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USS Iowa (BB 61) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Iowa (BB 61). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 490 crew members registered for the USS Iowa (BB 61).

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Conboy, HerbertE51982 – 1984FM
Ford, Kevinftg2Feb 1982 – 1990FMSpit tour departed 86 returned in 89
Morgan Sr., Earl Russell “moose”Fire Master Control ChiefSep 1982 – Sep 1987NavyI am Rob Morgan, Grandson to Earl Russell Morgan Sr. or “Moose” He was a Fire Master Control Chief based out of Norfolk, VA I’m looking for any info on him
Bowden, JohnBT3Sep 14, 1982 – Oct 25, 1986b-divisionboy i sure miss the iowa and my iowa brothers
Collins, DanielFCSN1983 – 1984
Sammartano, Fred ( Sam )OS21983 – 1986OIThis was the best time in my life, miss not seeing all of the guys. I am a Plank Owner..(OS2 Sam) I do wish i stayed on her till the end, I reuped and went to the Lockwood FF1064. E-mail
Smith, KevinSN1983 – 1985Deck, Nav
Barnes, B. Scottosc(sw)1983 – 1988OI
McKenzie, TomMM1/MMC1983 – 1988A-Gang1983-1988 Plankowner, A-Gang, MM1/MMC
Zarzyczny, Robert{zar}BM31983 – 19874th and 1st deck divisionI had an awesome time aboard the ship,met a lot of great men whom I was proud to serve with. Four years of my life I will never forget. GO NAVY!
Reynolds, John A.SK2/S1 Div1983 – 1986S1 DivisionLike everything else in my life, found this site by accident. Send me an email if you remember me. Where are all those SK's?
Gzimalowski, Daniel(E-5) MM-2 (ESWS)1983 – 1987A DivisionStrength, Honor, Discipline, Respect, Joy and Passion.
Curtis, HarryCWO41983 – 1985MikeJust checking on old shipmates............
Lester, AlSHSN1983 – 1986S-3The best time of my life!
Forgach, GaryCommander1983 – 1987Main Propulsion AssistantRetired in 1996... Currently live in the United Kingdom.... Hope everyone is healthy and well....
Gagnon, GregE3/IC2 (SW)1983 – 1986E DivisionSpent time as a MM and an IC man. Had some great times as both. Met some great people and had a blast and on just about every port of call. Shout out to my MM and IC brothers, proud to have served with you all.
Covington, Vincentmm3Jan 1983 – Aug 1986M-divisionAssigned to engine room #3 ; Miss the days of the Progressive club, pascagoula ms, Miss friends like / Gates-Stafford-chill will -- 6'9 from A gang-lil willy -james Williams-wade - trent green-tray B- Bowers- eric peop
Gzimalowski, Daniel RMM2 (E5)Jan 23, 1983 – Jan 23, 1987M
Robinson, BruceBM3Feb 1983 – May 19872ndseen alot of places and met many good guys pleasure to have been a plankowner and serve
Staton, PhilipBT2(SW)Feb 1983 – Jul 24, 1989B-Div. Workcenter EB-14 Ships Oil and Water Lab
Hozey, JonathanHM-3Mar 10, 1983 – Sep 19, 1984MedicalI will always remember my time on this great warship. Some of my fondest memories from the Navy revolve around this period of my service.
Chastain, AnthonyBM2Apr 1983 – Apr 1987Deck (Liberty Boats)Proud to say I was a crew member.
Antinore, TimothyBT2Apr 1983 – Jan 1987B-Div. EB-14 Oil Shack
Hugle, KennethDC1SWApr 1983 – Aug 1989RI was a plank owner .
Andrews, JamesBM2Apr 2, 1983 – Aug 12, 19855th & 6thBeing on the BIG STICK as a plankowner I learned a great deal, a part of history and being a part of history, proudly served with great friends, who we all busted our A$#%$ being her back to life. REUNION TIME ALL PLANK OWNERS !
Richardson, Silas profile iconSK3Apr 7, 1983 – Jul 9, 1986S-1Best ship I ever serve on in my entire Naval Career. I really miss the Plankowners of 1984. John Reynolds I remember you! Have you heard from Mack or Mikey?
McCaffrey, Mikemm3May 1983 – Jun 1984M#1 engine room
Libby, DonaldBT2 (SW)May 1, 1983 – Dec 1, 1986B
Mencke, DavidBM3May 3, 1983 – May 2, 1987im very proud of my ship and my close freinds onboard chuck johnson-steve hawes-tom kirk and doug rhoads we all had good times onboard
McGrath, DanMM3-2May 15, 1983 – Sep 10, 1987M EM01/2/3Retired in 2006 after 24 years 13 of it as a CPO. STILL think back fondly of those early days and all the ports we enjoyed. Times have changed!
McGrath, Dan/3mcMM3 -MM2(SW)May 18, 1983 – Sep 5, 1987MIt was a great ship to be from. HARD WORK in those plants keeping her going... and HOT! The BTs, though had the real punishment in the heat. Unitas '84 was a BLAST!! Work hard Play hard Baby! EM02/1/3 Retired last year: MMC(SW)
Hamilton, GaryOS2/E5May 23, 1983 – May 23, 1987OIWorked with some fine people. I hope if anyone who served with me and knew me would contact me at
Morrison, ToddJun 1983 – Apr 1984
Albrecht, Patrick profile iconBT1(SW)Jun 1983 – Jun 1989B-Div. EBO2 Two Fireroom and EB14 Oil and Water Lab
Jackson, C. K. FnFnJun 1, 1983 – Jul 1, 1985MAlthough some may remember that I was not the perfect sailor while I was there, the lessons learned and the excellent training from our Engineering Officers during PreCom has stayed with me for the past 30 years
Sorensen, ChrisBTJun 5, 1983 – Jan 1, 1986BI was part of the Recom Crew and left in January 1986. I was lucky to have made some great friends that I am still in touch with today. I have been out to visit the ship twice in LA. # 3 fire room is still the best.
Lands, ChuckJun 6, 1983 – Sep 19, 1989M/EMO1Proud to be a plankowner and of my years of service on the Navy's finest warship. Iowa 47 we love you and miss you.
Dawson, DannyGMG1Jul 1983 – Sep 1989G2left gun capt turret2 then lpo turret1
Wakefield, ClaytonSNJul 1983 – Apr 1985S3I was a young sailor of 18 when assigned to the Iowa, and participated in the re-commissioning of the greatest Battleship of all time.Went on to become a father of 3 and a damn fine healthcare professional.
Tatum, OrnandoSH3 TatumJul 1, 1983 – Aug 22, 1987S-3Good memories with the Supply Dept. Now I Appreciate the memories of Shipmates, Capt Gnewcko, SH2 A.Thomas, SH2 K. Bracey, Chief Lauderman, MasterChief Oneyear, SH1 Herlong...etc.
Groft, MichaelAug 1983 – Mar 19871st
Colby, KenLTAug 1983 – Aug 4, 1984G2I was Turret 2 Officer during pre-commissioning and into our first cruise in the Caribbean. Highlight was "squeezing off" 16" rounds during the OMB's review of the battleship program off of Vieques Island.
Williams, Steve (Smiley)BT2(sw)Aug 1, 1983 – Jul 30, 1987BOILERS
Peoples, Erick Chilly PE3Aug 7, 1983 – May 15, 19861st divisionErick "Chilly P" Peoples whats up plank owner brothers.My time on the Uss Iowa was the greatest,i will never forget my friends an the fun times we had aboard the greatest ship ever!
Bonner, TracyOS2 (SW)Aug 7, 1983 – Feb 1987OIThe Iowa changed my life. It was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. My only regret is that I only had 4 years on her, with a short tdy on the USS New Jersey in Beirut. I salute the most awesome crew in the US
Sayers, Roybm3Aug 12, 1983 – Apr 17, 19876th divtrying to contact some service members of the IOWA
Lovering, Kevinbm2Aug 14, 1983 – Jun 14, 19876th and 2nd
Smith, Tim (Smitty)OS2 (SW)Aug 15, 1983 – Mar 15, 1987OI
Harris, J.b. (Baha)E-4/ SK3Aug 31, 1983 – Jul 15, 19892ND DIV/ S-1 DIV'''''THE BEST''!!.
Tracy, GarySH2Sep 1983 – Jul 1985S-3 SupplyProud member of the commissioning crew for the "Big Stick". Plank owner plaque on my desk today. Great memories with a great crew.
Kavanagh, RichardMM3Sep 1983 – Jan 1987MI would like say hello to everybody . We had great times and learn fast .Just visited the ship in L.A . got an extend tour from the tour lead. We had a great crew. Engine room #2 still shined. Take care. Mates
Rosa, JohnSH3Sep 1983 – Aug 1987ShI met and had a great time with some of the best people (John herlong, eddie fleenor, kevin bracy, andrew (drew), tatum,smith,etc.while I was in the ship service dept. I will never forget the time I had and my friends.
Simonson, Darrel (Lee)MSCSSep 1983 – Jan 1988Supply S-2Retired and living in The Villages, FL in the winter and Vassar, ML in the summer.
Douglas, PaulE5 / RM2 (SW)Sep 14, 1983 – Sep 14, 19875th, OC ...Plankowner, this ship was special for a lot of folks because the commissioning crew consisted of a lot of young kids straight from high school and college, and seasoned vets.
Lemon, KevinBT3 (ESWS)Sep 30, 1983 – May 31, 1987B - Division EB03, PlankownerNothing but good times on and off the Iowa, learn alot and met alot of good people, won't ever forget my shipmates of this era, especially the plank owners who oufitting bringing on supplies in Pasagoula, Ms. east bank.
Shoup, DougHT2(SW)Oct 1983 – May 1985RDCPO Shop and R-Div office. Best crew I have ever served with!
Harper, Brooke profile iconHT3Oct 1983 – Apr 1985RMy first Warship.. WOW! She looked beautiful even with all the hoses draped over her. There was alot of hard work ahead for the Engineering Dept. "Decks of wood and Men of iron". God bless all who served on her and care for thier families.
Clarke, RalstonBT3Oct 1983 – Aug 1985BBest ship ever. Was aboard when that famous photo was taken. It"s called the John Wayne run, we did it off the coast of Puerto Rico, did 33 knots, flanked left and let loose, pushed the ship portside 30 feet, #4 fireroom
Pucci, FrankBT 2Oct 1983 – 1989Boiler TechA Great Ship to serive on
Mannoia, ChristopherQM3Oct 1, 1983 – Apr 1, 1985NavigationAn honor and privilege to serve on her; it made was a great time in my life.
Rowell, Guy E. " Gene "EM2Oct 12, 1983 – Apr 2, 1988EI am proud to have served aboard this historic ship with the essence of what makes America great. The diversity of guys from all over the country and the camaraderie shared through both wonder and tragedy are a part of who I am.
Andrews, James (Drew)SN-SH2 (SW)Oct 31, 1983 – Jun 16, 1989S-3The Best Ship and Crew I've been assigned to in my 24 years in the Navy. I miss those days!
Schaefer, RichardEN3Nov 1983 – Mar 6, 1987A-Gang
Butora, TedMS3Nov 1983 – Jun 1985S-2It was a great time cooking aboard this ship. I'll always cherish being a plank owner aboard the Iowa and the Missouri. Great times!
Brown, RonFC1(SW)Nov 1983 – Apr 1985FA
Hughey, GerlingsnNov 1983 – May 1, 19872ndgood times bad times , could drive a 58 k ton battleship at age 18 but couldn't drive a car, rudder swing checks were hell
Harvey, TimBT1 SWNov 1983 – Jul 1989BBest ship ever, good and bad all tied together. Every April 19, I think about the 47 men we lost. For those who may remember me here's my email, retired in '96.
Palmiere, MartyEM3 - EM1(SW)Nov 3, 1983 – Jun 5, 1989E-Div.By far the best Command of my whole 25 year career. I try to find and stay in touch with my former shipmates. Board of Directors, Veterans Association of the USS IOWA. USS IOWA Volunteer for Pacific Battleship Center.
Davis Fc2, John C. J-dogFC2-E5Nov 10, 1983 – Aug 27, 1987WEPS (TOMAHAWK)It was a honor to be on the Iowa with such special people. Looking back retrospectively, I know that a higher power put so many special men in one place at the same time for a reason. We were one. As a crew, we could do anything.
Davis Fc2, John C. J-dogBB 61Nov 10, 1983 – Aug 26, 1987WEPS (TOMAHAWK)what up to my boys form Orlando Florida(C-182) and all of our brother companies. Elliott White, P-dog, Nelson(I'm Dead a Bee is in my car) Cater. CPO"s Brown and Hen. Stevie Johnson, Sed, eddie burk., Cap GG. The XO:), MCPO one/yr.&#&#0
Martin, LouOS1Nov 17, 1983 – May 31, 1989OIPicked orders out of "OS" A School and never regretting my decision. Proud to have served on all ships I was assigned to but none as much as The Original "Big Stick".
Davis Fc2, John C. J-dogDec 1983 – Aug 1987
Victor, BoydBM2(SW)/E-5Dec 1983 – Sep 19874TH DIVISIONThe best ship I ever served on. I commissioned the U.S.S. Wisconsin BB-64 next and then shore duty in Charleston,Sc. After serving on the battleships nothing else seemed worth serving on. I hope all is well with you all.
Cavanaugh, PeterSNDec 1, 1983 – Jan 5, 1985Deck 6Some really good times on the ship. From Pasgaguola to Venezuela.
Schaffer, LesterFTG2/FC2Dec 15, 1983 – Feb 2, 1986FMAfter Main Battery plotting room and After MB Gun Director Spot 2

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