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USS Bowen (FF 1079) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bowen (FF 1079). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 361 crew members registered for the USS Bowen (FF 1079).

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Cummings, Chuck (Ralph)MM21977 – Aug 29, 1980ENGINEERING-M & A-GANG
Cooper, Larry (Coop)HT3Jan 1977 – May 1979engineeringMiddle East 1977, South America 1978. I loved being out there, would be there still if it wasn't for the BS
Smith, J.r.HT2Mar 1977 – 1979RUnitas, Med, Middle East. Had a blast wondering about Rich Goyda's Family back in Charleston.
Fortune, Richardbm2Aug 31, 1977 – Aug 31, 19811stbest time i ever had,hey jack i remember when i was a seamen,and i was lucky,we went on a south america cruise,med,and others,sad note,i remember the ones who died,they arent forrgotten
Locke, DaveBM E3Sep 27, 1977 – Oct 1, 19801rst Division / DeckWhat a time I had. It was the best FF class ship in SC. We won so many awards. 2 cruises. South America and the Med. The goin Bowen. Made some good friends. Would enjoy hearing from my old buddies.
Masters, BruceOS2Oct 1977 – Nov 1979OIMiddle East 77, UNITAS 78, MED, 79, What a long strange trip it's been! Remember crossing the line in 78? Too much fun!!
Morrison, BarrettE-2Oct 5, 1977 – Jul 7, 1978Boatswansmate I was transferred to USS BOWEN JANUARY 19778. I made a serious mistake. Was to young and didn't understand my decision when offered. offered a choice to get out with a guarantee that I could reenlist 2 yrs later.
Masters, BruceOS2Nov 1977 – Oct 1979OIMy Second Ship. What a great group of guys, I'll never forget the friends I made on Bowen.
Jones, Gary LMMCMDec 1977 – Sep 1981A-GANG & MRetired in 1988. I have some happy memories of the ship and crew.
Sanderson, RickyTM2Dec 10, 1977 – Jun 19, 1981ASWBowen got to port in December and wasn't on any duty list sip i went back to Texas. First tour was South America wonderful time. Alot of great men onboard that I served with and a life long friends I can call shipmates
Corey, BillLT1978 – 1982Electronics Material Officer and Main Propulsion Assistant
Allen, AlanRM11978 – 1979OpsLeading RM (with no Chief) during UNITAS 78. Highest communications drill scores ever in Charelston before departure, thanks to a lot of hard work by the men of the radio shack.
Casey, BruceSTG21978 – 1982AS
Casey, BruceSTG21978 – 1982ASFirst ship the Going Bowen
Watts, JohnMSSNJan 17, 1978 – Oct 22, 1979SupplyUNITAS XIX - Oh Yea! Almost got married 3X! Joe Harvey & Walt K-brink pulled me out all 3X. Assisted in emergency surgery when the guy from NY split himself open. MISS IT. Gooch, I remember you! Wish I could do it again!
Thompson, JimmyIC2Mar 30, 1978 – Mar 15, 1979E
Johnson, DonaldSeamen E3May 1978 – May 19801st divisionI am Johnson the Spanish translator during the south America cruise (hola).
Michael J., ShephardBM1Jun 1978 – Jan 19801st DivHi, shipmates, Mr. Peters I read your comments, you went up in life you made ops boss.....Bravo Zulu
Peters, JohnENS TO LTJun 1, 1978 – Apr 16, 1982E, 1ST, ONCame onboard as a boot Ensign and left as Navigator and Ops Boss.
Karg, JackQM2Jun 1, 1978 – Oct 23, 1981onRemember our friends who were killed in a helo crash while we were in south america.To this day i have never forgot the things i learned on this ship and how they are used in everyday life.
Stack, MichaelPC3Jun 24, 1978 – Aug 1, 1980ADMINWas not looking forward to the Goin' Bowen when I received the orders but ended up loving my time there. Made some life long friends whom I shall always miss. South America was the best. I wonder what became of the Monk.
Butler, Clayton "Randy"EM2Jun 26, 1978 – Feb 13, 1984E4.5 years on the BOWEN 3 meds 1 yard overhaul, 2 gitmos. Lifetime of memories. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me. In Maine now.
Gooch, MichaelE3Sep 1978 – Aug 1980EngineeringI was one of the two Gooch's that was on board in Lima.Peru I'm the black one. Had some good times.Some of the names sound familiar.Would like to hear from my old shipmates.
Herndon, DavidHT2Feb 14, 1979 – Sep 11, 1982Repair
Nichols, PaulSTG 2Mar 1979 – Jun 1982ASW
Reilly, TomSKMar 5, 1979 – Aug 1, 1981supply
Smeal, TerryMS 2Apr 1979 – Oct 1982worked in the crews galley and also in the officers mess. had a great tour of duty. made a couple of med cruises too. made a lot of great friends also. left to go do recruiting duty.
Vetter, LarryBM1Apr 21, 1979 – Sep 1, 1981DeckEnjoyed my time onboard, espically Untas 19 deployment to South America. All crew members during this time please e-mail me
Zuravin, Larry ZuravinBM2May 1979 – Sep 19821stI thought she was a great ship. Had a great experience aboard her. VERTREPS, UNREPS, and Sea and anchor detail! Always Haze grey and underway. I was in Gitmo when they blew up the boiler! Wow. 2 Meds that I'll remember forever!!
Bartz, JerryRM2May 30, 1979 – Aug 12, 1980OCJoined the Bowen in Charleston, SC after the UNITAS cruise. I had been on TAD in the Med. Rode Hurricane Davide out (what a ride) then went back to the Med. Made a lot of phone patches for you guys while my section had the mid-watch.
Logue, TomMidshipman 3/CJun 1979 – Jul 1979DeckI remember painting the side of the ship from a punt at Roosevelt Roads. The line came loose and me and another middie started drifting off to sea. A fellow deck division sailor by the nickname, Wingnut, saved us.
Brown, Michael (Rob)SK2Jul 10, 1979 – Jul 31, 1981SupplyChecked on board Jul 1979,transfered Jun 1981. Went home to Shelby N.C., worked for UPS foe a year returned to Navy,retired Feb 2005 as an SKCM. Great ship, good crew, Med cruise,yard period in New York.
0derkirk, DavidAE2Sep 1979 – Apr 1980HSL 36 (DET 1) AIRSuch a great time onboard. What was it with those ST's spending so much time in the Dark? MONK??? And Supply Guys: thanks for keeping the helo up. Monk; remember that brawl at the Dolfin Bar in Toulon? I still hurt in places from that. ABUDAI!
Craft, JerrySTG2Nov 1979 – Apr 1984AS-WEAPONSGood times, Great Freinds,
Riley, Don (Donnie)QM21980 – 1983Hey all....General Quarters General many times did we hear that in Beriut....and How about Troy Tyler...what did he buy in Pakistan???? hahaha
Ramsay, DouglasLt1980 – 1983EngineeringDCA, MPA, SWO
Scott, PhilipTM11980 – 1982WeaponsMed cruise 1982
Roll, HaroldFTM3Jan 1980 – Mar 19822ndWorst ship of my career. Retired in 1998. Blowing Bowen. The name is infamous. Would love to hear from old friends.
Karnowski, DavidSTG1Jan 15, 1980 – Jan 15, 1985AS
Scutt, Thomas "Tj"MSSNMar 3, 1980 – Mar 3, 1983supplyi was aboard when boiler blew in gitmo also was in brig alot had a great time miss afew people terry sneal and other cooks
James, BellPERPETUAL SN......May 1980 – Dec 1984ASHow I hated it then, and somehow look back today knowing it was one of my great adventures in life!
Drinkwater, AlgmgsnSep 3, 1980 – May 2, 1984weaponsHello to J Bell,T Jordan,M Muscat,A Roman,Mr. C Decker,E Karnowski,J Doom,Bro Ran,K Seagar,and let us not forget Dead Donnie,J Joachim,J Karg,B Dick.Take care one and all.Would like to hear from you guys.Take Care All.
Jordan, TomIC2Oct 7, 1980 – Jul 16, 1982E and MLots of good people,Mike Lewis, Blue Ellis,Randy Butler,David Cribbs,David Weston,Jim Norwood,Rueben Harrell,Tony Hunter,Ray Klontz, Bill Hall, Grapevine,Brill, I can see the faces but can't remember the apologies to the rest of you.
Landivar, FrankBT2 BOILER TECHOct 20, 1980 – Jun 20, 1984BProud to have served under Captain Estell and Exec Rinn and some of the finest sailor the navy has ever trained .I will always remember the Beirut and Russian invasion,the Tango and Foxtrot hunt,and many nice port calls.God Bless to all.
Miller, Dave ( Dj )FTM2Oct 29, 1980 – Aug 26, 1982FOX"Blowen Bowen" whatever happened to the BTafn that gave us that name in Gitmo REFTRA81? How about the BPDSMS gang - Charlie,Bryant,Rock & Chuck? Or Paul OGriz..FTG2? Remember that strong BMSN Jesse?, I saw him grab a p250 on a run in PR.
Hubbs, FredPNNov 1, 1980 – Apr 1, 1981PersonnelShort time on the Bowen with Commander Bowles before my A school started. Looking for a seaman named Drummond.

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