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USS Knox (FF 1052) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Knox (FF 1052). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 347 crew members registered for the USS Knox (FF 1052).

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McDonell, Ivan/ MacHTFNFeb 1978 – 1980RGreat times! Diving in Geraldton and Bunbury, Shimoda, Subic Bay, Taiwan, the Seychelles, Diego Garcia and Yokosuka Bay. A shout-out to my dive buddies Brad Riordan, Jim Kaster, Mr. Foust, Allen Bennett, contact me?
Randolph, MichaelRM3Apr 3, 1978 – Mar 3, 1980Communicationsthe Radio Shack
Steve Pelissier, SteveOS2May 11, 1978 – Apr 16, 1980OIFantastic time on the Knox, crossed the line for the 1st time with the Captian
Taylor, ChadHMT E4Jun 1978 – Jun 1981Eng
Gorby, SteveBT2Jul 1978 – Aug 1981
Evans, SparkySTG2Jul 6, 1978 – Jul 2, 1980SonarSeventh Fleet Salt. See those parts of the world nobody else will ever sea (haha). Gulf of Oman was no joke and I absolutely appreciate fresh food. Dehydrated lettuce, anyone. How about cans of bacon dated 1943?
Ferguson, GlenSTG3/STG2Sep 1978 – Oct 1980ASMy first ship after "C" school. I left the day the ship was placed in the Yokosuka drydock for overhaul. Never could catch a yard period. Always haze gray and underway.
Hanske, JohnEW2Sep 1978 – Sep 1980OEMy first and best ship! Remember Biggs, Greier, and Hanson? Geraldton, Santa Claus during Xmas Unreps, and hey Wickert, I have a pic of you,Greier and Murphy at the Korean NBC triangle bell alarm! Thanx CO Hartman for your gig at Pataya Beach Thai.
Alonzo, Larry (Gonzo)BM2Dec 1978 – Jun 1982DeckStill recall the day I reported cold and gloomy all of my %$$%$ on my back,20 yrs later departed with the same %^%^ on my back sunny and bright Mayport,FL. (Humbling) Had a damn good time!
Fabian, DavidEM21979 – 1981ESeems like so long ago. It was kind of fun though when I think back on it now. Got out after 4 years.
Vega, ReyHTFN1979 – 1981
Vega, ReyHTFN1979 – 1981RI just want to say hello and thank you to HT1 Huffman and FTG Steven Fuller.
Thompson, JohnSTG3 Thompson1979 – 1981SonarFirst Ship, Underway many a Day and Many a night. Fond memories, Learned to be a leader, served me well over the years. I ended up working for many Electronic companies all over the world. 12 years With AUTEC, Florida.
Larson, MikeBM3Feb 1, 1979 – Jan 19, 19811stFirst ship, what a beautiful start to 10 very fine years in the U.S.N.
Gugel, Barny profile iconE4Mar 1979 – Dec 1981CICYeah I served when the captain was Hartman and the last one was Bustemante had a lot of cool ports and even becsame s a shellback on this ship.Kept in touch with guys like Bobby Sovil from texas But does anyone have Info on Shane Star ?
Depriest, Stephen MHM2Apr 29, 1979 – Mar 9, 1982Unique experience, I am still telling sea stories.
Morris, EbbFTG1May 1979 – Jul 19842ndLots of good time on this boat.
Fears, JimFTG1Aug 1979 – Dec 19812ndWhat a ship and what a crew. Served with Steve Fuller, Mark Ogg, and Ebb Morris. They were great shipmates and we had a blast. Remember getting stranded in Diego Garcia (Dodge City)?
Rose, Ron profile iconE5 HT2Sep 1979 – Sep 1982RHull Maintenance Technician - HT-4954 and HT-4955 Welder - Yokosuka, Japan Retired DOJ FBOP Senior Officer Specialist 2010.
Stubbe, Michael E.STG2Sep 10, 1979 – Aug 4, 1981AS
Hackett, ThomasMMFNSep 17, 1979 – Mar 16, 1981engine room
Kilpatrick, BrianEM3Oct 30, 1979 – Apr 30, 1981Electricalshe was on of the best times of my life. We saw Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Phillipeens, Australia, India, Guam, Diego Garcia, And Japan was my home port. We also saw the launch of the USSR Minsk-12 miles off the coast of the Soviet Union
Landry, Georgee-4Nov 1979 –R divisionserved TAD as hull maintenance tech 3RD class from USS MIDWAY ,only served 3 months or so and transferred back to Midway41
Kulhanek, Charles (Chuck)IC2Dec 31, 1979 – Sep 17, 1981ElectricalLike many others, there were many wonderful memories. It seems like yesterday that I step foot on board the USS Knox. I can't believe it's been over 25 years.
Bostic, John "Boz"STGSN1980 – 1983weps/asI remember the pink panther break away tune and cj bustamanaday was the old man
Hillyard, ChuckMSSN1980 – 1983supplywas the first ship i served on loved being stationed in yokosuka and the the IO tour P.I. hong kong singapore korea australia & tasmania and all the other places we went it was the best time of my life great crewmates and good times
Davis, Steve DavisSM31980 – 1983operationsI too remember Bustamanaday.. seems like he had my number.
Judge, KenHT21980 – 1982R-Div.I miss all the good times together.
Henderson, CarlE3 Bm1980 – 1982First divisionRemembering times we had and the places we seen after drydock
Laforte, Tomos3Jan 1980 – Dec 1983opsGreat time while on board, crossing the line and hitting all the ports when deployed.Shouts out to everyone who served aboard. For me the "don't ask/don't tell came too late. Proudly "Out" and proud to have served aboard
Scheffer, CraigEM2Jan 15, 1980 – Jun 12, 1983EngineeringLots of great times and great memories.
Szalo, Steve profile iconSH2Feb 15, 1980 – Jan 15, 1982S-3
Weber, JeffMMFR-MM3Mar 1980 – Feb 1982M
Hillis, Jesse "jd"BT2Apr 20, 1980 – Jun 16, 1985BHaze Grey and underway. It's a pity they sunk her.
Leal, ErnestHTFNJun 1980 – Jun 1980R Div
Pratt, JimBT1(SW)Aug 1980 – Jul 1982BServed 2 times on the Knox aside from the previous listed I also served 1984-1987
Hawalka, Hawk MikeET2Aug 16, 1980 – Jan 16, 1983OEFirst and last ship. We did ALL the ports, crossed equator, pink panther, great shipmates and experiences, great time of my life.PI, Korea, Civies think I make stories up. We Lived em, made em! Miss radio central.ET now with Postal whimps.
Hixson, GregOSSA-OS2Sep 19, 1980 – Sep 19, 1983OIMy first command in the Navy. Forward Deployed Naval Forces, Yokosuka Japan. I had a great time.
Crowley, JamesHTFNOct 20, 1980 – Nov 26, 1982R DIV
Nelson, Wayne/"Nellie"bm3Dec 30, 1980 – Feb 13, 1983weaponshad a great time tearing up all the ports over there. but i loved every minute of it. and bustamante really enjoyed my times at captains mast. i think i was the only one to go to captains mast,so many times. great fun.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1975 | 1976 – 1977 | 1978 – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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