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USS Bagley (FF 1069) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bagley (FF 1069). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 254 crew members registered for the USS Bagley (FF 1069).

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Justice, Mike StewburnerE5 E6Sep 1970 –supplyprecom. crew
Schackel, MichaelSTG 1Nov 1970 – 1974Sonar
Richards, Richht3 Rich1971 – 1973repair
Waltersl, LantieSN-0000Nov 16, 1971 – Mar 9, 1972Bolten MateDave Well, Howdy Luzt Donnie Class an many others,hope all are well an doing good !
Herrington, HaroldGMG21972 – 19742ndPLANKOWNER
Alsip, RobertBM 21972 – 19751 ST
Hawkrigg, WilliamOS31972 – 1974OIWas a plank owner and ships photographer on her 1st WESTPAC. Have lots of photos.
Johnson, JimMM11972 – 1974MI am a plank owner also, I remember when big bad chief Pat came aboard those were the days, Has anyone heard from or about MM1 Ed Mcay
Felske, PhillipGMG11972 – 19742ndour frist trip at sea and we sprung a leak..was not sure if being a plank ownwer wou;ld pay off..ha ha
Weis, Thomas (Tc)ETR21972 – Nov 1975ElectronicsHad some great times with the other ET's and went through the first two Wes Pac's with the Bagley. Will never forget the good old days.
Weisel, DavidFCC1972 – 1977WeaponsAfter Bagley, I taught RADAR at FTC Sdiego. I then got out of the real Navy and spent 10 years in the reserves, from which I retired in 1991. I serviced voice recorders and telephone systems and retired in 2018.
Holsather, TomYN1Jan 1972 – Jul 1973AdminPlank owner. Retired as CWO4 in 1991 with 28 years service. It would be great to get the old guys together!
Fernandez, DennisSK2Jan 1972 – Jan 1974supplyPlank owner was on 1st Westpac. Saw Viet Nam before being sent to Ethiopia on some show of force.
Hinderliter, Fredscsc3Feb 24, 1972 – Apr 25, 1975supplyDid a westpac tour and a great time cooking for the crew
Dominick, EdwinSTGCMar 1972 – Apr 19773rdplankowner, 3-M Coordinator, RAFT, office in Torpedo Room 2, was aboard during collision with USS Snook (SSN), made her first two westpacs, endured the "crazy" CO, loved "pinging" down the hull on the midwatch to keep the "sn
Matthews, Donald (Matt)MMFNMar 1, 1972 – Mar 1, 1974
Fenti, DavidHT3Apr 1972 – Nov 1976Repair
Martuch, BobGMG3Apr 1972 – Jun 13, 19752nd DivisionWe had a great time on the 73-74 Westpac. Great crew.
Ware, Timothy/timETR3Apr 1, 1972 – Mar 9, 1974ElectronicsPlank Owner. I was on the first Wes- Pac curise
Dacquisto, Matt / DacOS2Apr 1, 1972 – Aug 3, 1975OIJust wanted to be added to the crew list. I was a plank owner and have very good memories on board the Bagley. I'd really like to hear about her ventures after I left in August 1975....the day she left for her second cruise.
Smith, Smitty (P.k.)ICFN -IC2Apr 4, 1972 – Nov 1974R Div.It was the best ship I served. On. It was a lot of good times.great crew.
Bernardi, RobertSTG2May 6, 1972 – Aug 25, 19763rdPlankowner; 2 Wespac Cruises; Was aboard during the US bicentennial
Payne, DouglasMM3May 6, 1972 – Nov 1974mplankowner, first westpac, first "E" for the old gal was from engineering.
Fenti, DavidDamage Control ChiefMay 6, 1972 –Repair
Truckenbrodt, ChristianSH3May 10, 1972 – Oct 15, 1975Supply
Bernardi, Robert / BobSTG2May 22, 1972 – Aug 20, 1976Third Division
Cooney, Dennis C.RM1Jun 1, 1972 – Jul 1, 1975OCOn board Bagley for three year tour.
Blodgett, Max (Mace)E-3Sep 10, 1972 – Aug 1, 1974Deck and Personnel officeDuring the 1973-1974 Westpac cruise. What was the Bagley's deployment schedule. How long were we off Nam? What were we doing in the Red Sea? Ect.
Addiego, Jeff (Wop)MM3Oct 10, 1972 – Aug 8, 1975Machinist mateHey All,I didn't realize it then...but those were good times onboard the Bagley...Went on the first west-pac with her, it was awesome,had a great time...The crew was great.Hope life has been kind to you all.
MacOmber, RobertNov 1, 1972 – Aug 15, 1978BT.... Rettrained IC 3Remember the days went on 2 west pac cruses rewired the intire ships phone systems.
Arellano, JesseHT3Dec 15, 1972 – Aug 14, 1974RIt would be interesting if a reunion could be organized for the now old salts.
Patterson, H. PatMMCSDec 19, 1972 – Mar 29, 1974M
Sheldon, Kenseaman1973 – 1974oiI was an Comm. Technician that spent more time in berthing cleaning than as a tech.
Brown, LawrenceE4Feb 1973 – Nov 1973Ship Service
Castro, StephenETR3Mar 15, 1973 – Nov 15, 1974E divisionMy first floating command, my first WESPAC! The ET gang the best! Transferred out to become an IC1.
Reyes, ManuelPN3May 9, 1973 – Jan 12, 1976OXHad a little reunion with ex-Ensign (now Captain) P.J. Park in 2000 at Pearl Harbor shortly before my retirement from the Reserves.
Fedele, AlanLT(JG)Jun 28, 1973 – Jul 23, 1976M/BProud to have led the hardest working sailors I ever met in my 26 year Navy career.
Grosskopf, Steve (Skip)RM2Aug 1973 – Sep 1975Communitations (ops)Joined the crew just prior to first west-pac - completed 2 westpac on her - Escorted Uss Midway to Japan when she was homeported there (Midway) Many great memories
Buell, RichardFTG 2Aug 1973 – 19782 ndWinning the vrb class action suit was so sweet and the chk after I got out helped so much. Pursued electronics as a career and after medical electronics service ended finishing at Northrup/Grumman in aero space defense.
Murphy, DaveET2Sep 1973 – Feb 1977OEMade the Bagley's 1st 2 Westpac cruises, and have the cruise books. Favorite memory: Capt'n Kenny coming on the 1MC saying "We're at the mercy of the seas!" during our transit from Subic Bay to Hong Kong in a typhoon
Ostrander, John / Stretch Or OzzyHT2Sep 1, 1973 – Sep 1, 1976Repair
Laird, RobertPN3Oct 5, 1973 – Aug 16, 1974Worked with Daniel Perkins and Carth Green; WestPac; patroling off 'Nam; MidEast War, Red Sea, Masawa; editor of the Bagley Barb
McMeechan, DaveMM2Nov 1973 – Apr 1977M

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1973 | 1974 – 1977 | 1978 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – now

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