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USNS Kilauea (T-AE 26) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USNS Kilauea (T-AE 26). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 193 crew members registered for the USNS Kilauea (T-AE 26).

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Blackwell, MikePC-2Jun 30, 1961 – Oct 2, 1969OperationsMail Operations
Canon, PixmacookAug 3, 1965 – Nov 23, 1969newnone
Murphy, GeorgeABH-31967 – 1971Does anybody remember Lt. George Liber? Was on board from 69(?) to 71. Originally from Rhode Island.
Ryan, TerryE-5Jul 1, 1967 – Dec 15, 1969GGood times, good memories.
Dennis, Smittyen2Sep 7, 1967 – Sep 6, 1971athey put the old girl on the bottom off least they didn't cut her up for scrap
Magers, JimMMFA-MM2Oct 1, 1967 – Feb 22, 1971MPart of origional commisioning crew. Would like to hear from crew members from this era.
Brueckmann, MikeFTG2Nov 1, 1967 – Jan 26, 19703rd GM's and FT'sPlank Owner and Shell Back. We never were sure we would ever leave Boston and get to California ! But we finally did. I retired as a CDR, Civil Engineer Corps, USNR with 39 years of Active and Reserve service, 1 Dec 2004
Blackwell, Mike/pcPC-2, E-5Nov 1, 1967 – Oct 2, 1969OperationsPC2, E-5. during this period. After Honorable Discharged. Worked at home. July 1970 Worked for BLM for 8 years. Transfered to USFS, Property Management, Retired March 30, 2007. GS-7. Retired now, Volunteer at Our Churc
Bing, CharlesE- 31968 – 1969mwas there for the commissioning
Hopwood, JackMR21968 – Dec 1971ABeing in engineering group and this AE-26 being first of its class, we weren't readily allowed to transfer elsewhere. Have great memories. Wouldn't trade the experience for a million, but wouldn't do it again for 2!
Schiendelman, DavidRM3Jan 1968 – Nov 1968OperationsI was one of the origianl crew, we commissioned her. I would like to hear from anyone from this period. It was a great experience, never forget!
Bowman, Robert (Bob)FN-EM2Feb 1968 – Apr 2, 1971Would like to hear from crew members of that time period.
Boerst, RonYN3Mar 1, 1968 – Feb 1970O
Teodoro, DaveEN2Apr 1, 1968 – Nov 28, 1969A Gang ICE
Wood, JimSM, RM1Aug 1968 – May 1969deck, radioI came aboard just after commissioning to serve with my brother Tom Wood. We both worked first division/deck. Later I moved to opperations/radio. After arriving Viet Nam, transfered to Uss Sacramento. Will never forget chelsy, panama, subic.
Schrader, DavidEM 2Aug 20, 1968 – Sep 15, 1970 electrical shopI helped commision the old girl. Would like to hear from old ship mates.
Iacino, RichardLT.1969 – 1971Communications and Operations
Maroney, LarryE-41969 – 1972BMLooking for old friends from this time
House, Steven profile iconSN-YN21969 – 1971Deck and X Divisions
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Kendrick, BobQm 3May 1969 – Dec 1972NavigationGreat crew, some great skppers and two not so good. Bruechmann, Herrick and Schoor got me through.
Herrick, SpikeLTJGJun 1, 1969 – Apr 1, 1971Deck/Cargo
Cox, StevenRM2Jul 1, 1969 – May 1, 1971OperationsPlank Owner
Crary, Steve (Friend Of The Ray Brothers And Tiny 2nd Division)E-3Jul 14, 1969 – Jul 14, 19712ndI was friends with the Ray Brothers and Tiny. I was one of the big slush lenders waiting at the end of the payrol lines. Bought Lucky Strikes cartons for a quarter. I still have my zippo Kilauea lighter AE-26. I was in the 2nd div with "Kaluchie
Pies, WaltBMSNSep 1969 – Feb 19712Hi guys! I remember Steve Crary the Ray brothers and Tiny.I spent a lot of time with Pat Lowry.We all did a lot of wild nights on that west pack crews. Remember when we became shell backs.I came on board in Boston.Just before it left.
Grahek, TomBM2Sep 1969 – Jul 20, 1973SecondRetired as a firefighter and design exercises for Homeland Security in Wisconsin
Tomlinson, DannyLTJGDec 1969 – Sep 1972Damage Control Assistant
Meadors, SmithMM21970 – 1971M
Mulhern, BillFN1970 – 1972rwould like to hear from old friends
Holets, StevenBM 21970 – 19721 st
Rivera, FrankFN1970 – 1970I wasn't on this ship very long. She was an Admiral's Ship. I spent all my time in the engine room polishing valve stems in case an admiral showed up. One never did! Oh well.....
Holland, Luther (Lh)etnsn1970 – 1973O.1. DIV.Learned a lot; saw a lot; and met a lot of people. I'm back in South Carolina now.
Demorest, JamesSNFeb 26, 1970 – Feb 26, 1974FirstI was also know as Jim
Burden, David M.SNApr 25, 1970 – Jan 30, 19721STThe first & second westpac for the ship.
Brewer, MikeFTG2Jun 1970 – Jun 19733rd
Parker, Ronald (Ron)RD1Sep 1, 1970 – May 5, 1972OIGREAT Ship & Crew
Christie, GaryBT2Feb 1971 – Aug 1974BRecognize a number of sailor's names on this list. I'm looking for BT3 Bill Boland...has anyone heard from him. Also looking for Gary Fesler BT2. If you remember me give me a shout.
Clausen, Robert (Bob)DK-3Apr 1, 1971 – Jan 13, 1973supplyLooking at the 1971-72 West Pac year book makes you think of the good times and the many friends that were made.
Heitfeld, Eddie (Tree)AE 26May 10, 1971 – Jun 15, 1973First
Dote, TerryE-4Jun 1971 – May 1973MLooking for criuse info and ships patches etc. Seabag lost in transit in 73" never found. Some people I remember: John Ritchie, Bob Dougherty, LtJG White. Good times!
Schell, BrucePC3Jun 1971 – May 1973X Division
Hedgpeth, JohnFTG3Jun 1, 1971 – Aug 1, 1972
Schnitker, RonaldGMG3Jun 15, 1971 – May 29, 19733RDHad a great time on th ship. I still here from Dave Vetsch. I do remember John Hegpath who is listed in the crew list. Good times in subic. I remember Tom Davidson also.
Vetsch, DavidGMG3Jul 1971 – May 19733rdIt was great duty. I still keep in touch with Ron Schnitker. I remember John Hedpeth,Tom Davidson, Rod Oyer,and Mark Reilman. It was always a fun time in Subic Bay.
Wilson, Charles (Chuck)GMG3Aug 1971 – Jul 1973Gunnerylost track of everybody till now
Wittman, Dave ( Slim )FNOct 1971 – Jan 1975MGreat ship, crew and good times. 3 Westpac tours. hello out there! Trying to get together with running buddies at end of '08 or first of '09. Please contact me if interested.
Crawford, TerryFAOct 1971 – Jan 1973M
Jones, BobSH3Nov 1, 1971 – Aug 11, 1975SupplyShip's Barber, Operated the Ship's Store, Maintained the vending machines.
Huskin, DennisSH3 Barber/ Bulk storeroom opsNov 1, 1971 – Aug 11, 1975SupplySure Miss those days aboard the Kilauea and all my shipmates, Sure would like to here from crewmembers from my time.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1977 | 1978 – 1988 | 1989 – 1995 | 1996 – now

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