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USS Francis Hammond (FF 1067) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Francis Hammond (FF 1067). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 314 crew members registered for the USS Francis Hammond (FF 1067).

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Pedersen, ErikMR31987 – 1988RRetired now, looking for anyone from this time period.
Graves, RichSTG21987 – 1990A/S
White, ScottYN1987 – 1990XHad some good times on Hammond. Do you guys remember YN1 Marker? Anyway, hope to hear from you, let me know how things are. I'm retired now, and selling Honda's:) Any of you can email at
Henderson, BradBT1987 – 1991BThe best years of my lifetime, we were all like one big family onboard ship, and port visits were unbelievable. I can be reached at
Yager, Jdos21987 – 1990cicmy time on the ship reminds me of my marriage. Huge ups and downs. In my marriage all the ups and downs have been in the bedroom! See you guys on the racquetball cuircut.
Ramos, OctavioMr 31987 – 1991R div and deck DivI am happy I found this web Site nice to talk to some old friends . Miss the old lady It was a good time in my Life. DOES ANY BODY HAVE THE TAPE WHEN WE BECAME SHELLBACKS WOULD LIKE TO GET A COPY .
Marino, CarlSTG21987 – 1990A/S
Chapman, ScottHT2(SW)Jan 1987 – Dec 1988R
Hart, EvanisSTG1Jan 14, 1987 – Aug 14, 1989ASWHAT A SHIP
Schlueter, DonBM2Mar 1987 – Apr 19901stAhoy there shipmates!!!!Glad there is a page that we can finally use to re-connect with long lost friends and Aquaintences.
Heaton, BrianOS2Mar 1987 – Aug 1991OIHad a great time.
Wynn, GreggOS2Mar 1, 1987 – Dec 10, 1990OIWhat a miserable experience. NAVY, Never Again Volunteer Yourself.
Silverthorn, Don profile iconLTAug 27, 1987 – Mar 18, 1989CHENGHard working, but entertaining ship & crew. Hated leaving Yoko for Long Beach.
Hughes, KevinOS2Sep 1987 – Jun 1990OIHad a great time on her, made life long friends , and learned a lot.
Ogburn, AndreTM3Nov 1987 – Jun 11, 1990ASHey! has anyone seen Big Liz lately (BM2 Lister). What's up Dog Pound of the Hammond. Taylor,Byrd,Whatley,Adams. I forgot 2 others fellows. We call him Sam Cook and the other one was the only white brother that hung with us.
Garriott, KurtQM3Dec 2, 1987 – Jun 11, 1990NavHey all. Good to see some familiar names out here.
Bryant, WesSTG31988 – 1990AS
Wells, SteveDC31988 – 1991Repair
Thibodeau, JamesSHSN1988 – Jun 12, 1989ShipservicemanIf you got your hair cut during this time, there was a good chance that it may have been me that cut it. I also worked in the laundry. Unfortunately my military career was cut short. Would be cool to find people I knew.
Baker, MikeSTGC1988 – 1991A/SJust saying hi to old shipmates. Would love to hear from anyone.
Smith, Michael (Smitty)MSSN1988 – 1991S2Anybody remember Chase and Horton
Funez, JohnMR21988 – 1991RJust reaching out to find old shipmates
Drysdale, DouglasMS2Jan 1988 – Dec 3, 1990SupplyHad a Great time on The Hammonds, and miss all the great guys that I sailed with
Trekas, BrianIC3Jan 1, 1988 – Jul 17, 1991EHope to hear from some of the old crew - Barney, Dan Rice, Matt Gordon, Prince, Tito, Eugene, etc.... Great times.
Fisher, Melvin/ FishE-4/GMJan 8, 1988 – Nov 10, 1990FOXThe Francis Hammond was my beginning.
Boothby, WayneHT1Feb 1, 1988 – Jun 30, 1992RMiss the old gang, Jeano, Clem, Hansen, Wells, Rice, Lewton and there were more but names fade but memories are forever (less you get alzhiemers). Feel free to email me sometime guys....
Henry, EricGMG 2Feb 8, 1988 – Jun 12, 1992FoxJust looking for old friend.
Cadwalader, ButchHT3Mar 1988 – Dec 7, 1991RLot of great memories and somenot but, would do it again. She was a great ship.
Carling, BenOS2Mar 11, 1988 – Jan 19, 1992OperationsI had a great time on the Hammond- many great friends and great times out on Liberty- 6 months in Desert Storm with a really great crew- hope you all are doing fine
Levin, EdwardBM3/E4Mar 15, 1988 – Sep 30, 19901stAhoy there fellow Hammond Shipmates. One of the best ships/Command ever assigned too. Some great stories and memories. I had a very long career and retired as BMC(SW/EXW. I miss you all and hope you all are well.
Royal, ChrisMM3May 1988 – Dec 1990AndLooking for any of the pit snipes serving onboard from 88-92
Sydow, BobRM2/RM1Jun 1988 – Jul 1990CommunicationsServed on 5 ships during my career. This old frigate was the best.
Miller, RobSTG3Jun 1, 1988 – Dec 1991a/sjust saying hey
Broekhof, MichaelQM3Jun 1, 1988 – Jun 1, 1991NAV20yrs 9mos 7days, stick a fork in me. and Frannie Maru is still my favorite boat ride.
Agresti, DavidMM2Jul 15, 1988 – Dec 6, 1990M and A Division
Collins, DrbobGMM3Aug 25, 1988 – Jul 24, 1991A/SAhoy there shipmates. Feel free to drop a line. Miss that old bucket we called home.
Collins, DrbobGMM3Aug 25, 1988 – Jul 11, 1991AS
Collins, DrbobGMM3Aug 25, 1988 – Jul 11, 1991A/SI host a USS Francis Hammond Trubite site at: Come visit!
Jones, ScottOS31989 – 1992opsI was so young, I had the time of my life. I have so many fond memories of that ship and more importantly the guys. I will never forget my times in the CIC on the Francis Hammond. I would not even think about changing a thing during my stent.
Stroppel, VernonDCCS1989 – 1992Repair
Baker, TedFC21989 – 1991Fox
Buehl, JosephSk11989 – 1990Supply
Westerdahl, ChrisOS2Feb 1989 – Jul 1992OI
Isbell, Mike(salt)BM3Feb 10, 1989 – Jan 22, 19911sti enjoyed my time in this ship
Thompson, JamesQM3Feb 26, 1989 – May 18, 1991The CoolestI noticed that QM3 chewbacca was on here. Give me a shout. I will never forget dragging your drunk ass back from Tijuana. You served with my brother too. Shoot me an e-mail brother.
McCracken, LarryBT2Mar 1989 – Apr 1990BHad some great times on this ship.
Elliott, Bill / WildbillBM3/BM2Apr 15, 1989 – Jul 19921stI would have to say that the Hammond was the best ship ever.Does anyone know what ever happened to Bm1Blocker? Whats up to all my old shipmates I still think of ya'll often.
Yates, AnielDK3Jul 1989 – Jul 1992S4Great times and learned alot about the Francis Hammond. I became a man on this ship.
Festavan, Chris/festyBM3Sep 10, 1989 – Jul 19921STWild times on the "Franky Hambone." Nights at the Bullet... Wild Bill's pup was definately on auto pilot back to the boat. Hope all is well with all you guys!
Leeson, WilliamSNSep 18, 1989 – Sep 19, 1991firstwas great finding some shipmates still there are a few others I wish I could find. os3 joe rodriguez and sn Rojas, sn Elash,sn brand,sn broadnax,os3 Williams hope everyone is doing great wherever they are sure miss all
Marez, ShawnFC3Nov 1989 – Apr 1991FOXMiss my old buddies, wish everone well! Clembo, mike stein, mark davis, dave ganus, Hoover, Bones. Wish I could remember more names but can't forget the faces.
Pothier, DavidSTG 3Nov 1, 1989 – Jul 2, 1992ASWow has time flew by. Sure glad that someone put this together. Thank you for giving me a chance to relive these moments.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1974 | 1975 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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