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USS Hepburn (FF 1055) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hepburn (FF 1055). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 356 crew members registered for the USS Hepburn (FF 1055).

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Arnce, KenCS 3Jan 1971 – Jan 1973SupplyI wasn't a plank owner, but did catch up with Her at Pearl in time for Her first West Pac. Served on Her until I got out in 1973. Great Ship
Callaway, GaryMM2Jan 1971 – Jun 1974EngineeringI served as Preventative mantainance petty officer in the engine room, stood throttles at all special sea and anchor details and was top watch in the engine room. My best friend, Bernie Pomeroy, was a MM2 asigned to A-gang.
Fahy, TomLTApr 15, 1971 – May 15, 1973MPA and CHENG
McDonald, MichaelRM2Jul 6, 1971 – Jun 14, 1973OCWe had some great times on the ship & on the beach with the OC gang. We all had new adventures on the 72 WestPac. Runce,Gordy,Mitchell,Oliver,Westenhaver,Johnson, (Hicky)Buttenob, & Marion (cheese sandwich) Miller,Thanks for the memories.
Gabrielse, RogerEM2Aug 15, 1971 – May 17, 1972RepairGood ship and a lot of good friends
Burnstein, GeneRD3Sep 1971 – Dec 1972CIC/EWThis was the last of 3 ships I served on. Upon our return to Hawaii from the 1972 WestPac cruise, I processed out of the navy. I enjoyed my time on the passive Electronic Warfare gear.
Wood, DougMR3Sep 15, 1971 – Jun 27, 1974AIt was a great ship with a good crew.
Whitman, ChrisYN2Oct 15, 1971 – Jun 30, 1974XFine ship with a great crew. Reported on board at the age of 17. I went on the first WESTPAC and missed the 2nd by days with a transfer to the USS Francis Hammond DE1067. E-mail me if you remember. I'm 51 today and living 30 miles south of Chica
Glynn, Thomas (Tim)QM2Nov 1971 – Jun 1975OC/XLast man alive buys the beers!
Runcie, CraigRM2Nov 1971 – Sep 1973OC
Homard, Martin (Gator)BT31972 – Dec 1975B
Leach, Richard profile iconEWC1972 – 1976OE
Moore, VanSTG11972 – 1977ASIt would be nice to hear from other crew member when I was on board
Fair, KenSTG31972 – Jun 21, 1975ASI enjoyed my time aboard the Hepburn. I wasn't crazy about the long hours on watch in Sonar Control, but you have to take the good with the bad. I made 2 WestPac cruises. All I can say is WOW!
McFarland, JessePNSAJan 1972 – Jun 1972PersonnelIt's been more time than I care to think about, but I remember Al Andreano, Chief Sage, "Spaceman", "Heavy", "Jonez". Also Mr. Kilgore who tried to send me to OCS.
Van Horn, PatrickSTG3Feb 1972 – Feb 1974ASWReported on board when she was in dry dock in San Pedro. Departed in April 1972 to located lost Russian Fast Attack subs. Continued on our WesPac cruise. Made great friends and lots of good times in Subic. Thanks for the memories Hepburn.
Johnson, BruceSK2Mar 15, 1972 – Jan 4, 1974Supply
Whitman, ChrisYN2Jun 15, 1972 – Mar 15, 1974X DivisionGreat Crew - I can't believe I was 18 years old when I reported aboard. Residing in Crown Point, IN. If you remember me drop me an e-mail.
Cardott, Stu (Buzzard)BT2Jul 25, 1972 – Dec 25, 1975B
Legg, HaroldFTG2Aug 1972 – Nov 1975WeaponsMember of the gang of four, confined to the ship while in Sydney. Anyone remember or in contact with Rick Long or Gerard Lynch? Whatever became of 'Spaceman'?
Bickhem, TerrellGMG3 PO3Aug 10, 1972 – Feb 12, 1974Weapons (Gunnery) Dept.Do anyone remember pulling into Sasapo or Subic Bay and we played Jimi Hendrix version of " Star Spangle Banner " over the PA system! LOL.....It was the most fun I had laughing in a long time!
Atkinson, GeorgeE3Aug 22, 1972 – May 22, 19751stany one can call 214 715 6380
Hanson, RonaldIciSep 10, 1972 – Jul 20, 1975R divGreat ship some times needed TLC
Nielsen, GilSEAMANDec 29, 1972 – Sep 11, 1975WeaponsStrange days indeed!
Withnosky, Robert--------bob------skiSMSN1973 – Jul 1976Signal GangWhat a ride! Really helped me learn to love this Country of ours. Still in regular contact with old friends and Shipmates Kieth Powell and Ed Zurcher. Icant believe they sunk her!!
Shriver, William Srm31973 – 1975Radio CentralWasn't australlia a blast. to bad we didn't know Nixon was taken out of office and we didn't know it! until we got to australia because we were on radio black out.
Shields, RobertMM31973 – 1975M div.Reinlisted to go to cryogenics school, and spent next 3 years in Rota Spain
McConnell, Steve (Cookie Monster)MM2Jan 1973 – Jun 1976Engineering (Engine Room & Aux 1)Anyone remember the major oil leak in the engine room (strainer) in the early morning hours after we left Hawaii for PI?
Davis, DonQM3Jan 1973 – 1976OPSMade 2 cruises on the Happy Hep. Good crew, Culberson was a good skipper.
Hill, GordonLTJGJan 1973 – Jul 1975SupplyA memorable experience. Hi to old shipmates! Anyone remember our baseball game in Port Kembla, Australia in about '74 or '75?
Fetherston, AllanEM2Feb 1973 – Jun 26, 1976RWe had a great crew. Wondering the where abouts of: Lt. Long, Ltjg. Kilgore, EM2 Awni Nabor, IC2 Joe Spurgeon, EM3 Raleigh B Clapp and our favorite, "how come Malcom"
Dwyer, DaleEN3Feb 1973 – Feb 1976A GangWould like to hear anyone I serviced with,.especially A gang or M Div
McMaster, Terry - Mac - Digger profile iconSM2Jun 1, 1973 – Dec 21, 1976Skivvy WaverHave a cheer for Olongopo We can all get drunk in that scurvy hole By drinking mojos till the sun goes down All the girls are pretty despite their stink When they sweetly say "you buy me drink" Cause they know the Hepburns back in town
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Madsen, RicardoseamanJun 15, 1973 – Jan 1975RadiomanSorry to hear the old ship was sunk. My best time in the navy was when I served on that ship.
McKeown, Micheal MacHT2Oct 14, 1973 – Aug 26, 1976It seamed like hell at times. but over all a great time.LTJG Killgor Killer were are you to day. BTFNAndy Smith do you still live in Riverside Calif. I live in Hemet Calif
Casteel, StuAT-31974 – 1975HSL-33largest West-Pac since WWII - holy helo, mail runs and personal cab sevice, oh we also chased bubbles
Herman, GeneET41974 – 1975OEWestPac in 1974 to Philippines, South China Sea, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Went thru Shellback initiation crossing the equator in route to Pt. Kimble & Sydney, AU. Detailed to Hard Hat Shore Patrol for 6 weeks in Olongapo.
Bird, RandyRM2Feb 1974 – May 1977ocwould love to hear from the old gang.
Samples, JohnDK1Apr 1974 – Sep 1977SupplyOut of 5 ships this ship holds the most fondest memories. Many, many ports of call and good times.
Stroud, WillieSTG3Apr 1974 – Jul 1975AS/FoxEnjoyed WestPac and the many friends I made.
Shields, Robert/bobE-4 /MM3Jul 1974 – 1975M Main controlFites (Fido) couldnt belive I would Re-up Well I did...once.
Matushek, Andrew, "Andy"EM1Sep 1974 – Oct 1975RRetired in 1999 as EMCM(SW) with thirty years, two weeks and a day. Living in NW Arkansas. Would like to hear from any of my shipmates.
Beck, Alvin P.RM1Oct 1974 – Oct 1975CR

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