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USS Marvin Shields (FF 1066) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Marvin Shields (FF 1066). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 241 crew members registered for the USS Marvin Shields (FF 1066).

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Magellan, MarkCS21974 – 1977 Reserve unit out of Stockton Ca. Never aboard just attached or detached. Recalled for Desert Storm in 91 for 1 year. Retired after 30 years from the reserves in Jan of 2000 from Alameda Ca. as MSCM . Go Navy!!
Rivera, Herbert (Tony)BM21974 – 1977DeckHad great time onboard.
Martin, PaulOS2Mar 1, 1974 – Oct 1, 1976OI
Lewis, GaryET1Apr 1974 – Oct 2, 1978OEWorking for IBM. Moved by back to Texas in 2002 after living in California for 30 years.
Davis, Michael Hound DogYN3Apr 10, 1974 – Jan 7, 1978Would love to communicate Via E-mail with any crew member that served with me at either command... Keep on Trucking was the White plains slogan and "Can do Spirit"was Marvin Shields. Serving with you guys were great memories of a Wespac adventu
Klett, FrankOS1Jul 1974 – Jun 1978OIstill have the cruise books from Westpacs in 1975 and 1976
Johnson, GregIC2Jul 22, 1974 – Oct 16, 1977R and EI've been out for 33 years, over 8 times longer than the four years I was in. At the time, I wouldn't have re-uped if they had made me CNO. Whatever anger I had then, it's long gone now.
Wood, Larry (Woody)BTFNSep 1974 – May 1976
Hay, RogerOS21975 – 1979OII served on the Might Marvin from 1975 - 1979 in CIC. Returned to Arkansas where I enlisted after getting an early out in Seattle. Now live in Kansas City where I have been for the past 7 years.
Scoggins (Dunn), RyanMM21975 – 1980M-DivSpent around 41/2 years onboard, met some great guys and went on 2 West Pacs. Lot of good memories. Feel free to contact
Armstrong, Guy (Pit)BT3Jan 1975 – May 1977none
McCollister, Dan (Mack)stg3Mar 6, 1975 – Aug 14, 1976sonarHad a great time as a ping jocky,west-pac was unforgetable! when we all chipped in and got Mumms cherry popped!
Warden, LeoBM3Mar 13, 1975 – 1978Weapons/DeckGreat times and buddies.Walsh,Phillips,Rivera,Mufu,and many others.2 memorable cruises and alot of San Miguel !
Powers, DonSTG2Jun 1975 – Jan 9, 1979WAAlive and well, living in the Seattle area. Have worked for Boeing since leaving the ship.
Dunn, RyanMM2Jun 15, 1975 – Feb 20, 1980Many good times on the Mighty Marvin. Would like to here from Cross, Pasqueda,Chief Donico, and others from Engineering. Also Dan Walton, Gary Lewis and Jimmy Bob Greenwood. Bam Bam you still have my leisure suit.
Davidson, BruceEN2Sep 1975 – Oct 1977A-ganghated my chief but came away with some great memories, especially of my time in the Philippines & Hong Kong.
Walsh, C.b.SM2Dec 1, 1975 – May 30, 1979ocI had the best seat in the house for leaving and entering port, does anyone remember the only watch that refused to be relieved because Beetle Bailey had the "big eyes" trained on the san diego sheraton from the coronado crossroads ?
Whiteside, RickeTM2Dec 7, 1975 – Jun 19, 1979WASome wild times on the Mighty Marv, 2 west packs and an overhaul. Got out of active duty and went into the Reserves in 1982. I have made Master Chief and currently the Command Senior Enlisted for NMCRC Wichita KS. Currently a Captain of Fire Dept.
Duke, RonPO31976 – 1976RA fast paced crew, great BBQ on the fantail.
Robinette, GlennSTG31976 – 1978WAGreat crew, first equator crossing on the way to Western Samoa. Good times and bad.
Broad, GaryFTG2Jan 1976 – Jan 1979Had a great time on the Mighty Marv. Moved to Arizona. Enjoying Life.
Polanco, GilPN3Jan 20, 1976 – Jul 21, 1979OXThe best ship in the Navy! Had a lot of buddies I miss so much like Ken Buckman & John Kroecher (both deceased), Mario Borquez, Tide Cadena, Mak, Kovak, oh man I'm forgetting too many names.
Burch, DanielAW3Mar 1976 – Dec 1976Air CrewOnly in Subic Bay
Chapin, Steve (Thumbs)RM2Aug 1976 – Aug 1979OCDischarged in Seattle on an early out after '79 overhaul. Good times in those days....mss the PI but then again it is closed now so I am sure all sailors do. Moved back to Michigan and been here ever since.
Baker, MarkRM2Nov 1976 – Jan 1979OCIt's been a long time. Left the ship during the 1979 overhaul for SCORE conversion to DS. I'm a process control engineer with Honeywell in Phoenix, AZ now.
Noll, RickBM31977 – Nov 18, 1980Living in Massachusetts for past 20 years, inlisted from Texas
Johnson, DanielSN1977 – 19781stMade the Western Samoa trip on WestPac 1977. Crossing the Equator was great, lots of good times . Anyone heard from BM3 Arnott or BM3 Tucker? Great shipmates. I retired as Captain of a Factory trawler in Alaska 2010
Gregor, JoeMS2Feb 1977 – Aug 1980Supply
Hunter, EricFTG1Mar 1977 – Sep 9, 1981WG-FoxGreat times on the Mighty Marv. Two cruises, then the Reserves for 4 years. Moved to Seattle - work for Rockwell Collins as an Avionics Tech-Lead (26 years so far). Talk to Gary Broad occasionally. Wish you all well!
Perkins, EarnestEN!May 1977 – Jun 1981A
Overson, RenoMM2Jun 10, 1977 – Jan 5, 1982M Division / Aux 1Best crew in the fleet. I met more interesting and nice people in four years on that ship, then I have all the years I've been out.( 28 years now ). Sure wish I could see them again.
Seifert, MichaelBT2Jun 15, 1977 – Dec 15, 1981BJust checking to see if anyone on here that I served with!
Swank, JamesBM3Aug 24, 1977 – Aug 24, 1981DeckLots of good time fellas! Now a Manufacturing Engineer in San Antonio, Texas. Would like to find a bunch of my buddies from back then.
Cook, CarltonRM3Sep 3, 1977 – Jun 1, 1979OCAboard 3 ships in 6 Yrs...lucky , and Marvin seemed to have the best crew...although had a go Med to have a actual GQ with Quadafi… and play serious chicken w/Ruskies...No place like the P.I. dah- see ya in the funnies*
Weigel, BobSTG31978 – 1980weaponsspent a lot of time on the fantail at night before Haywards "get tough on drugs" program. Shut up, you were there too. Somehow I survived it. Didn't know squat about squat then, but didn't know it. Had a hard time with the chickens
Smith, DavidSTG21978 – 1981AS
Brannon, PatrickSTG3Jan 1, 1978 – May 1, 1981Fox 2What a great ship and crew. I have fond memories of all you guys. What a great southpac cruise. My first ship in the navy. Write me anyone
Takesian, SteveSNFeb 22, 1978 – Jul 17, 1979ships officeshipyard time sucked.. lost a good friend. Van Findlay. ship had bad KARMA
Dupont, StevenRM2Mar 1978 – Aug 28, 1981OCTodd Shipyard Seattle, San Diego, Hawaii, Subic Bay, Hong Kong, (The night of the Tsunami) Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and American Samoa! For those of you who remember me, it was an honor serving with all of you!
Broom, WilliamOSNAug 1978 – Oct 1979OI
Petty, RandolphLCDROct 1978 – Oct 1980Engineering
Graham,, JamesstgsnNov 21, 1978 – Aug 8, 1981fox-2 I met some great guys and I learned a lot about life.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1973 | 1974 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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