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USS Robert E. Peary (FF 1073) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Robert E. Peary (FF 1073). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 252 crew members registered for the USS Robert E. Peary (FF 1073).

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Chandler, GlenSN1972 – 1974deck crewPlank owner. Had a lot of fun, got into a lot of trouble, saw a lot
Vought, JimSM31972 – Oct 1974OCPlankowner - many great memories (and a few I'd rather forget!)
Calhoun, Lesterbt31972 – 1974b divisonmade first westpac cruse and first shellback party.i sure hope we did not get in to agent orange like the other guy said in the tonkin gulf
Allen, RogerSTG31972 – 1973A/SPre-com in Bremerton, WA. Plank owner Lots of good friends, then went to USS Meyerkord FF1058.Retired 1991 as STGCS(SW) after 5 ships.
Backstein, GeorgeGMG 31972 – Sep 1975WeaponsBeen along time since the Bob E. Remember a lot of parties and a lot of getting in trouble. Started in weapons(ASROC) then went to weapons guns. Forgotten a lot of folks over the years.
Sanders, JesseHT-21972 – 1975R-DIVISIONmy very first ship,what a great crew,join the navy and see the world,philippines,hong kong,mombasa kenya,accapoco,cross the equator,pearl harbor,and my firsttyphoon,what a ride also guam and midway,indian ocean,loved it.
Santos, FernandoE-4Apr 1972 – Apr 1975Supply Division
Law, StevenMMFNApr 10, 1972 – Mar 15, 1974EngineeringI was an original plankowner. I reported aboard the Peary at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, WA. in 1972. I got a chance to go on a WESTPAC cruise and we got to go to places like Mombasa, Kenya. I just wanted to say hello.
Howard, FosterBT3May 1972 – Jun 1974B DIVISION
John, CummingsFTGCMay 15, 1972 – May 16, 1974WGThe best Knox Class Tincan. I rode quite a few of them. Precom in West Seattle was my best time in the Navy. The FT gang was the best. West Pac was great. Ham call AB0KT
Jacobs, BillMM2Jun 1972 – Oct 1, 1974MPlankowner. Commissioned in Bremerton, tooled down to Long Beach for shipyard work in Dec 1972, moved homeport or SDiego. Made Acapulco cruise, 1st WestPac, Alaska Mini-cruise in July- Aug 74.
Jacobs, William (Jake)MM2Jun 1972 – Oct 1974M DivisionPlankowner. Pre-comm in SDiego, flew up to Bremerton for commissioning, tooled down to Long Beach for refit, Acapulco Cruise, WestPac 74-75 with ports of call in PI, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kenya. Alaska cruise! WOW!!!
Anderson, Dennis GQm3Jul 4, 1972 – Dec 9, 1976officeno remarks
Bonilla, Simon/spidermanSNSep 1972 – Sep 1973Curious how everyone is doing after so many years. I was the hothead on the new ship. The Puerto Rican kid from NYC. Always in trouble.
Jones, William (Bill)YN3Sep 1972 – Oct 1974NX Need contact if on Peary in '73 WESTPAC Gulf of Tonkin. May have a VA med claim (agent orange). Like to hear from YNC P E Rhodes and YN3 Mark Young. Tel: 912-655-2796 or 1140 Trellis Ct Statesoboro Ga 30467 prefered
Propst, RandyBT2Sep 1972 – Mar 1974B Div
Stecco, KurtFTG2Sep 1972 – Jul 1975WGReally enjoyed my tour on the Peary! Had the best crew to work with there ever was - GOOD TIMES! "Suppinger" was my first hand pre-commissioning! Vidak & Harold! Hey Bear, what about the "PLYMOTO". Cheif C, I owe you!
Santos, Leecs2Sep 10, 1972 – Apr 24, 1975supplyhello to everyone....hello J.J Jones..i am alive and well i would to hear from or anyone of my buddies
Lupo, RoyOSCSep 23, 1972 – Feb 12, 1974OPS/OII was a member of the commissioning crew. Started out as a Radarman Seaman. Spent 2 yrs on her. Great times! Made some good friends.
Miller, FredCS21973 – 1974SupplyI was on the Peary when it was DE 1073.
Jones, J.j.MSSN1973 – 1974supplyplank to say hello to my fellow cooks..i remember..fred miller...bill marshall..fred santos..joe sakal...buckmeyer..rudi..jack love..chief marsilino...just got married..went back to the philippines on 2-10-07 married on 9-9-07
Haley, Tom (Banzai)ET3Jan 1973 – Jan 1976ETLots of great memories with my shipmates both on and off the ship. Didn't make it a career, but couldn't have asked for a better place to work, play and grow up.
Casassa, BillSTG3May 4, 1973 – Nov 1, 1975ASPeary was still a DE when I showed up in Long Beach. Had a good crew that stuck with you as friends. I re'upped and got school in San Diego and a new precomm. Still a civilian worker for Uncle Sam, but retiring soon.
McPherson, Harold "Speerz"FTG3Aug 16, 1973 – May 29, 1975WG"Hi" to the crew & especially those in WG division, Stecco, Suppinger, Thompson, Vidak, Chief Cummings, Killian; I forgot some other names but not the faces. Hope you are all well and happy. Remember Mombasa, Subic, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Pearl
Guthrie, ArloSM2Sep 1973 – Apr 1977OCGlad to be back in touch , good to see many feel as I do it was the best ship/crew/time of our lives.Xmas in Mombassa?yeh. I painted the first E"s om flying bridge and Mack.You later guys owe us. BOHICA!
Matthes, StevenFTG3Oct 1973 – Jun 1974Weapons
Anderson, Dan (Bear)STG2Oct 20, 1973 – Dec 15, 1975SonarThe Peary was my first ship of seven. I was on 5 submarines after the Peary, and ended up on the USS Fulton, AS11. I made two WESPACS on Peary and had some very good shipmates. I would like to contact some of them.
Wilson, RickBT2Nov 1973 – Jun 1977B DivGreat time on R E Peary. Great friends Tom Glass from LA (lower Alabama), BB fish (Bill Butler), Mick & Dave Cantrell from Ohio, Randy Mathews, Dave Floyd, and many others. Great time on West Pacs.
Knudsen, NeilsMM21974 – 1976Engineering
Mooney, PatrickTM31974 – 1976WSStarted as a striker from deck divison. Left as TM3. Did 2 Wes Pacs. TM2 Mike Curd was my leading PO and trained me as TM. I did re enlist on the Peary before transfering to next command.
Rockeyes, douglas vorhiesMMFNJan 1974 – Jan 1976logroom yoemanit was me who took the thai stick from the xo's quarters. i would love to hear from, shively,doc hayes, g.d. weeks, bill pearson, or charles newton adams the third, anybody from "h" gang throwing his cap away
Huff, Thomas TomOPERATIONS SPECIALIST 2ND CLASSJan 1974 – Mar 1977OE
Solomon, LesterSN/RMMar 1974 – May 1976Deck./OCI remember being a deck seaman then radioman striker. Had some great memories and friends that i never forgot. Rm's Clancy, perini twins, Chief Miles, Art Bowen, Ron Blakely, Neil Lomax, Hargrove, and the westpacs!
Stone, Edward L. (Larry)LTJGMay 1974 – May 1977Engineering; MPAEnjoyed my tour and the ship. Made 2 WetPacs and ahd many great adventures.
Frodge, StephenIC3Jun 1974 – Sep 1974A&E
Cortez, GilliganENFAJun 25, 1974 – Nov 19, 1976A-GangJust wanted to say hey to all my shipmates at the time I was there. Looking for Frank (Frankie) Davis
Hills, JohnsnDec 1974 – Oct 1976seaman
Hart, Bob profile iconMS3Dec 1974 – 1976SupplyWestPac76. MS1 Edward Buckmeyer introduced me to Subic Bay! Would like to connect with MM2 John Walters. Lot's of great memories of the Robert E. Anyone can contact me.
Cantrell, DaveBT 21975 – 1978B
Lomax, DavidE-3/OSJan 1975 – Jun 1976WeaponsI recall having great shipmates and going on two West Pacs. I remember Blakely, Chief Brooks, Art and others.
Yuncker, E.j.BT3Jan 1, 1975 – Aug 28, 1977BG reat west packs with rodent ( randy Matthews ) Bill butler cantrell brothers Joe fouts Ewa Heck and others good B division
Scheerenberg, TjFA - MM2Jan 6, 1975 – Jul 20, 1978M div. & A - GangA good ship, and always a good crew. Find me at
Gonzalez, FrankICFNJan 6, 1975 – Sep 1, 1976Deck
Miller, James O.MM2Mar 1975 – Mar 1977M
Knutson, JeffSTG2Mar 21, 1975 – Mar 24, 1977WSHad a good 2 years with the Bob E making some life long friendships. Made 2 Westpacs before transferring to the east coast for duty on a nuclear powered cruiser, CGN 37. Hope Chief Hemmelstrand has dried out from the Lingayen dunking.
Bowen, ArtDK2Apr 1975 – Apr 1977/Disbursing/SupplyI got onboard April 1975 and left exactly 2 yrs later. We had some pretty cool Officers on board at the time...Lt Phelps, Ltjg Bradshaw and Capt Schneider. The worst was Cdr Bell, the XO Drop me a line if you remember me
Specht, Randy (Rudy)HT 3May 20, 1975 – Jan 23, 1977engineeringhad alot of good times on the bob e looking for scott gibson, gary (chet) atkins. made 2 westpacs also remember shivly , wolfman sesso, or anyone else that remembers me.
Saenen, Frankmm3Jun 11, 1975 – Nov 1, 1977engineeringhad a great time 2 westpacs stationed in hawaii made some life long freainds
Floyd, Dave "Pinky"BT 2Jul 1975 – Jul 1978Eng
Armistead, JerrySKCJul 15, 1975 – Jul 1, 1978S-1Joined Peary mid-way thru 75' deployment. Completed 2 more deployments. She had the best Chief's Mess in Pearl. Retired Jul 88' as SKCS Now reside in Las Vegas
Whitlow, Great White Hopee4Aug 1975 – Jul 1979snipe
Whitby, RobertICFASep 1975 – Sep 1977A&EThis was the beginning of my shipboard experiences and their were quite a few on the Robert E Peary. I was introduced to Subic on that ship. Becoming a Shellback was alot of fun on that cruise also.
Morneault, RonaldSNDec 7, 1975 – Dec 7, 1977decklooking for jim hyslip of arizona and rick hobbs of arkanas. hi jessie galagoos (SP)

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1975 | 1976 – 1979 | 1980 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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