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USS Cook (FF 1083) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cook (FF 1083). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 239 crew members registered for the USS Cook (FF 1083).

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Chuck, DonaldETR21974 – 1976OE
Sprague, PaulQM1974 – 1976two westpac's--operation frequent wind--18yrs old--I grew up!!! Thank You--USN-USA
McGregor, Robert (Bob)STG SNFeb 1974 – Jun 1976Weapons/Sonar/Deck
O'Bannon, Neal "ob"FTM-4Feb 1974 – Mar 1976Weapons
Kedik, Mark/ YogiMMFNFeb 1, 1974 – Sep 10, 1975AUX 1Was there for Operation Frequent Wind, the day Saigon fell to the NVA. Cook assisted with the boat people. Gave them fresh wate, food, etc. I still have pictures of the boat people and their boats, What a day that was. Peace be with you all
Halmick, Michael profile iconFTM2 Fire Control Technician MissileFeb 4, 1974 – Jun 28, 1977WG Weapons Division How's it hangin' gentlemen? It's been quite awhile since we were on the Cook. Rattle my cage sometime if you served on board when I did and we'll shoot the breeze.
Dykes, DondisnbmJul 12, 1974 – Jul 11, 19771st divisonireported on board just b4 thankgotsgiving shortly after that we left san dieago pearlharbour,we later got orders for vietnam,just we arrived just b4 daylight and watched b52s flying in an make a bombing run,also was involved in evac
Koechig, ChristopherMM3Aug 28, 1974 – Aug 18, 1977Engineering M divisionI have copies of the ships yearbook from west pac and when the Russian deltas were flying over
Crabtree, ChuckETR2Oct 1974 – Oct 1975OE
Nelson, ArvedEMFN - EM3Nov 1974 – Jul 1976EWest Pac's were the best.
Privett, Theodore/teddy BearbmsnDec 2, 1974 – Aug 16, 1978first div (deck dept)the cook was a good ship looking for friends in first div here is my email address i would like to here from you guys
Candelario, Hectorcook1975 – 1980cookMy name is Alaine Labo. I am looking for my dad. He met my mom in Olongapo City, Philippines. Mother name is Carlota Labo, other name used is Julie Fernandez. Please if you know my dad, email me at (
Wise, DennyETR31975 – Jul 27, 1977OEA lot of good memories and good times.
Johnson, MichaelEN31975 – 1977engineeringanyone experiencing health issues possibly related to agent orange asbestos or any other hazardous materials we worked with slept on or ingested through the water we processed off shore Vietnam?
Dulaney, RobertBTJan 1975 – Oct 1981MP/Bthe best damn ship and crew in the United States Navy - and most of the officers too!
Dulaney, RobertBTJan 1975 – Oct 1981MB/B then B
Peavy, DavidbmsnJan 20, 1975 – Aug 17, 1977firstWe had a great time.I'll never forget drinking a bottle of wild turkey with mike halmick on mount fuji.remember hanging out at the continental club in subic city.
Jenson, Tim (Tj)SM3Jan 22, 1975 – Nov 19, 1977WHAT A RIDE!
Wilson, RobertETR2Feb 2, 1975 – Mar 15, 1978Operations Electronics (OE)I have some great memeories of our WesPac tour, with Boot, Don and the rest of the OE division.
Williams, PatOSCSMay 1975 – Jun 1980OIshipyard..san fran....collision... west pac/really beat up in rough weather for eight days/then yoko hoorah
Bentz, DavidHT-1 HTCMay 15, 1975 – Jan 15, 1980RIn my 20 year She was the Cleanest ship and Best Crew I ever served on and with. I was on board for 5 years, I was starting to thing I owned Her Ha,Ha, But Captin Mac Always made sure I knew my Place. I still Live on Water in Hot Springs Arkansas.
Lorei, BillGMG2Jun 1975 – Aug 17, 1977WEPSanyone ever hear from Frank Woloczyn?I owe him a pack of smokes. Clint Sims ...good man...made sure Peavy and I made it back to the ship from the Zebra club. Who's idea was it to paint the gun barrel candycane?
Marcantel, Marcht3Oct 21, 1975 – Jul 12, 1979repairhad a good time looking for old buddies
Swanson, Art (Planet Man)QM2Dec 1975 – Jul 1979OperationsWe did know how to party. Had many good times from PI to Hunters Point
Nelson Jr, Christian(nasty)BT1Dec 12, 1975 – Dec 15, 1980BDo you remember blued toilet seats, high presure yerinals,or slick hand rails or the ritz dye tablets in shower heads Loved those days !
Davidson, TomSTG31976 – 1980SonarGood Times, Good Friends... Drop me a line, I'm still in San Diego!!
Scott, StevenSN1976 – 1978deck
McDonald, Charles "Gunner Mac"GMG2Feb 1976 – Nov 1977WGBest "Gun Gang" in the Navy
Cutting, DaveBM3Feb 1976 – Aug 19791st, the only real sailors Came on board with my two equally foolish buddies, Miguel "Speedy" Victorino and Mark Rudebeck. Great crew, great times. The landing on Mars was a highlight, I had a great view from the bridge. Road trip to Foggy's!
Jones, MichaelLtjgMar 1976 – Jan 1979N and OpsYes it's Lt. Jones -Ships Navigator 1976-1977, then CICO 1977-to 1979-was there thru the Hunter's Point years-- West Pac 76-the ship's party in Kaoschung, Taiwan and Capts farewell cruise to SF, Vancouver and Victoria BC
Shell, LarryBT-3May 1976 – Sep 23, 1979BLot of good times and a lot of hell but loved it
Carley, William/billBT e2Sep 1976 – Jun 1977Don't rememberThe Cook was out of 32nd street naval base when I joined her. Looking for Hans Pabuda or Gary Benton.
Davis, Gordonpc3Dec 20, 1976 – Oct 24, 1978personeljoined the cook in yakoska japan after postal clerk school had a blast met alot of fun guys drank alot of beer! been working at the post office since { it sucks }miss the navy days good times!
Inman, Allan1977 – Jun 11, 1982ASWI was there at Hunters Pt. in 'Frisco for over a year. Great time! I had just secured from bearing takin' and went into LAPS when we "landed on mars". Was onboard for '80 & '82 WestPac. Livin in Kansas ever since I got ou
Zimmerman, Mark (Z-man) profile iconET3 (Comm and Radar)1977 – Sep 9, 1980OESay, has the Cookie going into the yards AFTER the collision. Wrong dudes. Some killer stories about that little Frigate. What a bunch of guys.
Carlson, SteveSTG21977 – 1981AS Div (3rd)Hunters Point, landing on Mars, Westpac 80 (Diego Garcia Australia Hormuz Persian Gulf Japan PI IO whale hunting Straits of Malacca) Cold War Warrior, captured Soviet coded underwater comms with sonar. Silence is Golden
Nix, Gussh4Jan 1977 – Jan 1982supplykinda miss those days aboard ship had alot of good times,living in knoxville,tn now , ill never forget the headlines in the san diego paper USS Cook lands on Mars now that was a rough ride
Stargel, TerryBMJan 6, 1977 – Nov 19, 19791 stahhooooh , toga party on the hill at hunters point!!! I'm in claxton Ga. look me up my phone is listed. would like to hear from any of the late 70's crew.
Montgomery, BerrtBM3Jan 13, 1977 – Sep 3, 19801stFirst ship, great crew. First ship to land on Mars.
Butler, EdwardETN3Apr 1977 – Jan 1979ETNI am still alive and well, how about all of you I served with on the boat?
Fitzsimons, Mark (Fitz)GMM2May 1977 – Jan 1980ASWI remember the good times and the not so good; mostly the good. I experienced life on the Cook at Hunters Point, Long Beach and a short visit to the Mars. I returned to the Navy as a reservist and retired a GMC in 2005
Stanley, JimFTG1May 19, 1977 – Oct 20, 1979Fox.
Ashman, JohnBTCSJun 1977 – Dec 1979
Famme, JosephCDRJun 1977 – Jun 1979Commanding OfficerGreat Crew - Excelled with Major Ship Overhaul at Hunters Point, San Francisco. Used new Wide Band Elements in SQS-26 Sonar to detect Soviet submarine codded underwater communications off SoCal Coast. An Honor to Serve
Parker, DonFTG1Jul 10, 1977 – Dec 11, 1980WG
Colt, Gregory ColtGMGG2Sep 20, 1977 – Nov 1980WGI was onboard when we ran into the Mars, and I made the 1980 Westpac. I'm still in touch with three shipmates. Good times.
Crane, Nolen (Kc)BM3Oct 1977 – Mar 19791st DivisonI came on board as a just busted SA in Aug '77 and made 3rd class in March '78. Was in charge of Boat Decks, Paint Lockers, and Tool Crib on board. Had a great time at Hunters Point. I'm Landlocked in KS.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1973 | 1974 – 1977 | 1978 – 1981 | 1982 – 1985 | 1986 – now

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