights of my time in the Navy.
Lyon, Garysn1971 – 1974deckbig gray and underway---- how true dam thing never stayed in one place to long !!! palma cuba naples rota just a few --- they were all good scotland not so good --- i got court marshiled (sp) there lol lol
Kroes, Randall (Randy)SMSN1971 – 1973OCHad great memories and served with a good bunch of guys.
Caruso, Joseph R.OS2Mar 1971 – Dec 1973opsbest ship I was ever on; made 4 med cruses.
Russell, StitesEN2May 7, 1971 – Dec 25, 1974A830 822 1760
Keith, FredLTSep 1971 – 1974NavigationGreat memories. Lots of steaming, good ports!

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