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USS Gray (FF 1054) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Gray (FF 1054). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 234 crew members registered for the USS Gray (FF 1054).

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Bunce, ThomasET2May 20, 1072 – Aug 4, 1974OE
Simon, Enis CharlesRM2Aug 12, 1968 – Jul 22, 1972OCI am a plankowner of DE1054,serving on The Gray from pre-commissioning in Bremerton, Wa., until Jul. 72. I also still have my coffee cup, my plankowners card, and my certificate. Had many great memories from GRAY. Hi Larry and Henry!
Steinbrecher, Will (Stinky)YN3Dec 18, 1968 – Jul 19, 1972engineering and yeomanwas a yeoman but also stud wacthes in the engeering departmant nickname was yn3 stinky, was also a plankowner and the first engineering log room yeoman
Harrison, JeffRD3/E-41969 – 1972OperationsPlank Owner, Pre-Crew Todd Shipyards
Chun, HenrySM-3Apr 25, 1969 – Jan 23, 1973OperationsI am a Plankowner /served as a signalman
Jordan, Richard RickE-3Jun 24, 1969 – Jan 5, 1973Deck DivisionI enjoyed my time aboard the USS Gray DE 1054, I made some great friends in the crew, Amado Aguirre, Clare Murphy, and others that right now I can't recall their names, one more, Glen Carlson. I loved that ship
Welling, LarryRM2Oct 15, 1969 – Feb 15, 1973OperationsDates of service approximate. I was part of the pre-commissioning detail at Todd Shipyards, Seattle, and I am a plank owner.
McDonald, JamesBM2/BMCNov 7, 1969 – 1971LPO 1st DIVI piped the first crew on board. uss gray trf to uss orion AS 18 in 71 went on too make chief and ret in 1985. line in Hemet CA
Rude, JackBTCNov 29, 1969 – Dec 15, 1974BPlankowner, nucleus crew best Sea duty I ever had. Work with the best of shipmates anyone could ask for. I still keep in touch with members I have been able to track down. I retired from the Navy 12/1977.
Nafzgar, DougET3Dec 20, 1969 – May 15, 1972OEWas one of the first dozen or so enlisted folks aboard Gray prior to commission. Had lots of fun with the first sea trails and her first Westpac. Looking forward to seeing some of the original OE gang in a future reunion.
Hudlin, Leonard,"Hud"MM21970 – Dec 1971plankowner.main-control. have some great memories of the old DE1054. surprised there are so few plankowners on the registry.
Novak, ThomasFTG31970 –2nd
Moore, ThomasBM21970 – Sep 19721st divisionPlank Owner, Enjoyed my time on the Gray
Musillami, SamQm21970 – Sep 10, 1972ExecutiveBoys. It's Moose Sam Musillami original crew member of USS Gray looking to catch up with the original crew ...Talked with Terry Ryan and Henry Chun and there is word of a reunion in August..SAM
Soares, MelOS21970 –OIPlankowner, left the Gray sometime after WestPac 1....
Swoboda, MarvinBT31970 – 1974BPlankowner
Brandt, RichardMM2Jan 1970 – Aug 1973EngineeringPlank owner. Reported on board in Todd Shipyard.Stationed Sand Point Navy Air Station before commisioning. Main control. Rember some good times when it was DE1054
Fields, RoySM3Jan 1970 – Jul 1972OC DivisionEnjoyed being in OC division and working as a signalman. Lot of friendship within the division. First ship we were on with stableizers and we all had to learn to walk again.
Young, FancisBT1(sw)Jan 1970 – Nov 1974BI served onboard from pre com to end of 74 as a bt3 to bt2,was the best duty a bt could have had,the finest sailors in the fleet
Hertzlin, PaulSH 3Jan 1970 – Nov 1973supplyA gray gram may be be a good idea.Paul Hertzlin 162 Lebreeze Pk Rochester NY 585 342 8971. Ham radio KC2UEQ. Wet ot SD Cal and had good time .Met up with Admiral Fredick and Holy Johnson .A good time.
Smith, NormBT3Jan 1970 – May 1972BGreat bunch of guys to sail with
Wood, BryanMM3Jan 15, 1970 – May 19, 1973Eng. Plank-Owner I-still-have-the-coffeecup-that-everyone-got-on-the-day-of-the-commision. I-remember-alot-of-good-times-in-San-Diego-as-well-as-Westpac.Subic-a-must-for-all-serious-sailors. David-Rountree-and-Charlie-Wyatt--where-are-you?-
Roath, SteveSTG3Mar 1970 – Feb 19733rd DivI am a plank owner and on board for the first 2 Westpac cruises, if you are on Facebook, there are a couple of group pages that you might find interesting
Fields, Roy profile iconSM3Mar 1970 – Jul 1972OC DivisionTrying to locate Thomas Moore BM2, plank owner USS Gray by way of text message from Harold McLemore BM3, plank owner USS Gray. Respond to Roy Fields SM3, plank owner USS Gray for more info.
Van Tuyl, GregorySTG3Mar 1, 1970 – Feb 20, 19733rdPlank Owner
Rountree, DavidPO 2 MMMar 16, 1970 – Dec 15, 1971EngineeringI recall some of the good old days. Does not seem like 50 years ago. Woody, I am in Whitmore, Shasta Co. CA
Roath, SteveSTG3Apr 1970 – Mar 19733rd
McLemore, Harold (Mac)BM3Apr 3, 1970 – Oct 13, 1972Weapons (1st) divisionPlank Owner. I have the commissioning cup we all received, the commissioning hand book, Plank Owner certificate, 8x10 picture of the Gray DE1054, 1st WesPack crusie book.
Euper, TerrySTG-1Apr 4, 1970 – Sep 15, 19722nd Division SONARLooking for contacts from the commissioning crew.
Lee, FrankBT2May 10, 1970 – May 24, 1973BGot on ship 4 days after commissioning and worked with the wildest bunch of BT'S that any ship ever had. Really miss you guy's and hope to see you at the reunion.
Voeller, FenchieSTG2Jun 1, 1970 – Feb 18, 1974SonarPlank Owner 3 Westpac Crusies
Minutillo, PatrickBM3Aug 1970 – Aug 19721st Division
Shugart, Kenneth EGMG_#Oct 1970 – Jun 1971asrocplank owner and 1st gunny
Schneider, DonETR3Oct 15, 1970 – Jan 20, 1973OEJust missed being a plank owner, sailed the first two West-Pacs had a great time with a good bunch of guys in the OE Division.
Garner, GeorgeRD-3Nov 1, 1970 – Nov 1, 1970OIBlank owner, pre commissioning crew
Forgy, DennisETR31971 – 1973Operations
McBryde, JohnnyTMOct 1971 – 19752ndI sure hated to see the Gray lady was down,I have wonderful memories of the ship and the men I served with,God bless you all!
McGee, BillBT2Nov 18, 1971 – Sep 10, 1976B divisionRemembering the good times with slick and madsen
Marchisio, BarryHT31972 – 1974RWESTPAC II and III Now with Palo Alto Fire Department- Palo Alto, CA
Rosellen, RainerGMG31972 – 19752nd
Harrington, Roy profile iconET21972 – 1974OperationsBeen along time
Fitzgerald, Joseph/fitzSTG31972 – Aug 19753/WeaponsMemorable time,some good, some bad
Fischer, Eugene profile iconsaApr 23, 1972 – Apr 24, 1974weaponsi looking for someone that was there in 1972 to 1974
Dewey, JamesRM3Jun 1972 – Jun 1975Communications/RadioWill never forget the two westpacs and the great crew I associated with on the USS Gray.
Streitz, SteveRM2Jun 15, 1972 – Sep 13, 1975CommunicationsMcGinnis, Meek, Honderick, "Ralph" McKinney, Cruz -- best Radio Crew in the Navy!!!
Cain, RalphBT 2Jul 1972 – Dec 1975MWest Pac II, III, and part of IV. I am semi-retired and living in Pennsylvania
Poe, RichardSTG 2Nov 16, 1972 – Mar 15, 1977WeaponsI would like to connect with other crew members in my sonar crew.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1972 | 1973 – 1976 | 1977 – 1982 | 1983 – 1987 | 1988 – now

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