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USS Ramsey (FFG 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ramsey (FFG 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 230 crew members registered for the USS Ramsey (FFG 2).

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Doelz, Brian/BamBamFTM1976 – 1979Most people knew me as BamBam.The pay was bad, the people were good. I will never forget it.
Wilson, Stan "Willy"MM21976 – Sep 1977MCame on board as MM3, advanced to MM2 on board. Made the 1976 cruise. Worked in the Engineroom.
Lovell, Walter (Skip)OS2Jan 1976 – May 1979OIGreat times remembered Bad times forgotten
Self, Gerald (Jerry)0S3Mar 1976 – Aug 1977FirstGreat ship. Saddens me to know she was sunk. At least she went down for the benefit of training fellow sailors.
Marshall, JamesOS2Apr 9, 1976 – Oct 10, 1980OIEnjoyed most of the Officers and Enlisted friendship. There were a couple worthless ass holes like Tony Shelton, Jim McClain, Bill Wimmer, Chief Everett Hays and LT Cdr Fickenshire. Probably will never again see any.
Church, ThomasET3Jun 1976 – Oct 1979OE01dates fuzzy after all these years, about this time frame. strolling down memory lane and scanned Google, saw some names I recognized, and say Barry don't you still own me $15.00?
Feldman, BobBT3Jun 8, 1976 – Apr 29, 1977Mhad a great time on the Rammer.Our C.O. Capt. Cook resides here in my area and he still looks fit and is doing well. Great ship and crew it was.
Niles, SteveAE2Jul 1976 – Apr 1977AIR DIVISION HSL-35WESTPAC 76-77 I'll never forget the first night out in town at Subic. Ramsey along with 5 other ships including the Big "E" . A real eye opener for an 18 year old kid from Wyoming. Sad to see they sunk her for a target
Swift, ThomasBT3Jul 6, 1976 – Jul 6, 1980Boiler operatorLooking for boiler operators on the ramsay from 1976-1980
Osier, DonnMS-3Oct 1976 – May 1978SupplyWestpac 1976-7; Long Beach NSY 1977-8
Walvoord, Barry / TankEW2Oct 10, 1976 – Mar 15, 1979EW'sI enjoyed most of one and 1/2 Westpacs aboard the Rammer. Sure miss those days in Subic. After all these years I am still working on Ships at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Combat Systems. Wonder where those EW's & ET's are now, great guys..
Regner, MikeOS21977 – 1978CICOnly transitional for me. A resting place between WestPacs.
Fisher, RobertFTG2Apr 15, 1977 – Oct 27, 1981SecondI have many fond memories. It was a great ship, with a great crew.
Ritten, RogerRM2Jul 1, 1977 – Mar 3, 1979OCRamsey needed work (dry dock in 1978), we went thru a typhoon in South China Sea and broke the bubble record, 45 degree list. Got to see some great ports. Already lost a few buddies from that time, Dave Waldrip for one.
Schulz, Dan/schultziePO3/MSSep 1977 – Aug 1979supplyhad the pleasure of serving up the slop to a bunch of many great memories of long beach,san diego & west pac tour march-aug '79.alive &well in pittsburgh pa.
Schulz, DanMS3Sep 1977 – Aug 1979SUPPLY
Simmons, JimRM1Oct 14, 1977 – May 8, 1981ocbest command ever westpac great crew radio gang and ET s . had a little clout/pull back in the day. best sandlot football/beer games of all times. Hope to hear fm some of my RAMSEY BLOOD BROTHERS I & II.
Faltisco, SteveGMG-2Oct 16, 1977 – May 14, 19812nd.Two west pacs including thialand and tiawan
Faltisco, SteveGMG-2Oct 17, 1977 – May 14, 19812nd
Cardoza, StevenRM2Nov 1977 – Apr 1980OC
Beyer, JamesFNDec 1977 – Oct 1979RCame on board during class B overhaul in Long Beach, CA. First time I saw her she was in dry dock. I took my brother on a Tiger Cruise from SD and did WestPac in '79. Loved the "Rammer."
Zimmerman, DavidMM11978 – 1980ENGINEERINGOne of the best commands i ever served in during my 12 years in the Navy. Great crew in the Engine Room. Wish the Fin Stabilizers worked better. Ship could sure Rock and Roll in the weather.
Thomas, Charleymm31978 – 1978mhey bill i think i remember u ...i was too short thomas
Chamberlain, David (Doc)HM3/HM2Mar 1978 – Apr 1981X (Medical)Best 3.5 yrs of Navy career. Lived with First Div., though it was hard to sleep with Lockie snoring every nite. (lol) I think we proved that a "dysfunctional family" can succeed. Where are my Blood Brothers?
Weber, Dennis (Kong) profile iconBT2Apr 1978 – Oct 1980Bhad a good time on the rammer, met some great guys. Still think about them , and the times we had like the parties on palm ave in San Diego.
Hammon, SkipGMM1May 1978 – Sep 19802nd (Weapons)Greetings to my Ramsey Shipmates
Lockie, JeffBM2May 1, 1978 – Oct 1, 1981FirstMissed the reunion in Vegas. Will try and make another. Had great times on "Rammer". Anyone wants to write me ""
Work, RichardMM3Jun 16, 1978 – Dec 7, 1979M Great time aboard the Rammer,better on W-Pac . Now I'm USN PO2, [ret]
Helmick, RossFTG2Sep 7, 1978 – Oct 1, 19812ndGreat ship and crew.
Helmick, RossFTG2Oct 1978 – Oct 19812nd
Campbell, MichaelSTG21979 – 19813rdWent on 2 westpacs. found a wife and a life
Weare, JohnFTG SA1979 – 1981weapons 2ndWent through alot since my time in the Navy. Devout Christian now, been involved in prison and jail ministry. now re-tired early taking care of my wife Christine whom is a Cancer Survivor.
Arnold, AnthonyOS3Feb 19, 1979 – Oct 5, 1983OIChanged last name to Cardile (stepdad's name)after I got out. Regret not keeping my shit together while on the Ramsey. Other than my wife and 3 children, best times of my life with greatest shipmates
Sowell, HenryPN1/PNC(SW)Mar 15, 1979 – May 31, 1981X DivisionHad two great XO's in LCDR Sigler and LCDR Schull. Tight crew and a great Chief's Mess. PNSN Santos was a great shipmate. Was the best ship I served on.
Davey, William Billy BobRM2Apr 1979 – Aug 1982OCThe Rammer was quite an interesting time. Thanks to all.... Retired GSEC.... Go figure....
Davey, WilliamRM2Apr 1, 1979 – Sep 1, 1982OC
McQuilan, BrianFCCApr 1, 1979 – Sep 8, 19812ND DivisonUSS Rammer one of the best assignments, went on to the USS Brooke FFG-1 for 5 more years, great port visits and a great crew, Second to None
McQuillan, Brian MacFTM2Apr 5, 1979 – Nov 15, 19812NDgreta time on the rammer, left in 81 for 3 westpacs on ffg-1, the broke, made chief at wsmr,nm. now a ele tech at the federal lock-up fci fort dix n.j hello to all my good shipmates
Boese, James (Jim)RMSNMay 1, 1979 – Sep 28, 1981OCI was a young STEAMIN' Seaman back in those days.
Burgess, TedFTM2Jun 1979 – Nov 6, 19812ndRemembering the trips to Wes Pac and the No Sh** log from 51 radar room. I still have the plaque from that noisy ass door.
Palmer, CraigTM2Sep 1979 – Jul 19833rd.
Craig, PalmerTM2 (SW)Sep 21, 1979 – Jul 29, 19833rdI cant believe they sank her. Anyway I had some good and bad times on her. I am married and have one son that has just got out of the Marines after completing 3 tours in Iraq. I currently live in England. Best regards Craig
McCullough, Kevin (Chainsaw)FTM2Oct 22, 1979 – Mar 5, 1984secondGreat ship and crew. Almost broke the record for rounds fired in maned mount until the fuse opened. Fun trying to track a mach 3 target. TAC 105 watches what a highlight!!! WDE need I say more
Bos, BobEW2Nov 15, 1979 – Jun 8, 1984OEO2Met some great guys on that ship. I have some really good momories.
McCullough, Kevin/ ChainsawFTM 2Nov 18, 1979 – Apr 13, 19822ndGreat time one West PAC. Beest time was breaking down in Subic Bay and staying until after christmas.
Burke, FrankLTDec 1979 – Dec 1982Missile Gunnery/MPAServed 20 years--never had more fun in those 20 years--live in Coronado--love to hear from shipmates from that time

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1969 | 1970 – 1975 | 1976 – 1979 | 1980 – 1984 | 1985 – now

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