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USNS Shasta (T-AE 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USNS Shasta (T-AE 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 154 crew members registered for the USNS Shasta (T-AE 33).

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O'neill, DennisBM2 & BM11971 – 19761st & RASEShe was a good ship and was gratful for the growing up I had to do onboard her. Would like to hear from old shipmates. You can reach me at Fare Wind and Flowing Seas.
Lyon, Bill LyonGMG31971 –DeckHey all you plankowner Gm's or Ft's. Remember me? Drop me a line.
Ely, JerrySIGNALMANApr 10, 1971 – Apr 24, 1973CommunicationsI'm another plankholder. Boarded her in Charleston, played in Florida before taking her to Gitmo (Cuba) to train for Vietnam. Went thru the Canal to S. Amer, up to Acapulco and to California. Finally to Vietnam. VERY proud of the lady!
O'neill, DennisBM2 - BM1Aug 1971 – Jun 1976Deck - 1st - RASEI was part of the nuclius crew in Pascagoula, MS. I was in 1st. then later LPO of RASE. We use to cal her "Shasta Muru" & "You Had To Be Shasta To Ride This BUS". Some of you will remember that and how we got the bus.
Watt, BarryCS!- CSCNov 1971 – Dec 1973Supply I was in comm crew with a great bunch of guys,great ship great crew I was CPO in the Galley.
Dudley, Dudleyen3Nov 1, 1971 – Jul 10, 1975A-divgreat time on pre comission in MISS,SC, first west pack,the harter brother reunion in the gulf [hey jeff did we do it right] . any word on en1 danforth or maddog ?would like to here from any body that was in the A-GANG
Donlon, AndyQM1972 – 1973
Williams, TimRM31972 – 1975OCGreat time of my life. Great crew back then as well. We won back to back battle effficiency awards. Some of the best times of my life on the Shasta.
Starkey, PaulQM-31972 – 1975OperationsWhat a great time in my life. All thats left are fond memories and a good deal of pride.
Jansson, JayFTG2Jan 1972 – Feb 19733rd Gun Fire ControlPlankowner, was FT LPO, Charleston, Carribean cruise, SF outfit, load out in Concord and the first part of WestPac. Looking for FTG3 Clark, FTG3 Cambell, GMG3 Mull and HM3 Dux to help with a VA Claim. Welcome contact with all shipmates.
French, RogerPRCS (RETIRED)Jan 1, 1972 – Dec 31, 1972Deck/1stPre-Commissioning Crew, Plankowner, trans 12/72 for PR'A' School, then continued my Navy career in Aviation, until retirement in 7/92...Great ship and great career!
French, RogerPRCS (RETIRED)Jan 1, 1972 – Dec 31, 1972Deck/1stPre-Commissioning Crew, Plankowner, served on ship before being transferred 12/72 to PR'A' School. Spent rest of my career in Naval Aviation, until retirement 7/92. Great ship....great career!
O'Neill, RobertHT 3Jan 3, 1972 – Sep 29, 1975RI was the only enlisted Plank Owner at the Shasta's Decommissioning in 1997. Capt. Graham and 3 other officers attended. I claimed the ship's welcome knot board and a life ring from the bridge as my "Planks." Ahoy matey!
McCluskey, LeoRMCFeb 1972 – May 1975OC Chief and Operations ChiefWas assigned to the Commissioning Crew and served through Viet Nam, Great Ship and Good Crew.
Mitchell, DanETR3Feb 1972 – Sep 1974Electronics RadarGreat ship, great crew! Good times are wonderful memories; bad times are all but forgotten. Sorry to hear she's going to Davy Jones locker. Never got my plank. Maybe I'll get one from the Nimitz some day. Would enjoy correspondence!
Crowell, DougBT2Feb 1972 – Sep 1975B DivisionIt was an honor to serve aboard the Shasta and to be a plank owner was very cool. We were her first crew, went through all of the testing, shake down training, broke her in. I understand there is a reunion, June 2010
Mincher, BradIC3Feb 1, 1972 – Jun 1, 1973EngineeringPlank owner, On board for fist South Pacific adventure. Who threw the XO's pink princess phone overboard? Who installed the ice box on the over head in the IC shop? Who took the Chief's picture holding Raggady Ann while he was asleep?
Harty, TonyGMG3Feb 1, 1972 – Jul 12, 19753rdPlank owner...anyone get one?
Harter, GregMR-3Feb 10, 1972 – Jun 13, 1975EngineeringI'm a "plankowner", as I was stationed aboard prior to her commission in '72. I remember standing on the pier in Charleston in my blues while the band played and the champagne bottle crashed against her hull. Did 2 tours in Nam in 
Westlye, DonDCCM (SW) RETIREDFeb 26, 1972 – Apr 8, 1977RSome of the best times in life. From Pre-Com crew to to one of only 3 Plankowners left. Tight crew, tight ship Would do it over again. NO doubt...
Weber, JayPC3Mar 1972 – Aug 1975personel
Harty (Casper) Name Change!, AnthonyGMG 3Mar 1, 1972 – Jul 11, 19753rdHello Men, whats with the T-33 thing?
Weber, JayPC3May 1972 – Aug 1975Personnel
Weber, JayPC3May 28, 1972 – Aug 28, 1975personel
Willits, RichardMSSNJul 19, 1972 – Jan 12, 1976SupplyI had a great time with all of the crew. It had to be Shasta. I still have the glass and the coffee mug. And who can ever forget the bus? I even have the yearbook from the first WESTPAC cruise.
John, PassananteBM31973 –2ndServed aboard the USS Shasta starting in South Carolina and during the first WestPac cruise. I am also a plank owner. It was a great tour! Would love to hear from others who I served with.
Ashby, Rex MitchellMMFNMar 1973 – Jul 1975M
Smith, MikeFNMar 6, 1973 – Feb 6, 1975HTIt was a great time in my life for sure. I seen things people just dream about. But sad most people just don't care. It will always be in my mind and heart the great crew I served with for sure. FN Smith HT
Harter, JeffMM3Mar 15, 1973 – Jun 15, 1975A & RChoppered over in the Gulf of Tonkin from my first ammo ship, the Mount Hood AE-29, to meet my twin brother, first brothers ini combat since WWII. Vietnam Vet.
Robison, WayneE-3 BMMay 3, 1973 – Sep 14, 1974Deck 2Been a long time coming . Does anyone remember the race with the oil tanker in Japan. I was in aft mooring and what a site to see the bow of that tanker as we passed
Eucker, MarkE3Jul 1973 – Jul 3, 1975HTLooking for fellow mates Wagonblast, Don Wesley,Greg and Jeff Harter, Mike Myers ,Brian Moroco or any other mates that were in the HT , BT, Mechinist Divisions.
Welch, KennethHT 2Sep 1973 – Sep 1975RepairI served two years aboard the Shasta under COs Graham and Masten. I attended Shasta's decommissioning in 1997 in Alameda, California. Plankowner Bob O'Neill made off with some mighty fine "planks". Captain Graham was there also.
Runyan, DanielBM 3Sep 1, 1973 – Mar 1, 19751ST divisonIt was a good command made BM 3 on her
Adolphson, StephenHT 21974 – Nov 1977Repair
Rolston, ScottEM1Jan 1, 1974 – Jan 13, 1975ElectronicsI wish I had taken the advantage of growing up on the Shasta like everyone else but I didn't. I requet blowing the chance that I had. It was a great ship.
Morgan, Robertsm3Mar 1974 – Jan 1975ops
Adolphson, SteveHT 2Apr 1974 – Nov 1977R
Cornelius, LarryETN3Apr 1974 – Sep 1977OPSCO's Graham, Masten, Kight Division Officers Lt.Berman, and LtJG Orlando. 3 West Pac's, Shellback ET Shop with LPO Hastings, Kearns, Remick, Argetsinger, McGrath, Simpson, Amico, Vincent, Warthen. CIC Glenn, Hightower, Franklin
Britton, SteveIC-3May 1974 – Aug 1977EngineeringHasta Be Shasta, We Serve Anytime, Anywhere. Boy those were the days! 3 West-Pacs, 2 Captains, Masten and Kight. Fond memories.Been in contact with Hank Weiner and Bruce Kreiss.Looking for D Bogle, Tim Peterson, K Morgan. Joe Cat.
Lester, RichardBT1Jun 1974 – Sep 1977BGreat ship and crew .Was onboard with BTCS James Randolph,MMCS Simmons ,CWO Perters. Anyone know the where about of MM1 Mc from A Div.or MMC Dell ?Capt. Knight was the commanding officer .I retired as BTCM in 1988 .
Gentry, GarySNOct 1974 – Oct 1976RASE / OperationThis was one of the finest ships in the Navy. We served the fleet like no other AE. I grew up in so many ways as a man on this ship. I enjoy sharing my stories with my two sons who are in the Coast Guard BM1 / MK3

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