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USS Hepburn (FF 1055) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hepburn (FF 1055). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 356 crew members registered for the USS Hepburn (FF 1055).

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Ball, Henry (Hank)SK31975 – Feb 24, 1978SupplyGood times aboard the Mighty Hep, from Long Beach, to an Indian Ocean cruise, and ending with the dry docks at Hunter's Point and the warehouse at Mare Island.
Daniel, EarlRMSN1975 – 1976OC
Clark, TimSTG21975 – 1977ASRemember the fire during UNREP during hurricane Pamela? Great times on the Happy Hep! As of 2017, I am living in Escondido CA. Would love to hear from the old crew.
Rector, MarkRM3Jan 1975 – Nov 1976OCGood Memories!!! Westpac :-)
Phebus, MarkYN2Jan 28, 1975 – Aug 16, 1976XI'm thinkin' back - to when I was a sailor! - Be great to hear from some of you guys.
Jones, HowardRNSNMar 10, 1975 – Aug 6, 1977BTW
Andrade, Aurelio (Andy)GMG-1Jul 4, 1975 – Aug 4, 1978FoxLPO Fox div
Willson, MarkSTG SNDec 1975 – Oct 1977AS
Garza, WenceslaoE-31976 – 1980Ehello to all my old shipmates
Lewis, MichaelSTG31976 – 1979ASWI would love to converse with my old shipmates .
Carlson, TomEnsign/LtjgFeb 10, 1976 – 1979Deck then OIStarted my officer career aboard the Happy Hep as an Ensign running Deck Division , moved on to be the CIC officer and left in '79 to roll ashore. Best mems: LT"Wheels" Wheeler, Worst: CDR Geo Culberson. I reitred as 06
Garza, WenceslaoE3 EMMar 30, 1976 – Mar 18, 1980Emet alot of good people and i had some good time and some bad time mostly good i'd like to thank the good friends that helped me get thur my 4yrs on board e-mail
Reed, DavidMM3Jun 16, 1976 – Nov 1979M-DivOverhaul in Hunters Point, spent most of that working at Mare Island, the cruise to Australia was great. Somehow ended up on the same ship as my brother Steve, even had to work with him/for him. Some real good times and
Royce, GaryET2Jul 1, 1976 – Nov 15, 1979OEO1The ETs and EWs were pretty tight. We had a great time in San Francisco during the overhaul at Hunter's Point. I still keep in touch with Larry Buffalow, Kurt Katzenberger, and Jim Etchells. Located Jeff Latker on line.
Taylor, John/jtBT3Jul 13, 1976 – May 20, 1980B Div."The Sauna"Had a great time serving on the old Hep.Met alot of good guys and had the best 79-80West-Pac. 77' Hunters Point dry dock time was crazy,even when the tug boat ran into the hull at water level,right into the fireroom!
Cope, DannyQM2Aug 1, 1976 – Apr 5, 1980QMLots of good people, lots of good times. A couple of fires on board, a westpac, our band. I'd do it again anyplace, anytime.
Woods, Scott (Woody)STG3Sep 1976 – Mar 7, 1980SonarThe best ship to be on - small enough to know everyone. Best times was 18 months in dry dock in San Francisco and the goodwill tour to Australia. The worst times was the fire on the fantail off of Catalina and the typoon steaming back from Japan.
Maggard, GaryBT3Oct 1976 – Aug 1980BSorry to hear the Happy Hep went to the bottom, a piece of me is with her. Too many memories to list but would love to reconnect. Email me at ~Happy to hear the old “Black Gang” is still steaming!
Smith, Ronald SHSNDec 15, 1976 – Dec 15, 1980S3Does any one remember EN1 Ernesto Salazar?
Keys, Leon The Great White Buffalo profile iconboiler tech1977 – 1981bjohn BRUNO marak torchmcbork. had a great time as a snipe on the hepburn. would not trade it for anything.
Milligan, DonOssn1977 – 1981OPS
Mann, Dennis (Mannfred)MM3Jan 1977 – May 1980A Div
Dorn, William MarkMM3Jan 1977 – Jul 4, 1980M Aux-1first underway ship ended up dead in the water towed in. some good times, some not so good. still remember the fire.
Clever, Steve (Meat)BT3Feb 3, 1977 – Jun 12, 1980BReally enjoyed the Ship and the crew of the Hepburn
George W., Ff 1055Apr 12, 1977 – Oct 1980
Sonleitner, MikeLTJGMay 1977 – May 1980Operations
Samson, RonFTG1May 7, 1977 – Mar 2, 1982FoxLots of friends in almost every division onboard. Sal Mercado, Steve Toohill, Jim Gerhard, Tony Martinez. WestPac 79-80 the best ever , HI, Guam, PI, Australia, Thailand, PI (again), Hong Kong... did I mention Australia? CWO3, retired '94.
Seger III, George WmPC3May 12, 1977 – Oct 12, 1980PersonnelGood times. Good memories. Dry dock one WES-PAC. Australia, PI, Hong Kong, Alaska and others
Cardinelli, JimmyIC2Jul 1977 – Jun 1980E divisionRemember the softball tournament in Guam, almost getting thrown out of the club in Guam, going back to the ship in a paddy wagon, rolling the van in the phillipines, taking over the ship when crossing the equator friends
Niemiec, MikeMM2Jul 1977 – Feb 1981MHey all you fellow snipes! I still remember all the great times we had at Hunter's Point, then on to San Diego, and on West Pac! Lots of great times with a great bunch of guys!
Tillman, TedIC2Jul 1977 –ESpent 2 years in dry dock in San Francisco
Paige, MichaelDeck Department / Disbursing ClerkNov 17, 1977 – Nov 17, 19811st Deck Department / 2nd Disbursing ClerkAfter I got out of the Navy I have been living in the Oakland, California area. Anyone that remembers me can give me a call at 510-776-1022. Thanks, Michael Paige
Lueck, MichaelET2Dec 18, 1977 – Jun 20, 1979OPSI never thought I would miss it, but as I read Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, I find a certain nostalgia taking place.
Torres, PaulSTG21978 – 1983ASGreat times. Onboard for 3 or 4 crew changes great guy all of them.
Sawyer, Chris (Hacksaw)BT31978 – 1984B i loved the happy hep.
Schulz, Dirk (Scott)Machinist Mate3rd Class1978 – 1981EngineeringNeptune stabbed his Trident deep within our souls, to haunt our days with the urge for adventure, the longing of different cultures and tongues. All bound for places of tall castles, forever, A SPECIAL BREED WE BE !
Ashton, Michaelseaman 1st division and petty officer3rd class IC electricianJan 5, 1978 – Oct 17, 19821st division/ic divisionhi fellas looking for shipmates during78-82
Tucker, Mark profile iconGMGSAFeb 14, 1978 – 1981FoxWhat a time to be young and full o' beans. Met some good people and had good times. WestPac, Alaska...and a year in Hunter's Point. Camping up on the Russian River. Rented a canoe from special services and sank it!
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Allton, Mike profile iconSH3Jun 1978 – Feb 1982SupplyLots of great memories from Hunters Point and San Francisco to San Diego thru two Westpac's. Great times in Australia, PI, Thailand, Hong Kong and Alaska with good friends! Think of those days often!!!
Burton, TimET SNJun 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1979ETSome good times on the Alaska cruise... I was a short timer and was only able to go west pac if I re-enlisted... I decided to get out and have since seen the world as a civilian so everything worked out ok.
Davis, MarkBMSAJun 2, 1978 – Mar 14, 19821stit took our own to sink her the tug in sf couldnt do it
Kleisler, MikeQM3Jun 5, 1978 – Jun 17, 1981Navigation
Acosta, FrankSeamanAug 20, 1978 – Apr 15, 1981ASWIt was a very good time. Thank you San Francisco.
Gartman, GarySTG2Nov 4, 1978 – May 27, 1980ASWHello shipmates! Great idea for a website. Lots of good memories & crazy times!!

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