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USS Whipple (FF 1062) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Whipple (FF 1062). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 224 crew members registered for the USS Whipple (FF 1062).

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Schweizer, GailBT2Dec 28, 1071 – Nov 1074BProud to have been "2nd" generation Whipple crew member going on her first two West Pacs. Dwight "Andy" Anderson-are you out there?
Lavin, MichaelLT. JGFeb 19, 1943 –MedicalMy father
Fontenot, Dennygmt21969 – 1973foxfrom the time it was commissioned, in 1973, seen Hawaii 5-O filming, seen the bombing of Pearl Harbor filming, did the Sea Trials on the Whipple; and it was accepted to the US Navy. Would like to find any shipmates.
Young, PaulSTG31970 – 1974A/SHad a great time as a plank owner. Was there for the Hawaii Five 0 filming. Loved the islands. Made 2 Wes-Pac cruises. P.I. was like no other place on earth...or any other place in the universe for that matter.
Martin, EverettMMCS USN Retired1970 – 1973M I'm registering this for my grandpa- having listened to how much he LOVED the Navy (and I'm pretty sure he would've exceeded 20 yrs if they would've let him) with grandma recently passed, he's back traveling.
Chabot, Evan "Frenchie"STGC1970 – 1975Fox Division/ SONAR TECHNICIAN (SURFACE) CHIEF PETTY OFFICERI'm filling this out for my father who passed last night 8/09/2016. Looking for photos or memorabilia from his time on the Whipple or any where else he was in his 20+ years. Thank you.
Hughes, BobEW3Jan 1970 – Aug 1970OpsWas on pre-commissioning detail, remember ship well and made many good friends while making the trips from/to Sand Point NAS to Todd Shipyards in very early days. Discharged as sole-surviving-son 8/70 after Dad passed.
Sutton, Byron / BarneyRD3Jan 1, 1970 – Oct 1, 1972OperationsProud to be a plankowner...Many good times with my shipmates. Never forget westpac tour. Went on to USPS and Retired...Enjoying 33+ years sober and clean. Living in Colorado.
Dolgos, JosephRMCApr 30, 1970 – Jun 29, 1972OC - RadioPRECOM Todd Shipyard, Seattle PLANKOWNER Vietnam One hot ship.
Winkler, LarryFTG1May 1970 – Jun 1972WEPSI was truly honored to be a plank-owner, member of the commissioning crew, and an extra in the Hawaii Five-O filming onboard the Whipple. Without a doubt, the finest crew and ship that I ever served aboard during my 8 years in the navy. Hawaii rocks.
Boatman, Harvey profile iconCS2Jul 1970 – Nov 1972SupplyProud plank owner. Many good memories of our time in Hawaii, the deployment to Vietnam and friends. Interested in factual information re our deployment, times in DaNang harbor and time off the DMZ as artillery support.
Barlow, Kimber LRM2Aug 1970 – 1972OperationsI was honored to be a plank-owner of the USS Whipple and to serve with the Commissioning Crew. I believe we served well and truly in the Vietnam War especially with the severely increased message traffic. I wish all well.
Hooper, Kenneth/ HoopCS-2Aug 1970 – Jan 16, 1974SupplyHad a great time with many different people. Went to places and did things I can never do again. It was hard work, so we played hard in he different port of calls.
Gillett, Robert (Bob)LCDRAug 1970 – Feb 1972CommandI served as the Executive Officer and left before the first WestPac tour.
Keough, JerrySH3Oct 1970 – Aug 26, 1972SupplyIt was an honor to have been on the commissioning crew aboard the USS Whipple and to have served with a fine group of men for almost two years. I wish you all well.
McConnell, RossE41971 – 1974SHI just want to say hello to all my ex shipmates. I hope you are all healthy and happy in your post Whipple lives.
Hull, AaronQM 31971 – 1976Navigation
Fore, Sr., David profile iconIC21971 – 1974EI should NEVER have left the military. I still miss it.
Martinez, JulianRMIJan 2, 1971 – Jan 2, 1973CRI was RM2 on Whipple and went on a couple of Westpacs RMC at the time was Robinson and the Comm Officer was Ltjg Cannon.. 'I remember an Rm3 Terry whom we called Burl (like the muscian) because of his little goattee.
Fore, DavidIC2Feb 4, 1971 – Aug 8, 1974E
Nassoiy, JerryQM2Jun 20, 1971 – Aug 7, 1974Navigation DeptWhile at the time it didn't seem so wonderful(two tours in Vietnam), the years and two deployments spent aboard the Whipple, along with several really good friends in Hawaii were great, very fond memories!
Cummings, Jonbm3Oct 1, 1971 – Apr 1, 19731stcs2 hopper remember the blackjack games on the mess deck.
Haldeman, DennyFTGSNDec 29, 1971 – Jul 14, 1973G DivisionThere is a Whipple Facebook page. Some shipmates from the 1972 era are trying to get AO compensation. The question remains, did we dock in Danang when we got the gun barrel
Germain, RickMM31972 –M
Winkler, DennisMM31972 – Dec 1973EngineeringTwo tours to Viet Nam, first serving with my big brother. Crossed equator on 2nd deployment. Lots of excitement on 1st. Excellent memories of those two deployments and the ports. Who could forget Olongapo City?
Almada, Adalberto (Albert)EM3Jan 1972 – Jul 1973RWould love to hear from any of you.
Dougherty, Harvey (Doc)OS2Feb 13, 1972 – Jul 1, 1975Operations
Reynolds, CharlesHM3Mar 1972 –
Charlton, JohnYN2Mar 19, 1972 – Sep 19, 1975Navigation
Cady, PeteSH1May 1972 – May 1975SupplyWas an experience, good people.
Reynolds, HaroldBt2May 5, 1972 – Dec 9, 1974EngineeringLooking for Gail Schweitzer (excuse the spelling) and Dwight (Andy) Anderson
Bellairs, RobertGMG/E5Jul 22, 1972 – Nov 15, 1975gm
Gilmore, LarryOSCOct 1972 – Oct 1976OIHad a great crew on a fine ship. Best of the 6 ships I served on. Two WesPac cruises. (Remember burning up the Squad Dog's sailboat on our way back??) Retired Jan. 1980 from RTC Orlando. Shipmates give me a holler.
Alexander, Darryl (Alex)BT3Nov 17, 1972 – Sep 23, 1975BGot to paint the first red E on the mac
Manfredi, DinosnDec 29, 1972 – Dec 29, 1975SupplyWonder who's left of the crew from that time. I went on to retire in 1993 airdale side
Erndt, Bill profile iconFTG2Jan 1973 – Jan 1976G
Hayden, WardeTM3Mar 1973 – Dec 1975
Graber, ForestET1Mar 9, 1973 – Jul 24, 1974OELast duty station.
Donnelly, John C.Mmfa 3May 1973 – Dec 1974Desron 33I'm looking to contact two shipmates, Gary Meade and Joseph Kopec
Stonehouse, Dennis. Aka StoneyHT3Jun 1973 – Sep 1975RI t was a good ship, and great shipmates Shorty,ht3 sugarfoot aka donald clark ,ht2 hamilton,ht3 marris, and ht1 perry,caskey ,shout out to ya. If your out there drop me a line
Eby, BobLt(jg)Jun 1, 1973 – Jun 1, 1976RA great crew and wonderful ship. Those I was privileged to serve with were all outstanding. Without a doubt, the best group of officers and senior petty officers a ship could hope to have.
Fontenot, DennySRJul 17, 1973 – Jul 14, 1975bainbridge mdIn honor of my father, Denny Joe Fontenot, I would like to give a special thanks to all the men who served with my dad in the Navy on the USS Whipple (DE 1062); for the many great stories he had to tell. (07-19-14)
Busby, SteveEM2Dec 15, 1973 – Jul 7, 1977EMet some great friends, had some great times, wish I could have stayed longer!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1973 | 1974 – 1978 | 1979 – 1982 | 1983 – 1986 | 1987 – now

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