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USS Harold E. Holt (FF 1074) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harold E. Holt (FF 1074). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 317 crew members registered for the USS Harold E. Holt (FF 1074).

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Brooks, Al profile iconSTG11977 – 19803rd
Le Ross, JeffPC3Jan 10, 1977 – Aug 1, 1980PostalClerkShip's Postal Clerk, proud to have served with some great shipmates. hard to beleive 30 years has past. Would be fun to hear from old friends
Moore, BrianBOILER TECH 2ND CLASSFeb 1977 – Jun 1982B (Black GangSailed with great guys Grizz, Mark Jones,Yogi, BooBoo, Phil Kennedy, Gerber, J.P., Larry Hodges,Bill Conrad,Ramon Carreon, Frank Alatorre,Willie Merron,Wally, Jim Rice,
Koop, TimothyGMG2Feb 20, 1977 – Oct 2, 1981WGThis was the Only Command in the Fleet for which I had the Privilege to Serve Aboard. She was a Lovely Ship with a Beautiful and Great Bunch Sailors Onboard that Called Her their Home.
Claywell, PatEW4Mar 1, 1977 – Sep 1, 1979Electronic WarfareExperiance of a lifetime.Great Friends Made and Lost over Time..Tony,Robby,Danny,Marc,Claud,and many more wish the best for all contact me !! We helped put the Happy in front of the Harry and lived to tell about It !!!
Whitehead, TonyOS2May 1, 1977 – Sep 24, 1981OperationsStill have dreams about walking the passageways. Would like to slide down those handrails one more time. Served under 4 capts mostly Mayo and that nose-picker. Sailed on WestPac 78&80. Crossed Equator both times. CIC had some characters!
Williams, MattLTJGMay 13, 1977 – Sep 15, 1978NavigationI was a Coast Guard Exchange Officer, serving aboard Holt as ship's navigator. One of my most pleasant, memorable, and rewarding tours of duty during 20 years of service, leaving with the fondest of regards for the U.S. Navy.
Pluth, JimEM2Jun 1977 – Mar 1979EngineeringHi to all that went to the Solomon Is. Anyone here who dove the barrier reef? Loved Hawaii. Went on to be a CHENG on an FFG and SIMA XO before retiring. Talked to Tracy Stamp last year. Where is Mientos?
Martin, Jeffery profile iconen3Jun 1977 – Dec 20, 1978aux enginemanbest time ever worked with jack schlacter damn good west pac lost my sea bag on the way home. wheres the other two guys with the mouse tatoo in the same place.who had 2 open all those olys(beers) with there finger?
Gutierrez, PhillipsnJun 15, 1977 – Feb 25, 1978deckmy brain is going I can rember chief kennison,dennis coots,t birdmojo and san migel beer,i use to get high befor refueling at sea ,it was great at nite watching all the red lights,i was rig ger on station 3 refuel FF1074
Fulton, ScottBT3Aug 1977 – Apr 1981bhad a lot of great times.met some great guys.any one hear from mike caza?the 3 bears.yogi,boo-boo,and grizz.stillwell deats.the kid.all you guys.some i remembe,rsome whom i forgot.
Gibbs, EricSM2Oct 6, 1977 – Jun 1981OperationsMy very first ship! I had a great time on the Happy Harry. Went on two Westpac, and countless other exercises.Miss the crew, and the ship. I'm now living in Tucson, AZ. If you remember me contact me. Miss the Navy
Gibbs, EricSM2Oct 6, 1977 – Jul 17, 1981CommunicationsThis was my very first duty station and I enjoyed every minute of everyday on the Holt. I grew up on the ship before going to Recruiting Duty.
Searcy, DonaldTM21978 – 1982Weapons
Camilleri, Mark profile iconSTG21978 – 1979WA
Gibson, CoryMM31978 – 1980M DivHad some great time on board the Happy Harry. It’s hard to believe it was so long ago. Sometimes at night I can still hear the sounds of the engine room.
Conrad, William (Bill)BT3Jan 1978 – Jan 1981fireroomworked in boilerroom had some great times pearl loli pop bz s animal locker mark jones jp morgan boom boom lablue btcs meadley i personaly thank him for his knowledge and mentoring because navy was not for me avoided killing ens mcnulty what a clown
Franks, SteveSTG2Feb 1978 – Feb 1980WASad to see the Harold E has a home for fishes. Sad end to one of 3rd Fleet's Steamingest ships. Aloha to the Sonar Gang! Who can forget Mr Chaum, STGCS Dilmore, STG1 Paul Wilson, et al.
Sloan, KenMM1Mar 14, 1978 – Sep 1, 1982M
Sloan, KenMM2-MM1Mar 16, 1978 – May 20, 1982A-Gang and Mbest ship i served on had the best egineroom gang ever. had some great partys at bellows
Koop, TimothyGMG2May 1978 – Sep 1981WGMet a lot of cool and GROOVY DUDES on thie BABE. It was my first and last premanent duty station in the four year stint!
Senna, DonaldRM2May 1978 – 1981COMMS
Chittenden, Lyl D. (Chitt)SK2Jun 1978 – Aug 1981S1My first ship and the maker of a seabag full of memories.May she rest in peace
Bogan, JohnICCJun 15, 1978 – Jun 15, 1981I came aboard as an IC1 and left as an ICC ! The Harold E. Holt was the best ship that I served on. Made many friends, and had alot of sea time on the Holt!
Grosse, TonyBM3Oct 1978 – Sep 1981deckIt sure has been along time. A lot of fond memories.
Butler, Bill (Willy B)ms3Nov 1, 1978 – Jul 24, 1981supplygood hearing from you guys good seeing your names glad everyone is ok glad i didnt feed anyone to much sorry about the happy harry great spending 110 days with you guys on the io lotta good memories thanks
Brien, PatrickBTFNDec 30, 1978 – Dec 29, 1980B DivWas onboard for about 2 years change rate to GS retired as a GSCS (SW).
Beyer, MartyEtn3Dec 31, 1978 – May 7, 1982Oe divisionWas in pearl harbor, hawai
Lloyd, Brett ( Lude )STG21979 – 1981I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY SUNK THE HAPPY HARRY!!!!!!!!!! LOTS OF GOOD TIMES & GOOD FRIENDS !!!!!!!!!!
Sanders, James [tex]BT21979 – 1982The best time of my life,thanks to fuji,near,aguma,impy,gooch and the reast of you guys in b-division
McNamee, Jerry "mac"MM21979 – 1981
Becker, Johnen31979 – 1982a gangstill think of the good times ships part in p i ken sloan 7 and 7 on the fantail smoooooth does anyone know where john peckskamp or gary bauer are her is my e mail and phone if you do
Delphey, MarkBT11979 –B
Tyrrel, TommyGMG11979 – 1982WGGreat ship, great crew. Some of the best times I had in the Navy.
Heginbottom, TomMMFN1979 – 1981EngineeringJust remembering the good times on the Harry!
Corey, JohnEn 3Feb 14, 1979 – Sep 28, 1981A GangBeing a young sailor , They were the best years , Made many friends , Had as much fun as that experience could give , still looking for the guys I served with , have found a few , hope to meet them again
Bombard, MikeGMT2Apr 1979 – Sep 1981WA/WGKinda sad to see the Happy Harry sunk. WESPAC 80 was a ball except the 110 days in the IO.
Darren, SturgisHTFNApr 1979 – Sep 1982RStill in Hawaii enjoying it
Stark, JohnMMCJun 1979 – 1982A GangFirst smallboy, Great ship and crew.Where is Ltjg Blair? I'm sure everybody remrmbers BJ(for better or worst
Oneal, PaulOS3Jul 1, 1979 – Jan 1, 1981OIHad a great time on the Happy Harry. Hope to hear from some of my shipmates again.
Frost, Johnbt3Jul 11, 1979 – Apr 23, 1983boilerlooking for shipmates from the harold e holt ff1074
Barrett, ScottBMSNAug 1979 – Jul 1981FIRSTSeems like I got in more trouble the last two years than in the first. Spent the last six months in Aux One qualifying as a Fireman, and the two before that as a volunteer mess cook. The leading mess cook though!
Grey, DonHT 2Oct 1979 – Jul 1982R
Hall, TonyRM3Oct 1, 1979 – Sep 19, 1982Radio Man
Hilbert, DanielHT1Oct 10, 1979 – Nov 10, 1980RGreat Ship and great crew. Westpac 1980 was interesting. Outstanding Firtst Class Mess, the best ever. IC1 John Bogan, EM1 then Chief Fred Mortenson, BT1 The Griz, Tom Kocir, QM1 then Chief Max Batangan
Milne, ThomasOS2Nov 1979 – Apr 1983OIMy first navy ship. My divisional shipmates set me on the right course to success. They were smart, professional and very, very fun. I owe much of my operations success to my experiences with these crazy men.
Vanpembrook, TerryBT2Nov 13, 1979 – Nov 18, 1983B DIVISIONLOOKING FOR GUYS IN B DIVISION jeff scheinder kenny lane - lester smith - bill conrad - jim rice - tex - fuji - pat doyle - frosty - steve giles - bob moorehead becker and bower from m division give me a holler still steaming at the VA
Rhue, PatrickOS3Dec 26, 1979 – Jun 23, 1983OI

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