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USS Trippe (FF 1075) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Trippe (FF 1075). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 318 crew members registered for the USS Trippe (FF 1075).

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Lame, BobMM31973 – 1976M Divison
Richey, GaryTM3Jan 7, 1973 – Oct 28, 1974Weapons DivisionArrived on the USS Trippe in Jan 1973, and the crew had just got back to Newport Rhode Island from an around the World Cruise. We went to Med Cruise in late 1973. Being a Navy Reservist, I was released in Oct 1974.
Marks, RandyYN3Mar 9, 1973 – Jul 9, 1975N/XCame on board when ship was in drydock in Boston. Med Cruise 9/73-1/74. Returned to Newport and then changed homeport to Charleston in March 74. Indian Ocean Cruise Jan 75 - June 75-went around Cape of Good Hope over there & then back via Suez Canal
Stuckey, Phillip BBM 3May 7, 1973 – Jun 20, 1975Deckhand
Fulk, FredMM1Aug 1973 – Aug 1978A-Gang5 years on board. Looking back it was a blast but at the time I wasn't having fun.
Brown, BillQMSN - QM21974 – 1977NXWe were homeported in Charleston SC. We went to the Indian Ocean twice. One of the biggest things in life that I am ashamed of is taking part in the shellback ceremonies aboard Trippe. I loved the ship, but I got seasick a lot. I miss those days.
Jimenez, Richard profile iconEW31974 – 1976OEReported aboard as BM3 in 1974, selected for EW3 by striker selection board. Made mideast cruise shipyards and GITMO. Transferred to Corey Field Pensacola. Spent 7 years in. Last ship: USS Forrestal CV59
Eller, Dennis ( Denney )MM2Jan 1974 – Jun 1977M 1Played in the ships band. Had alot of fun with great memories.
Plaster, William "Bill"HMCFeb 10, 1974 – May 8, 1976MedicalEnjoyed the challenge of being the Medical Department Representative. Learned much while on a middle east tour. Probably would have been a 30+ year veteran had it not been for the 'downgrading of U.S. Navy authority' prevalent during that perio
Genzel, ChuckSTApr 1974 – Jun 19753rdWas the Roady for the ships band, had some great times on the Mideast Cruise. 2nd American war ship to go through the Suez Canal after it reopened in 1975.
Samuels, Larry profile iconBT2May 1974 – Oct 1975B DivisionServed aboard as BT2; assigned as Oil King; went through In-Serve inspection, then on Mid-East cruise, crossed the line as Golden Shellback, visited several ports before transiting through the Suez Canal on return to US
Aufdemorte, Lew profile iconET2Aug 15, 1974 – Oct 1, 1977ElectronicsWas comm ET for 3 years. Made Mid East Deployments in '75 and '77'. Shipyard at CNSY in '75 and '76. Refresher in GITMO. Golden Shellback '75. Summer of '77 in Athens Shipyard to replace dome. Many a large time!
Aufdemorte, LewET2Sep 1, 1974 – Sep 29, 1977ElectronicsMany memories. Two mid east deployments, Golden Shellback, summer of '77 in Athens, shipyard peroid and Gitmo. Transfered to USS Guardfish SSN-612 in San Diego. Two more years sea duty then got out as ET1/ LPO.
Van Wert, Mike (Werty, Vanny)OS2Sep 10, 1974 – Sep 10, 1976OII made the Middle East Cruise Golden Shellback, around the horn, then back through the Suez. I retired in 1994 from the USS O'Bannon DD987. Hello shipmates! OSCS (SW) USN Ret.
Lubinsky, GregENFNNov 20, 1974 – Jul 29, 1978(2yrs,) (2yrs)Advanced to ENFN Fr: FA Responsibilities: Helo Refueling, JP-5 Pump Room Operator, Radiac Operator, M-4 ID Kit and Mop Team Member
Lubinsky, GregENFNNov 23, 1974 – Jul 28, 1978M Div (2); A Div (2)Currently residing in Texas, attending the American Intercontinental University (ABA Degree) Currently Bachelor program for Information Technology Computer Forensics
Bise, Bob profile iconMM2Dec 1974 – Apr 1978MI had a lot of good times. I remember my first day when we blew the boiler tubes and almost went aground in the Cooper River.
Moore, NormanBT1975 – 1978BHad a good time on the Trippe. Left the Trippe in 10/78 and went to work at CNSYD (now closed) as a boiler operator. I'm now at the Weapon Station in Goose Creek as a utilities supervisor.
Lynch, RodneyBT31975 – 1978B divisionLooking Back getting out was one of the things I could have done different
Crumby, JerryHT3Feb 1975 – Jan 1977ENGINEERING
Jarchow, Rick "Chow Chow"MM2Mar 1975 – Sep 1978M
Christman, TimE3 SHIP SERVICEMANMay 1975 – May 1979SupplyI was the ship's barber, and went by the nickname "cuts" I would love to hear from some old friends.
McNamara, TomLTJGMay 20, 1975 – Jan 1, 1977DeckI was CommO, then 1st Lt. Kim Castro was in the ship's band. Was onboard the first part of our MidEast cruise and was carried off the ship at Rota with a ruptured disc. If anyone remembers me or others in the radio shack or deck div. email
Boosinger, John (Boo Boo)STG2Jul 1975 – Oct 19783rdOn board during the Fat lew, Mack the Knife, Sparks, Tubes, Vinny, Spiggy, Rich , al...Sonar dome blow out...Glyfyda (sp?) Wine Festival
Quintero, Mario "q"EM2Jul 10, 1975 – Mar 3, 1977EMReported onboard as EM3 from EM "A" school in GLAKES. Made EM2 from the March76 exam. Had a great time with the group of electricians onboard at the time. Last saw the ship on a trip I made to Greece.
O'Connell, BobLTjgAug 1975 – Jun 1978XO & Ejoined just as entering yard in late '75. Made Africa / Mideast ( was on the bridge when dome blew) and went halfway through '78 Med cruise. After the yard, a great couple of years
McGhee, RobertTM3Aug 11, 1975 – Sep 7, 1976WEAPONS
Lewis, Glenn/fat LewSTG 1Nov 1975 – Oct 19773rdPlayed Bass in the ship's band. Was there when we blew out the sonar dome, and ended up spending a few weeks in Athens, Greece. It was tuff. Anybody seen the Drummer Joseph Macisaac, let me know.
Portell, SimonDec 1975 – Jun 1978M1
Holben, Richsm/sn1976 – 1980sigsTo let you guys know Mark Vose past away Dec 2013. Has anyone heard from Sweany? Sam the oil king? Some of the best times period! Unitas xx. Take care to all of you. Hi kurt.
Wolfe, Earl ( Kenny )HT 21976 –Repair divJust want to say hello to my ship mates and to my son Cody Wolfe who is now stationed on the USS NORMANDY CG 60 out of Norfolk va . Wishing him all the luck in the world !
Presnell, James profile iconBM3Jan 1976 – Nov 21, 1977deckAppreciated the time in the NAVY aboard the USS Cochran DDG-21 then the USS Trippe FF-1075. Life is great as a Realtor in Savannah. Still visit Charleston. Wife 2 daughters 4 grands. Riding the Harley like bow wind at C
Peele, VincentBT3Jan 1976 – Jul 1977engineeringEnjoyed the time spent aboard, had a great time in Gitmo and Rosy Roads, Good Crew. Hated to get pulled off after car accident in Charleston S.C.
Clausen, CraigSNFeb 1976 – 1979Deck Force - Post OfficeReported while in Dry Dock - I look back fondly - hated it at the time. Married to a "WAVE" I met in A school -still married. Worked Deck Force with BM1 Wood, BM2 Stuckey. In the Post Office with PC2 McElroy.
Sweezey, Richard "doc"HMCMar 1976 – Mar 1978XOMade "77" Middle East Cruise when we busted the sonar dome.
Boyle, KevinSN/QM2Mar 1976 – Sep 1981N/XGood Times enjoyed making many friends.
Nottage, RichieE5Mar 25, 1976 – Mar 25, 1980MFun times!
Richter, DonMM2May 1976 – Aug 1979SnipeCold Iron in Greece sure was tough :) I would like to say that, to this day, my service on the Trippe was most memorable. Never since have I found such a comraderie. My cell is 570-242-2552 for those who would like to chat. Paul Gemme?
Ingram, DavidSTG3 Sonar pukeMay 1976 – Jun 1977WeaponsArrived in Charleston while the trip boat was in dry dock...went to Cuba on ref-tra...and then off the the middle east....the arm-pit of the world...I got off the boat in Bahrain (sp?) when we ripped the sonar dome...
Martin, Jim "Tubes"TMC(SW)May 9, 1976 – Aug 18, 19793RD
Baquero, RaymondMM2Jun 1976 – Jun 1980M (Engineroom)Retired from the Navy (MMCS/SW)from USS Ainsworth FFT1090 in 1994.
Calvert, RickFTM3Jun 1976 – Oct 1979WeaponsGitmo, Mid-East/Africa, Med, and UNITAS. Some of the best times of my life!
Dare II, DynamiteEM2 (PNA)Sep 1976 – Mar 3, 1980ElectircalJoined as EMFN, spent 3.9 years in the Med, Mid east, Unitas XX, Caribb, and Bath, not counting sorties and OPS,, Someone seems to have forgotten the crashed helo on deck, and the dropped missle on deck, in Africa,, hmm
Simpson, William/billBMSNSep 3, 1976 – Jun 6, 1980excellant crew hey to michael hawley don haas bob metz and all the gang
Torgerson, DanielsmSep 10, 1976 – Mar 15, 1977Deck DepartmentNew Ship for Amazing Deck Ape duty and RM pre school OJT. NEWCAPTAIN Rode a Monster wave that broke the ship on a 58 degree roll. Made Shellback, swam on the equator, & visited many African and Mediterranean Countries.
Mosley, WilliamIC2Oct 21, 1976 – Apr 20, 1980engineeringworked as machinistmate and struck for ic man.made ic man and reached the rank of E-5
Steck, PaulOS 2Oct 29, 1976 – Jul 31, 1979OIReported on board durring the shipyard overhall period. Made the reftra to Gitmo, and 2 Mid east deployments. Enjoyed the shipyard period in Glyfada Greece. Still remember, and have photos of the Indian Ocean Typhoon!
Nottage (Richie), RichardMM2Nov 1976 – Mar 1980M
Hall, KurtPN2Nov 1976 – Mar 1980N/XI still stay in touch with Rich Holben, and Chuck Mountfort. Had some good times on the Trippe. Made the Middle East, The Med, and the Unitas tours. Would enjoy hearing from any shipmates especially Dale Barnes.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1972 | 1973 – 1976 | 1977 – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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