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USS Whipple (FF 1062) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Whipple (FF 1062). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 224 crew members registered for the USS Whipple (FF 1062).

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Rauffer, RonBT21983 – 1985B
Rickabaugh, VernonRm21983 – 1985Radio Central
Wilhite, GlennIC3Apr 1983 – Feb 1986Engineering
Harrison, DouglasSNApr 1983 – Dec 19841stWork was hard, life was good. God Bless everyone I served with, and Thank you. I served with the best.
Thieme, KarlEW1May 1983 – Jun 1984OIGreat CIC division, commando runs to Hotel Street, I may still be hungover. Kenny Brown, Stallnecker, Whitecotton, Mc Dermott; thanks for the memories!
Kaanapu, Donald profile iconSK1Jun 10, 1983 – Jun 10, 1987SUPPLYDean Chandler and Jon Miller were the absolute best to work with. They gave true meaning to words "self-starter" and "get it done successfully essential to mission readiness."
Flores, MikeSK3Jul 6, 1983 – May 10, 1986SupplyDuring my tour on Whipple I had meet soo many new shipmates from all parts of U.S. and will never be forgotten. Best memories: Shell-back, partying with my Navy friends and locals. Great Mentors;' Kananpu & Chandler.
Ehrnman, BobSTG21984 – 1986A/SGreat memories. The Whipple experiences made a man out of me - had a lot of fun in the process! Trying to track down FC2 Scott Campbell. Any help? Thx
Thomas, ChuckQM31984 – 1987NavXWhat a great bunch of guys to be on board with! Worked and partied hard in paradise. Nothing but great memories. Hey Parm, you didnt throw the battery o'board but I know how a few zeros kahkis made it into the deep.
Wilson, MattBM3May 1984 – Jul 19851stI only spent a year on the Whip, but had a good time and worked with alot of good people. I saw good old 1062 in the new Pearl Harbor movie and to take double look to make sure it was her. I'ld like to see her again someday.
Klotz, MarkBM1Jun 1984 – Jul 1986First
West, MikeLCDR/XOJul 1984 – Feb 1986AdminMy time in WHIPPLE was some of ther purest FUN I ever had as a naval officer. Two incredible COs and the world's department heads made my job a pleasure. And being homeported in Pearl didn't hurt, either!
Conkey, EdwardOSSNSep 1984 – Sep 1985
Parmenter, PaulSTGSNOct 1, 1984 – Apr 1, 1987SonarI'm a retired Navy SEAL and have been around the world twice,talked to everyone once. Truly ;the best time was the 1986 westpac. Aloha Chuck,Scott,Mark,Gordon, Boulet,voloson and all the rest of the fellows.
Parmenter, ParmSTGSNOct 1, 1984 – Mar 1, 1987SonarI retired as a BMC from ST-4. What a great time. Looking back on things, I realize how blessed we truly were. And BTW Master Chief, I still DIDN'T throw over the stinger battery!
Stout, GeorgeOS2Oct 4, 1984 – Jul 28, 1987OperationsThree years I wouldn't trade for the world. I'd serve again if I could do it with the same crew. Al Dawson, Earl Deas, John Malone, Kevin "Bubbles" Moore, Gary D. Knopp, Mike Chastain, Ernie Edwards, Tim Rogers, Chief Robert K.M.
Ziegenbein, BobMM2Oct 31, 1984 – Oct 15, 1987M-Aux 1This ship is where I learned my trade. Great people to work with. I remember Bucket Netzel, Dean Opper, LCDR Clary, Greg Gravelle, Rob Moskal and many others with great fondness
Nichols, Dana (Nick, Tricky Nick)SN/PNSNNov 10, 1984 – Jun 1, 1988Deck/Nav-XSome of the best times of my life were on the Mighty Doom Ship Whipple!! I have very fond memories of the 86 & 87 West Pac's. I remember the sea trials, the Battle E's, the hurricanes. If you were there call or write!
Deas, EarlEW2Nov 22, 1984 – Oct 27, 1988OIBest Command of my 23 year Navy Career. The PI, Thailand, real WESTPACs, today's sailor just don't know. met people I still call friends today. Thanks OS1 Bob Moore! George Stout, Look me up! Whipple will always be best!
Towns, JamesSNNov 27, 1984 – Aug 18, 19881stGreat ship and great crew. Even though i worked as a E-3 with the BM's,I still had good times.Loved hitting the beach and hanging out at Moose Mcgilicutty sucking down there famous long island ice tea's.HEY JERRY GREIDER!! Look me up sometime
Kasulke, SteveDC2Dec 1984 – Nov 1988RepairEnjoyed serving with the BEST crew at Pearl.
Townsend, Rodger {country}en2Dec 1984 – Nov 1988AMy first ship and what a time it was, back when it was good to be in the Navy. I went on to 5 more ships and retired after 20 years, I am now self employed and own an automotive repair facility in Ingleside Tx.
Lemieux, PaulET21985 – 1987OE
Lemieux, PaulET21985 – 1988OE
Howard, Charles profile iconQMC(SW)Jan 1985 – Jan 1988Nav/XGreat tour. Made Chief on the Whipple
Tackett, TerryBM3Jan 1, 1985 – Apr 17, 19861stlot of good times shep tommy&kelly where r u all
Malone, JohnOS2Mar 2, 1985 – May 16, 1988OISome of my best memories made in my life were during this time frame. Best mentor in my life was chief Bob Park. Great Guy. Biggest j/o officer....Lt. Tom Oconnell. Heard he ran the Strauss aground after I got discharged. Good riddance to that clown.
Anson, JimHT1Jul 18, 1985 – Jul 31, 1989r-Div I ended up doing 20 years in the navy on 6 diffirent ship and the Wipple is the one i miss the most.
Campbell, ScottFC2Aug 1985 – Sep 1988
Fria, DannyDK2Sep 7, 1985 – Dec 9, 1988S4Lots of good memories shared with the the best people I've met. There will never be another USS Whipple for me.
Dewson, BradHT2Oct 1985 – Feb 1989Repair
Stark, EricQM3Oct 1985 – Apr 1988NAV-X
Moon, RonSTG2Oct 1, 1985 – May 30, 1989WEPSA great ship and crew, winning three consecutive Battle ?E??s during my time aboard. Many young men made the transition from novice to seasoned seaman during deployments to the Persian Gulf (Iran/Iraq War), Sea of Japan, and Indian Ocean. Godspeed
Grand, ThomasIC3Nov 15, 1985 – Oct 29, 1989E-DivAfter leaving Whipple, did a tour at Barbers Point. Cross rated to HT and retired as HTC(SW).
Gotautas, RichardFNDec 5, 1985 – Jun 1, 1987MThis was my first command out of Apprentiship Training, The first of many during a twenty six year career. Struck for the HM rating while onboard. Great times and many memories.
Jones, JonFC21986 – Nov 1991
Syverson, JonSTGSN1986 – 1989ASA lot of good memories.
Watts, RickieE4 bm31986 – 19901st division
Parham, ScottHT2Jan 23, 1986 – Jan 18, 1989
Buxton, MikeMACHINIST MATE 3RD CLASSFeb 1986 – Feb 1990M aux 1(generator room)had many great memories.the crew took pride in a frigate that always had that E on the stack. she will be missed!!
Buxton, Mikemachinist mate 3rd classFeb 21, 1986 – Feb 1990uss whipple ff-1062assigned to m division/aux 1 generator room
Walker, Brian FuddTM3Mar 16, 1986 – Nov 18, 1989WEPS.My fondest memories are of Lt. Shuga spewing off the side of the bridge,and us making BM3 Del Monte mess up on the Boatswains whistle, My email address is I miss Green,Doc Bob,Bunk Bob,and Utsey
Ervin, MarkGMM2Apr 26, 1986 – May 13, 1990ASA great group of guys. By far the most fun I have had in the Navy was aboard the Whipple. My running mate, GM2 Laspley. My G-Division buddies: FC2 Jones, FC2 Campbell, FC3 Sullivan, GM2 Shreeves. I miss them all!
Lapsley, TimothyGM2Aug 1986 – Aug 1990AS
Bouche, ScottMM 2Aug 1, 1986 – Feb 20, 1990M Aux 1, Then Engine RoomGreat Ship, Great Crew, Great Memories, That Will Never Be Forgotten.
Moreno, VincentMM2Sep 1986 – Mar 1991M / Logroom YeomanNever missed an Engineering "E" in the 4 1/2 years that I was on board. Bux have you heard from anyone from Aux 1 Ponce, Bushey, Chisolm, Rat, or what about Nick or Mike R or Mike W. Snipes Rule
Jordan, KellyMMFNNov 1986 – Feb 1990M Division Aux 1I enjoyed my time aboard the Whipple and everything that I learned in the engine room helped me build a career after leaving the Whipple.

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