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USS Ainsworth (FF 1090) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ainsworth (FF 1090). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 253 crew members registered for the USS Ainsworth (FF 1090).

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Partridge, AlanSH3Feb 13, 1972 – Jun 29, 1974S3
Wiseman, JimOS3May 15, 1972 – Feb 15, 1975OperationsBest years in the Navy were aboard the Ainsworth. Great times in South America during Unitas. Plank Owner, Shellback.
Chiarelli, FrankCSSNNov 1972 – Jun 1973Supply
Hails, AlanLTNov 1972 – Nov 1974ASW, WEPSPlankowner, Shellback , ASW Officer. My education by the Chiefs continued. Capt. Terry Siple knew how to operate, and to Party. We got her commissioned, shaken down, Gitmo tuned. But the best was Cathy in N.O.'73! YES
Jurgens, SteveLTjgNov 1972 – Oct 1973WeaponsCurious if there has ever been a ship's reunion or one being planned in the future?
Peterson, Greg...(pete)MM/3Dec 1972 – Feb 28, 1973Nucleus crewOne of the original 13 crew members who flew down to Avondale after precom and rode her back to Portsmouth.Took an early sep.B4 commissioning.Hey,Lindhurst! I still have your peacoat!! Don't ask me how I got yours.Wonder where mine went!!
Chew, David "Mike"CS THEN OS2Dec 1972 – May 1976Supply then OperationsPre-com, I remember some of it. I'm the one with the 69' Mustang, had it the whole time! Time to make the doughnuts! Wanna jam in CIC? Party in the MAC! My Ainsworth web-page
Comstock, Gordy (Hoover)MS-2Dec 1972 – Apr 1976SUPPLYPlank Owner--One of the orginals. Stew Burner, Night Baker, making the mid-rat munchies oh sooooo good! Would like to hear from anyone ASAP!
Lindhurst, SteveMM 2Dec 3, 1972 – Apr 1976"M"Reported to Barracks "H" at N.O.B. Norfolk for precom detail in early Dec, 1972. Commissioned ship March 31, 1973
Diaz, JosephSK2Dec 23, 1972 – Aug 15, 1975SupplyIt's been 32 years but it feel like yesterday.
Jackson, JohnnyMR21973 – Jul 1974plankowner.took the ship to avondale shipyard down the mississippi.took it to gitmo for the was de1090 then tho.still have my plankowner cetificate and plank.
Pekins, William (Willie)BT 21973 – Aug 16, 1976BWas a member of the crew when she was put in commision. Served on board as boilerman till my discharge,. Had a great time and see a lot of the world
Iuni, Patfn1973 – 1974b
Ventura, InesE11973 – 1974BTGreat experience aboard , two great friends Michael Bachman and George Taylor , miss those guys .
Handa, DanSTG31973 – 1975Third Division? SonarJust ran across this and thought I would drop my name in...It's been a long time back in my Sailor days!
Kelley, BillMM2Jan 1973 – Apr 1975'M' division and 'A'- gangReported aboard 1/73 - Pre-Com detail. Started in M-Division, then AC&R school and went to A-Gang - out of navy 6/79 as MM1- been in AC business ever since. Billy Rys- if you're out there:
Coons, BillBT2Jan 1973 – Jul 1976BUNITAS, the best! But great times for the whole 3 1/2 years aboard. Saw some names of old friends on the crew list. Hi guys. hope you're all doing great.
Rys, William (Bill)MM3Jan 11, 1973 – Apr 1, 1974M then RI joined the crew in the barracks at NOB in early January; like Mike Chew, I had THE '69 Mustang, but it was a Meadowlark Yellow Mach I. Still looking for Bill Kelley, a fellow nuke drop out who I lost track of in 1976.
Cook, WarrenE1Feb 1973 – Oct 17, 1973deck handjust looking to see who is on the ships site I also did the first cruse to Cuba for battle testing. anyone remember me I was the one always getting in trouble. Missed ships movement to Cuba but they flew me over anyway.
McMahan, StevenMM2Feb 1973 – Aug 6, 1976MI would enjoy contact with about any of the guys from the engineering dept. that remember me - especially my best friend Steve Lindhurst. Hey Patterson! did you master the guitar yet. I still play and remember you did to
Braunshausen, Dennis (Brownie)GMG2Mar 1, 1973 – Apr 7, 1976WeaponsWas a gunners mate in 2nd Division. Member of the commissioning crew.
Guendelsberger, JoeFTG-1Mar 13, 1973 – Dec 7, 19772ndAlways at sea because the crew always kept the ship sea-worthy. Great times and friends.
Stilphen, NormanSM3Mar 31, 1973 – Jul 15, 1975OI CIC
Berger, OttoE-3May 1973 – Mar 19, 1976Cook
Jackson, JohnnyMR2Sep 1973 – Jul 1974plankowner.took the ship to avondale shipyard down the mississippi.the only m.r on the ship .did the gitmo shakedown.was discharged in july was DE1090 then tho.
Carpenter, Robert profile iconE3Oct 1973 – Oct 1976A GangWorked on the Diesel Engines and was Throttleman for my watch in the engineroom
Reck, GarrySNOct 18, 1973 – Jun 8, 19771st
Robbins, Mark (Robbie)EM21974 – 1977R DIVISIONI was an Electrician Mate in the Navy. After I was discharged I got a job in a local Chemical Plant as an Electrician. I retired 39 years later.
Ungerecht, Rodger (Kwik)MM2Apr 1974 – Apr 1975MCame her to find Steve Macmahan. Gonna try his email here, hope he hits me back!
Avey, CyrusBT2Aug 1974 – Jan 1978BHow longs it been? Pete, Duck, Bill, Jim, Marlin,Tiny,Shane,Frankie,Mr.Wright,Luke,Oscie,Vince,and all the others.
Mitchell, Jim (Duck)BT2Sep 1, 1974 – Mar 17, 1978BoilersBoarded ship in Salvador Brazil. Ship had already crossed the equator. So lucky me crossed on the Pacific side with only a few others. Had a great time serving with some great people.
Sallia II, Charles (Ed)RM2Dec 20, 1974 – Aug 22, 1976CommunicationsI served as lead Radioman from about mid 1975 through August 1976. Was appointed leader of the ship's Snoopy photographic team.
Baker, DarrelSTG31975 – 1976asw
Cruse, JoeGMT21975 – 1977Weapons ASW/SonarHey all remember me?? I remember most of you. Hey Brownie WE had great times, you me and Cox?
Cloutier, CraigE3Mar 1975 – Jan 7, 1977Deck handJust found all these sites. Very cool. Trying to get a hold of Gary Reck I found him on another site. Hope all you guys are well. Man it's been along time. Living on a boat in Florida now.
Hoffhines, Vincent MHT 3Apr 1975 – Jan 1978R
Ungerecht, Rodger (Kwik)MM2Apr 1975 – Apr 1977MCame her to find Steve Macmahan. Gonna try his email here, hope he hits me up -- is my best.
Cunningham, MikeEW1May 1975 – Sep 1979OE
Cruse, JosephGMT 2May 1975 – Feb 1977ASW
Russell, ChuckE3Jul 1, 1975 – Jul 1, 1979osHey where are all the "non-hackers" from the IE departmnt Cunningham, Daws? and all my other "doper" friends.. Yost, ,Spenser, Chew sheesh.. can't remember that far back many dead brain cells i guess..:D
Shortridge, JamesOS3/OS1Jul 3, 1975 – Nov 1, 1977OIDID 2 TOURS ON THE SHIP LAST ONE 1981-85
Beam, Roger "Bemo"OS2Sep 1975 – Feb 1979oilooking for former crew members of when i was aboard.
Spence, GregOS3Sep 1975 – Feb 1979OIHey OS and EWs. It has been over 30 years since I have seen you bunch of wild men. Fill me in. What is going on with you guys. Holler at me.
Russell, ChuckOS3Sep 1, 1975 – Jul 5, 1978OSWhere are all you "non-hackers" from the OE /EW group? Yost, Cunningham, Daws?
Hansell, Phillip (Phil)AE-3Oct 7, 1975 – May 30, 1976Helo-DetatchmentI sometimes miss the "glory days" and the not so glory days! The cruise made for some great stories, and fond memories. Glad the Ship is a Maritime Museum in Turkey, and not cut up, or sunk as a reef.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1975 | 1976 – 1979 | 1980 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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