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USS Cook (FF 1083) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cook (FF 1083). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 239 crew members registered for the USS Cook (FF 1083).

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Trutwin, ThomasThird Class Seaman1945 – 1948UnsureIt is my sincere, desire to find someone who served with my Father, Thomas Francis Trutwin. He was a Cook. He passed away on 24 September 2003, at the VA Hosp. in St. Cloud MN. I would enjoy writing to whoever is able!
Wiltz, HarrySeaman 1st classFeb 25, 1945 – Mar 1946GalleyEntering my dad's name. He is alive and in very good health. He lives in Nederland, Texas. He has been married for 59 years and has two children and 3 grandchildren. Very proud of my dad for serving his country.
Connelly, BillSeamanFeb 16, 1946 – 1947USNI am adding my dad's name to this list. I amnot sure if he was the cook on the ship, I know he was a cook in the navy during the war. he married my mother in Jan of 1946 and he left on the Oregon City around Feb. 1946.
Cooper, Thomas M.machinist mate 21949 – 1953Sub TenderLooking fathers Military history. Unfortunately he died 12/24/2017, Many questions about where he serviced. I should have ask these question. I know he was on USS Cook, (No sure which one) Korean War and Vietnam. Thank
Malner, RogerCommisary 3rd ClassJan 14, 1951 – Sep 9, 1954CommisaryAnybody on LSMR 403 give me a call or e-mail me. Hope to hear from someone.
Swanson, Arthur (Planetman)QM2Nov 1955 – Aug 1979Operations
Thompson, Kennie/pop/pappyps1Jan 1963 – Jan 1967cook ps1this is my grandfather who has passed away but i wanted to put his information in here with the other men he served with they called my grandfather pop Thompson or pappy Thompson
Davis, Briancapt.Feb 2, 1968 – Jun 2, 19712nd
Kahle, BobFTG 3Nov 2, 1970 – Aug 21, 1974WeaponsSpent alot of good times in NO,Boston,LONG Beach,San Diego; Cruised around horn and did 2 WEST-PACS I still remember Steve Spratt,Steve Mason and James Jackson to name a few PLANKHOLDER
Deskins, KenEM3-EMFN1971 – 1972EPlank Owner
Banyai, GaryHT31971 – 1973RPlank Owner
Spratt, SteveFTG31971 – 1973WeaponsNucleus Crew in NO, Plank Owner, remember fun times in S America with Bob Kahle,FTG3 and FT gang (Steve Mason,FTG2, Ron WilsonFTG1, & Jackson; more fun times back in LB with Rusty Prunch, EM3, Tom Gjovik, ST3, & Cairns
Burkhart, TomFn.1971 – 1972engineeringwhen through the Commissioning,round the straights to Long Beach.Good times,bad times. But then they kicked me off,and changed my Navy attitude,sent to a WW2 DD.and gave it all up,for an Early out. .
Freithaler, Arthur/seagullOS-21971 – Jan 4, 1974OIPlankowner. Joined crew in Avondale shipyards. Left after Westpac deployment.
Amick, Chevis/tomE-3Jan 1971 – Aug 1973Operations
Pierce, BobEM1Feb 1, 1971 – Jun 1, 1972PlankOwner
Gaffney, MattSK3Sep 23, 1971 – Jul 1, 1973SupplyI'm a Plankowner & would like to get in touch with my shipmates. There's a Yahoo group USSCOOK_DE1083@YAHOO.COM
Stauffer, JohnOS-1Oct 1971 – Jun 1973OIWas plankowner, on nucleus crew, left at end of first Wespac cruise
Gentz, TomBT3Nov 1, 1971 – Apr 13, 1973BPlank Owner, whatever happened to Sims, BT2, Porter, Stevens, MM3, Daddy Wirth, Bagge, Lt. Curtis, Lt.JG Kitzman.
Pierce, BobEM1Nov 6, 1971 – Jul 14, 1972PlankOwner
Campbell, L.d.YN3Nov 20, 1971 – Jun 10, 1974deck then ships officeEat, Bite, Fuck, suck, nibble, gobble, chew. We're the men of the 1083 - who the hell are you???? REMEMBER THIS???
Campbell, L.d.SN - YN3Nov 23, 1971 – May 11, 1974DECK then Ships OfficeHope everyone is half as healthy as I am and doing great.
Johnson, NormMM/3Nov 25, 1971 – Oct 24, 1973MI learned alot, I lost alot, and I got caught alot.....and so I came and went.........
Krasko, JoeHT-3Dec 1971 – Apr 1973RPLANKOWNER
Stodola, MitchellRD3Dec 8, 1971 – Jan 2, 1975RadarI was a plank owner, did the Guantanamo thing, sailed through the straights of Magillian, saw the tug put a hole in the rear, almost became a Chillian prisoner, saw Captain Talbot escorted off ship ... lots of memories
Sunkel, TimQM3Dec 8, 1971 – Jul 2, 1973NXWas on precommissing crew from Westwego La. to Boston. Sailed around S. America to homeport in Longbeach. Went To Portland Rose Festival in 1972. Started first Westpac cruise in May 1973. Left ship in Subic Bay July 1973.
Waters, LarrySF2Dec 10, 1971 – Jan 13, 1973R
Leonard (Leo), WilliamSM2Dec 10, 1971 – Aug 27, 1974OperationsStill crazy after all these years.
Johnson, DennisETN3Dec 15, 1971 – Sep 24, 1974OETop notch Comm gang. Dick Fretz could cumshaw the parts to build anything. Ski great supe. SRCs sucked. EWs fair but John Deer(e) never pulled a plow and Don Maxwell's grandad flew 3 kamikaze missions!!!!
Lavelle, JimBT3Dec 18, 1971 – Dec 18, 1974MP/BPlankowner, South America and WESPAC. Would like to hear from anyone aboard. Where did Charlie Brown, Randy Seidman, Tim Leatherman and the BTs go? 1-14-2005
Longmire, WayneGUNNERS MATEDec 18, 1971 – Oct 6, 1973WeaponsPlank Owner. Shot 1st confirmed local control hit, 8' Target Baloon, 2k yards, 5" 54 Gun. 1st confirmed direct hit with Sea Sparrow on target drone. Have ships 1st 2 yrs photo history. Was Snoopy team and ships photographer. What a Cruse!
Sturgeon, NormBT1972 – 1975Engineering
Bails, JohnMR11972 – 1974RAnyone that served on the "Tonkin Taxi" contact me!
Nichols, JerryBMSN1972 – 1974Enjoyed the ride!
Funston, EdBM31972 – 1974DeckWhere are all the deck apes at?
Burrucker, PaulMIDSHIPMAN 4CJun 1972 – Jul 1972Midshipman training cruise
Bennett, GeraldE4 GUNNERS MATE TECHNICIANJun 14, 1972 – Jul 26, 1975Weapons
Oversen, Wayne {hp}MM3Aug 25, 1972 – Jun 14, 1975MPI served aboard the Cook as both a BT & a MM altho I left the navy asmm3.I see jim lavelle here already I vividly remember his chevy nova that he drove every where when he first got it.Hope Otto'Ritz'LD & others respond.Hi Jim nice t
Vigo, JosephOSC1973 – 1975OI
Poorman, DennisETN21973 –oe
Spink, SpinkMS31973 – 1975Supply
Jackson, Richard (Butch)MM3Jan 1973 – Apr 1976MPWas Waterking, Throttleman, Supply PO,
Pazdric, Frank/ BootETN2Mar 1973 – Sep 1976OE The ET's was a great bunch of guys to be associated with. Chief Clark, The guy who pinned me with the nickname BOOT, Great times with a great bunch of guys. Not only the ET Gang but the Radiomen and the Radar Gang. Thanks for being there.
Wilson, Rob / BobE-6Aug 1973 – Oct 1983Operations ElectronicsUSS Cook: Feb 1975 - Sept 1978 Mare Island: Sept 1978 - Feb 1981 USNS Ponchatoula: Feb 1981 - Oct 1983
Cone, RandyStg-3Aug 1973 – May 1975AS
Brunk, FredLTJGAug 15, 1973 – Nov 1, 1975R, M, BGreat crew got and kept us underway including one 42 day stretch at Yankee station. Still have the 75 cruise book.
Roth, Lesley LeeMM3Sep 1973 – Dec 1973A div
Goppert, KeithMMFA/MM3Oct 1973 – Jun 1977MP/ABest ship that I served on. Many good memories such as WestPac's and most of all, California Jam in Ontario
Herren, RonMM2Oct 25, 1973 – Apr 13, 1977MPOver all I had a great time working and partying around the world. The Naby and I didn't see eye to eye but I did meet a fun bunch of guys.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1973 | 1974 – 1977 | 1978 – 1981 | 1982 – 1985 | 1986 – now

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