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USNS Flint (T-AE 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USNS Flint (T-AE 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 164 crew members registered for the USNS Flint (T-AE 32).

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Biangardi, RandyEN-3Feb 25, 1970 – Feb 20, 1974Spent time in Viet Nam, got on board Flint at Port Chicago California. Spent time on 3 ships but Flint was last one. Left her in Subic Bay, flew back to states for discharge in Ca.in1974.
Cook, RonICFN/3/21971 – 1974EPlank Owner. Had a great time selling soda's out of the IC shop competing with the lousy ship's store we had!
Breeze, DouglasEN-11971 – 1974A-GangLeft Vietnam (Mekong Delta) and went to Charlston SC, commissioned the Flint (AE-32), plankowner 1971. Rode her back to the Tonkin Gulf (Vietnam) for a 9 month stint. Served as Helo refueling during ops. Served 4 years on her.
Kingsford, AlanIC21971 – 1972E divisionI was on the commissioning crew when we commissioned it plank owner went to school for about 6 months before we got to the ship for the new engine plant got out early out for school retired now
Johnson, DavidCS31971 – 1974SupplyServing aboard the Flint was a life changing experience. Passing by Cuba and hearing general quarters all hands man your battle station, set the crew in sync for the next 3 yrs: from Concord, Subic Bay, Vietnam, & more.
James, Roach...aka Roach ClipBM3Jan 6, 1971 – Dec 29, 1974Deck 2ndWow, lots of good memories and friends i think about when I think of the Flint....Mo Jo...
Protiva, MichaelETN2Aug 28, 1971 – Jun 19, 1972Operations
Grisaffi, GaryBM3Sep 1971 – Sep 19742ndhad a great time with all my shipments. Especially the weekend motorcycle trips.
Welbourn, Michael H.BM2Sep 23, 1971 – Aug 18, 19751st. Div, Boat Deck & Flight Deck UNREPSPlank Owner. Assigned by Captain Philip R Bush as Command/Shipyard coordinator. Duties, liaison between Command and all shipyards until we made our first WESTPAC deployment. Leading1st Div & Flight Deck Petty Officer.
Hall, JeffOS3Oct 1971 – Sep 1973OperationsPlank Owner, Had a good time while on board. Really enjoyed the ships first westpac Nov 1972 through May 1973 .
McGuire, TomBM2Oct 1971 – Feb 19731stPlankowner, many great memories, flew back from our Yacht Club in the gulf one day before our returning P.O.W.'s thinking that the red carpet and the bands practicing were for me. Arrived stateside and retired as an Admiral a month later.
Sweigert, Thomas Aka RocketmanCS3Oct 11, 1971 – Dec 15, 1972Supplyplank owner,jack of the dust,buds:Proctor,Benjamin,Frew,Wagner,Haley,+many Had 49 chev pu-hauled Frew's 750 honda chop'r S.F. Bay area-Port Chicago. Left Subic needing medical attn-mustered out Treas. Is. all intact
Stasuik, TonyEN-2Oct 13, 1971 – Dec 10, 1974A GangPlankowner:1st, 17 year old mess cook under Benjamin, great guy. Then A-gang as an FN to EN-2. Got married while on Flint and my son was born while on Flint. I grew-up on Flint. Great memories.
Bergey, DaveFNNov 1971 – Jul 1972M DivI remember Chief Billy Dunn, Smitty the BT1, Cannon, and some of my other fellow snipes. There seemed to be no end to the work to get the ship running right, the crew trained up, and getting it commisioned.
Flickinger, Tom / Little FlickSH2Nov 1, 1971 – Apr 4, 1975SupplyI was a plank owner. Worked in ships laundry, and soda fountain for 2 yrs.Then in ships barber shop for 2yrs. Made 2 wespacs and had a good time while on board. My brother Bill was on board with me for 2 yrs. Call me at 812-735-0620
Lewin, Craig (Lewie)QM-3Nov 1, 1971 – Jan 1, 1973Navigation Plankowner .Quartermaster Nav-1 Div. Remember Charleston, SC Sailed thru Panama Canal, Sailed on 1st WestPac Subic Bay/ (Gulf of TonkinYacht Club)South China Sea & Hong Kong for R&R What Memories.Anyone heard from Mcguire,Murphy,Britsky
Cramer, MikeHM3Nov 21, 1971 – Dec 1972MedicalPlank owner. Lots of "fuzzy" memories (to many Greatful Dead concerts?). Thanks for forwarding this site Craig. Hi Tom Mc.! Any clues to John Gomes where abouts? Tom Sedlacek, Tony Britsky, Bruce Foster? Others?
Burns, JimCS3/MS31972 – 1976SupplySmoke on the Water. I remember when there were three carriers in Subic Bay at one time. The visit to San Miguel Brewery in Manila, with the Brits. 30 days in the Indian Ocean when 3 of our boys jumped overboard. Wabash Collision. Fun Times
Frew, WalterBM31972 –2NDPlank Owner, Good times with Rocket Man , Riding Motorcycles with Roach.
Payne, MichaelMM3Aug 3, 1972 – Jul 18, 1974A&R GangServed a little over 2 years on this command. Did two Vietnam cruises, Gulf of Aden. Had a great time and plenty of memories in Subic Bay. Where is Matt Galley? I remember when they cut the Deck up for repairs/water off
Fox, AllanRM3Aug 10, 1972 – Jan 14, 1974OCServed on 1st Deployment of ship going to Vietnam. Was in Subic Bay when POW's came home
Ferrara, RickeyDK5Sep 4, 1972 – May 5, 1974SupplyI was on the ship right after it was commissioned....Looking for Bo , Lt Emerson , anyone who remebers me call 612-578-6220
Sepulveda, EugeneNov 1972 – Mar 1972my Father whose name is above served on this ship i am not sure of the length of time, he was a marine mechanic, he recieved the Vietnam Service Medal fo service in the Vietnam area of operations on board the USS Flint please contact me
Hajek, Jon “hollywood”MMDec 1, 1972 – Sep 1, 1975ANever forget this experience! Look back and think these were some of the best years of my life.
Fulkerson, Steve "rocket"1973 – 1975Deck 1stDCPO, Unrep Winches, Accmd Ladder for S&A detail. Took the 3rd class boats test but then got busted. I ran with Clete, Jackie A., Pat H., Dave & Rich Johnson, Brian S., Flick, Jim B. and anyone else who wanted to party! Where you at Clete?
West, Michael. / OrtQM3Jan 1973 – Jul 1975Navigation Div
West, Michael / OrtQM3Feb 1973 – Jul 1975NavigationReported onboard while ship was in SRF Subic 1973. Only QM to work in Secure TTY. And be on Hold 3 Watch. Ship's driver on WestPac.
Horntvedt, EarlMM3Mar 1973 – Apr 1975A Gang3 WestPac Deploynents; Vietnam, Indian Ocean, Yom Kippur War (Gulf of Aden), Vietnam Service Medal w/combat star.
Kermode, MikeJul 1, 1973 – Nov 1, 1974Deck - Gunners Mate33 years later! Damn, Any body out there? Just found this site. Would love to yak at Fred Booth, Murph, Stinky, Less Farr, Bear or any one that remembers me. Hope lifes been good.
Davis, RickRM3Sep 1, 1973 – Sep 3, 1974OCSo many good times and good friends. Hawaii was super.
Nutting, Larry profile iconLT (03)Sep 20, 1973 – Sep 25, 1975Supply DeptSuppO - Depl 2 and 3 - Relieved LT Fortin. Lots of people: LTJG Campbell, SKCM Llabres, MSC James, MS1 Zelenski, SH2 Bingham, SH2 Helge, DK3 Ferrera, CDR Ferguson, LCDR Newman, LCDR Uber, LT Peters, LT Haaf, LT Moomey
Streeter, StevenBM3Oct 1973 – 19752nd
Moore, StephenCSSN1974 – 1979Supply
Collins, Gene Aka GenoSm31974 – Sep 1976OpsLots of good memories and good friends.Tokus Vatos,chingau dudes! Roach and his cycle.Burns & cow palace.Led Zetwick, RUSH 4 ever! Sm William R Walsh,BFF,still love u bro! Lots of Bedrock Bullet bros.I'll always remember
Pritchard, JohnRM3Feb 1974 – Feb 1975OC
Rodarte, DonaldHTMar 20, 1974 – Sep 1976R DivisionBeen too long don't remember too many shipmates but someone may remember me short husky little dude in R division friends of Bob Martin A division Douglas Breeze
Allen, Bruce DaleHT3Sep 1, 1974 – Oct 19, 1976EngineeringLooking for shipmates that I hung out with ran around with. Contact me at
Walsh, BillySM21975 – 1979opsahoy maties, close your eyes and take a deep breath in,is that subic i smell? last one off the ship is a rotten balut! anyone up for one more wespac,tokus! yo gerrick,cwynar,scotch"the hang bros."geno,lawrence,ledzet,and all my shipmates.
Meyer, AnthonyBTC ENG\\\'G DIVISION1975 – 1985EngineeringI have been searching for my dad for years. His name is Jeffrey P. Meyer. He was on the USS Flint-ae32 BTC Eng'g dept. which was stationed in the Philippines in 1981. Please contact me if you happen to know him.+639293256395
Knight, William K.QM3/21975 – 1977NavigationLooking for a Seaman who was a good friend, who went to Alabama to go to school when he got out. Bullet in head, acquired as civilian took my memory. Also what became of Captain Witherspoon? Any others. Thanks, Y'all.
Deiss, RickRMFeb 1975 – Oct 1976OPSMade 2 west pacs. Subic Bay brings back lots of memories. Participated in operation Frequent Wind. The evacuation and fall of Siagon. Remember running aground in Cabu Harbor and getting rammed by that oiler on the way over seas.
Zetwick, KennyE4Mar 1975 – Jul 1979ops
Sala, RodneyIC-2Apr 1, 1975 – Jul 21, 1978E-DivisionJust saying hello to old ship mates.
Lawrence, PaulRM3May 1975 – Mar 6, 1979OCstarted out in deck 1st div and then transferred to radio i lov ed westpacs
Lawrence, PaulRM/3May 6, 1975 – Mar 6, 1979RADIOWell i was looking for QM3 Ken Knight and today i got an email that he got shot by a gun and his memory is not good
Finiak, Charles profile iconbm3Jul 26, 1975 – Dec 10, 1979deckgood times amd lots of memories from the flint she is still active today as a usns ship
Thornburg, Bobsm2Nov 1975 – Jan 1977opsFlint was my 3rd ship in 4 years,I looked to swap with any ship gg over. P.I. was ten times the fun than san diego.Met some crazy people , had some crazy times.If you remember me and are still alive shoot me an email
Dwinells, BillSNDec 5, 1975 – May 27, 1977DeckI think about all the great times on board and tell them to my kids and would love to find a cruise book from 76 on the Flint

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