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USS Francis Hammond (FF 1067) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Francis Hammond (FF 1067). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 314 crew members registered for the USS Francis Hammond (FF 1067).

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Quinby, RickMS21982 – 1984SupplySome of the best times I had while serving. That 135 days at sea was a mother.
Dunlap, DarrylE4/RM1982 – 1984Communication
Brewton, AnthonyMM31982 – 1984ENGINEERINGHad mad fun with my boys mm2 Abel Delgado Ken Tucker, Smitty Bm2 Daddy Boats If I left you out sorry holla at your boy reminiscing bout the Phillipines Austraila Thailand and cant forget Bt1 Joker and Daniels getwit me
Barton, PaulSTG3 / STG2Feb 1, 1982 – Jan 2, 1984ASThe Frani Maru was my first ship and I always have fond memories of it, at least those that I can remember. Fun people and fun times.
Johnston, GaryET2Feb 15, 1982 – Feb 20, 1985OE
Cupples, Jon (Jc)OS2Apr 1982 – Sep 1985OIWhat a ship and crew! Those were the days...
Thompson, Pat( Pj Po Po )OSSNApr 1982 – Apr 1984OI Throw me a line....The best crew ever!!..saved my sorry butt from the South China Sea.....still alive in Mayport (Jax) Fla..Hey Scruggs how's that tattoo......OS2 Bumbaugh what's up?...... OS1 Brown can kiss my
Jensen, JimSTG1Apr 1, 1982 – Sep 1, 1986AS/CAWow. Just found this list and what memories it brings back. I still see Sal Alingas from time to time. Charlie F., Wooster, David C. runnning in the PI. Email if you ever get a chance.
Alingas, SalvadorOS2Apr 1, 1982 – Jul 31, 1986OII will never forget.....
Talley, CliftonApr 20, 1982 – Apr 19, 1984boats and cookwithout a doubt the best time of my life!! any body know were Rick Qumby is??
Paris, SamMS3Jun 1982 – Jun 1984Supply
Rothe, StevenIC1Jun 1982 – Jun 1985EGreat times on a great ship. I loved going to Thailand Subic and Korea.
Black, Ted ( Fred )SM2 Jun 1, 1982 – Jan 1, 1984comm Hi everyone ,,
Lacount, Ronald Ronchanmm2Sep 10, 1982 – Jul 9, 1984m-divhey looking for those in M and B division . good ship had a lot of fun on it. enjoyed the liberty we had. anyone remember liberty in Geralton Australia? then run to Freemantale, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane. good times.
Douget, TomET1Oct 1982 – Jul 1985OEGreat times, first cruise was after SRA, went to Australia. I went overboard one night while moored at Harbormaster Pier. Walked right off the pier. Anyone remember?
Fritz, DavidBM2Oct 10, 1982 – May 7, 19861stWe certainly made the most of our service. I see Willy Wooster and Wojo are on board; where are the rest of the "Road Trip Gang?
Gregor, JackieBM3Oct 10, 1982 – Jun 15, 1985Deck
Rivera, FabianQM2Nov 1, 1982 – Nov 1, 1984NavigationBest Time of my life aboard the franny maru. trying to locate some friends
Hudson, ToddMM2Dec 12, 1982 – Jun 6, 1986M
Harper, ErvinHTFR TO HT3Dec 24, 1982 – Dec 20, 1984RThe Franny Maru was by far my first and best ship in all 20 yrs in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club. Wish I could go back sometimes. Those were some good times. Anyone from R Div get in touch.
Wooster, WilliamSTG2Dec 27, 1982 – Jun 10, 1985ASUncle Sam's Canoe Club,best times I ever had. Scooter Meyer,Lou Wills,FTG2 Anderson,BM3 Anzelde,STG2 Jensen,AS Division,CHECK IN!!
Wojciechowski, Thomas (Wojo)SN- BM21983 – 1987DeckBest ship- best crew of all my 20 years. Good memories of the Far East. Miss the "Road trip gang" and all the crazy shenanigans at Tsubaki House on Sunday nights. Chu-hi's and Hopi beers on the Honch. Painting $10,670 for CFC in the middle
Nazaruk, StevenPC31983 – 1986Admin.Great Times! Great Memories! I miss those ports and what was waiting for all of us. This was the REAL Navy - The FLEET. We were Battle Ready. I believe every young man should experience this and every young woman be in port waiting. :o
Yancey, TomSTG21983 – 1988ASWho does have the "No Shit Log"?
Wills, LouSTG31983 – 1987
Rothe, StevenIC11983 – 1985EThe finest ship ever. We had some fine times all over the Pacific.P..I. , Pataya Beach, Thailand, Hong Kong . Singapore,Pusan, off of Vladivostock, Phuket Thailand A lot of great liberty ports. A fine crew a Great Ship.
Hensley, Charles "fizz"MM3Jan 1983 – Aug 1984Mlooking for Andy Derrick, Todd Hanson
Wayne Keller, Wayne BobIC2Jan 28, 1983 – Jul 2, 1986E-DIVISIONAbsolutley the finest ship in the fleet. Just a ton of memories and good friends. Freddie Snedecor, Billy McManus, Vic "Garfield'" Williams, John Gillemette, Earl T. Maynard, Boo-Boo, Kasper Harris, EW3 Manchetto RIP!
Ladouceur, Gerald (Gerry)LTFeb 1983 – May 1985Supply
Shields, MarkFTM-3Mar 7, 1983 – Jul 15, 1985FOXmy first ship had a great crew to work with, looking for john brooks and john berry, work on the sparrow missile system.
Hintz, TonyQMCOct 10, 1983 – Jan 3, 1987NAVShipmates - I just found this site. I'm retiring after 30 years this Nov 2005. Best ship, best crew, Frannie Maru. Curt Carrington - thanks for everything. You made me want to be a CMC.
Cook, DavidSTG1Oct 16, 1983 – Oct 17, 1987ASWhat a time! Best in my life! I miss ALL you guys! Underway! Shift colors! Headed for the P.I.!
Becker, James "brad"OS2Nov 1983 – Jan 1987OIGREAT ship with even better shipmates. Time of my life. I'll never forget those times. Subic, Manila, Pataya Beach, Phuket, Pusan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pearl Harbor, and yes....even Yokosuka!
Cisneros, RogerEM3Nov 29, 1983 – Nov 25, 1985E Will be bery happy to hear from the good old Hammonds crew. Had unforgetable times. Eric swinton,joselito sarmiento, the E GANG LINK UP.
Locker, MikeSTG21984 – 1985ASLooking for my friend STG2 Paul Johnston.
Brown, AlBT31984 – 1987BTwo and a half years in the hole...
McDaniel, ArnoldOS21984 – 1988OI
Schaller, DaveBT-3Jan 1984 – Jan 1986BHere's a shout out to all of my Brothers, hope you all had a great Veterans Day, miss you all and can't believe its been 30 years holy crap... Mike hope all is well in NE, if you get a chance look me up om Facebook....
Campbell, MikeSTG2Jan 1, 1984 – May 15, 1986A/SGreat Times aboard the Franny Maru! I am in contact with others from 84-86, so drop me an e-mail former Sonar/Torpedo Gang!
Somerville, Will (Booboo)E-3Mar 1984 – Feb 1986B
Scott, Daniel profile iconE4Mar 4, 1984 – Jan 1987NavigationWent from deck division to Navigation.
Lafrance, GregSTG1Apr 4, 1984 – Dec 8, 1986ASI often think of my time on the Francis Hammond. Cary Casio, Yates, Seabot. Remember studying Japanese at the Yokosuka Dunkin Donuts! Got my BA in Japanese, then my MBA, then worked in Japan 2 years. Now I'm at a software company. Yo Cary!
Wilson, Mikebt 3Apr 11, 1984 – Sep 3, 1987bgood times. great friends Tom coggins , Matt hillar ,Terri erb,Dave schaller! some off the best engineers anywhere.
Oliver, CurtisOS 3Apr 15, 1984 – Apr 10, 1987oiI miss the franny maru.after the navy i got out,and got married to my high school sweetheart.we adopted two girls from china in 2004 and 2007.I'm going to college to finish my computer engineering degree. Life is good,wish you all well.
Kotuba, TomBM3May 1984 – May 1986The good old days for sure.
Roloff, DeneRM2May 10, 1984 – Sep 10, 1986OCJust another Yahoo on the Franny Maru
Thome, TimSTG3Jun 1984 – Jun 1987ASWillie, Lord Belch, and the rest... keep in touch.
Hadley, SteveOS2Jun 1, 1984 – Jun 1, 1987IOAnyone out there miss "Scrog-X 85 / 86 "? Miss all the fun and games......
Casio, CarySTG1Jun 12, 1984 – May 14, 1986ASLot of good times with everyone. La France, STG2 Johnston, Yancey
Wilson, Victor (Stretch)BT2Aug 1984 – Aug 1986B
Carlson, VictorIC1 (SW)Sep 24, 1984 – Jul 7, 1986EReported aboard as they drained the dry dock Yokosuka. Sonar calib Hawaii, ESWS, shake down Philippines, emergency escort duty Straights of Hormuz, Phuket Thailand, Pusan Korea independent patrol Vladivostok Kuril Is 12 on 12 off in Aux 01
Peete, Terranceseamen electrian mateDec 20, 1984 – Dec 5, 1986engineer

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