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USS Elmer Montgomery (FF 1082) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Elmer Montgomery (FF 1082). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 316 crew members registered for the USS Elmer Montgomery (FF 1082).

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Whitener, JamesYN21970 – 1973OperationsPlank Owner. Great Crew and great memories
Vincil, Jacksonmm1Dec 16, 1970 – Dec 19, 1972miam proud to be a plank owner,loved the food for the trip to boston,had a great time while outfitting the ship,just came off the uss Hepburn DE1055 were i reinlisted in viet nam.
Boleyn, Bradley JE 31971 – 1972DeckPlank owner
Jones, MalcolmMM21971 – 1974a div
Vaclavik, MilanMM31971 – 1973M Division
Teige, DanielGMG31971 – 1972WeaponsLooking for Ivan Moore or Paul Raider or Big Z
Rush, BillMM 3Jan 1971 – 1973EngPlankowner
Moore, IvanT M 2Jan 15, 1971 – Jul 18, 1973A S divisionI am a plank owner and the only Torpedoman we had.Was on the first Med cruise
Presto, JoeMM2Jan 19, 1971 – Aug 1973A DivisionOriginal Crew met her in Boston after MM A-School assigned to the Engine Room. Started off running Evaporators and moved to Throttle man, then to Oil and Water King. Supply Petty Officer for Engineering.
Frith, ArtRM3Feb 1971 – Mar 1971OCThe MONTGOMERY (DE-1082) was my first ship. Assigned to the pre-com crew @ Westwego, LA, but never got to set foot on her. For some reason (that I can't recall), I was transfered to the TRENTON (LPD-14) less than a month after reporting onboard.
Carruth, JohnSTGSNApr 1971 – Jul 1972ASPlankowner& PROUD 2have served w/my shipmates (especially w/my3 KeyWest Sonar School friends DiCicco, Clark & Devine... frm Newport, 2New Orleans, 2Boston, 2Norfolk! Retired AF base Dep Base Civil Eng. Cell 850-346-9489.
Enke, RodneySTG2Apr 14, 1971 – Apr 17, 1973FirstPlank Owner, first shakedown cruise in North Alantic was sick, that included 95% of the crew, 22 knots with those stupid stabilizers shaking the ship. Worked on AN/SQS-26CX sonar, now work for Lockheed Martin in Eagan, MN. Need VA help!
Barnaba, JimSH3Apr 30, 1971 – Jun 16, 1972supplymyself and sh3 bill mallek where the first to report to de1082. i still have a copy of the orders to prove it. i remember rich blackwood. he just bought a new car with his shipping over money.
Blackwood, RichardMM2May 1971 – Dec 1973MI think I was the first man to show up for Nucleus Crew in New Orleans. PN's at NSA sent me home for a few days 'til they figured out what to do with me!
Mullen, JohnSK2May 1971 – Sep 1972Supply
Burch, BillETR2Jun 1971 – Nov 1973OPSWas aboard from New Orleans till I left during the Med Cruise. End of enlistment. Had a great time and I will always remember the many friends I met there..
Narisi, MikeFTGJun 1, 1971 – Jan 1, 19732ndI am a plank owner. I joined the crew in New Orleans and helped supervise the final few months on construction before being outfitted in Boston. I was on board for the ship's sea trials mostly in the Caribbean.
Stephens, Oscar "Steve"STCSJul 1971 – Jul 1973ASPlankowner
Elsbree, RaymondDK1Jul 5, 1971 – Aug 30, 1972SupplyWas Plang ower but got shore duty oders before i could made some of sea vorges
Mitchell, RobertETN 3Jul 15, 1971 – Jul 2, 1974OPSIt started at Avondale shipyard. What a 4 year ride. A lot of good times. From Gitmo to Karachi, I had a blast. I couldn't believe that me and YN2 Palmquist were put in charge of the beer we brought for the I/O cruise.
Dekorne, JoeEMFNAug 1971 – May 1973EGreat memories, and great crew.
Butler, JonathanBMAug 1971 – Mar 1972DeckI acame aboard in Newport News. Lived at the YMCA while the ship was being built down south. We transfered to Boston in the Fall to get ready for commissioning. I will never forget the first cruise out of Boston in to a winter storm. FUN!
Brown, DavidRM2Aug 1971 – Mar 23, 1973OpsI was section sup. in Radio Shack. I painted the ship's seal on the door to the shack with our call sign. We've tried to find other shack crew for a reunion. If you're one of the missing, please get intouch. Remember the Chica-Boom chorus l
Dix, EdwardSTG2Aug 1971 – Jan 29, 1976ASWe plank owners cruised the Med. North Atlantic & Indian Ocean in quieter times. During the Arab/Israel war ('73) we cruised the east-Med. watching Russians watch us No shots fired in anger A great sonar gang and fine crew Thanks guys
Hurlburt, EarlPN3Aug 25, 1971 – Dec 15, 1974OXPlank owner. DE1082 Mid-East soccer/beer drinking team.
Robinson, RonaldSTG3Aug 30, 1971 – Apr 17, 1973ASI was a plankowner. I had a great time and still remember some of my friends. I live in Michigan now. Anyone who would like to contact me, you can do so at 1-231-750-9961
Robinson, Ron profile iconSTGSNAug 31, 1971 – Apr 17, 1973ASNew cell number - 231-683-5662
Baldwin, Richard / RickE-5Sep 1971 – Mar 1973CookWas a cook, baker, and plank owner. Did cooking @ Newport, RI while everyone was @ damage control then on to Boston. Look for a medical person name of Al M.(he was from Texas) 315/492-2370
Butler, PaulETRSNSep 1971 – Dec 1973CE
Belfi, GregMM2Sep 1971 – Feb 1975EngineeringMade lots of friends. Don Dickerson, or anyone else that remembers me, e-mail me.
Terry, DavidOS2Oct 1971 – Jan 1975OI
Jones, MalcolmMM2Oct 1971 – Oct 1974AdivPlank holder
Shubert, Elmer DwightCTR3Oct 1, 1971 – Mar 2, 19731st and Radio
Fontenette, SteveBM3Oct 31, 1971 – Oct 31, 1973Deck
Potorski, JoelIC31972 – Sep 17, 1975EngineeringI would like to get in touch with an old shipmate Blane Spence
Watson, RichardSTG31972 – 1974AS WeaponsPlankowner, Sonar Tech, Painted the brow curtains during the first Med tour
Hayes, JamesQM3Jan 1972 – Dec 1975OXNickname PURPLE, later retired USNR as QMC.
Williams, DonaldBM3Jan 19, 1972 – Jul 11, 19731st
Bashline, TerrillBT1Feb 1972 – Jun 1974BMade Med Cruise in 1973. Remember BT1 Bohannon, BT1 Smith. I later made BTC on shore duty at Charleston Naval Base. Retired 3/13/78 from USS Blakely FF 1072.
Bashline, TerrillBT1Feb 15, 1972 – Jun 12, 1974B DivisionMade a Med. cruise in 1973. Transfered to Shore Duty in Charleston, SC upon completion of 73 Med. Cruise. Made Chief while on Shore Duty, Retired from USN 13 Mar. 1978.
Collie, KeithOS3Apr 1972 – Aug 1973Remember the riot with the marines in GITMO? The Pink House in Jamaica? St. Thomas, VI. Med cruise...good times. Any ex-OS'es from CIC around? Ron (Pig) Chandler, you out there somewhere? I'm in San Diego now working as a government contractor.
Blank Sr., WilliamBMSNApr 9, 1972 – Apr 4, 19741st
Collie, KeithCTR3/OS3May 1972 – Aug 1, 1973Looking for fellow shipmates.
Washington, MulesnMay 14, 1972 – Jun 6, 1975boatswanmateI remember gitmo,I did't even go ashore busted my head open running through port hole and when the guys returned end saw me siting on the mess deck,with my head bandaged they thought I was involved......I missed all thef
Lauseng, WilliamFTG2Jun 1972 – Sep 19742nd
Feltes, DaleEnsignSep 7, 1972 – Jun 15, 1974ASW
Mesler, JimMM3Sep 8, 1972 – Jun 16, 1974MSeems like more fun now then it was then.
Ice, KevinseamanSep 10, 1972 – Sep 9, 19761stgood experience,now retired from USPS
Blank, WilliamBMSNSep 20, 1972 – Apr 10, 19741I was a plankowner I have a lot of memories of her please cal me 570 282 6436

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1972 | 1973 – 1977 | 1978 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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