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USS Trippe (FF 1075) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Trippe (FF 1075). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 318 crew members registered for the USS Trippe (FF 1075).

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Purdom, RayOS21977 – 1979CICwent on the Med Cruise April-October 1978 and had great port calls and will never forget Nice, France. Also remember the helo accident, but don't remember where we were at the time. Served with OS1 Moose Thompson, OS2 Marty Cassidy, Spike
Marc-aurele, PaulRM31977 – Aug 1980OCMark Vose! Now there is a name I have not thought of in a Dog's Age! LOL! I served onboard the Old Trippie Boat through a Mid-East Cruise, a Med Cruise and a Unitas Cruise. And then on to Bath, Maine. Had some Great Times/Memories!
Thomas, DennisEM/31977 – 1978EngineeringMed cruise entered Suez canal Red Sea to the Persian Gulf wasn’t just a job it was an adventure. Was on the West coast of Africa became a shellback close to being a golden shellback. Had a ride on the helicopter the next day and wrecked had to go to
Stewart, Craigbt2Jan 1977 – Jun 1980engblueboy don Melvin mm2 get ahold of me craig sam stewart
Grider, MichaelPH3Jan 1977 – Aug 1977Photographer
Davies, DaveRMCJan 1, 1977 – Feb 28, 1981ocI remember the old days with a great crew in radio, fun times in the Unitas XX South America, d2
Cross, BillRM2Feb 1977 – Aug 1978Rm and PhotoDid Middle east Spain and Africa. Now living in Raleigh, N.C. Looking for Arnold LaQue
Newberry, Edward (Doc) Hm3HM3Feb 1977 – Sep 1978MedicalOnboard during sonar collaspe. Served with HMC Sweezy and HM1 Westurn. I was the corpsman between Spicer and Pachowski. Retired 1997 as HMCS.
Feuerstein, AndySTG2Mar 13, 1977 – Jul 15, 19783rdServed aboard at the end of the Spig-do/Fat Lew/Mack the Knife era...what an experience!
Williams, BenjaminSK3May 18, 1977 – Apr 25, 1979S-1Reported aboard in Greece during the Med cruise of '77. Good ship.
Veilleux, Marcel/tony/statmanOS3Jul 14, 1977 – Feb 5, 1980OI/CICThis was first command, and really enjoyed my time there. Shout out to Moose and all the boys of OI.
Ray, Gilbert "Mac"OS2Jul 23, 1977 – Aug 12, 1981OI
Moore, KenMM2Aug 1977 – Feb 1981MWas on Board for Med cruise in 78, UNITAS in 79, Bath Iron Works in 80, Re-upped and left the ship in Spring of 81.
Lamora, ClarenceCTRC(AC/SW)Aug 14, 1977 – Jun 23, 1978OTJoined the ship from Rota, Spain for deployment and was aboard for an additional 6 months. My shipmates aboard were the "Best". Tough IO duty, but we were a tight group. Fair winds and following seas to all !!
Gemme, PaulBT2Nov 1977 – May 1981Engineering
Boardman, "King David" SandyBMSANov 1977 – 19811st DivisionDidn't know it, but best years of my life. Wish I stayed in. I ran paint locker & was Damage Control Petty Officer. Tom Boice & Jon Bright best mates. BMC Cornell. Unitas XX, 2 Carribeans & Med cruise. Ahoy mates!!!!
Melvin, DonaldPETTY OFFICER 2ND CLASSDec 13, 1977 – Oct 9, 19812nd gunners mateLooking for any of my shipmates that may check out this website. Can contact me thru my email.. Would love to hear from anyone.
Heesen, DonMM1978 – May 1980MEnjoyed the UNITAS cruise and the BBQ's with you guys.
Kritzman, Andrew (Kritz)ET31978 – Dec 11, 1980Crypto TechI wanted people to know that Andy passed away on April 21, 2009, but I would love to hear from anyone who remembers him and any stories about him that I can pass on to our children.
Pachkoski, Gary (Doc)HM2May 1978 – Jun 1980XOGood ship and a Better Crew! Remember HM1 Westurn; BM1 Cornell; SK1 Alberto; MAC Lipolis (RIP); MM2 Montgomery; AE2 Bascom (Air Crew) and many more. Lots of haze gray underway & hard liberty steaming....
Williams, David Chillie profile iconBT3Jun 1978 – Nov 1981EB01, EB14This was a good 1st ship. Lots of character and full of them too. Unitas XX was an awsome cruise. 25 ports in 23 weeks. I enjoyed it. Mike "Mean man" Cohen, RIP. Hey to the T boys and the Daves, and Skeeter.
Lunsford, H EugeneLTJul 1978 – Oct 1979CHENGThe INSURV killing the main engine; LAMPS crash; Panama transit; hydrotesting boilers at 1300PSI; implementing EOSS, EOCC, and DCPQS; winning the Engineering E
Pilato, VictorMM2Sep 1978 – Apr 1980Engineering
Digsby, James (Digger)BT1Sep 1978 – Jun 1982B-DivAlot great times on this ship. UNITAS was great, Africa, not so much. Wish I kept in touch. Digger (Oil King)
Jones, JohnE5/YNOct 29, 1978 – Jul 25, 1982ADMINISTRATIONGlad to hear from former shipmates - email if interested
Prather, KeithET31979 – Dec 20, 1982OE01Not to many Unitas XX guys on here yet, where are all the damn snipes.
Perkins, JoeHT1979 – 1981engineeringI arrived onboard in port a Rico for a six month cruise around so. America and west Africa then off to bath for 10 months. North Atlantic and puddle jumped to the pacific for fishing trip and to the med flash backs
Mark, Dorobiala (Doobie)BT31979 – 1982BB division, Unitas 20, gitmo, Doobie, fire in asroc,
Burdick Jr., Buddy (Birddog)MM31979 – Mar 1983EngineeringLooking for anyone aboard at that time.
Hester, ScottBT31979 – 1982B divGreat ship and crew, good times, bad times, worked hard, played hard, still working in boiler rooms, God bless 2021
Green, DavidEM2Feb 1979 – Apr 1982R Im one of those damn snipes only of the fresh air type. had lots of great times!!
Smallwood, GarymssnFeb 12, 1979 – Jan 21, 1982supplywent on unitasxx. north altantic and med 1980 wasmssn
Bilodeau, DavidBT2Feb 22, 1979 – Feb 22, 1983B
Spreier, Tim (Spanky)OS2 (ASAC)Apr 1979 – Sep 1983OIAnother accident occured onboard while Trippe was transitting the Red Sea on 5/1/1983. The helicopter crashed while landing, going over the side of the ship taking the pilot Lt Greer down with it.
Bittner, JeffSN3Apr 7, 1979 – Jun 13, 1980Paint LockerRemembering the good times on UnitasXX, Pearlman, Cribbage? Kirkland, Sanders, Cornell, Longmire
Bright, JohnFTG 4Jun 1979 – 1981FTG
Norman, JohnAMS2Jun 1979 – Oct 1979AIR DEPTHSL 36, We flew on board somewhere off of Mayport, Fla. onward to UNITAS XX, with the Bonefish, P- 3, Band, best time of my life. All those senoritas, Great Memories of life. Disco days n the Clubs.
Bilodeau, DaveBT2Jul 21, 1979 – Feb 22, 1983ENG
Drake, StevenFTG3Jul 28, 1979 – Oct 15, 1980WeaponsMet the ship in Ecuador during unitas, stayed there until I got out at Bath Iron Works
Hedgepath, James Dawgmm3Dec 1979 – May 1983mcall me at 615 533 3045

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