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USS Trippe (FF 1075) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Trippe (FF 1075). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 318 crew members registered for the USS Trippe (FF 1075).

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Lucci, EarlRM2Oct 1969 – Apr 1972OperationsOne helluva experience. Enjoyed all who I came in contact with.
Kalweit, Ray (Roadrunner)BT21970 – 1972B
Hopkins, James HoopEN 31970 – Jul 14, 1974R div A gangHi all,this is old Hoop from A gang,70 to 74 sure would like to hear from some of my old shipmates.I had a blast on that ship.
Dubbs, WilliamLT1970 – Apr 1971Engineering Dept.I was the commissioning crew Engineering Officer - started assignment at Avondale Shipyards and finished assignment while ship was at Gitmo
Schaefer, JohnRM21970 – Nov 1971operationsPlank owner
Brown II, PaulYN21970 – Aug 10, 1971admin
Calp, AnthonyBM31970 – 1973DECK
Reisner, BobBT 3Mar 7, 1970 – Aug 9, 1972B
Webb, GeorgeBM3Mar 17, 1970 – Dec 8, 19721stUSS Trippe De 1075/FF1075 Reunion In New Bedford Ma Sept 8/9.2017 Hope to see some of the crew there. Check out Facebook page USS Trippe FF1075 for more information.
Holden, RoyQM1Apr 12, 1970 – Jul 1, 1971navigationI was on the Neculas crew in New Orleans, we brought the Trippe to Charleston for Commissioning, then went to Gitmo for shake down. I went to shore duty upon our return to charleston.
Elliott, GordonRM2May 1970 – Aug 1973OCPlank owner - balance crew.
Taylor, John (J C) profile iconSTG2May 1, 1970 – Aug 6, 19753rdLast plankowner to leave the ship - 5 yrs, 3 months continuous service aboard Trippe. Best wishes to all my shipmates. It was an "interesting" ride.
Albrecht, SteveEN-3May 1, 1970 – 1972R Div A Gang
Lynch, RobertLtjg/LtJun 1970 – Aug 1972OperationsWhat a spirited commissioning crew! I'm writing a few stories about our adventures. If you have any remembrances (Storm off Cape Hatteras, Gitmo, Vietnam, etc.) please sent me your version of the stories. Best to All!
Kalweit, Ray (Roadrunner)BT2Jun 20, 1970 – May 17, 1972BLEARNED A LOT FROM A BT1 NAMED RAINWATER
Conway, Danny And The JuniorsIC 2Jul 7, 1970 – Dec 8, 1972R DivAny shipmate out there have a copy of the around the world cruise book.
Schilli, Gerald (Jerry)STG3Aug 1970 – Jul 31, 19733rdI was a plank owner & enjoyed my time aboard the Trippe, especially the "around the world" cruise in 72. I was angered when I heard of how the Trippe's life ended. Just wish some company would build a detailed model.
Sheets, Dannystg3Aug 11, 1970 – Aug 11, 19733rd
Sullivan, JeffreyE-2Sep 1970 – Oct 30, 1972ship fitterPLANK OWNER
Helmandollar, RogerSNSep 19, 1970 – Oct 10, 1972
Pupello, FrankOS3Sep 19, 1970 – Jun 10, 1972OPERATIONS
Huffman, BartQM3Sep 19, 1970 – Jun 3, 1972
Doss, KennethE4Sep 19, 1970 – Nov 1972RadarmanPlank owner!! Hello to all my old shipmates. Hope life is treating you well!
Mayes, Gerald (Jerry)E4, LPOSep 19, 1970 – Nov 20, 1973NavigationPlank Owner. We had a great Bridge crew with Charles, Bart, and Charlie. Good ships crerw also. We did the Panama Canal over to Viet Nam, that turned into a world cruise. Disembarked on the Med cruise in 73. Now a successful civilian.
Shaw, RobertDE 1075Sep 25, 1970 – Aug 27, 1972Signalman 3rd
Kalweit, RayBTCMSep 29, 1970 – 1972B divisionlooking for anyone in B division
Bennett, Otisemfn1971 – 1972r=div
Johnston, RickET-11971 – 1973OEDid the Around the World Deployment, 72-73. Also, aboard when rouge wave took out ASROC launcher and most of 5 inch gun. To surprise of many, stayed with Navy and retired E8. Crossed to Airdale,(AX) in 76.
Franklin, JohnRMCSMar 2, 1971 – Mar 6, 1974CommunicationsIn first group to be frocked to E8 (1973). Was Trippe's first Senior Enlisted Advisor (1973). Named the 1972 cruise book (Trippe Around the World). In Navy from 1955-1975.
Hanks, KenSTG2Jul 15, 1971 – Sep 2, 19743rdReported onboard in Boston. STGC Wright was on quarterdeck. Made the Viet Nam tour and later the around the world cruise. Shell back initiation. Closed RI and shifted to Charleston, SC. Great ST gang!
Phillips, RobertEM-2Aug 1971 – Sep 1972R DivisionLots of good times, great liberty ports around the world and most of all a great crew!
Whynot, StephenSK3Aug 30, 1971 – Aug 30, 1973SupplyI served aboard during the Round the World Cruise in 72... Anyone else out there with pictures?? I lost mine from the Canal Transit...
Smith, FredDCFNSep 1971 – May 1972R
Henry, MelYN3Sep 23, 1971 – Oct 30, 1974personellI was with the original crew when we set sail to viet nam. Was on board when we did the round the world cruise. Dam ship never sit still!
Reid, BobPC3Oct 1, 1971 – Apr 3, 1972AdminTook over for Tom Church in Post Office October 1971 in Boston......3 Months later it was off to Roosevelt Roads PR and back to Newport in March 1972..... Got a 3 month early out and missed the Med cruise (South PAC)
Powell, JamesHM3Nov 1971 – Jul 1973N/X
Henry, MelvinYN2Dec 1, 1971 – Dec 2, 1974personell
Lee, Ale4Dec 21, 1971 – Jan 3, 1973machinest matei was one of the only two people out on the deck that ran the machine guns
Henderson, George CMM31972 – 1977A-gang Aux2, Main Control and Aux1Came aboard at NewPort RI, we left on 5 June 1972 to go around the word, with a stop in Vietnam. Crossed the equator 17 Oct 1972 (shellback) and Golden Shellback on 17 Nov. 1972. Long list of cruises. I left the Trippe midyear 1977.
Hersh, BillGmt31972 – Jul 12, 19753rd division
Logue, BobETR 31972 – 1974ET gangCaught the ship in Nam. Made the trip the rest of the way around the world. Then on to the Med cruise. I have a picture of the ship in my hallway. I look at it every day while I am sitting on the can.
Ansberry, EricPN2Jan 1, 1972 – Jan 1, 1973PersonnelWhat a cruise.......anyone remember Rodman Navel Station? I still dream about Olongapo, and Africa, and everywhere else we went. Hope al is good with my shipmates.
Anderson, AndyMM3Feb 1972 – Feb 1974EngineeringEnjoyed my time aboard the TRIPPE. made a lot friends.Have only stayed in touch with Jack Butler.
Montoya, Mushroom profile iconHTFNMar 1972 – Mar 1973RI served in Viet Nam and on the circumnavigaton of the globe. I remember Grande Island,Subic Bay, Bahrian, the Seychelles, Mozombique, Singapoe, Iran, Pakistan, Kenya, Angola, Senegal, Bermuda and too high a body count in Viet Nam.
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Paulson, GaryPC3Mar 18, 1972 – Oct 1974NX I was the Postal Clerk on the Good Ship Trippe. Complained every day but I look back as some of the best days oif my life. Great YN, PN, Supply guys and offiice types. Drop me a line.
Emons, TimSMSNAug 10, 1972 – Mar 24, 1974CommunicationsWas a signalman on the Trippe from 8/72 to 3/74... I live near Albuquerque, NM and am wondering if there are any ship names close or nearby for a chat. Chat w/ PC Gary Paulson once in awhile . Cheeriio...
Clark, FredEM3Sep 1972 – Nov 1973R DivisionTransfered on board from USS Dewey. Left on the way to the med. Dropped off at Azores for emergency appendex. Got infected and was flown to Philly naval.
Zaragoza, Antonio L.SDSNOct 1972 – Dec 1974SupplyI came on board overseas (Bahrain) or somewhere in East Africa. I worked with Sd2 John, SDSN Shaw, SDSN Anderson, SDI Jotie, SD3 Colasito, SDSN Napoli, SD1 Salvador
Kean, Nyles/ Edos3Dec 1972 – Jun 1976oshas anyn one heard about Jack Wentz bm3

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