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USS Francis Hammond (FF 1067) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Francis Hammond (FF 1067). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 314 crew members registered for the USS Francis Hammond (FF 1067).

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Culver, Charles "Chuck"BM21985 – 1989had some great times in japan and subic.
Hoopfer, ScottSTG21985 – 1988ASHi all. Some great times. Who has the No Shit Log?
Houtz, MickeyMM31985 – 1987msome of the best days of my life, cant forget the hull snipe gang going out to subic bay and many other ports. wish i could do it one more time. Craig Wells, Jeff Bush, Edward Mahan and many others, would like to hear from you again.
Reyes, BerniePNSA - PN31985 – 1987AdminI got to Yokosuka with a bunch of baby boot snipes and waited for the ship to pull in. When I needed a break, I'd head to snipe country. No twigits were brave enough to come get me.
Brooks, WilliamBM21985 – 19861ST/DECKbeen awhile, came across this site, and just wanted to give a shout out to the gents i served with for a minute.
Doiron, RichardMM3Jan 1985 – Jan 1987A Gang
Gill, LawrenceHTC(SW/SCW)Jan 1, 1985 – Dec 31, 1987RepairOne of my best ships in a 24 year career.
Tribble, Ted (Buck)FTG2Apr 1985 – Jun 1987FOXThe only 'sub-buster' of its kind. Vinnedge, Frog, Peters, Floyd, and others; CIWS crew Treche, Miller, and HT3 Rosario. The good times in the P.I., Pusan, and Phuket I will never forget.
Layman, WilliamSTG2Apr 1985 – Apr 1987AS
Taylor, W.P. (Sonny)OSCS(SW)Apr 5, 1985 – Jul 15, 1987OI
Bontty, EjMS1Apr 10, 1985 – Jul 1986s2Really had a good crew and enjoyed work with MSC ClouseMS1 Fellows Mike Smith and Nick Phinessee . Smitty and Nick could keep the crew happy and laughing!! Nick is no longer living but I am sure he is serving sailors in
Guthrie, JoeEWCApr 15, 1985 – Feb 12, 1989OELast ship of 6 I served on. 3 of them were Knox class, & I hated Knox's. Ah, well. I retired in 1992; work as an I&C specialist; grandfather X4; Wish you all the very best. Anyone remember SNFL 85;German commodore's wife knocked out by f
Peppler, Chitoos3May 1985 – Apr 1986OIEnjoyed visiting, Singapore, Subic, Korea and of course Yokosuka. Mess cranked in CPO Mess under AVCM Carrington
Guay, RobertRM3Jun 3, 1985 – May 7, 1988firstLOOKING FOR MY BOY PATRICIK!!!
Knepper, MichaelGMG2Aug 1985 – Aug 1987Best of times, of people. Miss it,..loved it. Gun Gang and Fire Techs. Trech, Trib, Frog, Vinnie, Francis, Hank, Hook, Otto, Haleyson, Scott, Bob, Kenny, Stretch, Jelly, Kenny, and the rest miss you all. love to hear from you all,...
Neal, TimET1Nov 1, 1985 – Nov 1, 1987OERemember the good times from Hammond and all the port hopping. Sorry to hear about Master Chief Carrington. I now work with someone who knew him when he was a 1st class on the Midway.
Coggins, Tom(BT3)BT1Nov 20, 1985 – Dec 1, 1987BBest Crew ever, best professional engineers I'll ever see again some of B Div, Randy Ingram,Kevin McCarty, Terry Erb,John East,Brad Heisey,Mike Wilson,Danny Prusek,Roy Wimbish,Gary Spencer,Jeff Carmichael,LT Oshiro, PH Donaldson Commanding
Medina, JoseBT3/E-4Dec 20, 1985 – Dec 1, 1987Boiler DivisionBest times of my life. Great port visits and great friends.
Shields, RaySn/ HT3Dec 25, 1985 – Jan 15, 19881st/rdivThat was so long ago! I went on as a deck hand and left the Francis Hammond as a 3rd class HT Thanks Mark Rosario, ill never forget you
Cullen, JimMMC (SW)1986 – 1989M
Bryant, WesSTG31986 – 1990ASIts been that long???
Miller, DavidE-41986 – 1988RBest Freaker Welder On The Whole Boat.... Now Working In Maintenance For The State Of California... 541-661-6230
Hagemeister, RodneyHT21986 – 1988RChief Newsome, Pinkem, Wade, Blackwell, Zabik, Yancy, Joy, Wagner, Mr. Moothart and Captain Klich...Great crew and shipmates!
Whelton, DanMM31986 – 1989A Gangjoin the navy and see the world!!
Maynard, EarlIC21986 –'E' DivisionWhat a westpac! P.I., Phuket, & missing ship's movement in Pusan. The Honcho, Tsubaki House, Olongapo, Midway Island & Hawaii. Reach out & remind me of more.
Coleman, MichaelOSSN-OS21986 – 1988OIMemorable times for sure.
John A East, JohnBT21986 – 1987B
Clark, CharlesOS3Jan 3, 1986 – Dec 27, 1987OITruly the greatest experience of my life. We served in the best Navy in the best fleet, in the best of times. I'm lifting a glass of mojo in my mind. God Bless the Franny Moru.
Talbot, BillyHT3Feb 2, 1986 – Apr 8, 1988Rlooking for anybody from r div. or any other snipes outthere my new title now is captain billy talbot . i capt. a 100 ton fishing boat .
Lozano, LouQM3Mar 1, 1986 – Aug 1, 1988Deck and NavigationTight crew, great liberty ports and over all good time
Lozano, LouQM3Mar 10, 1986 – Aug 20, 19881st NavWork hard, played hard. Lots of good people, lots of good port visits.
Chavez Jr, Humberto (Tony)SH3Apr 4, 1986 – Jan 25, 1988S-3I cut a lot of hair on the "Rammond Hammond". Miss those Subic days. Are Mark Bujnoski and David Jones out there somewhere?
Higgins, LowellMM2May 10, 1986 – Jul 15, 1988MBest crew I ever served with, great friends, Craig Wells, Jeff Bush. Eric Lewis, Houtz, David Hoss, so many great times and experiences. Happy to have served with the best
Connelly, JimOS2Jun 1, 1986 – Dec 1989OI
Wagner, DaveMR2Jun 5, 1986 – Jan 13, 1989A-GANG andBest years of my life! I sure miss the days hanging with Scott, Paul, Haywood, Steve, Dan and the rest of the gang.
Jerry, ThurmanBT3Jun 18, 1986 – Jul 15, 1989B division
Conroy, BillET2Jul 1986 – Jul 1988I miss the great times and shipmates.
Carrier, Ron "Bug"ETCSep 1986 – Jun 1988OEGreat CPO Mess. Sure miss the CPO road trips to Baretto and Phuket. Sorry to hear that our CMC, Curt Carrington, AVCM, passed away this year (2005).
Welden, JamesSep 1986 – Oct 1988Enginering
Koehler, PaulMM3Sep 1986 – Feb 3, 1990A-gangWho remembers climbing Mt Fuji and coming down on the wrong side?
Niederhofer, JohnMM2Sep 1, 1986 – Jan 24, 1991MPusan, Subic Bay(Barrio), Manilla, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Karache, Phuket, Yokosuka, Ropongi, Yokohama, Hawii, Long Beach, San Francisco, Capitola, Morro Bay Rock, SLO,Eureka,Portland, Victoria, Astoria, Lots of lonely women Need I say more?
Fellows, DouglasMS1Sep 15, 1986 – Sep 28, 1990Food Service S-2Just Like to say, had real great time and tour aboard the Francis Hammond when home ported in Yokouska Japan before home port change to Long Beach CA, any ole shipmates from Yoko please write look forward to email later
Frotten, PeteIC2Dec 26, 1986 – Aug 31, 1988EDoesn't anyone else from E division do E mail? Anyone remember the ship's van with the "SUB-BUSTERS" cartoon painted on the side, or the huge Japanese battle flag painted on the entrance to Main Control?

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1974 | 1975 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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