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USNS Santa Barbara (T-AE 28) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USNS Santa Barbara (T-AE 28). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 328 crew members registered for the USNS Santa Barbara (T-AE 28).

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Mc Cartin, William2nd Class Petty Officer Deck ForceJun 10, 1968 – Nov 21, 1969Special AssignmentPlank Holder Original Crew, Other Crew Members remembered-Edward Hess-1st Class Petty Officer Slate- First Class Petty Officer Carter Commander Lundstrom---Other Crew Members, Keith Corrbin-Charlie--Chief Stewart-- Hard to remember any nore
Kiska, Tom1969 – 1972EPlankowner 2nd electrician to report for duty at Sparrow's Point Maryland shipyard, lived at the YMCA.
Day, MichaelHT21969 – 1971Plankowner
Paul, Thomassn1969 – 1971deck(2nd)She was the last ship I served on as a deck seaman. I am a plank owner.I believe I was a mess cook when she was commissioned I also served in the paint locker. I lived in Pa then.
Stroud, TerrySH31969 – 1972Supply/Ship StorePlank owner. Have questions about Vietnam tour. I remember Dale Jones (Bones), Jay Casey, Danny Miller, and a cook named Miller, Mike Osborne. Retired and old now....
Kuhar, Michael D.MM31970 – 1972MPlankowner
Mcgee, Charles1970 – 1972RepairPlankowner
Varmette, ScottGM1970 – 19723rdPlankowner
Daniel, (j.d.) JohnPO21970 – 1973communicationsGood ship.
Malley, JohnMM31970 – 1972M then APlankowner; spent first year in M div then moved to the "Stream" shop in A div. Did 2 Gitmo cruises and the first med cruise. Left when we were in Athens
Webb, JamesDC21970 – 1972RepairPlank Owner/Sea Trials/Gitmo/Med Cruise
Lester, JackYN21970 – 1971XFirst Med cruise, got out half way through Nam. Good friends, Tom Cray and Dave Cove and even you Dale. We spent most of our time trying to drive Sprinkle nuts. Not sure but I think we actually did it! Miss Dave who passed away.
Chambers, GarySN1970 – 1972DeckPlank Owner
Farley, MichaelPN31970 – Dec 20, 1971Personnel XdivisionPre com halfway through med cruise ran ship office for several months
Connolly, TomOS31970 – Aug 3, 1973operationsPlankowner
Walker, SteveSN1970 – Feb 1972BM 1st Div..Plankowner..worked with Jon Chickering in forward bossin locker.. There was a band on board called Just us....anyone remember ??
MacHaffie, JohnSeamanFeb 15, 1970 – Dec 30, 19721st division“Mac” MacHaffie from Albany New York, plank owner. Commissioned July 11, 1970. Worked deck division 1st division traveled with Kevin Finnegan he worked the paint locker also from Albany NY
Giamona, SalvatoreBT2Mar 1970 – Jun 1972Top Watch B div.PreComm crew, Bethlehem Steel Corp. Sarrow Point Baltimore Md. Plank owner, first Gitmo cruise and first Med cruise.
Campe, JimPN1Mar 15, 1970 – Jul 25, 1971AdminPlank Owner, PN1, PreComm Crew Norfolk, Retired June 1981. email
Collins, Kelly [ Kc ]EM-2Apr 1, 1970 – Apr 23, 1972I'm a proud Plank Owner and really enjoyed my time aboard the USS SANTA BARBARA. Went to Gitmo and won the Engineering "E . I have many fond memories and have been in touch with my Shipmates.If you remember me, send me some mail!
Taft, Clarence EMR2Apr 2, 1970 – Jul 17, 1972aplank owner 1st med cruise for ship vietnam tour lots of good times and memories
Kane, JimEM 2May 1970 – Sep 1971Plankholder Looking for info that AE28 may be going to be stricken Has any one else heard ?
Jenkins, EarlSN/E3Jun 1970 – Sep 1971I amaplankowner. went to gitmo with her.
Dobson, JoelLTJGJun 10, 1970 – Dec 6, 1974EngineeringSanta B. was the first and best ship I served on. Reported just after ship's commissioning. At different times was B, M, R, E, and A Div Off, and MPA and DCA. Went on first Med dplymt followed by WestPac (Nam) plus GITMO twice.
Rausch, Terry (Boot)EN3Jun 15, 1970 – Aug 22, 1972Aplankowner, great ship, got out active duty went naval reserve to get my EN2 stripe transferred Air Force Reserve Retired Master Seargeant in 1992
Schneider, PeteEM2Jul 1970 – Dec 3, 1972APlankowner, Stream shop, helluva time, a lot of work but I am glad to have had the opportunity to have served on her.
Therrien, RobertFNJul 1970 – 1972RepairPlankowner... I was happy to see the names of some of my old crewmates.
Sellati, ValPO 3RD CLASSJul 11, 1970 – Dec 6, 1971RepairPlank Owner
Rausch, Terry (Boot)ENGINEMAN 3RD CLASSJul 11, 1970 – Aug 17, 1972AWas plankowner.Got out while in Viet Nam as Engineman 3rd class. Went in Naval Reserves to get my 2nd class stripe. Transfered Air force reserves retired Master Sergeant 1992. Nicknamed Boot
Nelson, Donald R. (Donnie)Aug 15, 1970 – Jun 15, 1971WORKED SHIPS OFFICE AND LIBRARY. HOME PHONE 205-755-8382.
Long, GaryQM 3Nov 1970 – Aug 1972Navigation
Gardner, JckQM2Nov 1970 – May 1974NavigationLeading petty officer, Caribbean, gytmo med & Westpac cruises. Turned down an E6 crow and admiral’s staff duty in Pearl Harbor to become a school teacher. Lots of great memories!
Falkenmeyer, HarryRMSADec 25, 1970 – Jul 31, 1971?
More, TerryRM31971 – 1974opswas on SB from 71 to 74 see alot of people i recognize. Will be in touch or email me. Retired now, living in Arizona and gonna start doing some traveling. Would like to touch base with old friends.
Powell, BillSN1971 – 1973CSThe good old days Hind site is 20-20
Doyle (Deceased), RichardSCPO DC1971 – Jan 1972R DivI am Dick's widow. He passed in 2010. Searching for anyone who remembers serving with him. Need info for Vet. Admin.
Hertel, JeffIC31971 – 1973EI look back now, when I was on the ship, and can only remember the good times and good people.
Selph, Danielic 3Apr 1971 – Feb 1973e divisionhad a great time
Person, BillLt.Apr 12, 1971 – Jul 13, 1973CICThose of use who served in Vietnam are eligable for the agent orange benefit. NOt good news if you have one of the conditions but $ is available if you have them.
Cray, TomE3Jul 31, 1971 – Feb 27, 1973Personnelserved with "Buz" Sawyer initially in ship's Personnel Office with Dale Steinke, Jack Lester, and some other "suck ass" creep and then moved onto the "gunner's" Div. under a dynamite CWO Hansen. What was name of mat
Davis, SteveHHT-3Aug 25, 1971 – Sep 29, 1972Damage ControlI served on the Santa Barbara from the time it got back from Cuba until her second tour in Viet Nam, I was transfered off while we were at sea the second time. I will post pictures in the next couple of days.
Steinke, Dale AllenJO3Oct 6, 1971 – Jun 17, 1975Operations/EntertainmentI was AE 28's 1st Journalist, trained at DINFOS in '73 to manage and operate the ship's then-new CCTV system. Earlier, I served as PN in Ship's Office & was Ops YN for Lt. Dan O'Brien
Bateman, RobertFTG1Oct 17, 1971 – Nov 3, 19753rd3 Meds, 1 WP(Nam), Gitmo, Panama Canal, PR, St. Thomas. Member - Tonken Gulf Yacht Club

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1977 | 1978 – 1983 | 1984 – 1987 | 1988 – 1991 | 1992 – now

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