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USS Truett (FF 1095) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Truett (FF 1095). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 402 crew members registered for the USS Truett (FF 1095).

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Robinson, Rob/robbieEM11983 – 1987RBest memories are of the North Atlantic cruise.
Stromley, TimE-4Jan 1, 1983 – Mar 25, 1986OC01/ Radio Central
Chance, RonaldBt3Jan 3, 1983 – Mar 3, 1985B DivisionReally miss all the underway times, espeicially Ireland
Land, DonQM3Mar 1983 – Feb 1985NAVADWhat's up Marlon and Rodney!
Duke, Lonnie1ST DIVMay 1983 – Jun 19861STwould like to find some old friends
Ferguson, JamesOS3Jul 1983 – Dec 2, 1985OpsI meet alot of good people in the Nav just looking for some of those friends.
Gatewood, MikeRM2Aug 1983 – Dec 1986Ops
Nelson, Johnradioman second classAug 20, 1983 – Jun 26, 1985radio centralstill live in buffalo ny,have 2 kids married, work for goodyear dunlop plant in buffalo
Burnes, ChetMM2Oct 1983 – Oct 1986M DivMany good memories, some not so great.
Wellington, RobertE-5 / HT2Oct 10, 1983 – Oct 30, 1984
Kellett, MikePN2Nov 29, 1983 – Jun 26, 1986NAVAD Ship's OfficeWe had some great times and some hard times, but I would not change a thing. A few of us are looking at the possiblity of getting together in D.C. for more detial follow the link below
Exoo, PhilipSTG21984 – 1989ASI loved midrats, the ice cream machine, and the bug juice. Standing Petty Officer of the Watch at midnight in the cold was fun too. Do It Truett and Make it Happen.
Davis, PhilipEN-31984 – 1986A-GangGood and bad memories. Love to do it all over again.
Davison, BillMR21984 – 19881st / Rwould like to find old freinds from 1st div and R div
Ruszkowski, Scott "Ski"HT21984 – 1985Repair
Czop, LarryHT1984 – 1986MaintenanceHi mates! this is a cool site. Every now and then I think of the years I served in the NAVY and wondered how everyone else is doing in their life. send me a e-mail.
Bulman, Jason (Bull)Bm1 (SW)1984 – 19891st Division, DeckBest ASW ship on the East Coast. Do it Truett. Great Crew.
Rolland, KennethE-21984 – 1988Deck handA lot of good times n some bad. Really like seeing the world because it seemed like we was always at sea! Getmo, North Atlantic n Med.
Schlienz, DaveSTG2Feb 1984 – Jul 1987AS
Presley, TwerryNC1Feb 1984 – Apr 1986Spent some time with some great folks..Retired after doing just 20 years as a Senior Chief. Now reside in Florida.
Markowitz, RobertRM3Feb 14, 1984 – Feb 14, 1988OC served onboard Truett from feb 1984-feb 1988 IF you were on at that time frame and remember me please email me
Golden, ThomasSTG2Mar 2, 1984 – Jun 1, 1988WEPsWe were ASW. Hook EM award.
Huson, Don "Huey"MM2Mar 7, 1984 – Mar 10, 1988Engineering MLife was rough, but life was good on board her. There were alot of good people here. Underway was the norm. Working hard and playing harder was even acceptable. This was the Real Navy
De Jong, PeteEN2Apr 1984 – 1988A Gang I think of the time spent on the ship often. 2 meds. 1 north Atlantic, 2 Gitmos, the yards. Lots of memories, Thanks! (I miss Nellie bell and Betsy!) Who remembers who they are?
Conick, JohnEM1Jun 1984 – Jun 1989E
Watkins, MiltonSTGSNJun 1984 – Nov 1986WeaponsWhat up shipmates! Rod, Jack, Lemon's passed away. What up Ricky Seth, Dino, Land, and Austin,Vinny and Hall, Coontz,Exoo Rudy Ramos and Schielnz Tim Price my homeboy Cook(Cooking Fresh) Paul and Lew and all my shipmates
McBride, SteveBM2Jul 14, 1984 – 19861st Div
Plaisance, HaroldSTG1Aug 1, 1984 – May 1, 1989AS
Shipley, William (Art)BT1(ret)Aug 12, 1984 – Oct 29, 1989EB14-Oil KingNorth Atlantic, the Med a few times and yard period at Metro Machine in Norfolk. Great memories of the ship and her crew!
Washington, RodneyE-4Aug 14, 1984 – Mar 12, 1988I am and always will be the master of the wheel of steel - the master of all master helmsmen.... the glue between the "old crew and the new"...... Keep 1095 ALIVE !!! Nothing but love to all of my former crew members...
Washington, RodneyE-4Aug 15, 1984 – Mar 12, 1988
Cooney, BradOS2Nov 1984 – 1988OPSHad a great time serving on this ship.. Id like to find old friends..MOORE, GOLDEN, REYNA, TUCKER, JJ (PRESTON JOHNSON)VINNIE LONGUS
Palma, Roberto profile iconSHSNNov 2, 1984 – Aug 9, 1987S3Retired 2005 Currently residing in New York and Subic
Jarvis, GlennE2Nov 24, 1984 – Aug 22, 19861stwanna say hey to BMC BULLOCK &LT Peterson &also to Commander Carlson ty for being such a great leader sir.
Davis, EonMS2Dec 2, 1984 –SupplyGlad this exist hope all my crew mates are doing well.
Cooney, BradOS2 E-51985 – 1988Operations
Holliday, Michael (Doc)OS3Jan 1985 – Jun 1987OILooking to connect with shipmates
Golden, Thomas D.STG2Jan 1, 1985 – May 1, We are getting a reunion in 2005. Contact us.
Howley, TedBT2Jan 7, 1985 – Dec 17, 1986BravoWow wish we could have a reunion! Love to see some of the old hats. I am still in and in the Seabees for the last ten years. I am back from Iraq.
Smith, WalterSTG1Jan 8, 1985 – Nov 20, 1989ASsonar 4
Smith, Walt/wallySTG1(SW)Jan 23, 1985 – Nov 13, 1989ASWell F u bitches
Moore, MichaelQM 2Feb 1985 – Nov 1, 1988NAV/ADWhat a ship!!!Some of the best friends I every had!!!Golden, Cooney,Rod Washington,Scott Doan,Steve Reyna. Do it Truett!!!
Bell, DouglasMM2Feb 1, 1985 – Oct 2, 1990MI spent four years on this ship. She truely was one of the finest friagtes in the fleet.
Barnes, Big DocHM3Feb 1, 1985 – Mar 1, 1988HM
Brunts, BruceSH2Feb 2, 1985 – Jul 21, 1989SupplyBest ship in the fleet
Martin, RichardLTFeb 7, 1985 – Mar 1988SupplyFun times - thankfully only the good memories remain.
Deak, SteveRM2Mar 1985 – Aug 1988OC - RadioIt seemed like we were always at sea or in the yards. The GTMO, North Atlantic and Med cruise within a year was pretty tough. Best Damn Frigate on the East Coast. The boys in Sonar knew how to track a sub.
Compton, Dwayne (Compy)E-4 RM3Mar 1985 – Oct 1987oc rmwe had the best radiomen and crew in the fleet. we had some good times underway gtmo and our med cruise. seem like we were always haze grey and underway.
Neuhauser, KennethSTG2Mar 1985 – Jun 25, 1989AS / Weapons
Flaskegaard, GaryE3Mar 1985 – Jul 1985DeckIf only every one knew LOL there was some interesting ones there
Lemons, GeraldSTG3May 1985 – Dec 1986ASTo all my sonar friends a that played "Star Fleet Battles", Do It Truett. Where's Mitten.
Grande, FrankFC 2May 5, 1985 – Nov 15, 19892ndFour and a half years on-board, 2 meds, 1 north atlantic, Gitmo, 3 Captains, 2 yard periods, many sailors I will not forget!
Richard, HaroldRM2May 16, 1985 – Jul 25, 1987OCOur RMC was Hanckle. The RM1 was Gordon Miner. With their lead and the choppy seas we survived many stormes.
Powers, JayHT2Jun 1985 –RHT2 to Force Master Chief - any old HT's out there?
Webb, DanielFC1 (SW)Jun 1, 1985 – Sep 1, 19872ndWhat a ship, great crew, best CIWS system in the fleet! Miss the 1st class association that worked hard to maintain a great atmosphere for all.
Warren, Kd0S 3Aug 1, 1985 – Feb 18, 1988opsGriff, heck, wash, doc, zim, vinny, jj. Had fun serving with ya all
Ramey, Jr., A. GlennPN3Sep 1985 – Mar is where I can be reached.
Chepeck, BookerGMM2Oct 3, 1985 – Apr 22, 1988WEPsDrop me an Email
Whitley, John (Whit)OS2(SW)Dec 10, 1985 – May 20, 1989OIMy first ship and some of the best and worst memories of my career.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1974 | 1975 – 1977 | 1978 – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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