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USS Ramsey (FFG 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ramsey (FFG 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 230 crew members registered for the USS Ramsey (FFG 2).

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Langston, TomGMG21970 – 1972SecondHad a great time in WesPac in 1971. Miss the days in the fleet Navy. Long periods in Subic with a blown boiler. Some of you guys from the third cruise e-mail me.
Salter, MichaelBM11970 – 19711st
Vaux, DonaldTM3May 14, 1970 – Oct 16, 19703rdOn the Ramsey for just a few months. Got orders to Viet Nam.
Wemhaner, DaleFTM2Jun 1970 – Oct 19742nd
Hefty, BarrySTG3Aug 1, 1970 – Jan 21, 1972Third
Pollina, MichaelBM3Jan 1, 1971 – Dec 12, 19731stgreat times with a great crew. I wonder if Capt. Sullivan made flag.
Weddell, ThomasSTG-3Oct 10, 1971 – Apr 10, 1975Sonar 3rd division
Owens, StanET2Nov 1971 – Nov 1975OE
Noel, RonaldBTCS1972 – 1976BRemember good times and a good crew. Looking foward to hearing from anyone during this time period.
Chisler, Thomas (Tim)EM31972 – 1972electric shopTook the Rammer to retrofit in San Pedro in 72 (not sure of the date) Was in an accident aboard and cut off three fingers. Spent the rest of my naval career on the Hospital Ship Repose and the Naval Shipyard in Long
Dunn, James/jimmieSN1972 – 19751ST SUPPLY
Dadabhoy, YusufIC3Mar 10, 1972 – Nov 1974EMy only shipboard duty while a reservist; enjoyed making friends while aboard this vessel. Many years later I visited the ship when it flew the colors of Pakistan Navy, where she remained for 8 years. Brought back some memories.
Martinez, John (Jake) "Marty"HTFNMay 1972 – Jan 1976RTwo West-pac's and alot of memories. Great time and great people. I started in Div. 1 and became a striker for HT right after I did mess cook. My first GQ were the fifties. Then the hoses. Got my Crow finally @ T.I.
Abbott, BruceBT2Jul 19, 1972 – Jul 12, 1976EngineeringEnjoyed all the time and memories aboard Ramsey.
Woten, IraSM/SNAug 14, 1972 – Feb 4, 1977O.C
Williams, RobertPNSNSep 1972 – Nov 1973X
Andrews, Peter11973 – 1977-
Throe, LarryFTGSNMar 1973 – Apr 1975Weapons
Moody, DonOS 3Mar 1973 – Jun 1975OIGood shipmates. Enjoyed the Gulf of Siam Olympiad
Stigall, TerryOS3Mar 28, 1973 – Jul 1974OIThe Ramsey was the first ship I served on. I got transferred off right before we went on a WestPac. I enjoyed my time on the Ramsey. I was sorry to see it was used for target practice and ended up being sunk.
Theisen, JimBT1Jun 15, 1973 – Apr 15, 1975B
Firsdon, Michael {fuzzy}BT2Aug 15, 1973 – Aug 1, 1975bGreat ship , Great crew, Had alot of fun times with shipmates.
Beland, David (Dummy)ETN2Jan 4, 1974 – Jan 10, 1978OESpent way too much time aboard the Rammer as it was my second ship. The command screwed me out of shore duty and EW training. Saw shipmates came and go. 2 of my Westpacs were on the Rammer, went through 2 drydocks.
Loren, Ness profile iconSH3Apr 14, 1974 – May 14, 19781st divI'm the ship store man. Two west pack on board Ramsey. Great crews and officers. Enjoyed my whole four years on board Ramsey, The Drydock, barracks and all. miss you all old buddies.
Archibald, BlairFTMJun 5, 1974 – May 1975weapons
Jacobs, William (Jake)MM2Oct 15, 1974 – Mar 1, 1976M DivisionWorked in the engineroom for MMC Clark, MM1 Pifke. Fellow snipes included Peters, Wilson, Gregg, Otis, Johnston, Adamson, Rhoads. WestPac 1975 , aka Building 2.
Church, GeneFTGSNOct 26, 1974 – Apr 24, 19782ND DIVISIONI was the last of three brothers to serve on the "Rammer". Enjoyed two WestPac deployments and the drydock time in Long Beach. I would like to hear from any old shipmates out there.
Jackson, Mark(Cj)snNov 27, 1974 – Aug 5, 19771stbeen a long time but a lot of good memories on 2 westpacs. im married now for 29 yrs' 2 kids one 26 and one 22' will be a grandpa come march 21, 2012. member of VFW post 2366 (LIFE MEMBER)'
Parker, WilliamQM 3Dec 1974 – May 1978XTwo West-Pac's, one trip to Long Beach...was a great time
Tucker, RobertRMC1975 – 1977OC
Powell, DaleSTG31975 – 19763rdFlew to Subic just as Rammer arrived for a Westpac in 75. Talk about culture shock! Great fun, great friends.
Thomas, Billmm21975 – 1979m
Weaver, Richard (Dick)YNCJan 1975 – Sep 29, 1975XReported aboard as Ship's Secre tary in Jan 75 and retired from the Navy 29 Sep 75 with a beautiful retirement ceremony. Met the ship in Philippines and have fond memories of this cruise. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me.
Granstaff, Richard (Boo Boo)E-1 BOATSWAINS MATEJan 1975 – Aug 1976deck crewwill never forget those days
Floyd, DavidSTG 2Jan 1975 – Sep 19783RD
Autry, Steve (Drift)E2Jan 1975 – Jan 23, 19761stWhere are Granny (boo boo) & Bad Bob?
MacPherson, JimOS/2Jan 1975 – Jan 1978OI
Peters, Lawrence "Pete The Snipe"MM-2Jan 10, 1975 – Mar 20, 1976MSwapped to Ramsey in '75 so I could do a West-Pac.Worked in the engineroom and hoped the boilers would stay on. Liked her anyway! Did the cruise,Saipan,Guam,Taiwan, HK,PI,came back from Yokohama through Adak and Vancouver BC. Got out in March '
Johnston, Bryce EdwardMM3Jan 17, 1975 – Jul 16, 1976MServed with Captain Abbot, ChEng Liuzzi, MMC Clarke, MM1 Dave Pifke, MM2 Bill Jacobs, MM2 Harry Gregg, MM2 Wilson, MM2 Larry
Cunningham, MallenYNSNFeb 1, 1975 – Apr 17, 1976
Otis, Vince/ Vinnie/big OMM3Mar 1975 – Dec 1978MI was on the ship in M division 1975-1978. I worked for Chief Clark,MM1 Pifkie. MM2 Peters, MM2 Jacobs, MM3 Gregg
Austin, Randall (Randy)BT2May 10, 1975 – Dec 20, 1979BHad a great time and seen the world. So many great people also, email
Tyler, StephenOSSNJul 5, 1975 –operations
Snider, AlanMM3Sep 1975 – Oct 1977EngineeringMade a lot of memories. I always remember the good times I spent aboard ship.
Jensen, DavidBM3Sep 15, 1975 – May 16, 19791stVery glad to be part of a great ship and crew
Thomas, BillMM2Oct 1975 – May 1979M
Peterson, Jeff/peteSeamanOct 1975 – Aug 19771 st & sometimes 3rd.Names:David Currey, Bill Stevens, Renfro,Samanski,Herrera,, .I need to see NAMES to remember. What DATE did we become SHELLBACKS? We moored into the PI on Sept.6,1976What bout SKIP the cook?

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1969 | 1970 – 1975 | 1976 – 1979 | 1980 – 1984 | 1985 – now

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